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The Throwaways


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The Throwaways



Presented by DeLarge and Orcus




"You join me here at Patriot City Federal Bank, where members of super-team Stormforce have just thwarted an attempt at grand larceny by an as-yet unidentified group of criminals."
The young female reporter smiled broadly into the camera in the somewhat genuine, yet entirely false way that only a news reporter could, standing her ground in front of a swarm of civilians crowding around the camera, jostling for a glimpse of their favourite heroes.
"The robbery was foiled just a few minutes ago by the Steel Saviour..."
The image cut to footage of a figure covered head-to-toe in shiny silver armour bristling with weapons, floating a few feet off the ground in front of the giant doors to the bank.
"...along with Construct, the youngest member of the team..."
Images of a young woman clad in a suit of pearlescent white armour that appeared to be made of nothing more than light appeared in the report, a bubble of bright white energy emerging from her outstretched hand and containing the prone forms of several criminals.
"...and the great American hero Magnificent."
A spectacular figure appeared on-screen, wearing a fashionable white-and-black costume and a broad, gleaming smile as she waved to the crowd assembled in front of her, receiving a deafening cheer and rapturous applause in return.
The footage cut back to the reporter, whose smile had somehow expanded even further as the crowd exploded into noise and chaos behind her.
"And here to comment on today's events is none other than the Steel Saviour, leader of Stormforce," she said, and the armour-clad man stepped into the frame, his superior size dwarfing the petite reporter and his metal helmet giving him a cold and emotionless, but stoic and powerful air.
"Steel Saviour, on behalf of all citizens of Patriot City, I'd like to thank you for your services here today. We owe you and the rest of Stormforce a great debt."
"Thank you, Jessica," replied the Steel Saviour, his voice deep and resonant, but electronically distorted through his helmet, "But we are only doing our duty as American citizens. With power like ours, it would be irresponsible of us to sit back and do nothing..."
The image paused on the screen, and a well-built man in a smart black suit stepped in front of the large monitor, the light from the projection casting an eery shadow across his handsome, slightly scarred face.
"And there, ladies and gentlemen, is our problem," he said, gesturing to the screen behind him, "With power like theirs..."
"I don't understand, Mr Reins," said one of the figures seated in front of the screen and the man, a middle-aged woman in a sharp power suit, "These people are heroes, they make our city, our world, in fact, safer."
"Do they?" replied Mr Reins, "In the years since these...superheroes appeared in our lives, haven't we had more large-scale incidents across the globe than ever before? Haven't there been more attacks on American soil by super-powered terrorists than we ever imagined when they first came into our collective consciousness? These people, these men and women we have silently elected to maintain order and peace around the world, they are heroes, of course they are. But they are powerful, more powerful than anything we could have imagined, and in the words of the great Lord Acton..."
"Mr Reins, are you going somewhere with this?" asked another of the figures seated around the large conference table, "We do have other things to be doing with our time..."
"Power," Mr Reins interrupted, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people have absolute power, and how long is it goinge before that power corrupts them absolutely? Is there a police force, or even a military in any nation in the world that could stand up to the power of Magnificent, should she choose to turn on us?"
A murmur rounded the darkened room, and Mr Reins allowed himself the smallest of smiles as he felt the power dynamic in the room shift in his favour.
"No," he said, breaking through the murmur, "There is not. What we are proposing is a contingency, to use what we have at our disposal to our advantage should the superheroes of this world turn on us. They will remain a secret, their existence erased from our records and known only to those with the highest possible security clearance."
"If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, Reins..." growled a heavyset older man in an ill-fitting black suit, before being cut off by Reins' response.
"A black ops team, composed entirely of superhuman convicts we currently have in our custody. Off the record, no liability, maximum security. All we need is the board's approval," he finished with a grin which highlighted a small scar on the right side of his face.
"Suppose we did approve this, Mr Reins," asked the female board member who had spoken up earlier, "Do we have any guarantee that these activities will never be traced back to Geist Industries? Setting up a kill-team opposing the nation's defenders would reflect very poorly on the company."
"We have every guarantee. All the details are in these files, take your time to look through them, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed," he said, sliding a bunch of files across the table towards the board members, who picked them up and began leafing through them.
"Task Force Delta-Echo?" one of the board members asked, noticing the label on the front cover of the document.
"That's the official designation, yes," replied Reins, "But downstairs we tend to call them by another name."
"Oh yes? And what might that be?" asked the board member, and Reins grinned again.
"We call them the Throwaways."
Welcome to The Throwaways, brought to you as part of the ongoing OB Relaunch. Some of the older members of the 'Boards may remember the original Throwaways from a few years ago, but this will be a very different beast.
We will be playing the roles of the Throwaways, superhuman convicts in the custody of the powerful multinational corporation Geist Industries forced to monitor and police the world's superhuman community, including both supervillains and superheroes. Geist will have powerful and influential ways in which to control us, and defying them will most likely result in your death.
As with the first OB Relaunch RP 'Fistful of Credits', The Throwaways will be run in a different manner to previous RPs. The story will be separated into relatively short 'Assignments', each posted in a separate thread, and once you've created a character you will be allowed to pick and choose which Assignments you participate in: all we ask is that, if you choose to join an Assignment, make sure you can see it through to the end.
Ideally we would like everyone to participate in multiple Assignments over the course of the RP, but if you reach the end of an Assignment and decide you no longer wish to continue playing, you can let us know and we will work with you to create a satisfying resolution for your character. However, you will be permitted to rejoin the RP at a later stage with a new character if you should choose to do so.
The Assignments will be divided into four distinct categories, each of which will involve different approaches and different skill sets. These categories are as follows:
Heist: The team will be given a target item, which they will have to steal from wherever it is currently being kept.
Infiltration: Members of the team will be required to infiltrate a group or team and gain valuable information while undercover.
Defamation: The team will be assigned to gather or manufacture damning evidence about a superhuman and release it to the public.
Assassination: You will be required to kill a superhuman.
After the initial Assignment, you will each be allowed to vote on which Assignment type you would like to participate in next. The most popular choice will then be posted as the next Assignment, and you can choose whether or not to sign up for it.
Obviously, you don't have to participate in every Assignment, but we do encourage players to read each one in case there are important plot or character points introduced which could affect how the rest of the RP progresses.
Along with the main Assignment threads, you will also be encouraged to post in the 'Backstories' thread, which will allow you to go into greater detail about your character's life and history: from how they got their superpowers to how they came onto Geist's radar and everything in between, you can use this thread to add more detail and life to your characters that you may not have time for in the Assignments.
Myself and Orcus will also be posting regularly in the Backstories thread to give you more information about the world we will be playing in, and the histories of the various non-player characters that you will encounter as the RP itself progresses. So, as with the Assignment threads, it will only help you to keep up to date with the Backstories thread as we play through the main RP.
Now we come to the fun part! Here you will be given free reign to create some powerful, outlandish characters to form part of the strangest super-team in the world. Here's an outline of what we're looking for:
Codename: if your character operated under a codename in their career prior to Geist abducting them, let us know what it was
Age: this is a world of super-beings, so you could potentially be hundreds of years old
Gender: pretty straightforward, tell us whatever gender pronoun your character prefers to be referred to as
Appearance: a picture, preferably a photo or realistic drawing is good, as is a detailed description
Speciality: if your character is geared towards a specific Assignment type, for example Heist or Assassination, put it here - if you're good to go regardless of the Assignment type, simply put 'All-Rounder'
Superpowers: go into as much detail as you can here - for example, if your character is pyrokinetic, let us know what their power level is like, what can they do with fire, can they generate it or just manipulate it. You are encouraged to be as creative as possible with this part of your sign-up, as we will be going up against some truly otherworldly characters over the course of the RP.
Special Skills: anything your character can do that wouldn't be classed as a superpower, for example lock-picking or gymnastic ability
Equipment/Weapons: Geist tends to prefer picking up superhumans who rely on their powers rather than any weapons, but if you have a special weapon you desperately want to use then list it here
Personality Profile: give us a brief but descriptive example of what your character is like, particularly how they play with others and any specific personality defects they may suffer from
Writing Sample: to give us an idea of how your character reacts in a given situation, tell us about how you were 'recruited' for Task Force Delta-Echo - were you forcibly abducted off the streets, did a Geist operative offer you a choice between a lengthy prison sentence and working for them, maybe you even gave yourself up willingly? Whatever the situation, let us know briefly what happened here.
I'll be posting my character profile and the Discussion thread shortly, until then if you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll do my best to answer!
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     Tomiko Moto (å??å¯?子). My name looks so strange to me now. I've read and written it so many times, and it's always been a physical declaration of myself. But, now, I fear it's become only an articulation of my lies.


It doesn't help, of course, that I've gone by many other names. To my prior victims, I was Tengu. I mean, I was called Tengu by those I stole from. Now, with malice on my breath, for this one feat, I call myself Arashi. I wonder what I'll call myself when I have completed my task.


     I've made it 22 years, going on 23 without blood on my hands. My conscience could barely take the thefts and here I ask it to accept murder when the time comes.


What would father say?!

"She was such a nice girl! There is no way the crime was hers!"


He'd be a liar, but people might believe him. I don't look like a murder, or a villain for that matter. I'm only 5' 3" after all and not what you might consider imposing or threatening.


Even if I did, at 95lbs I wouldn't be much a threat to anyone. That's what you would think looking at me.


     Imagine, being cornered in a dark alley. Trembling, on your knees, mind wondering to your love ones, your regrets and the pain your about to experience. Looking up into my cold ice blue eyes set into my plain face topped by my long black hair, pulled up out of the way into a messy bun. It's always the ones you don't suspect, you think, as your eyes go over my clothes. Plain buttoned shirt, slacks, flats, a jacket and barely, rarely, any jewelry; textbook criminals uniform. Even when I'm suited up, my appearance is spartan at best. Black jumpsuit, with cargo pockets and tech worked throughout it. No markings or even color. You'd never suspect me a criminal, but you'd be wrong.


     I rob people blind and trespass wherever I please. Any fortress or loot that catches my attention is mine for the besting. If it needs to be stolen, I will take it, regardless of where it is and what protects it. Even the most intricate, impenetrable, and expensive system fall to my whims. I guess, though, I've got a bit of an unfair advantage.


     I am, what is known as electrokinetic. When I was a girl, I was caught in a storm and struck by lightning. I wandered back into town as quite the site. My dress hung, half burned, from my unmarred body, in stark contrast to my perfectly untouched hair. Had my eyes not changed from brown to ice blue, my parents would have probably questioned my story of the lighting strike. That is, until I started having my 'problems' as they called them.


     My power started small, with fried electronics and static problems. Soon enough though, I started to gain some more control. When I was 12, I used to stick my hair pins into the sockets in our house. I'd keep the electricity bottled up in my body, like a million hornets under my skin, waiting to sting something. I'd sneak out into the forest and practice making sparks and fireworks. In high-school, I found out that I could charge my phone while holding it, and even affect the flow of electricity through the wires in the walls. It all seems so silly compared to what I can do now. If a guard stands in my way, I can stun him from some distance. If an alarm protects my mark, I can reroute the power to keep it from going off. Anything that can be affected by electricity is prone to me. But, that's cheating.

Special Skills:

     The majority of my work is done with the skills I've achieved through my efforts. My resume reads; master in judo, kick-boxing, stealth tactics, acrobatics, etc. Basically, I can get by you or go over you, by force or grace and take what you're guarding before the sun rises again.


The key to it, is to travel light. You and your ingenuity are your best equipment. The only things I carry are specialty tools for certain jobs. If there's a problem, it can be solved with your mind. Just stay calm.

Personality Profile:

     I guess that's easy advice for me to give though. I've always been a calm person. My parents used to make fun of me. My face only had two settings, they'd say. Smiling and stone. I can't even remember the last time I lost my temper or acted without thinking everything through. I guess that's why I get along with so many people. It's easy to get along without someone who quietly listens. Even in a large group, I'll do just enough to not fade away. It's much better to watch things play out than lead the way. I'll be doing the same this time.

Writing Sample:

     Even though I've only just met the others in my group, I don't need to know anything about them, and them about me. It's better that way. Once I've finished my task, we'll never see each other again and it'll be harder for anyone looking for revenge to find me if nobody knows anything about me. I want to retire as soon and with as few complications as possible. This might be my one chance to shed the weight life has tried to crush me with. I can't pass it up, no matter what they need me to do. Still, I wonder if it will all be worth it. How many hours of my new peace will I loose to my conscience? I've made it this far without blood on my hands, but I can't imagine I will be able to say the same after all this is done. I can't imagine they won't ask me to kill, but how many lives will it take before the cost outweighs my reward? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Welcome, NuXtos, pleasure to have you on board!




Name: Lucas Corrigan
Codename: Neutron
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Appearance: For all intents and purposes, Lucas Corrigan looks basically human: he is relatively tall, and built with lean muscle which gives him a good deal of physical strength without adding too much bulk. His dark brown hair is cropped short on the back and sides and left a little longer on top, and a short, scruffy beard covers the lower half of his face, mostly the same colour as his hair but with flecks of lighter, copperish colours streaked throughout. A thin scar runs from his left eyebrow down to his cheekbone, but other than this a casual observer would likely comment that he was a fairly handsome guy.
However, upon closer inspection they would find a number of strange things about him: firstly, a large black metal plate which seems to be fused to the skin on the back of his neck, and if they were to strip-search him they would find a number of similar plates attached to his body at different locations, from the backs of his thighs to over his pectoral muscles. The second odd thing they would likely notice is that his eyes, which look hazel-brown from a distance, are actually pits of deep orange light, which appear to pulse and warp like tiny balls of fire. Thirdly, they would see that sparks and pulshes of similarly deep orange energy seem to rush around just beneath his skin, giving it an almost translucent feel. They would also notice that these sparks, and the fire in his eyes, becomes far more intense when he is angry or under stress, and occasionally threatens to break through his skin and flare out.
Around the Molehill, he tends to go fairly simple with his clothing, wearing jeans and t-shirts, occasionally throwing on a long-sleeved plaid shirt over the top, along with his favourite pair of dark grey boots which he rarely goes anywhere without. However, when he goes out in 'street dress', he tends to cover up as much as possible, wearing a leather jacket and gloves in an attempt to conceal the strange energies flaring up beneath his skin, as well as the metal plates that are attached to his body.
Superpowers: Lucas is not a human being, at least not by the biological definition of the term: when his superpowers emerged, they completely destroyed his physical body, leaving a being composed entirely of pure, destructive energy. Over time, however, he found that with the application of strong willpower, he was able to psionically reform a rough approximation of his physical body out of dust and skin particles in the air, forming it around the core of energy: but it was a rough approximation indeed, with holes showing through the flesh revealing pools of deep orange energy raging beneath the surface, which resulted in the necessity of wearing a number of bandages across his 'body' at all times to hide the energy within.
However, he found that the power had some advantages: as his entire being consists of this energy, he never needs food or water to sustain himself, nor does he really need oxygen to continue living. He often eats with his teammates to stop himself from appearing too strange or otherworldly, but he has admitted on a number of occasions that he can barely taste the food, and it literally burns up the second it enters his system. Beyond the passive capabilities of his power, he found he could manipulate the energy in a number of different ways, from creating powerful, destructive blasts of pure, white-hot energy to entering electrical systems either for transport or for control of the system itself. He has also found that, due to the mysterious and unknown qualities of the energy that makes up his body, he is largely immune to other forms of energy, both those fired by particle weapons and emitted by other superhumans, and can even convert this energy into his own. He can even imbue certain types of projectile weapons with energy to provide a bit of extra oomph should he choose to, although the majority of his teammates don't carry guns so he doesn't often need to rely on this part of his power.
However, the energy which makes up his form is incredibly volatile, and without restraint it would flood out and cause widespread destruction: before his induction into Geist's ranks, he held his power in only through sheer force of will, but since he joined the corporation he has been outfitted with a number of pieces of specialist equipment which hold his physical body together in a way he wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. These 'Bio-Dampeners' take the form of black metal plates which appear to be fused to his skin over several areas of his body, and they create a strong repelling force around his entire body which keeps the energy contained until Lucas should choose to unleash it. These Bio-Dampeners have saved Lucas' life and allowed him to masquerade as human far more successfully than he would have otherwise been able to do, but they do come with a distinct drawback: should he disobey any orders or do anything that Geist is unhappy with, the bio-dampeners will invert their force and create what is basically a miniature black hole in the core of Lucas' being, which will absorb everything that he is, and kill him.
Special Skills: During his time working with Geist, Lucas has become well-versed in close quarters combat, combining elements from a number of different martial arts to create a fighting style based on swift, heavy attacks designed to incapacitate enemies as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this style sacrifices stealth in favour of strength, meaning he has to rely on other members of the team for more covert missions. He has also developed his skills in tactical black and covert operations planning, and is often relied on as 'team leader' due to these skills.
However, his greatest skill beyond his superpowers is his incredible willpower: brought about through a great deal of meditation and other relaxation techniques, he was able, against all scientific theories, to reign in the energy which makes up his true form for far longer than anyone would have expected. Now that he doesn't have to think so much about restraint, thanks to Geist's Bio-Dampener implants, he is able to focus this willpower on other things, notably his training and team leading responsibilities.
Equipment/Weapons: Other than the Bio-Dampener implants Geist has fitted him with, Lucas doesn't carry any other equipment into assignments, preferring to rely on his combat skills and powers to get the job done.
Personality Profile: The man, or more accurately the being, who is Lucas Corrigan has been many things over the years. Before his abilities emerged, he was a strong, well-adjusted man who was thankful for the good things in his mostly simple life, his friends and family and his fulfilling career and hobbies. He would rarely be seen without a smile on his face, and everybody who knew him lived safe in the knowledge that, if it was within his power, he would do anything for them.
Then his powers emerged in an explosive and destructive manner, and he became a literally and figuratively broken man, withdrawing from society entirely, allowing his friends and family to believe that he was dead and surviving through petty crime, stealing anything that he needed and finding shelter where he could. He rarely spoke, he never interacted with another human being unless it was totally necessary, and ultimately became suicidal, although he was never able to kill himself due to the nature of his powers.
However, since joining Geist he has been regaining his confidence, and although he remains a pale shadow of the happy man he used to be, he is able to share a joke with his teammates, to interact normally with other people. However, he somewhat immerses himself in the task set for him by Geist, and while he doesn't particularly enjoy doing what he does, he understands his place in the world much better now: he is, simply put, a necessary evil.
Writing Sample:
Lucas had never been to Patriot City before. He'd always wanted to, back when he was human, but other things always seemed to get in the way. Not that he regretted any of his choices, but he occasionally had moments when he realized just how much his life had changed since the day his superpowers manifested, and how distant those decisions seemed nowadays.
He caught a glimpse of himself in a storefront window as he walked past, and saw a stranger looking back at him. He rarely thought about his appearance these days, beyond patching up cracks and holes that appeared in his flesh as his powers tried to escape, but the man he saw in the reflection was a shadow of the man he used to be: his hair was lank and matted in odd places, seemingly burnt off in others, but covered by the deep hood of his jacket. The bandages that he had wrapped around the lower portion of his face, and various parts of his hands were filthy, their white texture now almost completely grey, and the visible parts of his face were pale and gaunt. People swerved to avoid him as they passed him in the street, which suggested that he smelt roughly as good as he looked, and most probably saw him as just another homeless man: an accurate assumption, even if the reasons were different from most other transients that occupied the streets.
He walked nervously, conscious that he hadn't been around this many people in a long time, but with a singular purpose. Rumours had been spreading about a company based in Patriot City that could remove superpowers, and since the first murmurings of it had reached him, he knew that he had to find out for himself. If someone could take away his curse, maybe he could go back to his old life, see his friends and family again, perhaps even start his own family. These thoughts were all that had kept him going over the past six months, and now he was so close he could barely think of anything else.
He rounded a corner, and the full scale of Geist Industries headquarters came into view: a huge metal and glass shard piercing the sky and dwarfing all other buildings around it. What was left of his mouth curved into a tiny smile, and if he had tear ducts any more they would likely have squeezed a few droplets out. This building, as impressive as it was, represented so much more to him than just metal and glass and concrete: it represented hope and salvation.
Fuelled by the sight, he broke out into a clumsy run, weaving in and out of the pedestrians lining the sidewalks, until he reached the front entrance of the building. He stopped running, staring at the building's lobby, full of people rushing to get to important meetings, or to get home and see their families. Soon he would be able to join them again, soon he wouldn't have to hide away, scared of what he could do, all he had to do was step through those doors.
But he couldn't do it.
Thoughts rushed through his head, of friends and family and his old house, memories of good times and images of future ones. But the thoughts shattered as they reached him, exploding outwards in fragments and fire and heat.
He felt what was left of his skin burning, and held his hands up to his face, watching in horror as the flesh began to scatter, turning to ash as the energy inside grew stronger. He felt cracks split apart his face, and tried desperately to cover them with his rapidly-disintegrating hands, attempting to hold the light and the destruction within his body at bay.
"Help...me..." he whimpered, feeling everything he had worked for crumble away in front of his eyes, "I...need help..."
Through the orange light he saw the silhouettes of several people walk towards him, and tried to call out to them, but his words failed as his body was, and he collapsed to his knees as they moved closer.
Then everything went black.
"We're here to help you."
The words snapped him out of unconsciousness, and he looked down at his hands. There was very little flesh left on them, but somehow the energy inside had stopped flowing outwards, and almost solidified in the shape of human hands. He blinked a few times, and looked at his surroundings: a clean, white room he recognised as a medical facility of some kind, occupied only by himself and a well-dressed woman standing in front of him.
"Can you hear me, Lucas?" she asked, and he detected a hint of an accent in her voice. He nodded, feeling a little groggy, and he saw a smile creep across her face.
"Where...where..." he stammered, struggling to get the words out.
"You're inside Geist Industries Headquarters, Lucas," she said, "We brought you in from outside."
"And...how did..."
"How did we contain your abilities? We've been working on these things for a very long time, Lucas. You're not the first of your kind we've encountered."
"You can...you can take this power away from me?" he asked, slowly forming the words as he held his hands up. The woman's face fell a little, and she shook her head slowly.
"No, Lucas. I'm afraid we can't do that," she said solemnly, but comfortingly, her voice soft and kind, but her tone didn't stop the frustration rushing through Lucas' system like a drug, numbing him to all the possibility that had been swirling around his head for the past six months, and he felt himself slump in the seat they had propped him up in.
"But we can offer you something else," the woman said, "An opportunity."
"To do what?" he asked, raising his head to meet her eyeline, but any remaining enthusiasm had drained from his voice.
"To use your powers for good. To build something."
"All this power...rushing through me," he murmured, "And you...want to give me a construction job...?" The woman let out a short laugh, until she realised that he hadn't been joking. He didn't even know if he could remember how to make a joke, not after all this time.
"No, Lucas. Not a construction job."
"Then what? What do you want me to build?" A broader smile grew across the woman's face, and for the first time in a long time, Lucas felt that he was being treated as a person, not as a monster, or a threat, or worst of all a victim.
"A better tomorrow."
Keep those sign ups coming, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got for us!
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Name: Allison â??Aliceâ? Knight
Codename: Stasis
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5â??5â??â??
Weight: 124 lbs
Appearance: [Alice]
Aliceâ??s figure, weight and height are thoroughly average among women her age, and although at first glance her physical appearance seems so as well, a second glance at Alice would reveal a number of irregularities . She has striking bloodred eyes and her fingers, feet and nails are pitch black, with thin tendrils of that murky blackness trailing up her legs and arms. In addition to this, she has two black apparatus protruding from her temples, which give her the appearance of having horns. These neural inhibitors are permanent fixtures, allowing Geist scientists to monitor Aliceâ??s brainwaves and monitor/limit her abilities.

Around the Molehill, Alice is usually inclined to wear some variation of a slightly large-fitting sweater or shirt in conjunction with patterned leggings and boots. When their missions require them to be out and about in the real world, Alice wears a combination of button up shirt, crop-top undershirt, high-waisted shorts or jeans and boots.

Specialty: All-Rounder

Superpowers: The Freeze- Alice refuses to divulge the nature of her ability with any of Geistâ??s scientists or her fellow Throwaways, save Lucas. What is known about her ability, however, is that she uses it to â??freezeâ? a given target. This can manifest as actually entombing an object or person in ice or by apparently freezing the target in time. In each instance, the effect can be either gradual or instantaneous, which scientifically should be impossible. Additionally, under extreme duress she has demonstrated other random abilities, as well as a more volatile personality. Whether her ability is multi-faceted or is constantly shifting is entirely unknown, but Geist has taken certain precautions to prevent her from causing a situation for them. They ran extensive tests on Alice, all with the intention of mapping the way her brain triggered her usual abilities versus the way it processed her â??randomâ? outbursts. Once they had discerned with relative assuredness how she tapped into her abilities, they modified her neural dampeners to allow her full control of â??The Freezeâ? but prevented her from using her ability in other capacities. This dampener also had the unintended but beneficial side-effect of decreasing her violent mood swings, which allows her to better interact with others, and has seemingly eradicate Aliceâ??s "other personality."

Special Skills: Alice is fairly adept with parkour and slight of hand tricks, having primarily lived alone from ages 10 to 20 and utilized these skills for many years when she was too afraid of using her powers. Thanks to these skills she picked up on Geist's combat training quickly, becoming an agile, capable combatant in a matter of months. Sheâ??s also naturally observant, often able to discern the specifics of other supers' powers and people's true natures and hidden agendas, as well as discover clues in cases that her teammates might overlook or dismiss.

Equipment/Weapons: Alice doesnâ??t bring any items with her into the field, but she has weapons training, and won't hesitate to steal an opponent's weapon or loot the corpses left in her wake.

Personality Profile: Alice is a mentally unstable, but nonetheless is a mostly agreeable person and confident leader. Alice revealed to Geist psychologists that for most of her life her abilities would spontaneously flare up and the resulting outburst would cause her immense physical pain. She spent most of her childhood believing that life was pain, and generally had a negative outlook on existence. She developed a cheerful and optimistic, albeit slightly childlike attitude at some undisclosed point in her past, but when Geist finally found her this attitude was buried under a bitter, suicidal young woman looking for an end to her suffering. Since being inducted into the Throwaways and growing particularly attached to the Throwawaysâ?? handler and fellow member Lucas Corrigan (and thanks to her neural inhibitors) Alice has recovered some of her hope and optimism, although she does tend to switch abruptly from her personable persona to a more caustic, sarcastic and slightly violent personality. Although this had led some of her teammates to be wary of her around the molehill, the wise no better than to question her judgement in the field.

Writing Sample:

A male figure stepped into the building, and immediately felt the air shift around him--which shouldnâ??t have been possible. It was a warm, midsummer day outside and rays of light poured into the room, but he due to his â??conditionâ? he couldnâ??t feel the warmth of the sun, or most other physical stimuli. So even though the unnaturally cold air didnâ??t nip at the layer of skin surrounding his energy form, Lucas Corrigan knew the building was freezing. The bodies encased in ice certainly validated that assumption. For a moment his inclination to act as the dark avenger Geist desired him to be overwhelmed him, but he quickly compartmentalized those feelings. According to Geist, the person who had caused this was sending a message. She wanted them to come and find her.

â??Some message,â? he growled, tracing his fingers along the human popsicle to his right. He concentrated on using his ability to attempt to free the man from his frozen prison. His energy surged against the ice, but the point of contact didnâ??t steam up or melt in the slightest. He increased his energy output slowly, wary of burning the imprisoned man, but to no avail.

â??That wonâ??t do anything,â? a female voice said softly from above Lucas, startling him. He spun around and, in the process, accidentally discharged some energy into a nearby pillar, which hissed and whined as the ice melted. Above him sat a young, pink-haired women, her legs hanging over the ledge of the above floor and her arms looped through the side rail. Her blue eyes glowed fiercely from the shadows, like a predator watching itâ??s prey.

â??It took you long enough to get here. I thought you would be fasterâ?¦ So what are you? A monster?â? The young girl questioned bluntly, eyeing Lucas from head to toe. Lucas knew she was examining him, probing his body like Geistâ??s scientists had for months. If he had to guess, he would say she was intrigued by his immunity to her talent.

â??What do you mean, what am I?â? He responded, wanting to wrap up this situation as quickly as possible. Most of the supers that get recruited are unhinged or desperate. This girl-- â??Alice,â? according to her file-- was too ******* cavalier about the prospect of â??men in suitsâ? coming to take her away. Alice did not respond, instead let out a long sigh, before pushing herself off of the ledge. Lucas braced himself for an attack, but Alice simply glided slowly, gracefully, to the ground. Lucas remained motionless but alert as she walked toward him. Alice made a puzzled expression once more and then trailed her fingers across his skin, mimicking the action he had performed on the frozen guard earlier. Some of the skin that comprised Lucasâ?? outer shell froze and flaked off, but he remained largely unaffected. The woman pointed at the spot accusingly.

â??See? Youâ??re not freezing, so you must not be human. You must be a monster, or an alien, or... are youâ?¦ Death?â? The woman asked with a mixture of fear and hope. In an instant Lucasâ?? anger towards the girl melted away, and he saw himself years ago, just waiting for his life to end. He took a step away from the girl and attempted a smile.

â??Whatâ??s your name?â? He asked kindly, despite already knowing her name, age, height, weight and psych profile. Aliceâ??s eyes narrowed into a fine, deliberating glare as if she was aware of the deception.

â??Alice,â? she responded simply. Lucas smiled.

â??Iâ??m Lucas,â? he said as he pulled his shirt over his head, â??and youâ??re right. Iâ??m not human. Not anymore.â? Lucas revealed his body to Alice, and the odd black metal plates lining which lined it. As she peered closer she could see little lightning flashes throughout his body, glimpses Lucasâ?? â??trueâ? form. She placed her hands on the metal plates, which sent an electric charge through her body-- a default mechanism to prevent anyone, including Lucas, from removing them. Alice shook her hand back in forth, agitated.

â??Hmph. A caged god. How fitting,â? she mumbled cryptically. â??So, not-Death-Lucas, are you here to kill me or trap me?â? Her words were venomous, but her expression read apprehensive. She obviously didnâ??t believe Lucas was there to do either; the entire reason she was in this prison for dangerous criminals was because no one saw anything other than a risk, a liability when the looked at her. She had been cycled from jail cell to jail cell, city to city, because no organization--prison or otherwise--wanted to risk having a monster like her in their stead. She could have been killed or experimented on at any time, but her captors never attempted to do so. Their only interest was in keeping her tucked away. Why would Lucas be any different? Lucas affectionately placed his hand on her shoulder.

â??Neither. Iâ??m here to offer you the same chance Geist offered me. The chance to be more than a monster. To make amends for a life wasted. Is that what you want?â? He asked with unyielding conviction. Alice bit her lip nervously and shifted her gaze to the nearest frozen figure. Alice stared into its eyes, looking for something, and then abruptly snapped her fingers. All of the frozen cages shattered simultaneously, leaving the former prisoners alive albeit unconscious. She turned back to Lucas and nodded.

â??I trust you, Lucas. Donâ??t make me regret this...â?

â? â? â? 

Name: Morgana le Fey
Codename: She's partial to The Scourge of Avalon or the Bane of Camelot, but she has no formal sobriquets or aliases.
Age: Honestly, sheâ??s stopped keeping track.
Gender: Female, although she is able to transform every part of her body on a whim.
Height: 5â??11â?
Weight: 126 lbs.
Appearance: [Morgana]
Despite living an innumerable number of years, she maintains the youthful visage of someone in their late 20s early 30s. She has seductive features: slender, fox-like eyes that alternate colors depending upon her mood; full lips which pull pleasantly over pearlescent fangs; and practically flawless tanned skin. Her appearance is supernaturally maintained, with nary a hair out of place or blemish found.

Whether in the molehill or when mingling among the common people Morgana favors elegant dress, with rich, vivid colors like scarlet or emerald. Thatâ??s not to say, however, that Morgana never dresses down, but rather that she looks stunning in whatever she adorns herself with. Even the Geist inhibitors installed on her-- around her neck and wrists-- look fashionable, as she uses her still considerable magic to synchronize their appearances with her outfit.

Speciality: Infiltration/Assassination

Superpowers: Khaos- Morgana has the innate ability to manipulate the primal energy of chaos and unleash it upon her enemies. This power is difficult to quantify, and can work in a myriad of ways. Her ability can be subtle-- a sudden pinprick feeling in the skin, causing you to drop your weapon-- or it can be substantial-- an abrupt shift in the terrain shattering your ankle. Her ability is so unpredictable because chaos, being "a state of disorder," is manifested whenever a system (whether that be an item, or person, or element) is simply "disordered" i.e. not ordered according to it's original design. Without her inhibitors she could even use this ability to become chaos incarnate, a towering, fire-breathing dragon. Now, she is limited to creating flames and augmenting her body with dragonesque appendages.

Special Skills: Morgana is so tremendously talented at bending others to her will that Geist believed said ability to be distinctly magical. And while she may coat her words Khaos before feeding them to the unwary, Morganaâ??s voice was honeyed by centuries of knowledge pertaining to the human condition. If her experience somehow fails her, the pure, unbridled confidence and assuredness that she exudes wonâ??t.

Equipment/Weapons: Her silver tongue and sharp mind, of course. Morganna finds modern weapons too lacking in finesse for her tastes.

Personality Profile: Unlike the other Throwaways, Morgana has the most transparent motivations; she is working with Geist because when she woke up from her Fae-Sleep-- a self-induced magic coma-- they were in possession of her body and had already outfitted her with inhibitors. Being well aware of the likelihood that she will outlive this predicament, as well as her captors, she goes along with their demands. This transparency is reflected in her demeanor. She quips and chides and flirts and harrasses and generally does whatever she pleases around the molehill without repercussions. She views the others as general entertainment, but she respects their struggles and will offer help whenever she sees them suffer. She often serves the role of peacekeeper between the other members thanks to her willingness to dole out blunt honesty.

That being said, the majority of her past, and how that past has affected her, is unknown both to her teammates and her handlers. Geist assumes that most myths and tales involving Morgan Le Fae, Morgens, Murigen and possibly even certain myths regarding the Morrigan to be exaggerated accounts of her previous endeavors.

Writing Sample:

Something felt... amiss.

It wasn't her body. No, that felt the same-- Nay, better, she thought as she stretched her well-rested limbs. Then she felt it; the cold embrace of bondage. Around each of her wrists and her neck was a black bangle of sorts, secure enough that an even a particularly skilled escape artist couldn't relieve herself of them, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. How thoughtful, she thought with a smile, but ultimately nothing more than an exercise in futility. She elegantly waved her hands, snapped, and waited. And waited. And waited...

"That won't do you any good." A female voice reverberated throughout the room. The woman placed her hands on the bed behind her and leaned back.

"Is that so?" She inquired with genuine curiosity. It wasn't often that she was caught unaware, and even less often that she was caught powerless. Whoever captured her had captured her intrigue for better or worse.

"I'm sorry to say it is, Morgan Le Fey. The devices are specifically designed to negate your ability," the voice buzzed again. The woman laughed and playfully batted her hand.

"Oh no, please. Just Morgana. Morgan Le Fey is far too formal, and almost entirely reserved for the bitter ramblings of my enemies... And despite having crippled me, you don't sound like my enemy, my dear. No," Morgana continued, elegantly gliding out of her assigned bed, "You sound like a woman who cares about people, but who cares more about power." A slight hum coated the room, but the female voice didn't respond. Morgana waved her hand again, sure the disembodied voice was watching through some means.

"We don't have to talk about that yet, sweet child. But I would appreciate if you would inform me as to how long I'd been asleep this time around. Judging by how delicious I feel right now I'd say... two hundred years?" Morgana guessed while surveying her cell. The room was startlingly white and smelled of a peculiar combination of alcohol, staleness and metal. If she had to discern her whereabouts she would surmise that she was being kept in some sort of underground bunker. Under altered circumstances she would find this situation delightful--waking up buried within the Earth does wonders for fueling and strengthening magic. But with all of this metal entombing her, and presumably due to the contraptions shackled to her, she couldn't connect with the Earth. Pity.

"According to your... keepers, you were asleep for about 150 years," the voice responded.

"Oh, right, right, George and Pierre! Such sweet souls. I will miss them," Morgana stated honestly. George and Pierre had been travelling companions of Morgana's back in the day, and when she decided that she was due for her Faesleep, a restorative artificial coma which rejuvenates the body and allows one's magic to grow naturally inside of them, they volunteered their bodies to watch over her. And if she was here, then they had undoubtedly failed and been reduced to ashes, which wasn't nearly as terrible as it sounded. Their souls passed on when it was time, it was simply the rambling husks that watched over her. Admittedly, husks weren't the most able-bodied guards, but she certainly hadn't expected anyone significant to stumble across her sleeping figure.

"Morgana, you're right," the voice interrupted, more sure and steady. Apparently the speaker had finished wrestling with whatever insecurities Morgana had highlighted moments ago. "We do need your power. While you were sleeping the world became more dangerous, more unruly, more opaque. So-called heroes cast their shadows over us from above, judging our every move, with the potential to wipe us out on a whim. They're not heroes, they're tyrants in the making. But we're putting together a team, and we're going into the darkness that everyone else is content to ignore. We want to save lives, and we believe you can help." Morgana smirked approvingly and sat forward.

"Well then, consider me conscripted! I could never turn down a good crusade, and you are absolutely right about my abilities being an invaluable asset to your team. So give me a change of clothes, a yummy meal, and a lantern and I'll lead the charge right on into the darkness, and I'll kill whatever is there. Do we have a deal?"


Anywho, I'm really digging the sign-up NuXtos, buddy! It's a clever marriage of the stock format and standard prose, and I can't wait to see more of your character's backstory unravel! And as DeLarge mentioned, bring on the sign-ups people! Let's have a ball together!

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Well...if Orcus is doing it, why shouldn't I...?




Name: Felicia Cole
Codename: Danger
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Appearance: On the surface Felicia Cole is a roughly average young woman. She is of average height and weight, and her appearance wouldn't cause her to stand out from a crowd: her dark red hair is cut into a bob short enough to hang loosely around her face, but long enough to tie back into a short ponytail if necessary, and her large eyes are an extremely dark green.
However, she clearly takes care of herself, with an athlete's build made of lean, tough muscle, and can often be found in the Molehill's rather well-equipped gym maintaining her current high level of fitness. On close inspection, one would find a number of small, barely-noticeable scars on her body, including several that look suspiciously like bullet wounds, suggesting that she has seen her share of combat as well.
Around the Molehill, she tends to dress casually and in a lot of black: generally, she goes for skinny jeans and tank tops, occasionally with a hoody and a pair of leather boots, or gym clothes if she is training. When she is on assignment, however, she wears a tight-fitting black bodysuit which covers her up almost entirely, from high collar to her wrists and ankles, an outfit primarily designed to fit comfortably under the final article of clothing in her ensemble.
Specialty: Assassination
Superpowers: Danger - Felicia's superpowers are interesting, not least because nobody can quite work out where they came from: they don't seem to be of alien origin, nor do they have any kind of magical energy about them, and they don't appear to have been genetically manufactured. Felicia herself couldn't tell you how she came upon them, beyond the fact that she knows she was not born with them. All she knows is that she gained her powers no more than three years ago, and they call themselves 'Danger'.
When it is required of her, during times of physical or emotional stress, or simply put when there is 'danger' around, Felicia is able to materialise a sleek suit of high-tech looking red and black body armour around her form, seemingly out of nowhere. Those who have seen the process in action say that it almost slithers in semi-liquid form across her body before solidifying into the aforementioned armour which covers her entire body with the exception of her head: as she says, she doesn't trust any eyes which aren't her own.
The armour, along with being resilient towards most kinds of physical, energy-based and magical assault, provides Felicia with a set of superpowers including super strength, speed, agility and the ability to leap considerable distances. However, the most unusual superpower she possesses is the ability to psionically control the armour, allowing it to extend beyond her body in tendril-like prehensile arms which have considerable strength of their own. In fact, her entire movement set becomes far more fluid, allowing her to move with the speed and flexibility of quicksilver.
The armour also appears to be a sentient being all of its own, having formed some kind of symbiotic bond with Felicia, who can occasionally be found having conversations with the being, which refers to itself as 'Danger'. However, seeing the potential for this relationship to become dangerous to them, Geist Industries have implanted restrictions on Felicia's superpower, namely a neural inhibitor which controls her access to Danger: generally her exposure is limited to fifteen minutes, although this can be extended or restricted by her handler depending on the situation.
Special Skills: Before Danger came along and changed everything, Felicia Cole was a highly-trained agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service, and as such she has an impressive resume of skills, from armed and unarmed combat to covert and undercover operations. However, her real skill set was as an assassin, skilled in taking lives without mercy or hesitation, and combined with Danger she swiftly became an invaluable asset to Geist Industries.
Equipment/Weapons: Felicia is highly trained in many different types of armed combat, and she keeps a pair of short, curved knives on her at all times. However she usually relies on using her opponents' weapons against them: and with Danger on her side, she doesn't really need typical weapons to effectively take out her targets.
Personality Profile: Felicia came to Task Force Delta Echo as an aloof, almost unemotional figure focused entirely on the missions in hand. However, prolonged exposure to such a varied group of superhumans has softened her somewhat: while she maintains a dry, sarcastic sense of humour and is casually dismissive of some of the younger, more inexperienced members of the team, she has grown close to a number of her fellow Throwaways.
However, there is an element of her personality which acts as her primary weakness, and one which Geist Industries has exploited all-too effectively: she has something of an addictive personality, although her cross-addiction was stamped out with ruthless efficiency by MI6 in the early days of her training. But lately, her relationship with Danger has become something which, to the trained eye, looks a lot like addiction: the chemical release and adrenaline rush that comes with releasing Danger and gaining superpowers feeds her addiction, and by restricting her access to it Geist are able to control her in a rather brutal manner.
Writing Sample:
Felicia felt the thick, acrid sweat of withdrawal forming on her brow, the kind of sweat that seemingly inexplicably comes hand in hand with a feeling of icy cold. Of course, that feeling could also have something to do with the fact she was standing on top of a twenty-five storey building with no rooftop shelter in the middle of November.
Get your damn head in the game, Felicia, she thought, shaking her head to clear the fog from her thoughts, and clenching her fists in an effort to stop her hands from trembling, It's not like this is a particularly dangerous thing to do or anything.
Felicia Cole was one of Britain's most dangerous soldiers, and back in her prime she would never have been this distracted on an assignment. But now, there was a single word clouding her thoughts, her judgment and distracting her focus from the task at hand.
She stood motionless, the word echoing in her mind, until she saw the vaguest signs of movement in the building opposite the one she was standing on. Inhaling deeply, she set off into a sprint and pushed off as the edge of the building came closer, leaping into the void between the two structures.
For a moment she felt as though she was hanging in the air, but that feeling was quickly replaced by the unmistakable sensation of falling a great distance. She exhaled slowly as she fell, and angled herself towards the other building.
Suddenly, the cord attached to her waist snapped taught, and the falling motion changed into a swinging one as she hurtled towards the plate glass windows of the Geist Industries headquarters. In a single swift motion, she drew a pistol from its holster on her back and fired three shots into the window that was getting rapidly closer, then angled her body so she was moving towards the glass feet-first.
In an explosion of noise and debris, she burst into the plush, well-furnished office of a young Geist executive by the name of Tyler Reins, gun levelled at his head and rage etched on her face.
"Tyler Reins," she snarled, never breaking eye contact with the well-dressed man, "You took something from me..."
"Ah, Ms Cole," replied Reins, cool as a cucumber, a ****-eating grin plastered across his face, "You certainly know how to make an entrance."
He took a seat in one of the many leather-covered seats in the office, folding his legs and gesturing for the tightly-coiled assassin to take a seat opposite him. She didn't move a muscle, although her body screamed out for her to collapse, just now registering the pain from her ill-advised stunt.
"Not a sitter? That's ok," said Reins, reaching inside his jacket and pulling out a small square device with a glowing blue screen, "So, I assume that this is the reason for your visit?"
He pressed his thumb into the screen, and Felicia suddenly collapsed, writhing and gasping for air as a strange, liquid-like substance began to crawl slowly across her body. Reins got to his feet and stood over her.
"Here's the deal, Ms Cole," he said, hovering his thumb over the screen on the device, "You have something we want. We have something you want. It's a fairly simple matter to bring the two together."
He knelt down and lifted her chin to look her in the eyes as the strange substance threatened to engulf her entire body.
"You will be my attack dog, Ms Cole. You will hunt and maim and kill for me, and in return...? I will give you exactly what you need."
He pressed his thumb into the screen again, and the substance suddenly and violently retracted until it was nothing, leaving a weakened Felicia curled up on the floor, shuddering and trying desperately to hold the sobs in.
"I'll take that as a yes," Reins said coldly, getting to his feet and gesturing to the two heavyset security professionals that had entered the room moments earlier, "Take Ms Cole straight to the Molehill."
They stormed over and grabbed the shivering young woman, hauling her upright and dragging her out of the room.
"She might as well get comfortable, after all."
So what I'm saying with all this is...feel free to make more than one character if you want some more options!
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Name: Samuel Pratchett
Codename: "Canary"
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170 lbs.
Specialty: Infiltration, Heist
Sonic Scream - Samuel was born with an extra attachment to his windpipe, giving him the ability to intake a more than abnormal amount of air into his body to be stored.  As a result, when triggered by stress or concentration of the body, Samuel can project a violent sonic scream from his mouth towards his facing opponent.  While the range and and spread of the sonic cry is limited to a forward attack, the sonic scream can knock back and even concuss human and meta humans alike.  With training over the years, Samuel has practice his scream to knock down sturdy brick and steel walls, and even dent armor tanks with enough force.  However, the duration of the scream can only last for a timed 3 minutes before exhaustion, two minutes more than an average human.  
Special Skills: 
Samuel is currently at his physical peak, quick and light on his feet as he is patient and calculating when thinking about his next plan of attack.  Samuel is well skilled in computer programming and hacking, fast and accurate without fault for entering and leaving unnoticed.
Samuel has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, mostly in styles to defend and take down his enemies instead of killing.  He works best when entering and leaving unnoticed, but when encountered, Samuel is confident is his skills to defend himself.   
Canary/Samuel carries a utility pouch around his waist.  Mostly small computer equipment such as flash drives, PDA and small computer tools for breaking into hard drives.  Just in case combat is inevitable, smoke pellets and flash grenades are packed in case of an escape is needed.  
Personality Profile: 
Samuel came from a military family growing up, both parents and siblings serving as he grew up, eventually when the boy was of age, he joined the Marines as an infantry man.  Years of discipline have made Samuel organized and poised for personal and field duty when the time calls for it.  The solider has been called a "Loyal Dog" for his commitment to his causes, and always seems to have a calculating, yet hopeful outlook when faced with unforeseeable circumstances.  
Even after being discharged at the age of 23, Samuel has remained a diligent soldier, waking up before the sun and keeping his vigilante activities consistent and  never changing.  After years of fighting overseas, Samuel doesn't feel the need to kill unless absolutely necessary to save others, or if his own life was in dire need.  He will only use his Sonic Scream on meta humans, feeling it is his only trump card when fighting is at fault.
After being recruited by Geist, Samuel was immediately assigned to organizing many files and classified documents for their missions and research out in the field.  His superiors will know he will report immediately and accurately with any information obtained for their mission and prepare strategies for future missions that follow.   
Writing Sample: 
The alleyway across the block from the bank lay covered with several hooded thugs barely breathing for life as Canary walked past their crumpled figures.  As the vigilante walked, he made a mental note to count each one as he passed, their weapons far from their reach after the ambush that Canary delivered.  Another cartel group taken down, but this time on his patrol, there were more.  The last several weeks have been tiring and exhausting, the gang Canary had been tracking and trailing around his neighborhood had gotten bolder and more stern with their security.  Canary came to the last assailant on the ground before pausing, raising an eyebrow.
"That's only nine of them...I know I didn't miscount before I-"  His own stopped as the click of a firearm could be heard forward as the vigilante looked  up to see his last, and missing body.  The criminal shook as he tried to balance himself and hold his weapon after the thrashing Canary delivered earlier.  
"You damn freak, the Butcher Family won't take this disrespect anymore from a costumed freak like yourself."  The assailant pulled the hammer back on his revolver, the barrel shaking in his grasp as he struggled to maintain his composure.  To him, Canary was an ordinary man trying to stop their underworld deeds.
"If you value your sense of hearing, I'd put that down and give up.  You can't win this"  Canary warned, inhaling silently through his nose.
"See you in he..."  Words escaped the masked gunman as all sound stopped, his body felt as if a large cannon impacted with his stomach as the perps body was pinned to the brick wall several inches behind him originally.  A loud, echoing screeching blared on and off as the gunman felt as if gravity itself was trying to crush him in the cyclone of sound the Canary produced from his mouth.  Outside the sonic scream funnel, the ear piercing scream echoes through the street alleyway and into the once calm night air.  The scream lasted several seconds before the echoes died in the night sky, Canary looked on as his assailant collapsed on the street ground, ears protruding blood slowly as he twitched in his spot.  Sirens echoed in the distance, Canary's cue to hurry and head home and quick before reinforcements arrived, and with that thought he did out of the ally and towards his speed bike.
4 a.m came as Canary entered his apartment  as silently as a cat, closing the door behind as he bolted the door shut quickly.  Removing his mask, the soldier grunted and sighed, thankful to be home once again after a long night of patrolling the streets.  The crisp air cooling the solider from a heated encounter....but that was the problem, Samuel didn't leave the air conditioner on before he went out on patrol.  The lights suddenly came on as Samuel turned around to see a middle aged man treating himself to a cup of coffee at the small dinner table.  
"Good morning to you Canary, or should I say Samuel Pratchett.   Former USMC soldier, current I.T Security tech at Laser Security Services, you've kept your record clean and stayed under the radar.  We admire that, and we also admire you're efforts cleaning the streets in your city.  However, it's chump change compared to what we can offer you."  The man was bold and direct, never skipping a beat and his attention centered on the stunned soldier.   Samuel calculated his options, but they all ended up badly in his mind, so he gave in.
"Who is interested?"  The man placed a card on the table and slid it towards Samuel, the soldier slowly drew closer to the end of the table and looked down.  "Geist Industries?  I've applied to them before and was turned down.  Do you expect me to believe they want to hire me now that they know who I am?"
"No...we're hiring on 'Canary', Samuel is just an added bonus to our cause".  The man placed his coffee down and stood up, buttoning his suit coat.
"What cause would that be?"  Samuel raised an eyebrow as he faced the mystery messenger face to face now.
"I'll explain if you agree, but like your family and yourself, you fought for a common cause to protect this country.  You can do the same thing, but on home turf.  Back to order, back to duty, and back to feeling like you matter in a large and confusing world.  So, are you game?"  Samuel processed the thought quickly, but he already knew the answer before the speech was made.
"Yes Sir."
(OOC:  Apologies for the late entry, hope this is acceptable)
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Thanks for your sign ups, NuXtos and Shwa! The RP itself will be coming along shortly, but if you're itching to dive into writing for your character in the meantime then allow me to introduce the Backstories thread. Here, you can post about your characters without the limitations imposed by assignments: you can go into their past, show us what they were like before their powers emerged or before Geist found them; you can show us their early days as part of Geist or you can show us what they're like on assignment, your creativity and imagination is the only limit here!


I've posted a short excerpt of Lucas Corrigan's past, and I heartily encourage you to do the same for your character as well, so have at it!

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  • 3 weeks later...

-Sorry for the wait guys. Needed a new comp to write and reply faster, since phone takes forever,,, So without further ado, let's get introduced.


Name: Kato Aege

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 120 lbs.


Code-name: He's gone by many names over the passage of time; Ghost, Phantom, Vamp, Spirit, and Grim Reaper being some of the most popular ones, the last one being his favorite.


Age: He's lost count after all the years and the numerous "naps" he's taken out of boredom or to recharge his energies, but he appears to be 19 years of age.


Appearance: [attachment=15468:RP-3.jpg], He is usually dressed in this: [attachment=15471:Kato Clothe's Cropped Male.jpg]

His voice always sounds like it has a magical and musical hint at hit, similar to an accent.


Specialty: Assassination and Infiltration.


Powers: Kato's powers are similar to Morgana's, except for it being the embodiment of primordial space. This means that Kato's consciousness is basically everywhere and nowhere at the exact same time. He learned a long time ago that this is a great advantage over one's enemies, so he has learned to protect it by hiding his ability to manipulate space by claiming it's psychokinesis. His unique powers also give him the ability to teleport himself and others, although at a cost. The longer he uses his powers, or the farther he jumps, the less his body is able to keep up with his mind, and the two separate for about six to eight hours.


Special Skills: Since Kato is the embodiment of space, he has learned that time has no meaning for him, letting him focus on whatever he wants without worrying about limits. Because of this, he tends to scout the areas for great lengths at a time. He also, with a focus of will and physical contact, bring others with him. A side effect of the slight spatial warp that surrounds him is that it prevents physical attacks from fatally wounding him. This field is at it's weakest when he's taking one of his naps so that the magical energies can be adsorbed at their fullest.


Equipment/Weapons: Since Kato can be anywhere on the planet at a moment's notice he tends to be rather simple with his choice of equipment and sticking with his favorite name given to him by people he's worked with in the past, Reaper, he uses a scythe that is enchanted with a small fragment of his soul so that it can come to him at his bidding, it tends to look like this.


Personality Profile: Kato tries to be the kind of guy that you want around, however, he tends to be a little scary when the mood takes his fancy. since he's lived many lifetimes, he has that "been there, done that" attitude and tends to be kind of quiet. He will help those that he sees are trying to help themselves and earn his attention. Think of him as a cat, it tends to help many people understand and work with him, as he tends to laze around or do his own thing without repercussions. This includes his activities around the molehill, since his many handlers know that he's going to outgrow the situation and outlive anything that they can do to him. He sticks around for the entertainment that Geist gives him by trying to change the world that he's lived on for as long as he can remember.


Sample: Kato inhaled deeply, his eyes cracking open as he opened them for the first time in many years. His first impression was that of a bright sunlit field, which puzzled him since he intentionally went to take a nap in the deepest reaches of the earth that he knew to recharge. "That's odd, I thought I was in a cave last... have I slept long enough for it to erode away?" he spoke softly, his voice a soft and gentle melody that hinted at the magics that inhabited his very being. He sat up and looked around, taking in the room. Besides his carved rock bed and himself, the room was a bright white space it's uniformity broken by a black window that showed no sign of anything save his reflection. He grunted softly is surprise, it wasn't very often that he was moved in his sleep. "Leave it to me to sleep like the dead." he teased himself.


"Good Morning, Mr. Reaper" came a strange sounding voice from a corner in the room.


"So, somebody was actually able to track me down... that's new." he teased. "Let me guess, you have a reason for the change in scenery?" he asked with a wry laugh.


"We do, we need you." was his curt reply, to which Kato raised an eyebrow.


"You need me, or you need my powers? Let's see what I've been dealt, then we get to place our chips." he said, shifting on his bed, finding that it was his usual rock slab that he slept on. Glad to see that hasn't changed. Now, let's see who we're talking with... he thought as he relaxed and let the energies that coursed through him to flex and build, returning to their normal levels. He sighed as he felt his usual sense of self return to him. There was only silence from the speaker, telling him that he struck a cord. A smile crept across his face as he let his current plaything think they had the upper hand. The smile vanished as the energy told him that there was something new on his body. He looked over to the window, an eyebrow raised and his aqua blue eyes open with interest.


"You seem a little taken back, where was that bravado from before?" came the voice again, a hint at triumph in his voice. "We have you under our control, so don't act like you're above us!" the voice said, a hint of mockery and arrogance in it. A dark look appeared on Kato's face, as he listened to the man.


"You seem to think that you own me, a very dangerous course of thought. I belong to no one, and I never will." His voice took on a tone of authority and a hint at danger.


"But we do own you! You don't seem to understand that yet, but you will. You'll soon learn what it means to be a servant. My servant." the voice said in a maniacal manner.


"We'll see about that, little emperor." he threatened as he stood up, feeling slightly lightheaded and walked over to the window.


"That's right! with you at my beck and call, I CAN be the emperor that this world needs!" the threat flew over the man's head.


"Screw this." he said softly and teleported into the room with the man, causing the man to turn in shock. "I thing that Cesar here needs a lesson in what happens when somebody treats me like a object." he said as he advanced on the man, only to suddenly be filled with a shooting pain that caused him to collapse and writhe on the floor.


"That's right, you little-" the man never finished his sentence as he was cut off by a soft cough. Kato looked up as he was still fighting the pain that threatened to knock him out and looked at the silhouette in a door way, it was holding an object that he hadn't seen before and the man that he was talking with slowly sank to the floor as blood soaked into his shirt from a wound that was caused by what Kato assumed was the weapon that the figure had.


"Ahem, thank you for your service here at Geist, we appreciate all that you've done for us." the figure said, stepping into the room and revealing itself as a woman who tossed the object onto the dead body. "Now, onto business. Mr. Reaper, what you're experiencing is just a taste of the devices that we have implanted in you." she said as she pulled out a small remote and pressed a button on it, the pain vanishing as suddenly as it appeared. "We wish to offer you a mission. One that I'm sure that you're going to enjoy, judging by your stunt from earlier."


"A mission?" he panted.


"A mission to remove all the soon to be tyrants that pose as heroes. We seek to make this world safe for everyone, one that's not under the control of someone, something, that lords above us and judges us on a whim. Will you join us?" She offered him a hand and smile, one that hinted a new things.


Kato smiled his usual sly smile and took her hand, getting to his feet. "When do I start?"



I hope that sign-ups are still open...

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I would like to join to if I could DeLarge, its been a long time since I have RPed with you, but I sincerely miss it. 


"I suppose I can chat for a while, but just call me Roy, I hate being called Adoctrinar. "
The Geist labcoats were testing the waters. People with a mental condition can be fragile, so they were going to start with the easy questions. "How old are you?"
Roy was calm for the time being. He had been away from his gun for a little too long for his liking, but at least they allowed regular intervals with it. "I am 35, I am from Texas but lived primarily in California, I am 5 foot tall and 5 inches, I weigh in at around 165 pounds, and I love plums. Anything else? Gender perhaps?"
"What is your hurry? Its not like you have somewhere to be." They of course knew his situation well, and were knew that contact time would be soon.  They were already prepared by having him wrapped in a straight jacket.  Strangely enough, they use the one he brought in himself. Its secure, and other than the kevlar lining, and odd color scheme its fully functional. The jacket itself is black, and it has a hood that could zip up into a mask. On the  hood itself its mostly the solid black color, but there are generous eye holes, and the mouth has a grey filter that is shaped to look like menacing teeth.  under that is black jeans and a tank top, he sometimes wears protective leg gear, a gas mask, or any other adornments that the situation requires. 
Roy was unfazed by the teasing. As long as he got to have his gun for a while nothing they said or did mattered. "I do have somewhere to be, or rather, somewhere I could be. A trained sniper with my special weapon makes a handy support in assassination missions, though I wouldn't be able to kill them alone if they are metahuman." 
The Geist labcoat ruffled through his clipboards, locating the relevant data. Finally he was streaming the interview. "You definitely could be a valuable asset as an assasin, but we are more interested in using your powers to make metahumans look frighting to the public eye. Your gift is quite rare, so we are inclined to accept your offer to help."
Roy couldn't help but laugh, "My gift! Oh yes, a poison that that constantly alters my mind to the point of psychosis, and its tendency to spread via contact. What a lovely gift. Most people with half a mind would return said gift to sender, but there are no refunds, all sales are final." The light mood quickly shifted to somber. "This curse of mine  ruined my life. Being able to make someone temporarily go insane does nothing good, and making that curse into a Sniper rifle just makes it bad for a lot of far away people. but then again its smug A**h***s like yourself that lets me keep pulling that trigger and never miss a wink of sleep, so thanks for that."
Roy was starting to get aggressive. Perhaps it was more than a little to long since he held his gun.  The labcoat brought in a nylon duffel bag and set it on the table.  He immediately pulls out his custom Beretta 501. Other than its moving parts, the gun was comprised entirely of the metallic element Ad: Adoctrinarium. The metal was cool to his touch. Immediately Roy aimed at the window and pulled the hair trigger. No shot was fired though, as only a fool would hand a psychopath like him a loaded gun and no target.
"That metal definitely doesn't help your personality much Roy," as if the words muttered by the labcoat triggered a feral instinct Roy split the table in two by slamming the gun down with all his force. 
 "MY NAME IS ADOCTRINAR!"   The room was silent except for the heavy breathing coming from Adoctrinar. He is not a very physical man. He can easily move around his rifle,  and has the fortitude to fire multiple rounds, however he lacks any real bulk or definition, and has a mediocre aptitude for aerobic exercise at best.  After 5 seconds or so he takes a seat,  still holding the gun like a club. "That probably didn't help my odds of getting on the team" He lets out a sigh
"We are aware of your instability, and we will only permit you to use your gun for combat situations. To put the matter bluntly, we can't turn down your deal. You have useful powers, and we need people like that for the future we are building. Most of us here are debating rewarding criminals for possibly killing heroes, but you are different."
"Well I'm insane, but not an idiot. You couldn't have me running around unchecked.  There is no way you'd choose me...  But I REALLY wanna kill some heroes. I dreamed of seeing them in a pool of their own blood, helpless. I wanna be part of that future reeeeal bad. I don't need  a get out of jail free card to do that you could kill me when the missions over for all I care, just let me at them." 
The labcoat motioned in the guards. Adoctrinar reluctantly handed over the gun. The effects of the metal would still continue for another two hours, but that  was usually the limit to how long the effect could last. Soon Roy would be back, and they could continue the conversation where they left off. 
Okay! so there is my general character,
I really liked the idea of doing the Audition in story form, but I haven't done that before so I probably wasn't clear enough and I also wasn't able to add everything fluently so I am also just gonna do the normal layout too.
Name: Roy Rodriguez. 
Codename:  Adoctrinar 
Age: 35
Gender: Male: (I kinda wanted it to be a female, but there are a ton of them in this group so far, and being male myself means I am better at them)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165lb
Appearance: I will edit one later on, but in general he is a Hispanic man, not very weathered, since he spent most of his time in a laboratory. He wears a special straight jacket, usually undone with the sleeves rolled up. he wears all black, and the hood on the jacket becomes a mask with an eerie grey mouth that looks like teeth.  
Specialty:  His power makes him exceptional for Defameing missions, which should be his primary job, but he can support in assassination missions due to the long range of his sniper rifle. 
Superpowers:  He is able to temporarily turn anyone with an mind a resonance with his own mind using the chemical he created.  He also made the sniper rifle, and memorized the process of creating the chemical and destroyed all hard data of it. The rifle itself is made of the metal, and is impossible to wield without poisoning the user and making them go insane. the poisoning happens at the atomic level,  so clothing does little to help against it, except for nylon, which has a dampening resonance, which prevents its spread, an shortens the symptoms time. 
Basically he has a sniper, that shoots bullets, and if you get hit you go  crazy like him. 
Special Skills: Other than being a great shot with a sniper, especially in his insane state, he is a  chemical engineer and speaks Spanish as well as English.  He is very smart so planning attacks could be considered a skill. 
Equipment/Weapons: I definitely think this constitutes as a special weapon. The weapon has the power, not Roy himself, but the gun is more like an extension of himself when his personality shifts. 
Personality Profile:  Roy when intoxicated by the gun is crazy. Psychopathic killing machine who loves seeing people in pain, and desperation.  He follows the plan, but isn't too great at improve because he isn't that smart. Roy while sober on the other hand is very clever, and though he isn't friendly, he would get along fine with the team.  He is generally well mannered unless he goes too long without touching the metal. Roy also is fairly loyal, and doesn't lie  much. Finally Roy has nasty withdraw symptoms. If he goes too long without the metal, his mind is driven into a semi psychotic state where it tries to recreate the insanity caused by the metal. This leads to Roy having the same murderous impulses, but the cognitive function of his better side. This of course can be a deadly combination, and the effect lasts longer depending on how much time between doses passes. The effect might even become permanent if done for too long, and the Geist would not want him to have that kind of power. 
Anyways I will write a solid backstory piece soon, and hopefully have  a clearer image  to add to this.  Thanks a bunch!
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