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[color=crimson][i]Down the corridor Ken ran, footsteps following him. He checked his watch briefly, and shook his head.[/i]

Ken: 3 minutes... no more Building... And i'm lost in these corridors... Uh... damned...

[i]Ken checked in his pockets and drew out his AK 47, and spun around. He erupted fire into the bodies of his purisuers, and watched as they fell to the floor. Ken ran down the corridor, and checked his watch one more.


He ran into a person and Ken looked up to a 7 foot tall behmoth Chinese man.[/i]

Ken: Whoaaaa...... Crap...

[i]Ken stepped back, and the Chinese man raised his fist and slammed it into Ken's cheek, Ken flew back and slammed against the wall....[/i]

Ken: Alright... So, Since when does China have mutaunt warriors? Damn Russia for not telling me this...

[i]Ken drew his pistols, but suddenly the Chinese man gasped, as a sword went through his stomach. He looked down at the hole in his stomach, and back up to Ken, and fell over dead, his eyes rolling back in his head.[/i]

Flash: how many times have I saved your butt now? *grins* 4 times in the last week?

Ken: Yea, Yea... where are the others?

Flash: After Andrew with Deus' help took out the crud load of guards, they took off in the helicopter back to The Tower.

Ken: The Tower?

Flash: Ya know, Our secret base.

Ken: Oh yea... Dont mind me, i've only been here 2 years and I didnt know that... -__- *rolls eyes* What about Neil?

Flash: Neil is with Sabir....

Ken: You're kidding right... they cant get along for ****...

Flash: They are... Neil and Her took out the south gate guards and are in the plane we just hijacked...

Ken: Hah... Mike?

Flash: He's outside with the transport plane we got....

Ken: .... Hm... so everyone is ok... Wait, Craig?

[i]Flash pointed behind him, and Craig stepped outo f the darkness of the corridor...[/i]

Ken: Hm... Alrighty... well uh...

Craig: You set the bomb?

[i]Ken's eyes widened and he glanced at his watch...[/i]

Ken: Go... run...

Flash and Craig: .... Crap....

[i]The three of them ran down the hallways, shooting various leftover guards and soldiers. They twisted and turned through the halls, and Ken's watch started beeping. Flash, Craig and Ken burst through the door to the airbase as it beeped.

Inside the base, A small bomb flashed red and exploded... The 3 of them were sent flying foreward, as sharpnel flew over their heads. Ken rolled over and glanced at his work. A completely destroyed Airbase. Hangars and everything gone. He grinned to himself, and helpd Flash and Craig up. They ran to a transport plane and glanced in to see the whole Crew there.[/i]

Neil: You made it bro!

Ken: Yea... Kinda got close there for a second...

[i]Ken ran to the front and a pilot from The People's Mercs was sittin in the seat next to a dead chinese pilot...[/i]

Mike: Mission succes?

Ken: Yea...

[i]The plane took off with everyone on, and took them to a dock in brazil, where they boarded a submarine. The submarine descended, and in a few hours they were in the middle of the pacific ocean. A giant tower was there, where The People's Mercs HQ was.......[/i][/color]
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[I]Silently, Marth crept twords the objective, a ammo dump for the government. Marth reached into his pocket, and pulled out the detenator for the c4 he was wearing on hid back in a backpac. The orders were clear, and to the point. He was to destroy the ammo dump, or die trying. If worse came to worse, and it probobly would, he was to detonate the bomb wether it was still strapped to him or not. If things went okay, Marth would be airlifted out by an Apache helicopter waiting hidden in a nearby field, to the west of the ammo dump. Marth pulled out his Baretta with his free hand, and stood up behind a guard, and pulled the trigger. The guard's head exploded, and the sound of the gun was muffled by the impact on the flesh of the guard's head. Marth wiped the blood of his face, and snuck under a truck that was heading into the dump. He attached special magnetic hooks, and made sure nothing on him would scrape the ground as the truck moved. After a few tense seconds, the driver of the truck started moving twords the gate again. The gate opened, and Marth pulled himself closer to the under-belly of the truck, so he woulden't be recognizable as a human by the secuity cameras. As soon as the truck stopped, Marth unhooked the clamps, and rolled behind a few crates stashed hap-hazardly against the wall. He pulled out his baretta again, and put the silencer on it. Marth quietly crept into the shadows, and moved very slowly along the wall. He finally made it to the access door for the ammo supply hangar. He looked around for some way to get in.....Marth crouched down, and pulled out a lock-slicer. He inserted the flat end of it into the card-key slot, and waited for the lock-slicer to scramble the door's computer brain. A few seconds later, the door swished open, and Marth stole inside....[/I]

Marth:So far so good...
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[color=crimson][i]In the underwater HQ Ken stepped out of the submarine and stretched. After a long mission, he was ready for a day of rest. If it it was just that... a day. He ran down the halls, leaving the others behind. He skidded to a halt at the bar in the TPM HQ, and walked in. Music was playing, and strippers were dancing on a stage not too far away. Ken sat at the bar and ordered a Tequila... He tapped his fingers on the bar as the Bartender handed it to him. He drank the whole bottle in a matter of minutes and walked out of the bar and walked to the elevator. He punched a Security Code, and the elevator opened. He walked in and punched the top floor. He had to tell the boss how the mission went...[/i][/color]
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[color=darkblue][i]While Ken was out drinking, Neil was fighting. Neil was down in the spar area, practicing with a punching bag. A quick, large volly of punches sent the bag swinging. Neil turned, as the bag was still swinging away. When it returned, Neil pulled off a perfect roundhouse, knocking it away. The tough, nylon sack rippped wide open, slamming into the far wall of the Exersise Area. It flew, constantly in the air, until it smacked into the wall, exploding in a cloud of the thick sand.

Record time. Only one minute. Everyone in the area stared at Neil, moving their heads, following him as he crossed the huge room. Their faces wore that pure expression of anime shock. Some of them fell over. But Neil was oblivious. He walked slowly to his quaters, changed quickly, and headed up on the elevator to the top floor of The Tower. He met up with the boss, who's upper half was covered by a shadow. No one had seen him...except Ken. [color=red]Ken had always gotten the breaks,[/color] Neil though. [color=red]The best jobs, the greatest rewards,[/color] he continued. [color=red]Most of the time, he got the most praise. But, that's not suprising. He always has goten the job done. And he would never leave a job open...Never...[/color]

Suddenly, Ken appeared in the doorway.[/i]

Neil: [i](Speak of the devil...)[/i]
Boss: Good, good. Just the two I wanted to see.

*puts hand on corner of desk, pressing button, making a panel open on the desk*

Here's our next job. Prime Minister of Britian. We've been informed that he's been doing some........business dealings.......which could compromise their position in the Triple Threat War(Directly from Ken! O.o). Seems Germany has been paying a great deal of money for some secrets. and that's where we come in. France wants to win this one... Bad. So much so, that they called for our serveces.... To deal with the Prime Minister. Standard Assasination. Ken, I'm putting you in charge. You divide up teams, and jobs. Good luck. These are your instructions...

[i]Ken nodded once, then turned back, into the elevator. He held it open, waiting for Neil. Neil stood, thinking. After twenty seconds, he turned, and walked into the lift. Ken let the dor close, as they rode down...[/i]

Ken:...........Sounds interesting, huh?
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The Triple Threat War= Meaning their are threats from three sides for the countries, Civil War, Other countrys attacking, and Terrorists....

Ken: Divide up teams.... lets just have the same old team... The Crew....

Neil: Heh... The Usually Rowdy Bunch...

Ken: Yea,But We make a good team... Plus, it's more fun...

[i]The Elevator opened and Ken and Neil walked out.... Ken turned to Neil, and noticed a trace of sand in his hair.[/i]

Ken: You kill some more punching bags in the gym?

Neil: Hah, Yea I did...

Ken: I should go train some down their before this mission... Tell the others! Oh, and see if the ones that missed that Airbase mission in China can join us this time!

[i]Ken ran down the hall tward the gym...[/i][/color]
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Jose picked up a cell phone and dialed a number. "Get me Ken, now." A click was heard as the call was transferred to another line. "Uh, yeah?" "My name is Jose Serrano. I'm going to make this short, because my cell phone may be tapped. I have heard of your organization, and I wish to be hired. I am the best silent assassin there is. I will meet you at the corner of 53rd and Smith. You will know who I am." Jose then hung up, and stuffed the phone in his pocket. He took a set of car keys out of his pocket and opened the blue Dodge Viper bext to him. He got in and turned the nitros on. The car zoomed away.
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[I]Marth quickly planted the c4, and unslung his M4A1. all that mattered at this point was getting out. As Marth burts out of the room, gun blazing, guards were moving to intercept him, replacing those that he mowed down. Quickly unclipping a HE grenade and lobbing it it into a group of guards, he turned around, and opened fire on a stack of oil drums, which exploded with so much force, Marth was thrown to the ground. Rolling up and firing, Marth sprinted for the exit, running and gunning. He leaped through the mesh-wire fence out side the factory, nailing the guard in the head with a well place round. Marth kept running, and didn't look back, even though bullets struck the ground beneath him, and whizzed by his head. Marth finally made it to the Apache, and hopped in.[/I]

Pilot:Hey, I didn't hear any explosions....Did you have a malfunction with the detenator?

Marth:*smiles*Nope. Just wanted the best seat in the house for the fire works.

[I]As the Apache lifted off the ground, and into the air, Marth depressed the detenator button, sending the ammo dump sky high in a orgy of flames.[/I]

Marth:*sits back and relaxes*Take us home, sir.

Pilot:*smiles and shakes head*You got it.
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[color=crimson]Ken: Alrighty... That new recruit should come 'ere immediately.... I need to check up on Marth who sould be arriving... *checks watch, and glances up to see Marth* Now....

[i]Ken walked through the underwater headquarters of the base to Marth and grinned as he walked up[/i]

Ken: Hey, How'd the mission go?

Marth: Pretty good... I need to tell the boss. *walks off*

Ken: Alrighty... I need to pick up the new kid....

[i]Ken ran to the docks and picked a small transport sub with his car in it... Within a few minutes he was at the shore and he drove the car out and sped down the highway to the city Jose had directed him to. He parked his car and put his sunglasses on. He walked to the street corner and looked around. He saw a man in a trenchcoat standing near a dodge Viper and Ken grinned to himself. He walked over to the man...[/i]

Ken: Jose?

Jose: Yea...

Ken: Come with me...

[i]Ken directed him to his car and within an hour they were back at the HQ of TPM[/i]

Ken: Alright. Welcome, Go up the elevator to the boss and talk to him.... The Secruity Code is 635100727.

Jose: Alright...

[i]Ken pulled out his palm computer and pressed a few buttons, telling EVERYONE (that has signed up for the RPG cept for Jose) To come to the briefing room...[/i][/color]
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[I]Ken walked into the breifing room, still ahead of the rest of the group. He took a seat, waiting for the others. He didn't notice the young man standing in the corner.[/I]

Warlock: Nice to see you again Ken...

Ken: *jumps out of seat in surprise*...Warlock?

Warlock: That's me.

Ken: I thought you were working with that other squad.

Warlock: Not anymore...

Ken: How many?

Warlock: Most of the squad...all of them killed very slowly...

Ken: Well, did you complete the mission?

Warlock: Blew 'em sky high.

Ken: Good to hear that...but sorry about the others.

Warlock: I messed up...but anyway, I'll be joining you in the mission now.

Ken: Great to hear...anyway, the others should be here soon...
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[i]The helicopter soared through the midnight sky. Deus was sitting, and looked as if he was in deep thought, while Andrew sat, admiring his Desert Eagle. Suddenly, gunshots were heard from below..[/i]

Deus: (to the pilot) bring us down for a minute..

[i]The helicopter slowed, and then slowly descended towards the ground. An unfamiliar figure walked towards the helicopter, and looked inside. No one was there. He heard a noise behind him, but before he could turn around, he was on the floor, with Deus stood behind him, aiming his stealth pistol at the corpse.
Deus whipped the pistol back into it's holster, then suddenly heard a shot behind him. A body fell to his side[/i]

Andrew: You're good, Deus, but you should really watch your back more.

Deus: :therock: ..... lets get going

[i] Deus and Andrew got back into the helicopter and it continued on towards the base......

......Deus walked into the briefing room, and noticed Warlock and Ken talking[/i]

Deus: who's the new guy...

Ken: not new, he's an old friend, this is Warlock

Deus: hi

Ken: Wasn't Andrew with you?

Deus: yeah, he'll be here soon.....
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[I]Flash put his Murasame down on it's special wooden rack, hand crafted by the Monks in Barkhang... Flash sits crosslegged, eyes closed, in front of the sword... Behind the Murasame, being propped into an X, were Flash's two katanas, shimmering in the dim light of Flash's room... After a few minutes, he stands up, and walks out of his dimly-lit apartment. He reaches the breifing room, and walks in...[/I]

Flash: Good morning, everyone..

[I]Flash pulls up a chair around the massive desk, and sits down, awaiting the start of the breifing..[/I]
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Jose gripped his throwing knife as he stepped into the elevator. He pressed a button, and the elevator began to move upward. When it stopped, Jose stepped out and noticed a steel door with a keypad on it. He entered the security code Ken had given him: 635100727. The door slid open, and Jose found himself in a small room. At the end of the room, there was a turned chair. Jose then spoke up. "Ken sent me to see you. My name is Jose 'Silent Tiger' Serrano. I wish to be hired." "Okay," the person in the chair said as he turned, "sign these papers, and let me see all of your weapons." "I only have three of my weapons on me. My fourth one is in my car, which I had to leave when Ken picked me up. Here's my 9mm, my throwing knife and my poison set. Do you have a computer?" "Yes. Why?" "Turn it on. I put a camera in the rear view mirror of my car, and I took another cell phone and rewired it. I have completely free internet access with no wires." "Okay, then, let me see it." Jose clicked on the Internet Explorer 21.0 icon and typed in a few keys. The image on the screen changed to a view of two seats in a blue Dodge Viper. "My M-16 is in the back seat." Jose tapped in a few more keys, and it zoomed in to an assault rifle lying on the back seat. "Well, there's the fourth weapon." Jose typed in a few more keys, and a light below the camera projected an image of Jose onto the front seat. The car began to move. "It's on its way here. I want some weapons to mount on it." Jose signed the last of the papaers and left the room.
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[color=crimson]Ken: Come on come on... where are the others... We have amission in 10 hours and no one knows about it yet....

Warlock: What type of mission?

Ken: Gonna assinate a british prime minister... Go in, splatter some brains on the wall, walk out. Be prepared... i'll go in detail if you wish, but I wish the others were here....

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Jose stood outside of the tower and waited for the car to arrive. When he heard a familiar screech, he turned. His car always made that sound when it turned at a high speed. He got into the car, and pressed a button on the steering wheel. The windows sealed airtight and the sonar screen came on. He turned towards the dock that was near the underwater entrance, and dorve stright off of it. As the car flew through the air, Jose pressed one more button. The rear axle extended outward and turned back. The tires slid down under the car, and several metal plates came out of the back wheels. They began to spin just as Jose hit the water.
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The door to the briefing room opens and Andrew steps in now in Jeans and a vest. He aims His desert Eagle at Ken and pulls the trigger. It hits Ken straight in the head. They all look at Ken and then at Andrew. Ken, still alive, puts his hand to his head and pulss out...........a sticky dart........?

Andrew: Gotcha!

Ken throws the dart back at Andrew and he reloads it into his toy Desert Eagle.

Ken: Where did you get that?

Andrew: Coll isn't it? Looks realistic too.


Andrew: *Sits at table with legs up* So about this job?

Warlock: We got to wait for the others.

Deus: Boring
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Jose found the underwater entrance and drove in. He turned off the propellors and let the water in the airlock drain out. He found himself in a garage. He drove around until he found a spot, and got out. He saw an elevator and entered it. He went up to the floor that Ken had taken him to, and asked someone, "Where's Ken?" "Fifth floor, briefing room? And you are?" "Jose Serrano. Silent Tiger. I'm a new recruit." Jose got back into the elevator and pressed the button marked 5. The elevator began to move, and quite fast. When he reached the fifth floor, he heard a beep, and the doors opened. He saw a door that said Briefing Room in large letters on the front. He also noticed a keypad to the left of the door. He entered the security code, 635100727, and the door opened. He walked into the room where everyone was sitting. Marth pulled his gun on Jose when he saw him, but Ken said, "Marth. Sit down. He's a new recruit. Everyone, Jose's going to be our silent assassin and computer hacker." "Do you guys remember the simultaneous heists on Fort Knox and the U.S. Mint two years ago?" Everyone nodded. "They had the top security systems there, and I disabled them from 3,000 miles away! You guys are seriously going to need my computer skills if you want to pull big stuff like this." "Welcome to The People's Mercenaries, Jose."
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Jose, still standing in the door way, looks at everyone. Andrew gets up and walks towards him. He lights a cigar on the way and stops in front of Jose.

Andrew: *In a cheesy Clint Eastwood style voice* So you think your a big boy now do ya?

Just as Jose is about to answer, Andrew takes the cigar out of his mouth and blows smoke in his face. He then starts laughing and holds out his hand.

Andrew: Welcome aboard.


Ken: Don't mind him he's always like this with new recruits.

Jose then shakes Andrew's hand.

Andrew: Ken tells me you got yourself a dodge viper?

Jose: Yeah.....so?

Andrew: I was just gonna say.....It's a nice car........and stay away form mine........it's the green one.

Andrew goes back to his seat and puts his feet on the table and continues smoking his cigar. He puts on his sun glasses for no reason.

Ken: Your so lame....

Deus: I agree

Andrew: Thanks! I do try.
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"Just to let you guys know, it's not any Dodge Viper. I've got nitros, underwater systems, ejection seats, gatling guns and several other weapons that I need you guys to supply me with." "And what makes you think we're going to give you the weapons." "I'll show you." He left and came back a few minutes later carrying a suitcase. He put it on the table and pulled a key out of his pocket. Jose stuck it in the lock and turned it. The suitcase popped open, revealing several billion dollars. "I think this will be good payment."
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Andrew: Ya gots a nice stash there boy, but once you've proven your usefulness you get the stuff free.

Ken: Speaking of which give me a little preview of your moves. Hack into my computer.

Jose: You kidding?

Ken: No.......go ahead

Jose takes a lap top out and begins to type.

Ken: *mumbles to the others* He'll never do it. my computers too notch
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"So, where do you want me to hack into?" "Let's see if you can pull off Fort Knox again." Jose pulled his face closer to the screen and typed in a code. The screen went blank, then turned to a screen that, in blue letters, said: [COLOR=darkblue]Fort Knox, KY, Security Grid[/COLOR]. "Wow. You are good." Jose minimized the security grid and pulled a disc out of his pocket. He stuck it into the computer and opened a file on the disc. "Let's see. Transfer file to Microsoft Internet Explorer Opened Window." He brought the window up, and saw the entire grid go offline. Then, the grid turned back on, and the computer began to beep. "****! They must have decomped the virus! They might have traced it! Let me check the communications systems."

...grid down...trace established...officers on way...how could they hack us?...virus eliminated...security online...

"Holy ****! Everyone, get a weapon. We're about to be attacked!"
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[color=crimson]Ken: You really are new around here arent you?

Jose: .....

Ken: Alrighty.... Officers on there way? Not anymore...

[i]Ken brought up his computer and rehacked into the Secruity Grid. He erased all records of the hack, and cancelled the order for officers beind deployed. He pulled out a disk and inserted it. A virus screen came up, and he destroyed the whole US Database.[/i]

Ken: All in a days work... moving on... I'm going to start the briefing... The others can hear later. Our mission is in London, England. So Prepare your best British clothes, and british accent. We have to kill the Prime Minister. Heh. So, We have to get pretty close to him first. We've set this up in the way that there is a party in his honor. We sneak into the private party, kill him, kill anyone who wants to stop us, and get the **** out of there. The party for him is in 3 days. I'm going to Britain ASAP, and I think all of you should too. Remember, London, British accent, and dont get caught. I'm going to get ready and leave within 4 hours now.

[i]Ken got up and grabbed his trenchcoat and put it on. He walked out of the briefing room...[/i][/color]
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"I guess I'll need to change my identity somewhat. I have the standard look of a Peruvian assassin. New name...Alistair Manchester... Age: 32...Ethnicity: British...Birthplace: Yorkshire, England...DOB: 5/8/1976. That seems to be good. Do I have a room or anything like that?" "Yeah, your quarters are third floor, room 3c." Jose stepped out of the room, and walked down to the garage. He opened his car up, and pulled the back seat up. Under it was a stash of all needed assassin's gear, including weapons, disguises, computer equipment, etc. He pulled the disguise kit and the computer equipment out and closed the car. He walked to his room and hooked the computer up. He turned it on and accessed the London Police Database. He saved three officers' faces on his computer, and then brought them up in an image editor. "Hmm. Combine faces into one." The computer hummed, and the three faces slid towards each other. Finally, the combined into one face. Jose opened the disguise kit and pulled out the plaster. He molded it into the shape of the man's face, then added details such as dimples and things like that. He then pulled out two small plastic boxes, and opened them. They contained eye changer contacts. He picked out the green ones. He then grabbed the black wig from the case. He put everything on, and looked in the mirror. He looked nothing like himself. He packed everything away, and made a phone call. He then left a few minutes later. He drove away from the tower, and to a clothing shop. He walked in wearing his disguise and fake driver's license. He grabbed the best British-looking clothing he could find, and walked out. "Hey, you have to pay for those! Get back here!" Jose slowly turned, and drew his gun. He fired a single shot, which pierced the shopkeeper's head. He fell to the floor instantaneously. He walked out and stuck the clothes in the back seat of his car. He then drove back to the tower.

Two hours later, Jose boarded a small plane, which lifted off almost immediately. He set the autopilot to Heathrow airport, and sat back.
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As Jose's plane came within a mile of Heathrow Airport, he switched the autopliot off and grabbed the controls. He flipped a switch, and the engines switched to stalk mode. He noticed a clearing, and maneuvered his plane towards it. He landed the plane, and got out. He opened his GPS Unit, and looked at where he was. He was 2.266 miles from the place where the PR's 'party' would be. He walked away from the plane, following the coordinates on the GPS unit. He walked away and soon found himself in London's industrial area. He saw a car rental place. He walked over to it. He coughed and changed his voice to a British accent. "Good morning. How may I help you?" "I would like to rent one of your best Dodge Vipers for 3 days. I have all the payment you need." As Jose said this, he pulled his backpack off of his back, and opened it. It was full of 1,000 pound counterfeit notes. "Can I see one of those bills?" Jose handed him one, and the manager examined it. "TPM! You're a mercenary!" The manager pulled out a .38 revolver and pointed it at Jose. Jose pulled his throwing knife out, and threw it at the manager's chest. The last thing the manager heard was "Die, bastard!" and the knife hitting his chest.
Jose pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialed Ken. "Ken. Don't trust anyone except other Mercenaries. I just had a car dealership manager try to kill me." "What did you do with him?" "I killed him. I guess you can rack up two kills for me: the clothes store owner and this guy." Jose hung up, and grabbed a set of keys from the back rack. He walked into the back room and found the Viper that matched his keys. He opened it and tossed the money in the passenger seat. He also pulled some nitro tanks from a panel under the floor and installed them. [I]Thank the lord for inside contacts[/I], he thought. He turned the car on and sped out of the room, crashing through a window to get out.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken got off the cell phone and shook his head. He ran to his room and packed and ran to the underwater hangar. He skidded to a halt and snapped his fingers[/i]

Ken: SIREN! She might wanna know about this! She's part of the crew...

[i]Ken got out his cell phone and dialed up Siren's room in the tower...[/i][/color]
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