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A piece of poetry....


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...that I found scrawled in the margin of one of my old notebooks. Enjoy....

[I]It's a grey night in October
The wind is soft and low
A girl walks through a churchyard
The leaves about her blow
A flashlight skims from grave to grave
The epitaphs are read
Some move her very deeply
But not a tear is shed
Until at last
The beam's light rests
Upon a heart of stone
"All that I hated, I hated in silence....
And all I loved, I loved alone."[/I]
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Poety eh? How about this?

What's all this about wanting
Peas on Earth all the time?

What's wrong with corn, or carrots?
Why don't we ever wish for "World Broccoli!"?

Or ask our children for a little "Cucumbers
and Quiet!"?

Why is it, when we're troubled,
we never pray for "Inner Apricots"?

How did this incredible obsession
with vegetables,
ever begin?

It might just be, however:
that if everybody gardened;
they'd all get along
with most of their neighbors.
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great poems, Cera and Crazy White Boy!
here's one by Shel Silverstein (sp?) that I heard back in elementary school. it goes something like:
we gave you a chance
to water the plants
we didn't mean 'that way'
now zip up your pants:p

like I said, elementary school. it's still cute though:D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by amibasuki [/i]
[B]great poems, Cera and Crazy White Boy!
here's one by Shel Silverstein (sp?) that I heard back in elementary school. it goes something like:
we gave you a chance
to water the plants
we didn't mean 'that way'
now zip up your pants:p

like I said, elementary school. it's still cute though:D [/B][/QUOTE]Hehe,cute very cute..Crazy White boy your is cute too lol...:p:cool:
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I?m a normal being just like you
But you make me into something new
I don?t know what to do
I?m numb, and I?ve changed too
I?m no better or no worse
My whole life, has been a curse

My life is one bad dream
Something I can?t escape it seems
That my only company
Is the demons I keep in me

Why don?t you accept me
For what I am
Why don?t you accept me
Instead of turning your back

And I live?
Another day within a world
That doesn?t accept me
Another day, playing a roll
Accepting these fears that are chasing me
I never sleep, never eat, I?m dying
Dying in a world that doesn?t accept


It?s a neverending cycle,
Blood bleeds, killers kill
In a f***ed up world, we live in
In a f***ed up world, we die in
Can?t you feel it within? A hunger
Can?t you feel it within? It?s getting stronger

Let me dig, let me bury you and the pain
Let me dig, bury you again and again

Bloodtype A, ravaged DNA
Feel it pumping through your veins
**** society, and their facist reins
Holding down the pain,
Like to forget about it, going insane
Bury me in a hole, keep my *** sane

Let me dig, bury you in all the pain
Let me dig, bury you again and again
I taste pain, how long has it been?
As I wait for you to bury me again


If I had known in the beginning
You would be leaving me
Darling, I wouldn't change a thing
In the past there was nothing
Till you entered my life, and loved me

I try to break this feeling of loneliness
I stuff it inside and feel it burn in me
And feel my soul as it's bleeding
For you I take the pain
For you I'd take anything
Just to see you again, see your face
I'm such a disgrace, I hang my head in shame
No one understands me the way you do
No one loves me the way you do
And I have so many things to say
But you're so far away
It's time to go now baby, I love you, please don't cry
Until next time we meet... I love you... Goodbye...


The drugs I take
Help me forget
I live a life
In constant regret
I cannot sleep
Every waking moment is torment
I open my eyes
And see a world built on lies
And as the drugs kick in
I close my eyes
And try to forget

But I'm still here, and I find you
I don't know why you're with me
But as I stare into your eyes
Everything get's clear
I've found the reason/why I'm here

You say you'll never leave me
But you don't know how bad it hurts me
To know I can never repay
The love you've given to me
Drowning in all my regrets
I cannot sleep and yet
I bury myself in your arms
And it helps to FORGET


Society made me
So do something about it
Fix me/you won't/I'll fix myself
With a hollowpoint bullet shell
And I cannot believe
How quickly you turned your backs to me
And I cannot believe
People can be so mean

I see a world of pain
Everyday/newsreports of people being slain
But I've become numb like everyone else
Like every other self-righteous b a s t a r d
Obsessed with themselves

I try to forget everything
Take some drugs
Close my eyes/feel it wash away
All of my pain/I try to forget
About everything/all my regrets

All the tears that I've cried
Won't replace my hate inside
All the tears I cry
Won't replace your lies


I'm doing the best I can
You try to rule my life and
You don't even treat me like a man
You treat me like a kid
And it makes me sick

What you've done to me
You'll never know
You left me with all this pain
I don't know what to do
I'll never forgive you

I try to do something to help myself
I live only in my head/trapped in this prison cell
You won't hlep/no matter how loud I yell
Just insult me till I feel like my lifes not important
So you can feel significant
And I try to change but I can't

All your taunts and your curses
Do nothing but make my anger surface
Keeping it bottled inside/breaks me down
Too busy to listen to me/couldn't let things be
Your father treat you the same
This why you don't care
If I'm said or angry or crying or DYING!?
This why you treat me like you do
I want you to know/I'll never forgive you


Was it that you just never gave a care about me
Or was it you were just to busy
Living your life
And screwing up mine
You left me to cry alone
You never knew how much my hate had grown
You just kept ignoring me
You ignored my helpless pleas
I just needed someone to love me
Someone that cared about me
But you were just too busy
Look inside of me
And you?ll see
Buried inside are the lies that you fed me
Look inside of me
And you?ll see
Why I?m losing my sanity
Look inside of me
And you?ll see
You were never there
You were always just too busy


I was too busy with work
To give you attention you deserved
Never being there to see you
Was not my wish
Now that you're grown
I feel there's something I've missed

It's my own fault
I couldn't give attention you sought
I must take all the blame
Now I live a life in shame

I never saw you take your first step
Or speak your first word
I was too busy at work
Stuck in my own world
I tried to do what I thought was right
Even though all your mother and I did was fight

And son
Now that you're grown up
Realize I'm the one who messed up
I hope you can forgive me
For not being a part of the family
I'm so proud of you and yet
I wish I didn't have this


I?m you?re hate you keep inside
I?m the thing that makes you sick
I?m the taste of death right before you die
I?m all your ****ing lies

All the secrets you try to hide
And all this hate you keep inside
Is gonna? help you die

I am the bullet upon your flesh
I am the toxin that snuffs your breath
I am the thing haunting you in your sleep
I am the wolf, to butcher the sheep

I am the tree that grows over your grave
I am the one you didn?t try to save
You just let me fall
You let me ****ing fall
(I am the one fear that rules over all)

You left me to rot
My skin split open like blisters in the sun
I begged for you to help me
But you walked away
But I crawled inside of you
Now I live in you like you lived in me
I'm your disease/ I'm the voice in you ear
Death Comes Quickly (Rapidamente Viene Muerte)
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Great poems everyone. And here's one I made up on the way home(when I was walking). I haven't got a appropiate title for it yet:

Love is sweet,
Just like honey.
And the thing is,
You can't buy it with money.

Salt and pepper,
Are pride, envy and greed.
You can't live with them,
Or without them in deed.

Anger is energy,
Powered by fear.
So don't kill them,
By cuddling a bear.

The hot spicy chillies,
Is the forbidden hate.
A drop is an energizer,
But too much might be too late.

Hope and wishes,
Are rays of light.
But have them crushed,
And you'll see that I was right.

About the killer,
True emotional pain.
To tell the whole story,
It would be too long to explain.

So love is sweet,
Just like honey,
And the thing is,
You can't buy it with money.
[color=red][SIZE=3]Or can you?[/SIZE][/color]

Um... yeah. It's not quite right yet.

P.S. Part of it is always in my sig until I decide otherwise. :D :o
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