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Anime Bishounen and Bishoujo?

~Mystical Pan~

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I like both. Although I actually prefer Shoujo, I also like stuff like DBZ and NGE. Sometimes, I like the romance (and cute guys!) of shoujo. lol. They can be rather bloody and creepy, too, though. Like, Ceres has a fair share of bloody, creepy little scenes. I was thinking about Escaflowne the other day...not sure where I would place it. It has some romance, but not like Fushigi yuugi or anything. It's also mecha anime, with lots of fighting and such.....
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[SIZE=1]I am a fan of Bishoujo anime. Stories about girls seem to have the deepest storylines and most intresting characters compared to the non-stop action and violence of many Bishounen. But its not that I don't like the occasional anime about armies of giants robots killing eachother, they both have their ups and downs.[/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by panther3751 [/i]
[B]why not a combo of both? (gundam wing) [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah, combo's are nice. It's give some fighting and action, with cute guys! I still love shoujo, though. Fushigi yuugi, ceres, inu-yasha (hmm...is this shoujo or combo? I think it's shoujo). For some reason, shoujo seems to be so much deeper. I read an article in an anime mag. about shoujo anime/manga. It mentioned out an interesting point. The article was saying one reason shoujo may be so popular is because comics in the us aren't exactly trying for female audiences. Shoujo is aimed at feamle audiences, whereas in the us there's really only superman and batman, and stuff like that. *sigh* Don't know what I'd do without shojo manga *hugs fushigi yuugi collection*:D
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Well, I don't know about that, panther3751. See, here's a quick explanation one of my friends gave me:

Bishounen... = Boy
Bishoujo.... = Girl

Guy Vs. Girls...

...Bishounen is suppose to appeal towards Guys... like DBZ and Ninja Scroll and usually have a lot of fighting and guy characters...
....Bishoujo is more towards girls....like Sailor Moon and Fushiji Yuugi etc and usually have romace, cute guys, etc...

HOWEVER, it doesn't always follow that. There are many ways to divide up animes like my friend once explained to me:

There are 6 basic Geners:

Action --Self explanitory. (ex. DBZ, Ninja Scroll, etc)
Romance --Self explanitory. (ex. Aa, Megami-sama, etc.)
Comedy --Self explainitory. (ex. Tenchi Muuyo, Dragon Half, etc.)
Fantasy --Dragons, castles, elves, etc. (ex. Those Who Hunt Elves, Records of Loddess Wars, etc.)
Sci-fi --Robots, futuristic, aliens, other worlds, etc. (ex. Dual PTA, Gundam, etc.)
Occult --Horror, gothic, supernatural, etc. (etc. Vampire Hunter D, X, etc.)
Hentai --Nudity, erotic, etc. (etc. Sakura Diaries, Cool Devices, etc.)

Lots of animes can fit into more than one Gener but they're usually put under the one they fit in best like Tenchi Muuyo. TM is a Comedy anime but it can also be a Romance anime b/c of the love-triangles. ^^;; Then there's SUB-Geners.

Here's a few (but NOT all ^^;; ):

Bishounen --Usually are Action animes b/c they're geard towards a guy audiance (but they aren't just for guys!!). They also usually have a lot of Boy main characters.
Bishoujo --Usually are Romance animes b/c they're geard towards girl audiances (but aren't only for girls!!). They tend to have girl main characters.
Yaoi --...if you don't know what yaoi you probably won't want to know... ^^;;
Yuri --Same as above.. ^^;;
Love-Triangle --When more than one character (guy or girl) is in love with the main character.
Mecha --"Robot" animes. They're usually Sci-fi animes and often take place in the far future.

Another mb member I know also explained it like this:

- Fighting/getting stronger is the main focus of the story (ex. DBZ, Flame of Recca)
- Large mechanical things (giant robots, space ships, etc.) play an integral part of the story (ex. Gundam, Evangelion, Outlaw Star)
- Female characters greatly outnumber male characters (ex. Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, Ah! Megami-sama)
- There is at least one fan-service girl (ex. Fuuko in Flame of Recca)
- Setting is highly futuristic (ex. Outlaw Star, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop)
- Setting is historical (ex. Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha)

- Two words: magical girl (ex. SailorMoon, Nurse Angel Ririka, Rainbow Brite)
- Large numbers of bishounen/biseinen characters (ex. Fushigi Yuugi, Pretear)
- High focus on relationships (ex. Fruits Basket, Angelique, Fushigi Yuugi)
- Characters appear to be very fashion conscious, although it may be odd fashion (ex. Kodomo no Omocha, Ayashi no Ceres)

It should be noted that these are very partial lists, and they are in no way meant to be inclusive or complete. Just because a series is shoujo or shounen doesn't mean that boys and girls can't enjoy both of them. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is more of an indication of what the target audience was intended to be. There are some series which don't really fall in either of the uber-genres, or that fall into both (ex. Pokemon, Tenkuu no Escaflowne). Tenkuu no Escaflowne actually has two different versions of the manga, one shounen and one shoujo.

In the listing of "basic genres" I noticed that fantasy was not included, so I'd like to add it. Examples of series in this genre include Record of Lodoss War and Slayers.


As you see...it's about the same...but they're different...it depends on how the fans look at their animes. Hopefully, that helped those who didn't know anything about this...it helped me when they explained it. :D
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