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RPG "The End Of Planet Earth."


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Ok people this is what the RPG is about. Befor the beginning of time there where 4 Gods who made a planet.They deicided they where going to make life forums to stay on the planet to see how they would live together.If the forum of making the human race demons then started to show up killing all they have created.The Gods saw what was going on so they then made guardians to protect the human race.The guardians job was not only to look over the humans but also to protect the Gods.SO the Gods gave them extreme power.All demons where banished to stay in the pits of hell. But one got out he went to the Gods and told them that he would change his ways and that he never wanted to become a demon.His name was Darko,the Gods told him he would have to take the test of truth so he did so and pasted they then made him a guardian.Later he soon found out about the power the Gods had and he wanted that power so he then fell in love with one of the Gods. She told him all about there powers and there secrets and how to kill them.So knowing this information Darko then went to hell and told his master his plan. The other's Gods found out that Sakura was the God who told Darko there secrets so they stripped her of her God power and turned her into a human.Not only did they do that but they also made it that she could never bear a child.And would stay alive forever to see all the people that she well later love die.Darko soon found out what they did so he then puted his plan into affected. He killed the leader of the Gods and then took her powers and becmae the ultimate demon he was unstoppable.All the Gods and guardians came together and tryed to kill him but it wasn't having.Darko killed them all but befor they died they did a spell that they would come back in the body of humans 10,000 years later more stronger then ever.But Darko tryed to puted a end to that but the only think he did was make it so they would come back but they well not beable to use there powers.After all that was done he then went back to hell and killed his master so now he is control of both heaven and hell.Darko then made demons of even his own they are very powerful.He gave then the ability to look like humans.But they could turn into there demon forum whenever.Darko knew that the Gods ands and other guardians where coming back so he went to Sakura and made to love to her 18 years befor the Gods would come back so when 10,000 year has pass he would have a son already born to take his place just in case.But Darko became so powerful he wasn't worried about the Gods return.

Ok 10,000 years has pasted and now the Gods and guardians has now return into the body of teenagers and grown ups.Darko has sent some demons to earth to find the gods and guardians and kill them all.Some has not yet found out who they are.There are 3 gods and 3 guardians every God shoud have a guardian to protect them but you don't need one if you don't want one.So you can choices to be a God,Guardian,Demon, or super human. If you want a guadian just put who u want it to be.And if anybody wants to be Darko go head.

Oh yea let me tell you about the powers. It's like fatal fury and street fighter like.I really don't no how to explain to i just puted that.If you a God when you are in your God state your hair white and so is your eyes.And guardian Has some special like armor and what ever there weapon is it holds there power.Last its the demons they turn into there demon forum.Most of the demons work for Darko if you are a demon you don't have to if you don't want.

Name:Ryu Shiso
Apperence:Has long dark brown hair with light blue eye's has a muscular body.wear black pants with a white wifebreater
Bio: He is the son of Sakura and Darko.He stay with his mother and doesn't know who his father is. He lives a normal kids life he goes to high school.He knows that he is not like other people but he don't know how.
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Guest QuickSilver
name: seifer
age: unknown (looks 16)
race: guardian
height: 6''4'
appearance: he wears the same cloths as blade, as long black hair
bio: he is one of the best guardians there is he is top class
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Name: Cyprus

Age: 19

Race: Reincaration of the old leader of gods

Apperence: looks like Heero from gundum wing but with silvery hair


Bio: Lived a good life up to this point has always felt different and everyone he knows likes his want and care to aid those around him.

<<<<<<< I wish to have a guardian so if someone would like to be it please go right ahead but if you can aid a little story line of how we frist met. >>>>>>>
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I'll be your Guardian, Carren.

Name: Himona
Age: 15
Race: Gaurdian
Height: 5'9"
Appearance: long brown hair, dark brown eyes, always wears a black half-trenchcoat with a white shirt and black pants.
Bio: She has been Cyprus' best friend ever since they met when they were just children and he defended her from some bullies. She often gets into fights because she talks too much, but she is really a nice girl.
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 14
Race: Demon (not under Darko)
Description: Has silver long hair, black eyes, and wears a black baggy shirt, with black baggy jeans. His shoes are black steel toed boots. Instead of wanting special armor, he choose to stay with the armor he had been using since he first realized he was a guardian.
Weapon: Blanko Diablo (White Devil) Blade, the unholy blade of ages that Ken has changed into a sword with evil and holy powers....

Bio: Has defected from Darko's control and is currently a Rogue agent wanted by him... He has no friends and moves in silence, stealing souls for his own power and slaying Gods...[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Carren Heart [/i]
[B]Great thanks Lady Katana !

Ooo ss2Serren do we have powers ??? i read the story and it says something about no powers ?? [/B][/QUOTE]

Just call me Serren and yea yall have power. i have to look back cause i don't no i puted you don't. But yea like i said you do have powers.
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Name:siren kojia
Race:fighter/half human half ?/gaurdian-doesen't know it
Apperence:has long black hair black baggy pants, blood red tank top emrald eyes change to saphire, black and silver
weapon: long sword shurikens daggers and a blue stone-powers-
Bio:was lost in a storm on a mountian and has traveled ever sense, orphan
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Name: Mako Heridian
Race: God
Gaurdian: ?????
Appearence: Same clothes as Pikeon but with out the hat, has white blue hair with blue eyes.
Bio: Created to Protect the Earth, seeks a Gaurdian to travel with.......

Ok who wants to be my Gaurdian?
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[color=crimson]Name: Neil

Age: 15

Race: Demon, one of the ones resisting Darko

Apperence: Baggy, black windbreaker pants, slate windbreaker Reebok jacket, sleeves bunched up above the elbow, black tennis shoes. Black shirt with a biohazard-type symbol on it. Tatto on arm with a nuclear atom like symbol. Hair like Trunks' when he returned to his own timeline, only shorter, and black. Green eyes. When he transforms to his demon self, he looks like USSJ Brolli(hair and all, cept I dunno about the ki blasts. I hope so) (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

Height: 6' 1"

Bio: Gifted with superior physical strength and speed, a demon with a liking for chaos and disorder. One you don't want to meet up in a dark, empty ally. The kind you dread when they lock their eyes on you across a crowded room... Semi-buds with Ken.

Carries an all-sided sword, which is five feet long(Think the beam saber from the Epyon, only unbreakible steel), crafted by his own hands. It's name is Omega Shine.[/color]
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leaving from school and befor he was about to get on his bus some of his friends came up to him and stopped him.

Friend: Dude what u doing night? Cause it's friday and you know there mad praty's going on.

Ryu: I don't think i can my mom won't let me she likes for me to stay home.Sorry guys maybe next time.

Friend: Dude i'am not going to take no for a answer your coming.Look i promise u that you'll be home befor 10.Come on man live a lil bout time for u to go out mess with the ladys.Dude i don't won't ti said gay or nothing but your a hot looking dude.Don't you see all these girls looking at you?Look. *grabs Ryu by the face and turns it so he can see all the girls lookin at him.*

Ryu: Ok ok you can let go now.So what if they look that's it but ok i'll go what time are you coming over?

Friend: About 6 we'll make it seem like we are going to do huh what's it called again oh yea school work or something.Peace dude i see u at 6 better b ready.

Ryu then get's on his bus and goes all the way to the back seats.Then as he looks out the windoow there was a bright flash that only he say and for a slit second he say his face but it looked different he had a face of a demon.He got up to c if anybody saw it but no one was looking his way or thing about him. "Man what the hell was that?I mest be seeing things thats what it is."Once he got to his stop he went in his house and said hi to his mom then went to his room and got some clothes and then took a shower.Once he was done he put on his towel then looked in the mirror and saw that he was more then usual."That funny i don't remember myself ever being this big befor." He then drys up then puts on hs clothes and goes to the din where his mother was.

Ryu: Mom some of the guys asked me if i would like to goto a lil get together with them and i kinda told them yea ause i thought you would mind.

Mom: Sure you can go i trust you won't do nothing your not post to.

Ryu: But me i really wanted.... Wait did you just say i can go?Thankx mom your the best and you know me i never get into truble.

Mom: But i want you to be home by at least 10. Understand?

Ryu: I'll be here at 9:59 just for you.

Then outside the horn blows for Ryu he then gives his mother a hug then goes out the door with his friends to the party.
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<< 5: 34 pm >>

<<< Ring ? Ring >>

" Hello ? hey Himona, whats up ? O a party .. well .. hmmm ???? ?. O your parents say they don't want you to be out on your own hmmm ? I see .. so you said I'd go along to watch out for you again .. <<< Laughs >> alright I'll pick you up "

<< hangs up the phone >>

Cyprus: Crazy young teenagers ? << Smiles >> O well

<< takes another shower and then gets dressed. Grabs keys and drives away to pick Himona up to take her to the party >>
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((hope it's not to late to join))

Name: Tursi

Age: Is unknown

Race: deamon

Discription: Tall, brown medium hair, brown eyes that go to violet depeneding on her mood.

Hieght: 5' 9"

Weapons: two "Enchanted" daggers, usually picks up what ever she finds laying around.

Bio: She used to be under the power of darko and pulled away, but now he's trying to get her back to his side. Is very confused at the moment.
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Once Ryu and his friends arrived at the party his friends went to the back and Ryu just got in a seat and just sat there just looking around at other people.Then his head started to hurt he fell out the seat a lil and started to hold his head he then ran to the bath shut the door behind him and locked it.He was splashing water on his face once he lifted up his face he looked in the mirror and his eyes then turned red and his face also started to change.He then punched the mirror and broke it.When he looked at his hand he saw the blood just go back into the cut then the cut healed up. "What the hells happening to me?" Then a voice started to talk with him.

Voice: Your body is changing.Don't fight it just let it happend.

Ryu: What is happing it feel's like my blood is on fire. What are you doin to me?

Voice: I'am doing nothing.I'am surprised this wasn't post to happend to you intill your 18.Once your body has gone threw the tranformation you well join my side and together we'll kill everyone who stands in are way.

Ryu: i don't know what you are talking about but i'll never join. Now get out of my head.

Voice:I was asking i was telling but since you won't it like that i guess this well be your last night alive.To night you die!!

Ryu then breaks the door then strates to walk out but he stops and looks around and see's that everyone is looking at him.There eye's then started to turn black then they all turned into there demon forums.

Demon: You should of said yes Ryu now you must die.

Ryu then run towards the window then jumped threw it then landed on his back then a demon then picked him up with one hand then throw him threw a brick wall.Ryu looked at him self and saw that he wasn't hurt at all but then wasting no time he got then ran off.He ran as fast as he could intill he got to a cliff.He looked down and saw that it was a long long drop to the ground.He then looked behind him and saw that all the demons were right there.Then one stepped out the crowd.

Demon:Sorry you had to do this friend we could of became a good time.

Ryu: Joe that you? Come on man you know you don't want to do this.Dude just help me out of here.

Demon: I would love to but i can't i have to kill you. RAISING THUNDER.

Then a black electricity went down his arm then to the ground. Then went under the ground right toward Ryu then it hit him blasting him off the cliff.Then all the demons then looked down there and saw him on the ground with blood coming from his head.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken walked down the alley, his tail swaying behind him. He was in semi demon form, with his tail and wings the only apparent demon like features in him. He walked twards the sound he had heard, thinking it could be another soul to slay in the name of darkness. Darko had been a complete idiot, and Ken wanted to do things his way. He slowly walked twards the sound and saw... a shadowy figure. He had to get closer to see if it was a male of female. Or a God or Demon....[/i]

Siren: Who's there?

Ken: A demon Looking for a soul. The Name is Ken, And you are?

Siren: I am Siren...

Ken: Do you mind if your soul would perhaps disappear in a few seconds...

[i]Ken began to glow red...[/i][/color]
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*Tursi walks down a back ally and sighs. they couldn't get her here, hopefully, she sat down to heal her wounds starting with the biggest one in he side.*

Tursi: Man, when will these guys stop.

*Tursi heals her wounds then takes out her daggers and cleans them. She looks at the engravements of the tiger on one and a dragon on the other. Then puts them away.*

Tursi: i better find something to eat, i'm starved.

*walks into the mist and dissapears for the moment.*
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Ryu got up from the ground his eye's red blood red.He wasn't in control of his body he was in his demon forum for the first time.His wings shot out his back then flow up into the air then went back to where the party was.Then one of the demons say him and yelled for the others. Black flames then startd to appear from Ryu's body he held his arm into the then a lighting bolt shot from the shy then to his arm he then forum a ball with it. He released it destroying half of them. He landed on the ground then charged it a group of them he fliped over there heads landed behind then speared his wings then flow right throw them slicing them up with his wings.Then his friend hit the coner and saw what was happing when looked at Ryu he asked him to don't do it.Then Ryu's then changed from dark blue to fire red then a energy field came from his body then there was a big explosion.Once the smoke had cleared Ryu was just standing there in his nomral forum. "What have i done?" He then pasted out.
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Mako gets out of the shower, gets dressed, and walks outside to go to the party. He arrives at the house and heres alot of noise. He knocks on the door but no one will answer because no one can hear him.......

Mako: Open now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooc: someone invite me in.......
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<< Himona and Cyprus pull up in his car >>

Himona: everyone should be happy to see you again

Cyprus: << smiles >> I hope so

Himona: Ooo they will your mister popular

Cyprus: << Luaghs >> still

Himona: come on Cyprus lets go in

<< They get out of the car to see Mako >>

Cyprus: Having some problems Sir

Mako: Yeah one can hear something or me

<< The Door opens >>

NPC: Cyprus !!!!! ?? Hey everyone Cyprus is here

Himona: << shakes her head >> here we go

Mako: Looks confused

<< A small horde of people runs out side to greet Cyprus slowly hes dragged in >>

Himona: Always mister popular

Mako: But why???

Himona: His just a really nice guy ? and a great football player ? and basketball player .. << Rolls eyes >> O and I can't forget Wrestler

Mako: I've played those sports to

Himona: he brought the championship in all three in our school at << national level >> and hes a 4.0 student

Mako: you going to this party .. right?

Himona: yeah ?

Mako: is he your Date ..

Himona: No ? just a good friend .. why ?

Mako: you want to hang out with me a little ??

Himona: <>
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