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RPG Gundam: Revolution


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[COLOR=TEAL][I]Li sits in his control box pondering on his life if he never found his Gundam Death-Strike[/I]

[I]Li sits up and flies his gundam into space into a meteoroid field and test out it's capabilities[/I]

Li: lets see this gundams max fighting speed

[I]Li pushes the gundams speed to the limit dodging meteors and ocasionally blowing a few up[/I][/COLOR]
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*Out in the middle of space, a small convoy of space carriers travels near one of the moons of Mars. But on the serface of the moon, an odd looking machine stands waiting. It seems to have a very humanoid structure, only heavily armored, and holds a massive Cannon on it sholder. It is one of the legendary Moble Suits. Inside sits a man with a very dark look to him, very shaggy, and a black eye patch. It is the man known only as Outlaw, the most famous galactic pirate in space.*

Outlaw - :smirk: Show time.

*The Moble Suit rockets towards the convoy. Outlaw fires his mega cannon twice, hitting the guard ships in the front and back. Inside the convoy, panic strikes as they watch the 2 guard ship blow into oblivion.*

Pilot1 - Oh crap, the captian was on that ship. Scramble, SCRAMBLE!

*Outlaw drops his Mega Cannon, leaving it to float free, and the Moble Suit pulls out two beam sabers. He slashes threw 2 of the convoy ships, ripping them open. The men inside the convoy are sucked out into space. The rest of the convoys scream off at light speed, and Outlaw lets them go. The lays anchors into the two convoy he caught, and tows them back towards the moon.*

Outlaw - Jackpot.
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[i]Neil awakens from his sleep, hearing the alert alarm buzzing. Turning on the monitor, Neil phased through a few different camera angles, inspecting his surroundings. But something catches his eye: A small fleet of Ares.[/i]

Neil: [i]Ares..? Such ancient suits. Where in God's name did they come from? Who's funding this? And why not get some REAL suits..Very well............ It seems they want a fight....[/i]

[i]Stopping the Blackwing, Neil drew his Buster Cannon. Aiming for the middle of the fleet, he began to charge it. Tiny, yellow ion spheres collected into a bigger ball in the opening of the gun. With a shockwave, the chrisp, golden round rang out, ripping a hole in the small army's center. This process was repeated six times before the Ares began to fire back.

Soon, they were in close enough range to damage the carrier ships.[/i]


[i]In an instant, the Mobile Dolls began to imerge from their resting containers, shields up, guns blazing...[/i]
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[color=teal][i]As Li is in the asteroid field training he see a small image on one of his screens on closer inspection it turns out to be a huge space craft flying towards him at great speed[/I]

Li: what the..............

[I]The ship opens fire and strike death-strike with two of its missiles[/I]

Li: they wanna play rough I'll give them rough

[I]LI puts the ship into attack mode and nflies at the ship at high speed. As Li is flying the captain of the ship sends him a communication[/I]

Captain: Greeting Li long time no see

[I]Li sees the figure and immediatly his voice turns very cold and vengeful as he powers up his rail gun cannon[/I]

Li: General Belicos your still working on Delta Q looking for me I'm touched but that feeling will soon pass I destroyed the entirety of Kabai Corp what makes you think you can stop me

[I]Li fires the rail gun cannon and blasts half the ship out of space as bodies of those being sucked out little the area[/I]

Belicos: I'd be very careful what you do Li you might live to regret you next shot

[I]Li looks on in horror as the General brings the face of a girl onto the screen Tao-Pae his sister [/I]

Li: leave her go Belicos and I'll spare the rest of your ship

Belicos: Hahahahahahahaha no deal I know you wont risk harming your little sister under any circumstance

Li: this is your last warning Belicos let her go now

Belicos: I said no deal

[I]Belicos looks in horror as Death-Strike charges at full speed and lands on the hull of the ship and tears some of it open sucking everyone out into space except Belicos and Tao-Pae[/I]

Li: let her go NOW Belicos !!!

Belicos: Hahahaha never

[I]Li's hatred turns to immense anger as he sees Belicos take out a blaster and point it to his sisters tempel[/I]

Li: that is it Belicos you have sealed your own fate

[I]Li fires a stinger from his mounted launcer right through Belicos's torso and blasts him into space[/I]

Li: Tao-Pae get into my mobile suit

[I]Li sighs in relief as Tao-Pae gets safely into the suit and he leaves back for Earth[/I]

Li: Sis what happened I made sure that you and mother would be safe on Earth

Tao-Pae: An informer told Belicos's forces where we were they came to the house and...........

[I]Li had to only look into his sisters eyes and he knew what happened[/I]

Li: Those Pigs will pay[/COLOR]
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[I]A lone figure of death is laying in the desert completly hidden in the sand...waiting to be awakened the Gundam rest..as well as the pilot...[/I]

Bryan: *wakes up to the steady beep of a message in his gundam*

Man in message: Hurry....Mobile Suits...there attacking us...we have no chance!! Hurry!! Hur....*screams ensue and transmission is interrupted*

Bryan: This came from colony L30 thats not good....Well Aeglos time to see what we are made of!

[I]The silence is slowly interrupted by the hum of the machine...the eyes go red with fury...sand slides away as the gundam begins to slowly rise[/I]

Bryan: So your ready! Lets go!!

[I]The Gundam takes off with great might...enters space[/I]

Bryan: Its been awhile since I have been out here...its so quiet....so sareen...*sees the explosions comign from the colony* Time to roll!!

[I]The Gundam shoots off towards the colony[/I]
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It was peceful day for Steven after puting in a new cd player he was leasoning to his ffx sound treck. Then Stevn turned the cd off to hear the message that was transmeted he did not think much of it till he heard it.

Steven:lockes like I will need to lend a helping hand

STeven then sets the auto pilot to wheree the trubble was and went to save whoever was being attacked
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[I]Bryan is immediatly bombarded with fire as he enters the battle[/I]

Bryan: Man I thought they met a couple Aries or something not a whole freaking army!!

Aeglos: *draws the two energy swords*

Bryan: *grins* I guess that just means more fun!! *cranks up his stereo so all he hears is Last Resort* *begisn to fight the mobile suits* Man if I was doing this one on one I would be done by now, but ERHM...there are so many...I need some help...maybe there are others like me out there...my only hope is to pray....*clicks on the message transmitter* Colony L30 is under fire by an army of Leos and Aries I can not hold off much longer...anyone out there who can pilot a mobile suit or gundam your help would be appreciated! *dodges another blast*
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[b]HQ, Neutral Zone.
7:05 am[/b]

[I]The entire office staff runs around in a crazed frenzy, sorting papers among each other, phoning foreign advisors, military informants, everybody and anybody who needed to know... Or didn't need to know, for that matter.. The news of the attack on Gamma base was shocking, and had the entire world in turmoil. Due to the lack of knowledge about the origins of the attacks, some countries were at each other's throats, with threats of war, while others were cowering, in fear of being targeted. The ties between whole nations were hanging by threads. And in this office, people are scrambling around, trying to collect and recieve as much information as they usually would in a year, all on one paticular matter... Because the last thing they want now is a war on earth as well. Just as things seem to be at a peak of insanity, the doors to the room slide open, and everyone becomes silent. They all stand at attention, and salute the tall man who has just entered the room.. Colonel... The chief Advisor of foreign affairs greets him...[/I]

Advisor: Colonel, thank goodness you're here...

Colonel: Yes, I've been told that the incident at Gamma outpost has sparked international conflicts.

Advisor: That's right, Colonel. America suspects Russia, Russia suspects Japan, Japan suspects China, China suspects America... It's chaos. Thank god we're in the Neutral zone..

Colonel: I expect there have been threats of war.

Advisor: Yes, and with the new-system Mobile Suits, it could spark a global incident.

Colonel: And what of the Gundams?

[i]The office goes quiet... Gundams were rarely mentioned, and were often kept as hush-hush as possible. The worlds governments didn't want to believe that things so powerful - that weren't under their control - existed. The advisor shifted uneasily, and cleared his throat. He then faced Colonel again...[/i]

Advisor: The Gundams are - from what we can see - unaffiliated with any nation. The matter does not concern any of the pilots.

Colonel: But what if it does? What if they are Mercenaries? What if they are affiliated with a nation? Be weary, Chief Advisor, for I expect that soon even more accusations will be thrown.

Advisor: How so, Colonel?

Colonel: The World's leaders will surely think that the Gundams are connected to rival countries. Thus, they will accuse other nations of 'owning' the Gundams. This will lead to more controversy, and at the most, a full-scale International war.

Advisor: I see... We will make sure that all the facts are kept straight.

Colonel: Good luck. The world is in turmoil, and alot of people don't want to hear the truth. They will only believe what they want. Goodbye, Chief Advisor, and once more, I wish you Good luck.

[i]Colonel turns, and walks towards the doors of the massive office... As he is leaving, the Chief Advisor runs up behind him, and questions him one more thing...[/i]

Advisor: Colonel... What about the true destruction of Gamma Outpost?

Colonel: Let it be known, Advisor ...Something is coming.

[i]And with that, Colonel walks out of the massive chrome doors, which promptly slide closed behind him. He turns right, and walks down the corridoor of the massive facility...[/i]

[b]Bedroom, Freight vessel.
8:23 am[/b]

[i]Flash slams down on his alarm clock, stopping the insane buzzing sound dead. Very regretfully, he gets out of bed, longing for just a few more hours rest... Yet he knows he can't get it, because today is the big day.

Promotion day.

After working for almost 3 years as the best Freight courier in the company, Flash was finally going to get a payrise, and a promotion. He walks over to his wardrobe, pulling out a dark grey vest, with black padded shoulders. He slips it on, and then reaches back into the wardrobe, and pulls out a silver chain, with a silver hammer and sickle symbol attached on it. He puts it on over his neck, and then closes the cupboard door, and walks out of his bedroom. He walks around a corner, and comes to the main corridoor of his ship. He walks down it, taking a few moments to 'farewell' his beatiful Freightliner, seeing as when he's promoted, he won't need it anymore. He walks up to a door, presses a few buttons on it's control panel, and the door opens.. This paticular door is the docking gate, which leads him into the main station. This station is the Head Quarters of iT Shipping, the worlds leading freight and courier service between colonies and earth. Sometimes Flash wondered if it was the only freight and courier service, as he rarely saw any other freight ships around.. But nonetheless, today was his day to shine. He strutted down the corridoor, and then reached a lift. He pressed the button, stepped in, and punched in 4th floor - Manager's office. The lift hummed as it swiftly and flawlessly reached the 4th floor. Flash stepped out, and walked into the Manager's office...[/i]

Flash: Good morning, Mr Intrac.

Intrac: Ahh, Flash. Just the man I wanted to see. Please, take a seat.

[i]Mr Intrac motioned to a seat, as he smoked a rather large-looking cigar. His slicked back hair was reminiscent of an era well forgotted, and general greasy appearance was something you'd expect to find in a fast-food restauant trash can. Flash confidently sat down, smiling all the while. Mr Intrac gave a sly smile back to him.[/i]

Intrac: Now, Flash. You've been working for me for.. How long now? Two, three years?

Flash: Three years, Sir.

Intrac: Ahh yes, of course. Three long and prosperous years.

Flash: That's right, Mr Intrac.

Intrac: Ahh, It's a shame. That makes it so hard for me to say this..

[i]Flash suddenly has a slightly worried expression on his face, and in his mind...[/i]

Flash: Say what, Sir?

Intrac: Well Flash.. We have to let you go.

Flash: What?!?

Intrac: It's time to move on, kiddo. You're fired.

Flash: ...You'll regret this, you worthless fat f**k.

[i]Flash stands up, kicking over the chair in the process, and walks calmly back to his Freighter... Once he's inside, he opens the door to the cargo room, and goes down into the dark cargo bay... There, laying in a massive capsule, is Cossack Gundam... Flash walks over to it, and taps a few buttons on the diagnostic terminal... All results show up positive..[/i]

Flash: Perhaps I need to release some of my anger, eh Cossack?

[i]Flash stands there, contemplating his next move...[/i]
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Bryan: *watches his monitor carefully for replies* Nothing....maybe I am alone...damnit! *stabs two Mobile suits* I need to try one more time the colony can't last much longer.....*sigh* I'm desperate I'll call the Affairs also...*sneds a message to affairs, freight and cargo, and everywhere else that he can think that might have a mobile suit or two hanging around.* *dodges some attacks* *a blast hits him in the back* *he looks up* That blast was too strong for a normal......oh....my....god.....*He sees another Gundam* I..am...going...to...die...
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[color=teal]Whilst dropping his sister back to a new safe house on Earth Li recieves a message from someone called Bryan asking for help in fighting off some kind of invasion on one of the colonies. Li races back into his gundam and heads out to where the fight is taking place[/I]

Li: I thought there was a battle going on somewhere

[i]Li had barely finished his sentence when two beams struck the back of Death-Strike's shield[/I]

Li: what the hell was that......

[I]The four enemy suits converged around him and began their assualt. Li's gundam was evading most attack and occasionaly firing a few stingers but his aim was a little off only hitting and destroying one[/I]

Li: This is Li Tokugawa pilot of Death-Strike Gundam does anyone read..................[/COLOR]
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Ah, another beautiful post by Flashy......O.o;;
[i]The battle was long and over by now, the Dolls retracting back into their shells. The Ares's remains floated in space, a scrap of metal here, gnarled steel here. The silence once again flooded through space, leaving everyone to hear it's chilling song of death. The darkness spread throughout the ships, the sun sinking deep behind Mars from the ships' angles.[/i]

[b]-Flag Ship [i]Conquest[/i]-[/b]

Pilot: Pilot to Co-Pilot, Pilot to Co-Pilot, Co-Pilot? Do you read? Over.
Co-Polit: [size=1][i]Chhhhh!![/i][/size] Yessir. All the Babies are in their Carriges. Over. [size=1][i]CHhh![/i][/size]
Pilot: Right. Report to bridge immediatly.
Co-Pilot: Copy. Over and out. [size=1][i]Chhhhhhh-*click*[/i][/size]

[i]John Toma, the pilot, set another course, adjusting to the fuel loss. After refilling the BlackWing using it's supply, they could now manuever more easily, he could pilot HIS ship easier now without any extra weight. John felt so proud, so smart,...so important. His boasting manner was inturuptted by the alarm, the noise shocking him.[/i]

[b]-Battlecarrier [i]Shine[/i]-[/b]

[i]The warning message was being sent throughtout each and everyone of the hulking, countless warships, telling the tale that laid ahead of them: A large docking station of some sort.

Pilot Julies Galious typed up a memo and short description of the place. He was preparing to send it to Neil himself; it needed to be detailed and done quickly.

In the BlackWing, Neil was reciving an average of two messages per second. This was maddening! The soft humming of his Gundam was taken over by the constant buzz of incoming transmittions. But he finally snapped. He blasted into one of the cruisers with his chain, laying a huge indention on it's starboard hull. The ship spun out, uncontrollibly.

Neil closed all transmissions with a slam of the controls. He breathed angrily, trying to calm down. After a few minutes, he began to read the descriptions.[/i]

Neil: [i]"Hmmm.......... iT Shipping.. I wonder if they'll pose as a threat... I think........ I'll handle this one.."[/i]

[i]In a few seconds' time, the BlackWing's wings opened up, the jets charging up. Slowly forcing the Gundam forward, they took off, full blast, immediatly after. Now, the BlackWing was a streak in the dead sky, zooming in for the Station..[/i]
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Bryan: *notices another gundam coming in the fight* THank god...*sends a mesage to the pilot of the new gundam* Hey I am Bryan whats up glad you could stop in for the fun...we have a problem tho...it seems that a gundam is the head of this operation..its not going to be easy! *dodges an attack and stabs then mobile suit* Oh and...what are your gundam stats....we might just make a killer team!
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[color=teal]Oh holy hell thank God I'm Li pilot of Gundam Death Strike. Thanks for the info my gundam has great long range attack and good defence yours? .What the.... watch out behind you !!!!!

[I]Li yells a massive gundam beam hits Bryans Gundam[/I]

Bryan: what the hell

[I]They both face their gundams forward to see about twenty gundams around them[/I]

Li: Fancy a little fun :smirk:

Bryan: You bet :D

Li: ok lets go !!

[I]Li jets off and takes on half of the gundams while bryan takes the other half. Li takes out both his sabers and begins to slice and dice through them firing a few hundred stinger missiles aswell. [/I]

Li: Bryan you ok ???

[I]Bryan is also taking out most of the enemy gundams until one mobile suit puts it's cannon right to the back of his head[/I]

Li: Death Strike use Makankusappo blast

[I]Death Strike fires a beam almost exactly alike to the DBZ attack and decintagrates the enemy gundam[/I]

Bryan: Jesus thanks that looks like it for now [/color]
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Ok, look. Red XIII, I've held my tounge for long enough. Dude, you seriously need to get some RPing skills. For one, put more description in your posts. And be UNIQUE. Don't do any Makankusappos. And uhhhhhhhhhh........a few hundred Stinger missiles? *cough*

And Bryan, please put more detail in your posts. Like extend your actions into paragraphs. I mean, yall's posts get a bit hard to read after a long headache..^^;;;;;
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Back on Earth....

Kevin looks at the monitor, which is flashing with reports, and cringes.

Kevin: Since I have a gundam, there's a good chance that I might be involved in all this. Oh hell, I waited for Mist too long to give him up without a fight. I guess I should collect my things and say my last goodbye; I know have to leave this place.

(Kevin goes to get his essentials, knowing that his life is going to turn upside-down)
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[B]Cargo hangar, Freight Vessel [i]Leningrad[/i]
9:10 am[/B]

[I]Flash adjusts the controls, and switches Cossack into combat mode... The monitors and grids inside the cockpit light up, and Flash closes his eyes... He drifts away, into a semi-dreaming state... Dark, soulful classical music begins to play, surrounding the entire cockit with a cacophany of sound, blurring the lines of dreams and reality. Flash's eyelids snap open, his eyes still rolled into the back of his head... He grabs the control sticks, and locks into the XT1 system. He blinks once, and his eyes return to normal. Glancing up at the massive VDU (Visual Display Unit), he spins the huge Gundam around, and faces the cargo hangar door. He presses a button on the main control panel, and the door begins to slide open... A few orange sirens light up, and make a buzzing sound, but other than that, the vastness of space is oh-so peaceful... Finally, Cossack flies out of the hangar, and towards the iT station..[/I]

Flash: And now... Armageddon.

[I]Cossack pulls out the large Cossack Buster rifle from behind his back, and aims it at the iT headquarters... It begins to charge, a faint humming and a small ball of energy emitting from its barrel.. Flash licks his lips, and his finger is just begining to squeeze the trigger, when in big, red, flashing writing, the words 'High Priority Message Transfer' appeared onscreen. Flash released his finger from the trigger, and gave conformation to let the message through.. Suddenly, Colonel appears on screen..[/I]

Flash: Colonel..?

Colonel: [I]This message is being delivered to ALL Gundam pilots. A critical situation is afoot. We urge all of you with Gundams to proceed to the Neutral zone's Space HQ, with your Gundams, of course. This is no joke. For the sake of humanity, please, come quickly.[/I]

[I]Cossack Gundam puts it's buster rifle back on its clip, and spins around, facing the direction of the Space HQ... Flash shakes his head, and turns off his classical music.. Cossack's boosters flare to life, and he speeds towards the HQ...[/I]
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[I]Bryan and Li continue to battle the Mobile Suits. Coloney L30 is damged but not beyond repairs. The Mobil Suits are no longer worried aabout L30 they are just concentrating on the two Gundams. Bryan and Li are fighting for their very survival. Suddenly a message pops up on boht of their screans.[/I]

Bryan: What else is going on? We gotta handel this already! He Li did you get the same message I did>

Li: Yep what the hell are they talking about...

Bryan: I don't know......

[I]Bryan presses the message button. He slowly sends the message back to HQ. "I would love to join your party right now Colonel but Li and I are having some fun with some Mobil Suits in the Colony L30 sector.[/I]

Bryan: With any luck he might respond. [I]shakes his head doubfully[/I]
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(After grabbing his essentials kevin looks in the distance at his school/home and nods a silent goodbye. He turns on his monitors and sees a faint image)

Kevin: I thought that I completely blocked out communications??!! This message has got to have a strong signal.

(He presses a few buttons and allows the message to be received)

message:................ALL GUNDAM PILOTS COME TO NEUTRAL SPACE HQ.....

Kevin: Well, I guess it's time for me to make an appearance.

(He fires up Mist and takes off for space)

Kevin: My story starts now.....................
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*Inside a Hanger deep under the moon's surface, Outlaw sits atop his suit, a cup of coffee in one hand, and a laptop hooked up to his suit in his lap.*

Computer - Incomming Message, Incomming Message, Incomming Message.

Outlaw - Geez, this better not be another telemarketer. I told that Sprint woman I would blow up her office if she called again.

*Outlaw punchs up the message, and an older looking man in a military uniform appears on the screen.*

Man: This message is being delivered to ALL Gundam pilots. A critical situation is afoot. We urge all of you with Gundams to proceed to the Neutral zone's Space HQ, with your Gundams, of course. This is no joke. For the sake of humanity, please, come quickly.

Outlaw - :therock: Well this is a first. A military officer asking a pirate for help. I guess I might aswell go, may be some good money involved. Didn't get much for that last job, just a bunch of that platnum crud. Stuffs been worthless ever since Pluto was discovered to be made of the stuff.

*Outlaw loads up the Nightengale with some fresh supplies and launches out of his hanger, headed towards Neutral Zone Space.*
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[I]Hyperion drifted harmlessly through space, looking completely dead and lifeless. Any on-looker would have thought it was simply abandoned, left to float in space. But they would have dismissed that thought when it's boosters flared to life, and it started to speed through space. Inside, a man simply known as Warlock controlled the gundam, while watching a high priority message he had just recieved.[/I]

Colonel: [I]-please, come quickly.[/I]

[I]Warlock pondered over the message, before putting his boosters on full power. Hyperion turned to face the direction of the HQ, and blasted off.[/I]

Warlock: (...What could possibly cause such a threat that would cause Colonel to call all the Gundam pilots...hmmmm...)
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Christ... I go away for a funeral and you guys go off and leave me in space.. :bawl:
[size=1]The BlackWing stoped at the ringing. The message scrolled down the right monitor, delivering the directions. Neil read it all over thrice.

Neil angrily slammed the "off" button, but his rage slowly turned to glee. This was his chance! There wouldn't be any real threats now! With a single press of the button, the warships behind him blasted off again, using all the thrusts they could. Neil's eyes lit up with excitement as the ships entered his general area. This is it![/i]

[b]-Earth Orbit Station [i]'Generation'[/i]-[/b]

[i]The attendants in the station raced for the escape pods, the alarms making them even more frantic than ever. The laser beams shreaded through the guard ships, leaving the post completely defenseless. Letting the shields fall.

Tons of debris hurled into Earth's atomashpere, the energy barriers no longer restraining the items that caught up in the planet's gravity field. The warships we now entering the air, the protective, rubber-ballon, mushroom covers poofing out, guarding from the intense heat of entering the atomasphere.

Final Conquest had begun..[/i][/size]
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[I]Bryan slowly scans the message one more time...He takes one deep breath and he turns of the message screen...[/I]

Bryan: Li we better get out of here...I think there is something bigger going on if they want us all right now....

Li: Yeah you're right...

Bryan: Get outta here I'll cause a diversion then I'll be there in a sec....

[I]Li flies off....Bryan grins...."Time to show my stuff" begins attacking the mobile suits one last time....continues to battle for about 30 more minutes..."Thats enough time, he should be home free.." grins....Aeglos drops one tiny object and flys off at top speed, four seconds latter the peacefull ness of space is interupted by a huge explosion. "Mission accomplished" Flys towards HQ and arrives with everyone waiting for him..[/I]

Bryan: *runs up and screeches to a halt* Sorry Colonel had to clean up some space trash!! *salutes*
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(Mist floats in space with cloak engaged. Kevin is in the cockpit)

Kevin: (thinking) This is it. Once I go into the station, everything will be different. Well Mist, you ready? (Kevin eyes glow in tune with the zero system, almost as if Mist is replying)

(He disables his cloak and enters the hangar. He then advances down a corridor and sees some others also awaiting something. A man appraoches the group)

Man: You must be the gundam pilots..........
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