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RPG Star Wars: Jedi face off [sequel to sith invasion]


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[COLOR=TEAL]OK after seeing that Sith Invasion left wide open for a sequel I have decided to launch it
OK if you were in Sith invasion like me SSTrunks, MajinVegeta, Deathknight and Anti and some others you can keep your old character if you just joining here's the deal

The jedi and sith knoiw that there will be a great war between them some time in the future the jedi are in the secret temple on dantione while the sith are training in the wild. The sith known as Strider don't remember who's character it is has upgraded to the next level of the jedi
Post in a bio like this to join

Name: Li Tokugawa (previosly known as hito)
Age: 23
Race: Jedi
Side: Alliance
Weapon: Green Lighsaber
Job: Jedi Master
Appearance: same as all jedi in robes long brown hair like Qui-Gon, has stern face and has cold green eyes.
Bio: Father worked in Cloud City when he was a young boy as a jedi instructer one day a sith came and his father went to fight him. Li watched in horror as his father was slayed by the sith and he known seeks the sith for vengence[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=seagreen]Testing testing...1...2...3...

Name: Tar-Lain

Age: 17

Race: Jedi

Side: Alliance...

Weapon: Twin lightsabers

Job: Jedi Knight

Appearance: Long black Jedi robes, black body suit, utility belt, thick green hair, white face, and clear purple eyes.

Bio: Do you really want to know?[/COLOR]
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Name: Hayato
Age: 25
Race: Human
Side: Alliance
Weapon: Light saber
Job: Jedi Knight
Appearance: 6'4" 155 lb. brown hair and eyes.
Bio: A quiet person who really doesn't talk to anybody.
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I've decided to change mine due to the time period that this story takes place in.

Name: Shoun N'moun
Occupation: Sith Lord
Alliance: Old Sith Order.(The New Sith Order consists of ranks such as Darth. Where as the Old Sith are givin honorary names of secret meaning.)
Weapon: Red Lightsaber
Appearance: He wears a black cloak with a black hood, black pilot boots, black trousers, and a black vest with a chain-mail undergarment. And under the chain-mail is another long-sleeve black undershirt.
Bio: He trained under the Sith Master Dulon Coulli. When his master was killed by a Jedi Knight he began training alone. Now, a full-fledged Sith Lord, Shoun N'moun has a student of his own: Gu Siondi.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]Wow........ someone else making a sequel to my RPG............. I feel so special........ *cries* But you know, you could have asked first.......... but it's no bother. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]*tosses him a tissue box* Aww....don't cry dearest........it's okay........[/COLOR]
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What the heck all the other rpg's are stopping so here i am

Purple Lightsaber
Purple robes with brown hair in a pony tail like Qui Gon Jin 6'3
Bio: Not much to tell basicly abadoned at birth on Yavin4 and was raised in Jedi Temple
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Let me get this straight. I have to sign up... to a sequel to my own RPG? Ugh...... talk about irony....................................................................... :blackeye: I'll be back in a mo, gotta go find the old sign up thread with my char on it.
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:devil: :devil: :devil:
Name Boba fett
age 24
race human
side first side that contacts me by posting on this thread(mercenary)
weapons Blast tec 44, poison dart launcher, ropegun, jetpack rocket, blast tec 5 sniper rifle
job Bounty hunter
appearence check our my avatar
bio Not much known , is on dantooine looking for justin(the bounty on him is for dead delivery)

:devil: :devil: :devil:
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Just to let you know Boba Fett..... this RPG was set one millenia before Episode 1 (I should know, I started up the original), and so Boba Fett won't be around for about another 1050 years. That is orcourse if your actually planning to be him. If your another bounty hunter that happens to have the same name, then I'll shut up.

Anyway, my char, untouched from Sith Invasion:

Name: Craig Kensindan/ Darth Ice
Age: 15
Race: Sith lord
Weapon: Double edged lightsabre, it has red beams, and a black bolt of electricity flickers through it occasionally.
Other Skill: Good martial artist
Bio: His parents were members of the rebel alliance. One day, they were being chased by the empire, and crash landed on Chandrilla. His paents died in the crash, but Craig survived. He grew up as an outcast to the people of Chandrilla, and he developed nothing but hate. He learned martial arts from a rogue pilot when he was about 10. His extreme hatred drew the Sith Emperor towards him, and Craig easily turned to the Dark Side, due to his extreme anger. He is known as Lord Ice to all his inferiors, and Darth Ice by all his peers/ superiors. He was the first one to have a double edged lightsabre, and has greatly perfected his skills with it. He is now well known as one of the strongest Sith, and his name strikes fear across the galaxy.
Description: Wears clothes like Darth Maul, and when not battling, wears a dark cloak which covers his body, and shadows his face. He does however, look human.
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[color=deeppink]I believe I must participate!!!

[b]Question: The Rebel Alliance didn't start until years after the Sith were extinct...does this story start before or after the start of the Empire? And if after start of the Empire, does it take place before or after the FALL of the Empire? Sowwy, I missed the first RPG about this :whoops:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Anahli (Ana) Jem
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Race:[/b] Human (Jedi)
[b]Side:[/b] Apathetic
[b]Weapon:[/b] Ts9 Blastech blaster, Purple bladed lightsaber
[b]Job:[/b] Starfighter pilot/ Jedi Knight
[b]Appearence:[/b] *5'9"
*long, curly blond hair
*fiery green eyes (she's beautiful)
*green jumpsuit, black half-boots
[b]Bio:[/b] *Grew up on a prestigous, tropical planet
*daughter of a wealthy banker
*best pilot the flight academy on Bismin (her home planet) has seen in years
*deadly with her weapons
*strong dislike for men (even though they lust after her)
*doesn't trust [i]anyone[/i] except her friend Greyg
*has a shady past [/color]
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Well Baby Girl........ as I said it is over a millenia before Anakin was born, both the Sith and Jedi race are in their prime. The Rebel Allience is newly formed...... it has somewhere around 15 people in it, so the Sith do not consider them a threat.
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[color=darkblue]ATTENTION:I am joining.....I was in the original, but my character needs a re-vamp!


[B]name[/B]:Akira(what a suprise)


[b]race[/b]:Human(rising Jedi abilities)

[b]side[/b]:Bounty Hunter/Mercinary

[b]weapon[/b]:His good looks! ;).....and a Blas Tech E-22 laser rifle. Oh, and a Kuat Drive Systems [I]Firewheel[/i] fighter

[b]Job[/b]:Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Starfighter Pilot..The best of his time.

[b]appearance[/b]:5'9, spiked blonde hair(about two and a half inches high)green eyes, black jacket, ripped black shirt, ripped black pants, and black gloves.

[b]bio[/b]:Akira, at only age 19, is one of the best Bounty Hunter/Mercs of his time. Born on Mantoonie, he was raised as a street kid, forced to fight to survive. He was picked up by the cops, but escaped. Stowing aboard cargo freighters, he snuck abaord a Kuat drive Systems ship, and jacked one of the fighters on board...The rest is obvius.[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]Well Baby Girl........ as I said it is over a millenia before Anakin was born, both the Sith and Jedi race are in their prime. The Rebel Allience is newly formed...... it has somewhere around 15 people in it, so the Sith do not consider them a threat. [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]Okey, excellent :whoops: The only thing I want to point out is that there [i]wasn't[/i] a Rebel Alliance back then. I don't even think there was universal power, and if there [i]was[/i], it was the Republic.

That is unless of course it doesn't adhere to the true Star Wars storyline, in which case, I guess I wouldn't mind...[i]too[/i] much anyway :p

I'll just keep my character's affiliation as apathetic ;)[/color]
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Ok this thing better be good cause it took me like 20 mins to go and find the sign-up

Name: Kazuya/Darth terra
Age: 19
Race: Sith
Weapon: Blood red light sabre(single bladed)
Other skill: Is a great mechanic
Bio: Kazuya is exceptionally fast and agile and is very intelligent. He has almost mastered the Sith art and is Evil beyond your imagination! He comes from a distant planet called defrav. He was anxious to join the sith and had no trouble turning to the dark side.
Description: Wears a black cloak and wears traditioal sith robes. Looks human!
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