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OOC: Did I sign up for this? Well, it's most likely I did... I'll go for the... Brunnen-G-undead-former-assasin-warrior theme this time. No kai blasts, just my energy magnums, and brace. ;) (For those of you are not informed; The energy magnums are Magnums powered by channeling dark energy into them, and they then fire out highly concentrated ki blasts, which can pierce virtually anything. The magnums can also be charged. The Brace is a projectile attached to my wrist, which fires out, connected to an indestructible wire. The brace can be used to grapple, or to kill. It can also extend out, and form a sword.)

Uhh, Neil, I need a scene... Is this a whole new RPG, or does it carry on from the first Brutality..?
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Not if I have anything to do with it, Rai...If ya catch me drift. *sudden;y is experiencing a...black eye*
............Ow. Well, it's the same setting as the first Brutality, but it's new. And Flash. You didn't join the first Brutality. You joined Brothers of Brolli.. :p
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuperSayian [/i]
[B]Not if I have anything to do with it, Rai...If ya catch me drift. *sudden;y is experiencing a...black eye*
............Ow. Well, it's the same setting as the first Brutality, but it's new. And Flash. You didn't join the first Brutality. You joined Brothers of Brolli.. :p [/B][/QUOTE]

Bah, didn't you have a sign up topic for Brutality II not long ago? Well, I signed up for that.. No, I'm NOT talking about Brothers of Brolli, so skweh! to you.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]
[B]Well, I can't remember if I signed up for this in the sign-up topic...I think I did anyway...

And are we going to continue on bantering, or actually start the RPG? [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]*bows* The floor is mine.
[COLOR=seagreen][i]Raiha pushed the heavy hood of her cloak back over her hair and watched the seabirds wheel and call harsly. Cinioris, spirit of the wind, perched on her shoulders, his beak curved upwards in a half smile.[/i]

Cinoris: Busy day.

Raiha: Hardly....

Cinoris: Still waitingfor the answer?

Raiha: Mechery and Pagaroth will show me.[/COLOR]
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[I]Warlock stood atop a high cliff edge overlooking a large large forest and many plains. The wind rushed against him, his hair and cape swaying slightly. His eyes were closed, and he was concentrating, ki appearing in his palms. He pointed his hands up into the sky, and in a rush of heat and wind, the ki escaped his hand and shot into the sky, before exploding in a violent shockwave. Slowly opening his eyes, Warlock glanced down at the forest and plains.[/I]

Warlock: Well...what I really need it a training partner or something...

[I]Suddenly, a bright flash up in the sky alerted Warlock, and he watched as something sped towards the forest in front of him, and crashing in a violent shower of sparks and explosions. As the dust and dirt settled, Warlock saw what had crashed. He smirked when he saw what had crashed.[/I]

Warlock: A spacecraft...there better be a strong occupant in there...I feel the need for battle....
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[I]The spaceship, half destroyed, and half buried in the dirt, begins to explode, sending debris flying in all directions... As the ship is engulfed in Flames, one man steps out, on fire, yet feeling no pain... He steps foward, and then turns around... He looks at the smouldering wreck that was once his vessel... He draws a single silver Magnum from his belt, and pulls the trigger... A massive blast of Blue energy emits from the barrel, obliterating the ship and surrounding area... He places the gun back in its holster, and continues foward... Warlock, who was watching from afar, is quite bewildered...[/I]

Warlock: Hmm... An energy of such magnitude... From a Weapon such as that? How? I must ask him..

[I]Warlock jumps off the cliff, and guides his fall to land near the ex-occupant of the ex-spaceship. He lands with grace, and stands up... He extends his hand to the warrior, in a friendly manner, and awaits a response... He is not greeted with the same friendliness... The warrior brings his Magnums up to Warlock's face, and begins to squeeze the triggers...[/I]

Warrior: Where am I?

Warlock: Hey, calm down.. I won't hurt yo--

[B]Bullet Time:[/B]
[I]Warlock's words are cut off by the screeching sound of the Magnums being fired... Warlock flips to the side with insane speed, the lasers from the guns only just burning a small hole in his pant leg... It grazes the skin also, burning quite painfully... Warlock lands his flip, and looks at the warrior...[/I]

Warlock: Well then... I guess that means I [I]will[/I] have to hurt you..
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[I]Warlock sped at the new warrior, fist pulled back, ready to strike. Seconds before coming into range of the warrior, Warlock flipped over him, landing back to back with him, and then bringing his elbow back. The warrior cringed slightly, before bringing his arm to over his shoulder, grabbing Warlock by his hair, and throwing him over his head. Warlock hit the dirt, sliding through it for a few metres. Slowly, he got up, and faced the warrior.[/I]

Warlock: *wipes blood from mouth* Well...nice to know you can fight without using those guns of yours...

[I]The warrior said nothing, and both Warlock and him stared each other down...[/I]
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[I]Warlock and the Warrior stood there for what seemed like hours, but what was in fact, only minutes... After about 7 minutes, Warlock broke the silence, and questioned the warrior...[/I]

Warlock: ...What's your name, Warrior?

Warrior: ...The dead do not have names...

Warlock: Huh?

Warrior: ...I am dead...

[I]The warrior extends his brace to form a sword, and lunges towards Warlock...[/I]
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Above the fight a lone warrior watches the two fight. He stands with his arms crossed and his legs slightly bent. He looks down as one slashes at the other with strange sword.

Andrew: *thinking* What are those weaponns that he has? They look like pathetic human guns yet they have the amazing power of Ki! I must find out more.

Andrew slowly dropped down, arms still crossed, and stood next to a nearby tree. He looked at the guns and sword inquistively(sp). He slowly moved from tree to tree moving with them as they circled each other. After some time of observing the weapons Andrew flew off without either of them knowing he was there. He quickly flew to a large mountain range and landed near a small shack. Inside was an old man and woman.
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[I]Warlock quickly flipped back, the sword cutting a gash in his left leg just. The warrior lunged at Warlock, but this time he was ready, and Warlock flipped over the sword, hitting the warrior two times with each leg as he went over. Warlock landed gracefully a few metres behind the warrior, and immediatley got into a fighting stance.[/I]

Warlock: ...You're good...

[I]The warrior said nothing, but kept his penertrating gaze on Warlock, as he readied himself to attack...[/I]
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[I]The warrior retracts his sword back into the brace, and stares at Warlock, with cold, emotionless eyes... Warlock looks back, and speaks once more..[/I]

Warlock: What do you want?!

Warrior: The dead do not have.. wants..

[B]Bullet Time[/B]
[I]The warrior runs towards Warlock, quicker that the eye can see... He jumps, kicking Warlock in the face, flips over him, drawing his Magnums during the flip... He lands with ease, and pushes the guns into Warlock's back...[/I]

Warrior: Perhaps you should join me.

[I]He fires the Magnums, and a huge explosion of energy propells Warlock foward, smashing him into a rock face, and covered in rubble...[/I]
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[I]Deep under the rubble, Warlock started to radiate with energy. Slowly, the rocks began to rumble, and red energy showed through the cracks... The warrior watched with interest, as some rocks began to disentergrate... Then, with a small explosion, Warlock blasted out of the rubble, a red arua surrounding him...Warlock had now powered up to his max...[/I]

Warlock: ...My turn...

[I]Warlock phased out, reappearing behind the warrior, and inserting his fist in his back... The warrior was sent flying forward, into a group of trees, and through... Warlock lightly touched the ground, and waited...[/I]
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[I]The warrior stands up, and looks at Warlock... His lifeless stare seems to penetrate Warlock's very soul... The warrior sheaths his Magnums...[/I]

Warrior: You are good. We will fight again.

[I]The warrior points his brace into the sky, and it fires, pulling the warrior up the cliffside, into the clouds... Warlock just stands there, trying to piece together the events of what just happened... He notices some debris left over from the ship, and walks over to investigate..[/I]
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[I]Powering down as he walked, Warlock reached the debris, and picked up a small piece of metal lying at his feet... It was defiantly otherworldy, energy seemed to radiate off it... Dropping the metal, Warlock walked over to some larger remains, and looked them over...[/I]

Warlock: ...Well...this doesn't give me that much help in finding out who he is...

[I]Warlock walked forward, and then saw what he was hoping to find... A computer...[/I]
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[color=teal][i]Li sits under a waterfall meditating and searching his soul for answers. Where have I come from, why am I here, I am here to prove myself as a warrior to protect the weaker forms of life from those who would abuse their powers. Suddenly Li sences something a being, no two locked in battle. Li stands up and walks out of the waterfall and into the sun. Drawing his father's sword and flies towards where the fight is taking place and lands beside his comrade Andrew[/I]

Li: whats going on Andrew ???

[i]Andrew looks up at Li and tells him about the new warrior with the very powerful weapons[/i]

Li: hmmm interesting

[i]Andrew and Li look on wondering who will emerge victorious[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Raiha: .........*looks down* Take your ease Cinoris. I will return shortly.

Cinoris: Of course.

[i]In another instant, Raiha had phased out of existance and reapeared next to Warlock.....[/i]

Raiha: What brings you here?

Warlock: *drops computer* Who are you?

Raiha: ......

[i]The backwards symbol on her forhead glowed slightly, and the computer terminal rose into the air, and landed on a nearby table.[/i]

Raiha: Does it matter?

Warlock: Yes.

Raiha: ......

[i]With her fingertips, she wrote her name in the air, in shimmering blue and silver letters.....[/i][/COLOR]
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Andrew looks down at where Warlock and Raiha now stand.He turns his attention to where the mysterious warrior had gone.

Andrew: That one is strange.

Li: What?

Andrew: The strange one with the Ki guns...............Their power is great. I've never once heard of a weapon with the power of Ki. This is very intriging(sp)!

Li: I agree.

Andrew: I must find out more.

Andrew then flew off leaving Li on his own. He flew back to his dwellings, A small house in the mountains with an old man and woman who had helped him when his spaceship first landed.
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ARG! Sorryyyyyyyy!


[I]It was just a typical day in New Pork (HAHA I couldn't think of a name for the city!:p) ...Everyone was just walking around in the streets, getting on with their pathectic little lives...[/I]


[I]Not realising how [B]insignificant[/B] their lives were...[/I]


[I]Millions of them...Buisness men, kids, muggers, builders...[/I]


[I]Everything was normal...Except for one thing...[/I]


[I]A fight...Going on in a gym...Between...[/I]

Guy: Geez man don't you ever fall down!?

Suzuku: [B]...Not to weaklings.[/B] :devil:

Guy: WHY YOU!! I've been hitting you for ages! I'll just bet you can't move, thats all!

[I]Suddenly, the guys body went crashing through the wall and landing in the street![/I]

Suzuku: [B]It seems no one in this gym can entertain me...I guess my search for a worthy opponent continues...[/B] :demon:

[I]Walking out of the gym, everyone else looked at him...At his giant muscles...His almost white face...His hundreds of scars...But not normal scars...Scars from the inside...They could see them in his eyes...His eyes told a tale...A tale about his past...But no one dared ask him about it..His search continued...[/I]
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