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Think its time I get back into it.




The rain came on in droves like it had been for hours past. Like it alway did. It always rained but it did nothing to stop what was going on inside the rundown building. Lights flashed to the pulsing music as bodies swayed and meshed together on the dance floor. Drinks and drugs passed around freely. Such was the nightlife of Aether, one of the four cities of Nemmaso.



"Another round!" The man speaking smacked his gloved hand against the table catching the scantily clad server girl's attention. "Make it Bloodlust this time!" As the girl walked off to fufill the order the man sitting across from the speaker spoke.



"Do you always drink on the job Archangel?" He motioned to the empty glasses that filled the table and the two new ones that were just set down filled with a glowing red liquid.



Archangel smirked as he picked up one of the glasses, his blue eyes staring at the glass. "Do you not?" He knocked back the glass then set it down as he stared at his companion who was covered in a full black cloak.



"The Temple frowns upon...." He was cut off by Archangel slamming down the second glass, it empty as well.



"Does it look like I care what the Temple thinks?" He sighed leaning back running a hand through his white hair. "Everyone knows I am different. I don't get closer to ascending like the rest of you inquisitors. Each one you kill you get one step closer. Me on the other hand, I stay were I am." He motioned and more glasses were set in front of him. He swirled one around for a few moments. "So in my eyes their rules don't apply to me."



The hooded man let out a sigh. "There really is no reasoning with you is there?"



Archangel let out a laugh. "Glad you finally figured it out." He drank the last two in rapid succession. "Now that we have settled that....." He stood up pushing himself away from the table and holding his hands out towards the dancing crowd on the floor below them. "...shall we begin?"



The hooded man stood up. "As you say Archangel"



Archangel grinned as he stepped up on the railing. "Did any of the other inquisitors warn you about how I run things?" He looked over his shoulder at the man.



"Yes they informed me quite well"



"Good" With a smirk Archangel stepped off the railing, droppinghis black cloak as he did revealing a blue ornate trench. He landed on the dance floor with a thud causing everyone to stop and look at him. He slowly looked up, his right eye a bright gold and a large pure white feathered wing sprouted out from the right side of his back. "Cause right now its open season."  He reached into his jacket pullling out a massive pistol with his left hand as another materilized in his right.



Screams erupted from the crowd  as he began firing, the people he hit screaming and turning to ash. The sounds of gunfire and screams echoed throughout the building and within seconds it was over, the people still alive clearing the club quickly. Archangel holstered one and let the other disappear into then air as the hooded man walked up beside him holstering a rifle back inside his cloak as two grey wings lay flat againt his back.




Archangel eyed his companion's wings. "Think I am starting to see some white feathers." His companion looked over his shoulder at his wings. "Either way lets get back to the temple. I killed my fill of demons for tonight."




The High Priest looked over the new recruits dressed in black kneeling before him hands clasped in prayer. "You have given yourselves to join the Inquisitors. This is not some small manner. You are the ones that will be the barrier against the darkness. Your job...to banish the demons and monsters and forces of evil back to the depths were we belong. With every kill you will be one step closer to ascending as an angel to continue the fight as the Maker's personal army. Your soon to be gained wings will shed their feathers with each kill and eventually go from black to white. You will be taught how to sense, find, and kill these unholy abomiations. May the Maker be with you"





Sign up sheet:





Human Appearance:

Inquisitor Appearance:

Ranged Weapons:

Melee Weapons:

Why you joined the Inquisitors:


Snippet: Make this right after the high priest speaks. this is where you see you other appearance and wings for the first tme as well as gettng handed your weapons.



Its been awhile since i did one so there might be a few edits so dont hate me

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Name: Cain McDougal
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Human Appearance:
Inquisitor Appearance:
Ranged Weapons: The Heavenbow-A composite longbow that can turn into one of three melee weapons while in his Inquisitor form.
Melee Weapons: Cain's Heavenbow has the ability to become three melee weapons in his inquisitor form: His primary form is its glaive form and its other forms are a greatsword and a longsword with a buckler.
Why you joined the Inquisitors:
(Finally decided on a character, just have to get the post finished later lol)

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Name: Ari Katonashii

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: [attachment=15433:IMG_0815.JPG]

Inquisitor Appearance: [attachment=15436:IMG_0507.JPG] (in grey)

Ranged Weapons: He has an high powered sniper rifle.

Melee Weapons: twin long swords that he wields reverse style, he also has mixed martial arts and for heavy hitting, a double headed scythe.

Why you joined the Inquisitors: Ari joined because he wants to protect others from the demons that want to hurt humanity.

Background: Ari was left as a baby in front of a local church on the outskirts of town. When he was 19, he ran away with his friend, and secret boyfriend, Rowen and tried to find his parent's. A year after he ran away, he and Rowen were attacked by demons. He was the only one who survived, barely holding on to consciousness when he saw an Inquisitor defeat the demons. Since then, he has tried to hunt down the man who saved him while also fighting any demon who preyed on humans.

Snippet: Ari bowed his head after the High priest spoke to him and the rest of the recruits. He was happy when he received his preferred weapon from one of the acolytes. "I'm actually going to be able to help others.... Rowen." he sighed, feeling his body being flooded with the energy that would allow him to hunt and destroy demons. "Huh!? What's going on!?!?" he said, looking around as people stared at him. He ran to a nearby mirror and stopped, "This is what an Inquisitor looks like?" he whispered in awe.

Edited by Nyxian

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Name: Vashon "Archangel" Michaels
Age: 32
Human appearance:
Inquisitor Appearance: Like most inquisitors his appearance does not change just one massive solid white wing sprouts from his right side and gold and silver glowing runic lines emerge on the right side of his face and his right iris becomes gold.
Ranged Weapons:
Melee weapons:
Why you joined: Vashon was found on the temple altar on random day during a massive storm. The High Priest toke this as a sign and had the baby trained and cared for. Serving the Inquisition is all he knows.
Background: No one knows of Vashon's true existence not even himself. While growing up in the church and being trained to fight, the Inquistors training him found that fighting came to him as easy as breathing. Though what really surprised them was the fact that when he fought only one white wing emerged.
THis in turn caused great confusion and weird looks towards him. Some even began to pray to him thinking him half an angel.
After awhile it caused Vashon to shun the temple though he still fought on their behalf. Years of seeing his friends ascended while he remained him caused him to become more and more reckless and uncaring. This in turn has caused some Inquistors to get hurt on jobs with him further making him an exile and a black sheep.
Snippet: Edited by Darth Vader

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