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RPG Night Of Fire [Sign UP]


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[color=chocolate]I haven't got the complete story line cut out yet.
Set out the application thingie like this. You need 2 companions.

Name: Cara Serephine
Age: 18
Description: Tall, black hair and green eyes. Wears a white tunic over a jump suit. Wears a glass pendant with "MM" On.
Personality: Sweet and kind, quite the eptimome of a cynic at times.
Weapon: Staff and dagger.
Marina: a half unicorn, half mermaid, like the Peophin at that neopets site. Very kind and caring, never angry.
Element: Water and Wind.
Main attack: Uses tail and horn.

Storm: A black horse, opposite of Marina, he has a blood red stone in his forehead.
Element: Wind and Thunder
Main attack: Uses hind legs.[/color]
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name: siren


personality: feirce and challenging and when the option arises will always fight. loves to joke in the face of a battle but is calm and serious in situations that demand it. has a wry sense of humor and likes to try and get a rise out of ppl

Description: black blue hair ,black baggy pants navy tank top, saphire eyes,5'11"

Weapon: long sword-spitfire, surrikens,5 daggers, long recurve bow-wolven

thann: a dragon.
Element: fire and lightning
Main attacks: teeth claws and firebreath

chukri: perigrine falcon, with unnerveing blue eyes
Element: wind and water
Main attacks: claws and a tornado like ability
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Nick (what else?:laugh: )


Nick is shy and smart he analyses things when he is a new situation and that is his downfall. Nick has a good heart,but no human friends due to his silent absance. his parent died ina accident at a chemical plant a year ago so he lives alone.

Nick wears pipes jeans a green shirt that says peace and a chain with an idle that has a serpent in the center

Kantia (sp? it is a long japenese sword) a sniper rifle and a bears claw that acts like a daggar

Trahn: Firebird
Fire and Air
Fireballs and sonic booms using wings

Katrian: A fox with a green and yellow eye
Earth and Thunder
claws and teeth, can start Earthquakes with left eye, can have thunder strike with right eye
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Name: Gheruvidonn

Age: 23

Personality: Gheruvidonn, or Gheru, is a bounty hunter. Nothing else is know about him.

Description: Brown hair, large muscles, blue eyes, spiked gloves on his hands

Weapon: Repeating Crossbow, Double Greatsword, Double Giant Axe, 2x Blade Talons


Type: Wolf
Element: Ice and Lightning
Main Attacks: Claws, Teeth

Type: Phoenix
Element: Fire
Main Attacks: Talons, Razor Feathers
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I'll do it sure.....
Name: Anima Ubicabrius
description: anima wears a maroon tunic with balck tights. she has dark short hair and she kes a dagger pendant around her neck.
personality:anima is a loner at times, she turned her back on the world when her mother left her to die in the forest. ever since she has lived in the forest learning the wys of nature, she caims to hear the trees whisper to her and the creatues of the forest to be her friends. don't get her md though, she as learned to kill without falter.
Weapons: a bow, a machety, and a sling.
Makabe: a wolf deamon. male
element: fire
attack: fire whirlwind
shyuba: a falcon
Attack: wind pellets.
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I'll join!

Name: Tenshi Takahashi

Age: 18

Description: Black hair that she wears in a long braid and dark, dark eyes. Her bangs are short near the top of her head and become longer as they go down (kinda hard to explain...).

Personality: Aloof and uncaring. She's a no-nonsense type of girl who asks questions later.

Weapon: Dual-bladed lightsaber that glows blue and a throwing knife.


Name: Kizoku
Description: Half-cyborg dragon that stands on his hind legs, orange in color. He's very kind and protective but loves to fight and lives to kill.
Element(s): Darkness
Main Attack: Uses the blades on his arms, or kicks/punches/swipes with tail.

Name: Junsui
Description: A pure white pegasus. Kind, caring, and doesn't like to fight. She only fights if she has to.
Element(s): Light
Main Attack: Uses hooves to kick
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[COLOR=crimson]*Grins* Okay, I didn't str this for ages because not many signed up. Shall I star the "Play" Thread or just wait till a few more join? Your choice. And I don't mind if someone else starts the paly thread. ^_^[/COLOR]:cross: :whoops: :twitch:
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Name: Nico
Age: 14
Description: 5ft, black hair and blue eyes minus pupils. Looks like a humanoid girl with blue skin, crawls, fangs, powerful tail,
Personality: Addicted to excitement, often gets into trouble without knowing it. Dopey
Weapon: Blue sword
Creatures: Dragon!
Marina: um..
Main attack: crawls, sword and one spell "Balck hole"
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Name: Matt
Age: 17
Description: Matt is an expert in several martial arts forms, so he is physically adept. He likes to keep to himself, but he is always there when the others need him.
Personality: Quiet by nature, Matt doesn't talk when it isn't necessary. Overall, he has a big heart. Depending on his mood, he may anger quickly or slowly.
Weapon: Double bladed staff (often called a "swallow)


Name: Raziel
Description: A large dragon with four great wings. Spikes cover his body from horned head to bladed tail.
Element(s): Fire and Wind
Main Attacks: Fury of the Underworld, Hurricane Force

Name: Kai
Description: A four legged dragon wolf. Two large horns jut out from his shoulders, and he is very muscular. The top of his head is thick bone and he is adept at ramming. Very fast.
Element(s): Ice and Earth
Main Attacks: Frozen Shower, Boulder Assault
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Name: Signess
Age: 19
Description: Tall, Dark, and Hansom
Personality: you'll find out
Weapon: No need ( Martial artist)

Dracona: Large Serpent Dragon ( Blue and Black in color)
Element: Water and Darkness.
Main attack: Breathe Weapon

Bhaal: Daemon Warrior
Element: Oblivion
Main attack: Chains of Oblivion
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Ok this is a first for me::

Name: Atarai Maski (AKA Black Widow)

Age: 17

Description: Tall with long purple hair and no real eyecolor; it depends on her feelings, often seen carrying a black and red staff.

Clothing: A black halter top in shape of a star and a red mini-skirt with a mesh overtop and a pair of black high tops.

Personality: Although she is mistaken to be a tramp and weak by her enemies, she is the opposite. An intellectual genius, she has a quite nasty attitude if you cross her the wrong way. Otherwise, she is nice and sweet.

Weapons:AK-47s, explosives, dynamite, contact poison...stuff of that nature.


Nefere: Komodo dragon
Element: water and fire
Main attack: Dragon rage

Matia: King Cobra
Element: wind and earth
Main attack: Poison sting
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