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Writing The Part Left Untold (some mature content)


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[color=deeppink]Eh, I felt like posting this. I'm not sure why, since it has never before been seen by anyone but me and is a rather personal tale, but what the heck :toothy:

It basically is a story I wrote about me 12 years from now...it gets into my past and all of that is true. There's more to this story...sex scenes (naughty me!) that I can leave out...though it's not even finished yet.

The diary it speaks of in the beginning is also real...so yes, let me know if I should post more...it gets a bit "romantic" :naughty:[/color]

[color=purple][b]The Part Left Untold: I[/b]

[b]6:42 am[/b]

Lowering the journal I had written thirteen years ago onto my lap, I glanced up at the clock to find my vision blurred. The tears that slipped down my cheeks made me laugh, and I swiped them away. I sighed and gazed at the journal again, the yellowing pages of computer paper stapled together, wondering exactly how much more stupidly fatuous I could have been at sixteen.

But I laughed. A genuine smile curved my lips upward and I started to remember the guy that changed my life for a little while.

Jesse had been the most charming male I had met in the short fifteen years of my existence. His witty jokes and devilish smile captivated me. I was as frightened by him as I was enchanted. Jesse's rather sexual reputation made me cautious, but nonetheless, I pursued him.

He was seventeen at the time, I was merely fifteen. The difference in our years didn't faze me, he was only a year ahead of me in school, and I had the largest crush on the guy of my dreams...the one with a girlfriend. It took time for Jesse and his girlfriend to break up, and it seemed to me that we were both just waiting for that breakup date.

Soon after, Jesse and I started dating. Our fling lasted close to six months, though we never called ourselves official. He taught me things about myself that I never knew, and he told me, at our departure, that I meant more than any girl before because I showed him that I cared.

And I tried my very best.

After we called things off, we continued to talk every now and then, but having a relationship had pretty much ruined the friendship we had before. Eventually we stopped talking, and after he graduated, we drifted apart.

Still, Jesse remained in my mind for many years to follow. He was my "first love", though I was obviously not in love with him, and his sensuality that scared me when I had been sixteen now brought me quick flashes of pleasant memories at age twenty-nine.

The journal that I had fittingly titled "In the Beginning, and Then in the End", had stayed with me through college and beyond. I never lost the journal that I had typed on my computer and printed out, stapled together and read time after time.

I came across it a few days ago while cleaning my apartment, and promised myself that I would find the time to read it again. Yet, duty had called. My job as a photojournalist, along side being supervising photo editor, for the Chicago Sun Times kept me busy enough and I never knew when I would need to go on assignment.

Yesterday I had returned from Bern, Switzerland, where there had been terrorist attacks on the city's new cable-car system. Upon returning to my comfortable apartment on the wealthy outskirts of downtown Chicago, I spotted the journal that I had left lying purposely on my desk. After spending the night in my makeshift darkroom, developing roll after roll of film (I preferred to do it the old way), I ventured up into the early morning of my lofty office, smiled at the sunrise and the early sounds of the city.
Then, after picking up In the Beginning, and Then in the End, I settled into a plush leather easy chair and started to read. Thirty minutes later, here I was, laughing at the tears that seemed to insist on falling. The journal had brought back so many emotions I knew I had hidden away for other reasons I hated to think about. Reasons that killed the fresh smile on my face and I tossed the journal aside.

Standing up on tired legs, I made my way to the floor-to-ceiling picture window that adorned one side of the loft. The simmering anger I could feel starting to rise caused me to close my eyes and press my forehead against the frosty winter pane. My lack of sleep seemed to be finally catching up with me, and I again glanced at the clock. 6:45AM.

On my way down from the loft, I let my hand slide slowly down the polished wood banister and started to look over all of the photographs that covered the wall. They were a mixture of black and white and color, candid shots and posed, human subjects and creative art. Photography was my passion. Not something I did for a living, but something I lived to do.

I stopped when I came to a picture of Jesse and I at our fall homecoming my junior year. There was one of Jesse and I together in my backyard with the fall leaves an exploding background of color. There was one of me when Jesse was putting the corsage on my wrist. And finally, I let my gaze wander to the first picture ever taken of Jesse and I.

To my trained eye, it was an awful photo. It had been taken without a flash, and two desks separated Jesse and I, we were leaning in with an attempt to get our heads together. On the marker board in the background French words such as travailler and sommeil could be seen with phonetic symbols underneath them. French class was where I had first met Jesse...

Continuing down the stairs and skimming each of the photos, I came to one of my favorites. I had taken it when I had been fifteen, and it was the only picture I had mounted of my high school friends. It was the summer after tenth grade down at Lake Geneva in DeWitt, my hometown. It was during a party for one of my friends, and we had all been feeling a little foolish and were playing ?watermelon? on the metal slide.

The game was a brutal attempt to squish someone sitting at the end of the slide, off, by sliding down and ramming into the train of people going down the slide. When the bottom person would get knocked off, they would hurry up the ladder and slide down themselves, their turn to avenge being shoved down into the sand. It was a candid shot, one that showed the huge smiles of girls having childish fun, and it too made me smile.

When the phone rang I tore myself away from a picture of Annecy, France that I had taken the summer of my fifteenth year. I answered the call in my bedroom, switching on the holographic display that came alive with my boss, Thomas.

?Ah, Jenna.? The holo image of was only seventy-five percent real size, but Thomas? charm radiated through the statically depraved display. ?Good to see you up and about so early this morning.?

?Actually, Thomas,? I laughed as I took a seat on the bed, ?I've been up for hours developing the film from Bern.?

?Still doing it the old fashioned way?? Thomas? face hinted at amusement.

?It's the best and only way.? I stated simply.

?I couldn't agree with you more! Now,? his well-to-do English accent made him so much more appealing, and I smiled fondly, ?I want you to be in here today by noon with those pictures.?

?Geeze Thomas, nothing like giving a girl a break, huh??

?Well, this way you can get at least 5 hours of sleep before dropping by, and you'll be free to leave after we've reviewed the goods, kapiche??

?Kapiche. See you soon, Thomas.? I switched off the holographic display, ?Too soon for some of us.?

(As you can see, a lack of sleep makes me cranky.)

[b]11:40 am[/b]

Sun Times headquarters was only a short walk from my apartment, and with my leather briefcase slung over shoulder, I headed out. The early March day was chilly, and it clung to the remains of winter like a blood-thirsty leech. The sun was high in the sky, and what snow had survived was now melting in huge drips and falling from storefront awnings.

When I reached the Sun Times office, I greeted the receptionist as always, ?Good afternoon, Liz.?

?Good afternoon Ms. Winter, spring is coming soon isn't it?? She turned to look out the broad window at the busy city scene.

?And thank God for that, huh?? I shared a quick laugh with Liz and then continued to the elevator.

?Hey, Jenna!? As I exited the elevator, I was greeted by Hue's gigantic grin. ?Looks like our coverage of the Bern riots are going to be front page material.? Hue fell into step beside me as I made my way to our small, third floor conference room.

?That's excellent. So Voley liked your story I take it??

?He did, yes. How did your photos turn out??
I took a cup of office coffee that was offered as I walked by, ?Thank you.? I took a sip of the overly-hot beverage and made an involuntary face of disgust. I turned back to Hue, ?They turned out pretty good, actually, considering the damn flash was giving me hell that day.?

Hue laughed, ?I remember. You cursed that piece of equipment until I thought God was going to open up the sky and condemn you for blasphemy.?

I snorted a laugh, ?He might as well have. See you around, I'm sure our coverage will be good material.?

?See ya?.? Hue gave me a little wave as I entered the conference room to find Thomas already waiting for me.

?Am I late?? I mockingly glanced at my watch, surprised to find Thomas had arrived before me.

?Nope, I'm just hungry. The sooner we get this done, the sooner I get to eat. So where's the goods?? He rolled up his sleeves and folded his hands on the table.

Pulling the film out of my briefcase, I reviewed every single picture I had taken until Thomas selected the ones he liked. I let him take those to decide further on a final selection for the coverage story.

?Quality as usual.? Thomas smiled and patted me on the back as we left the conference room, ?You?re free to leave, but be ready for anything else we might throw at you.?

?You can count on it.? I patted Thomas back on the arm. As much as my bed seemed to be calling me, I had a final stop to make in Editing.

[b]1:15 pm[/b]

?Hey.? My whisper into his ear made him jump.

As he turned around, his face brightened, ?Jenbabe!? Lucas pulled me carelessly into his lap and kissed me hard.

?Thought I?d stop by and surprise you before I went home and caught up on some much needed sleep.? I wrapped my arms around his neck and cuddled up against his chest.

?And a very pleasant surprise at that.? Lucas kissed me again, planting a mock-frown on his face, ?I missed you.?

?And I,? kissing him quick on the nose, ?missed you.?

?Are you free tonight? We have some, um, catching up to do.? His devious smile had me giggling. ?We could go out for a romantic Chicago pizza dinner and go back to my place...? He trailed off and sent me a questioning glance.

?Count me in.?

?Good.? Lucas? hands that had been firmly around my waist started to venture further downward.

Too tired to let myself become aroused, I grabbed his hands, ?Save it for tonight, smoothie.?

?Such a long time to wait.? He pouted.

?I?ll survive, as can you.? I playfully ruffled his hair and stood up. ?Call me when you get off of work, I?ll probably be asleep so just let it ring.?

?Alright, see you later, sexy.? The simple reply had me smiling every time Lucas said it.

?Bye bye.? I leaned over to kiss him once again, and finally, gave in to my body?s call for sleep.

[b] 8:30 pm[/b]
?Dammit.? I cursed as my pager beeped, ?It?s Thomas. I'd better call him to see if I'm needed right away.?

Lucas grinned knowingly, ?Go ahead, I won't go anywhere.?

?Be right back.? I slipped out of our cheap, yet charming, Italian-eatery booth and waded through tables to the back of the restaurant.

The restaurant only contained one customer phone, and a payphone at that. It was currently occupied, so I stood back and read an advertisement on the wall while waiting my turn.
As soon as the man turned and stepped away from the phone, my heart must have leapt out of my chest. For a moment I was in shock, and took in a huge breath of air at the surprise. My heart started beating wildly. I touched the man?s arm as he started to walk away, "Jesse?"

He stopped at the sound of his name, turning to look me in the eye as recognition clicked immediately, ?Jenna.?
For a moment, neither of us seemed to know what to do, we were both in a state of disbelief.

He recovered first, ?Wow,? he placed his hand on my arm and stood back to look at my face, ?it?s been a long time, hasn't it??

?Yeah, it has.?

?Oh geeze,? his smile that I remembered all too well surfaced as he spoke the long-standing joke phrase between us.

?Oh geeze is right.? I laughed and felt almost nervous, something that I thought I had overcome years ago. ?You look good.?

?Thanks.? He shrugged. ?You do too, as always.? I watched his eyes give me a subtle once-over.

Jesse looking good was the ultimate truth. The small amount of pudge he had had when we were dating had turned into a lean, firm body. He still had facial hair, the goatee I had found so incredibly appealing, only now he harbored scruffy, unshaved stubble that was even more appealing to the female eye. I still practically matched his height with my heeled boots, but nonetheless, memories seemed to come sweeping back.

?So what brings you to Chicago?? I was truly curious, considering I never actually knew what he ended up majoring in. He was indecisive between auto-tech and heating and cooling installation.

?I started a business here a few years back.?


?Yeah, it?s going good.? He moved aside as a woman made her way down the narrow hallway towards the restroom.

?Glad to hear.? His personality hadn?t changed one bit, and it made me want to leave before I became disappointed. ?Well, I had better get going now.?

?Wait, I want to see you again.? Jesse reached over to brush a finger over my cheek.

I caught his hand and held it away from my face, "You?d be in anything for a cheap thrill."

?Who said I would?? His other hand reached around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss.

?Damn you, Jesse.? I pulled away, frustrated that the thought of his kiss made my body shiver, ?I?m dating someone.?

?Well then, that changes things.? He glanced at his watch and jammed his hands into his coat pockets. ?See you around then.?

My heart was beating wildly at the thought of him??Wait,? as he started away, my mind wasn't clear enough to think of possible consequences, ?Can you meet me at the corner of Park and 5th in fifteen minutes??

?You're seeing someone, Jenna.? His eyes darkened considerably, ?You know I don't interfere with those things.?

Throw caution to the wind, ?What if I let you?? My blood was humming as I pushed Jesse back into a corner, out of sight from the diners in the restaurant. ?You might not be strong enough to resist.? I crushed my mouth against his, pressing my body against his new, unfamiliar physique. After a moment of resistance, the man who had always been driven by sexual desire gave in.

His mouth was fast and furious to match the pace of mine, and I pulled away in time to see his glazed eyes open slowly, ?You've changed.? His statement was simple and serious.

?In more ways than one. Now can you meet me in fifteen minutes at Park and 5th?? The thought of Lucas drifted into my mind. He was only a fling that I could deal with later. Besides, not feeling good was always a convenient enough alibi.

?Yes, I can. Fifteen minutes. I'm going now.? As a woman, I could recognize the symptoms of a man in a sexual state, and I had just abruptly interrupted Jesse's state of arousal. Of course, it was all on purpose. You want what you can't have, and if he couldn't have me in the restaurant, imagine what his brain was imagining at the moment. All of his blood must be in his loins right now! I smiled at the thought.

I reapplied my lipstick and straightened out my hair, briefly pausing to turn off my pager. I figured I would have to call Thomas, no use in losing my job over sexual misbehavior.

?Thomas?? As he answered the phone, I was relieved to know from his tone that it wasn't an urgent job.

?Jenna, I?m going to need you to head over to the setting up of the Spring Festival tomorrow. Can you make it??

?Sure can. I'll head out early.?

?Alright, sorry to interrupt your evening, but I thought the sooner I let you know, the better.?

?It's fine, Thomas. It's my job.? I laughed as he did and we said our good byes.

Returning out into the dining area of the restaurant, I slipped into the booth where Lucas was absorbed in a Bulls basketball game.

?Hey,? he blinked and brought his attention to me, ?I?m not feeling too well, I don?t think this pizza agreed with me.?

?Aww, poor baby.? Lucas reached over and patted my hand, ?Want me to take you home??

?Yeah, I?m sorry to cancel our bedtime date,? I lowered my voice to a playful whisper and leaned in closer to him, ?but I don?t think you want me to hurl on you during passionate love making.?

He pulled away and laughed, grabbing my hand, ?Let?s get you home, babe.?[/color]
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[color=deeppink]Why thank you Raiha and Rachel (my homie!) :) I'm going to skip the sex scene...I feel it is a bit inappropriate for these here boards ;) I'll just start with the morning after...[/color]

[color=purple][b]7:00 am[/b]

?Hey, where are you going?? As I pulled my shirt over me head, I peeked back out into my bedroom. Jesse was sleepy-eyed as he glanced at the chronometer.

?I have to go get photo coverage of the Spring Festival set-up.?

?It?s too early.? He groaned as he sat up.

?Sorry, I gotta? go.? I pulled my hair up, feeling a smug smile playing my lips.

?Well, it was nice.? I could hear the pissed-offness in Jesse?s voice, and I had to hold back a laugh.

?Yes, it was.? I agreed as I walked out of the bathroom to see him pulling on his jeans. ?You really do look good.? I raised my eyebrows at his toned body.

?Thanks. You?re not looking too bad yourself, you know?? Jesse?s voice was just short of edgy.

?You sound like there?s a stick up your ***.? I started to gather up my camera equipment, ?For a man who has just had sex, I would think you would be pretty relaxed.?

?Don?t get me wrong, the sex was great.? He yanked his shirt over his head.

?Then what is so wrong??

?You.? He ran a hand though his hair and blew out a breath.

?Me.? I echoed flatly, placing my camera with loving care into its bag.

?Yeah, you?ve changed so much.?

?Things change, people change, I changed.? I stopped for a second, ?Is it really that bad??

?No,? Jesse?s tone left room for an explanation, ?I just didn?t expect you to be like this. I thought about you for a long, long time. No girl ever matched your personality.?

?But I?m sure many outdid my sexual favors.? Though my sarcasm was cut short by how much the statement actually meant to me.

He still laughed, ?Yes, I can?t deny that, but no matter how good the sex was, none of them seemed to care like you did.?

Suddenly I thought I spotted a trap ahead. Yet, then again, I wasn?t sure where Jesse?s little schpeel was going.

?And??? I picked up my camera bag and slung it over my shoulder.

Jesse started across the room towards me, ?And you?ve always been the one I could see myself spending my life with.? As soon as his hand reached out to touch my face I dodged it.

?I?m sorry, but I can?t say the same about you.? The blow must have been harsh, because I swear that I saw Jesse stagger backwards.

?Ouch.? His eyes narrowed to slits and his short fuse started to ignite.

?I tell the truth, whether it hurts or not.?

?I didn?t expect you to be like this.? He gestured towards me.

?Like what?? I crossed my arms, ready for his attack.

?Self-reliant, sexually dominant, carefree and mean??

?Excuse me?? The one way I knew how to combat a verbal assault was with my own retaliation. ?So now you?re saying you?re bothered because you expected me to just be willing to do everything your way and play your games??


?Well what? Yes??


?Figures.? I pointed a finger at him and smiled, ?Son of a *****.?

?What the ****?why are you pissed?? He followed me as I stalked out into the living room.

?Why do you think?? I picked up his coat and threw it at him, ?You just expected me to be the same old Jenna,? I poked a finger in my chest, ?well I?ve changed. I did my share of following along with your lead way back when because you were the one with experience. After that, I realized why sex scared me so much and it?s because I don?t want to feel like I?m being taken advantage of?at all.?

?What does that have to do with anything?? He continued to follow me towards the door.

I spun around knowing he was right behind me and jabbed a finger into his chest, ?That?s why I?m sexually dominant.?

Jesse sighed, ?You make no sense anymore.?

?Did I used to??

?Yes, I used to think I had you figured out.?

?No, you never had me figured out. No one ever had me figured out. I?ve gone through my share of hurts during these last twelve years, and a lot of them have made me different.? I picked up my coat that was sitting in the hall and started down the stairs.

?Oh, and I haven?t??

?I didn?t say you hadn?t, I?m just explaining myself. Don?t expect me to be the same person because I?m not.?

?And so I see that.? He threw up his hands in defeat, ?Well it was a nice little romp in bed and I?m sorry I couldn?t enjoy the morning after.?

?Yeah, I?m sorry for you too.? I threw open the door and was greeted by a gust of cold air. Jesse slammed it behind him.

Again, I turned around to face him. Knowing how to loosen him up, I grabbed his hair and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips parted reluctantly, but soon they were as soft as always, ?Now go away before you piss me of anymore.? I pulled away to see Jesse?s face had softened, ?You always had a weak spot for stuff like that.?

?You piss me off.? But it was said with a smile and he pulled me close to him, ?Here?s to a whole new Jenna.? And again he kissed me, long and hard.

?And here?s to Jesse who hasn?t changed.? I reached around his back and gave his tush a little squeeze, ?Now go, you make me mad because you can distract me with a kiss.?

?Always the charmer, I?m told.? He pulled out his keys and started towards his car.

?Always the charmer.? I echoed and smiled. That boy had always pissed me off more than anything, but his touch could melt my every sense.

?I?ll be back.?

?Will you?? Genuinely surprised, I let my face turn to one of doubt.

?I will. You just won?t know when.? With that, he started up his Impala and roared off down the street.

Dammit, that?s him getting his way again. I sighed, at least he knows I won?t stand for any of his crap anymore. I?m going to let him see how Jenna runs the show around here.

[b]3:00 pm[/b]

The pictures that I had taken at the Festival set-up were turning out to be pretty decent. I watched as they developed in the dark room, and hung then all up to dry and finish the developing process.

I stepped outside of the darkroom and made a bee-line for the kitchen. I hadn?t eaten since last night, and decided it was time to whip something up. As I searched my cupboards, I realized that my meal was going to have to be Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. It had been around forever, and was always a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Luckily, they hadn?t changed it over the years, and I stuck it in the microwave and went up into my loft to wait.

Looking at my desk, I picked up my address book and thought of all the people I hadn?t talked to in forever. One name caught my eye, Brian Kish?

Kish! The sound of the name brought a huge smile to my face. I looked up his number and punched it into the holo-phone. It must have been at least a year since I last talked to my beloved friend.

As soon as his image appeared on the holo-screen, both of us froze with gigantic goofy smiles on our faces, ?Whoa! Jenna!? He reached out his arms and pretended to give me a hug. I did the same.

?How have you been, Brian?? I settled into my favored leather chair.

?Excellent, excellent.? He nodded and laughed. Kish
had always been the larger sort, but he had shed some of his weight over the years since I had first met him. Now his brown eyes had a brilliant shine and his smile was radiant.

?Definitely?? It was our long-standing joke.

?Definitely! Indeed.? He added with a grin.

?You look so happy, what?s new??

?Not much here! How about you?? He had himself a seat in a chair and leaned towards the camera, elbows resting on his knees.

?Nothing much, just finished some work in the darkroom. And,? I leaned forward with a grin, ?guess who I happened to spot last night??

?Freddie Mercury!? His mock-surprise got a laugh out of me because Mercury was the long-dead lead singer of Queen, our all time favorite band, ?No, I don?t know, who??

?Good old Jesse Martin.? I sat back and waited for his reaction.

?Beans?!? He hooted with approval. ?I didn?t think he would have the beans to go in public again!?

?Why? What did you do to him this time?? Kish was a long-time friend of Jesse?s, though I had doubted that they had kept in touch.

?We had a little get-together with our old high school and college friends, and we all got a little tipsy; you know how Jesse loves to tip back a bottle.? He leaned back as if lost in a fond memory, ?Well, after Martin had more than enough to drink, we all thought it would be hilarious if we messed with his mind a little.?

I snorted a little, ?Do I even want to know??

?Heck yeah, this is funny.?

?Ok, if you say so.? I smiled and waited to hear what I knew would be an animated story.

?Well we were all at J-Ski?s place in Colorado??

?Wait, he lives in Colorado now??

?Yeah, one hell of a place he?s got out there??

?What does he do for a living??

?He is some record executive or something, but back to the story??

?Ha, yeah, sorry about that, just curious.?

?No problem. But anyway,? Kish scratched his chin and
chuckled, ?it was so damn hilarious. J-Ski?s place is up in the mountains, so it was all snowy the night we were there. Martin was drunk off of his ***, and I had only had a few drinks. So, we start telling him that there is something wrong with his clothes until he?s stark-naked running around outside in the snow.?

?So you humiliated him??

?Damn straight we did!?

I smiled trying to picture Jesse running around in the snow without his clothes on, ?He must have shriveled up like a bean!?

?Or you mean his beans shriveled up??

I laughed hard at that one, ?That too.?

?It?s great to hear from you again, Jenna. What have
you been up to??

?Well, I?ve been really busy with my job. I just got back from Switzerland two days ago.?

?And then you ran into Martin??

?Yes,? I couldn?t help but smile, ?I did.?

His eyes widened as he gasped, ?You didn?t!?

?Didn?t what??

?Did you guys get it on??

?I don?t know, that?s for you to figure out.? I smiled and rested my chin on my hand.

?Jesus Christ, woman.?

?Sorry Brian, he?s just looking so uncontrollably good these days.? I raised an eyebrow at him, ?Just like you.?

He laughed as his cheeks turned a shade darker red, ?You liar. Trying to seduce me now, are you??

?You know me.? I flicked my thick auburn hair over my shoulder, ?I?m just a little pixie.?

?You didn?t used to be, you know.?

The smile faded from my face, ?No, I didn?t.?

Kish noticed it immediately, ?I?m sorry, did I say something wrong??

?No, Jesse just was really pissed this morning because I had ?changed?.?

?Well everyone changes, he should know that.? Kish?s face became concerned.

?He sure hasn?t changed!? My reply was half-laughed, half-anger induced.

?Oh, he has. I know.?

?And what about him has changed.? I frowned, interested in what he had to say.

?He gave up weed, started his own business, became responsible and got in shape.?

?But his brain is still in his genitalia.? I pouted again.

?Boys will be boys.?

?But not you.? I smiled remembering a conversation we had a long time ago.

?Not I.? He patted his chest, ?I?m still holding out for the right woman.?

?Oh I do love you, Brian Kish.?

?And I, you, my dear Jenna.?

?Well, I will let you go now. I just wanted to see you again and have you make me smile.?

He leaned in close to the holorecorder, ?And did I succeed??


?Good, then my job is done. I?ll talk to you again soon, I?m sure. Goodbye Jenna.?

?Goodbye Brian. Take care.? I waved goodbye and switched off the holo.

Feeling gladdened, I retrieved my macaroni and cheese and settled in front of the TV.

[b]5:27 pm[/b]

I awoke to find that I had nodded off somewhere between an A-Day special and a rerun of the old classic, NYPD Blue. I wasn?t surprised, the lack of sleep usually caught up with me sooner or later.

Since the room had darkened with the setting sun, I turned off the TV and activated the lights. I decided that maybe I would give Lucas a call and tell him I couldn?t do anything tonight and go out on a drive by myself.

I took my macaroni dish out to the kitchen and preceded cleaning it when I heard a familiar rumble from the street. Standing on my tip-toes to glance out the window at the street below, I gave a short laugh. I hadn?t expected him to be back this soon, not to mention I had hardly believed he would be back at all.

I was waiting for him, opened the door before he could knock, ?Back so soon??

?I need to talk to you.? His face was in a scowl.

I motioned him inside without a word and folded my legs underneath me as I took a seat on the couch. I looked at him with a small ?seductive? smile to see how he would react to it.
He looked up to catch my smile, ?What??

?I?m waiting for you to talk.? I raised an eyebrow at him
Something that sounded like a pained groan escaped his lips.

?Nevermind talking.? In a flash he had me pinned under him on the couch with his mouth trailing down my neck. I let out a breath that must have given away my very pleased surprise.

?After this we need to talk.? Jesse?s voice was muffled against my lips.
?Ohh, wait,? I protested as he started to leave my neck, ?yes, oh my God.? My eyes shot open as he started down my shirt.

I grabbed his hair to push his mouth deeper in my chest, ?Who needs to talk??

[b]6:15 pm[/b]

?Hey,? I nudged Jesse, ?you said we needed to talk.? His naked body was pressed closely against mine as the couch allowed little room for movement.

?Did I?? He pretended to not remember, and though I should have found it funny, it made me frustrated.

?Yes, you did.? I answered flatly.

?Yeah, I did.? He rubbed a hand over his face and nodded, pulling on his pants in the process. He glanced over at me as I propped my bare self up with an elbow, ?You?re beautiful, you know that.?

I may have blushed a little, but I didn?t know, ?Thank you.? I got up to put on my own clothes, suddenly extremely attune to my nakedness.

?And that?s why I need to talk to you.? Both of us sat back down onto the couch and he placed a hand on my thigh, ?I?ve always been fiercely attracted to you, you?ve known that since the beginning. And I liked you a whole hell of a lot back in high school because you cared. You were the only girl up to then that had ever shown me that she cared. It was really hard to forget about you, and I will admit that I tried, but it never fully worked.

?And then I saw you last night. It was something I never imagined would happen. I didn?t think I would ever see you again. I know that you still talk to Kish because I do too. I talked to him to see how you were doing because I never had the balls to get in touch.?

?You, not having the balls?? I nearly laughed, though Jesse didn?t find it quite as amusing.

?Nope, I didn?t. But I always thought about what I would do if I saw you again.?

?And have I been a disappointment? Or a nice little surprise??

?You?ve been a damn good surprise. I expected you to be gentle like you used to be,? he held up a hand as I started to talk, ?but I like you this way. I like the way you flirt and the way you are seductive.? He leaned in close until his face was inches from mine and whispered, ?It makes you sexy.?

I reacted first by nipping at his bottom lip, which led into a nice long kiss.

?So, what I really want to ask is if you?re up for any sort of relationship, seeing as how the last time we tried that I screwed it all up.?

My heart seemed to sink through the floor and I pulled away, ?Jesse, if we start something, you need to promise me something.?

?What?s that.?

?That we won?t repeat what happened last time. I like to be treated right.?

Jesse nodded, and with some regret in his voice, added, ?Because I didn?t do that last time.?

?Yeah. If you don?t treat me right, I walk.? I smiled innocently at him, I don?t think he knew what he was getting into. Then again, neither did I.

?I understand, I?ve learned a lot over the past few years. A lot of it has been relationship ****. So you?re willing to give it a try??

?As long as we put each other first, yes. I?m very willing to give it a try.?

He smiled and pulled me in for another kiss.

[b]Two weeks later.
7:30 am[/b]

The morning, being Monday, started out like any other Monday. I greeted Pam, who was filling in temporarily for Liz, and headed up stairs. Coming out of the elevator I was met by the usual smiles and hellos, and preceded to my office.

My office was tiny, couldn?t be called an office really. But it was better than a desk out in the open or a tiny cubical that would have driven me insane. I found notes on the window from Thomas and Sunday?s Sun Times wedged under the door.

I can?t be here today. Your photos look great with Molly?s editorial. I?m sure you?ve already seen Sunday?s paper, but I have a few comments written on the paper under your door. I want to see the River North dance photos tomorrow.


?Hey Hue.? I stuck my head out the door and tapped on my neighbor?s window. He looked up with interest and a trademark grin.

He scooted his chair over to the door and opened it, ?Yes beautiful? What can I do for you today??

?Where is Thomas today??

?I don?t know, he only called to say he wouldn?t be here. He didn?t say why.?

?Don?t you think it?s weird though?? I glanced at the note he had written me, ?It?s not like him to miss work.? Something in my gut sank straight to the floor.

?He?s probably just sick or something. I think he?s going to be back tomorrow.?

I frowned, ?I guess you?re right. It?s just really not like him to ever miss work. He could be on his death bed and he?d still haul his *** here.?

Hue chuckled, ?You?re right, but I?m sure he?s fine, beautiful?

?Alright, thanks.? I turned to head back into my office.

?No problem, beautiful.?

I stopped and turned around, ?Hue, if you call me that one more time, I?m going to rip your balls off and dispense them to every stray dog in Chicago.?

He just wiggled his eyebrows and smiled, ?Feisty.?

I broke my straight face and laughed, ?Just a warning.? Hue knew I was joking. He always called me beautiful just to get a rise out of me, and got the biggest kick out of it.

He held up his hands, ?Caution taken.?

?Get to work.? I narrowed my eyes and made my voice sound authoritative.

?Aye aye, Chief.? With a small salute he scooted his chair back inside his office and shut the door.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Not to sound perverted, even though I am, but it's okay to keep the sex scenes because....this is the story section. There are poems out there with serious violence, swearing, and all that other stuff. So sex is fine. As mod, I say so. ;)[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]Not to sound perverted, even though I am, but it's okay to keep the sex scenes because....this is the story section. There are poems out there with serious violence, swearing, and all that other stuff. So sex is fine. As mod, I say so. ;)[/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]The more I think about it, the more I feel that it wouldn't be as inappropriate as it would be [i]uncomfortable[/i] for me...since it IS about me having sex lol. I think it would almost give some of our Otaku guys the wrong impression :wigout:

Yeah, I just think it's awkward for me. I only left out one sex scene...the second one is "implied". If you really want to read it Raiha, I'd be more than happy to show it to you some place other than here ;)[/color]
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[color=deeppink]Aw, thanks everyone :D Here's the next part:[/color]

[color=purple][b]The Following Week
10:35 pm[/b]

Yet Thomas hadn?t shown up the next day, or the next. He kept calling in to say he couldn?t make it, and had no explanation as to why. The paper, though strong without him, needed his editorial support to keep up with our over-booked schedule.

?Lucas, I?m really worried about Thomas.? We were sitting on my couch, watching old Star Wars films that I had forced him to stay and watch.

?Have you tried to get a hold of him?? Lucas glanced down at where I lay cuddled against his chest. A small pang of guilt temporarily flashed through my mind as I thought of Jesse.

?Yes, and he never answers.? I pouted and decided to drop the conversation.

?Heh, look, your favorite part.? Lucas absentmindedly pet my hair.

?Yeah.? I smiled, but only temporarily?the doorbell intercom beeped.

Lucas lifted me away from him, ?I?ll get it.?

?Wait!? I jumped up, causing him to glance at me. I calmed my voice, ?Let me get it?maybe it?s my parents or something.? [I]?but what if it?s really Jesse?[/I]

?All right, go ahead then.? He grinned, and his devilish good looks seemed to radiate around him, ?Want me to hide somewhere??

I laughed, nervously, ?No, just stay in here.? The intercom beeped again before I reached it and pushed the reply button, ?Who is it??

?Dammit, it?s me, it?s cold out here.?

I swore under my breath, ?It?s not the best time, could you come back tomorrow??

?Well ****, Jenna. Let me up.?

?No, please??

?All right, ok?I?ll stop by tomorrow.?

?Thanks, see you then.? I broke the intercom connection.

?Who was it.? Lucas called from the other room.

?Eh, just a salesperson.? I entered the room to find him gazing out the window that overlooked the street.

He watched as Jesse walked towards his car, then turned towards me, his eyes narrowed into slits, ?That doesn?t look like a salesperson to me, Jenna.?

My heart started to beat wildly, ?No, it was.?

?That was the same car that was here a few weeks ago?are they persisting on selling you something?? He took a menacing step towards me, and I backed away. Something in his darkened eyes scared me...[/color]
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[COLOR=indigo]Whoa! this is great! you gotta continue!

Like it's been said before, it feels as if i'm reading a novel. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]yea jenna... dont post it... some of us would enjoy it too much...

o_o that was amazing jenna i mean wow... i dont know y but i am in tears right now... that was awesome girl. and keep it up and if people want the sex sceens send it to them. it would ruin it (or thoughts) for others the illusion of sex is always more powerful then actually have it explained what exactly went on lol.

anyway amazing... and good to know you have dreams *goes and buys the Chicago Sun so he can hire Jenna ;) but damn girl you know how to write... u might be a reporter AND photographer ;)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[color=purple]I stumbled over my words, "No, Lucas..." He was still coming towards me, and I resisted the urge to back away any further.

"Well then someone had better tell me what the hell is going on."

I narrowed my eyes, trying to protect myself, "What are you talking about?"

His voice was dealy calm, "Who was that?" He pointed out the window behind him.

Why was my heart still beating so hard? "A friend."

"So," Lucas smiled in angry amusement, "first a salesperson and now it's a friend." He was far too close to me. I felt familiar panic rising in my throat.

He took hold of my wrist, "Lucas, stop."

"Just tell me who he is."

I was genuinely scared of him...it was that look in his eye...that look that I had seen two years ago..."It's not a big deal!" I pulled my wrist away and stormed off towards my bedroom, "Just go home!"

His response was simple, "Fine." He grabbed his coat and stalked off to the door, "I have no need to see you again."

I stopped and turned around, "Wait?" but he had already slammed the door behind him. Exhausted, I layed down and tried to ignore the tears that fell down my cheeks. I don't think I ever fell asleep.[/color]
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I know I've already said this but...I absolutely love this story!

*big menacing evil voice*: [i][b]I suggest you continue it...[/b][/i]

The thing I like best is the true-to-life feel you're giving it. All the emotions are genuine and the references to things such as food brands that exist now as being old gives it exactly the feeling I think you intended to give it. About the sex scenes: I, for one, completely understand why you wouldn't want to post them. So don't even worry about it at all. It's hella-good without them.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Justin [/i]
[B]I know I've already said this but...I absolutely love this story!

*big menacing evil voice*: [i][b]I suggest you continue it...[/b][/i][/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Hah! If you're trying to intimidate one of the daughters of Bismin royalty, I suggest you try that again.........speaking of Bismin.....SAVE THE TOPIC FROM PAGE TWO!!!![/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue].........speaking of Bismin.....SAVE THE TOPIC FROM PAGE TWO!!!![/COLOR] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]Crap...I'll try to take care of that after I post this...though I'm still confused on the story since Justin already has us up and away from Bismin, and you still have us in a dress shop ON Bismin...I'm too confused to write any more :cross:


[color=purple]I woke suddenly the next morning to find that I [i]had[/i] fallen asleep. I was still in the clothes I had worn the night before and my head was throbbing. [i]You'd think I was up all night drinking...[/i]

"Dammit." I rolled over to find my phone's holo light flashing at me. Caller ID claimed it to be, "Thomas! Where the hell are you? Where have you been?" I had switched on the holo screen only to be greeted by a tired face with swollen eyes, "****, Thomas, what's up?"

His eyebrows creased a worried line on his forehead, "I need you on assignment."


"Tomorrow, I need you to leave tomorrow. I'm sending Steve and Jacob with you. Have you caught any whisper of what's going on in India?"

"India...that governmental upset? I thought that was just a small little stink...nothing big."

"But it is, and that's why I need you there. Foreign press is starting to notice it, but the country is starting to close its borders so travel is restricted."

I rubbed my hands over my face, "Well where are you right now?"

He paused for a few seconds, "New Delhi."

"What? Thomas, you just packed up and left without anyone knowing?"

"No," he shook his head, "no, people know."

Something didn't sit right, "Are you alone?"

"Yes, but I'm staying with other press members."

"Dammit Thomas! As soon as we get over there we're meeting up with you."

"Just be careful, Jenna." He glanced over his shoulder, "I have to go, but I have sent you an email that outlines the details. Please regard them carefully." With that, the connection was broken.

"Argh." I fell back onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. [i]So my editor is in New Delhi, where "supposedly" they're being irritated enough that "disruptions" could soon happen...[/i]

[i]You just returned from Bern, where you came close to getting caught up in an attack...what's so different about this assignment?[/i] "I don't know." I admitted aloud.


I had gathered all of the equipment I planned to take and was skimming the details Thomas sent me before my thoughts ever veered to what had happened last night.

I winced at the fact I had let Lucas scare me...and I [i]cringed[/i] at the fact I had once again messed up something that could have been great. "Ugh, shut up." I cursed the voices in my head, the scene from last night that kept replaying, and finally decided that a hot shower might do me some goddamn good.[/color]
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[color=purple][b]2:30 pm[/b]

The day seemed to fly by. I had already consulted with Jacob and Steve, we had booked a flight together and arraged where we would be staying when we arrived. I knew the reason those two would be going with me was not only because of their excellent photographic skills, but their hair was dark and their skin was of the more exotic color. The would fit in India fairly well.

I personally knew I would have to disguise myself a little better than the two men would, I had [i]sari[/i] garments from a previous assignment, and I had those packed and ready to go.

Jesse hadn't stopped by yet, and I was glad about that. I didn't want to see him today...or anyone, for that matter. The pain of last night was far from dull, and seemed to be hitting me constantly in the gut.

I got annoyed and grabbed my favorite Canon.

Venturing out into the chilly Chicago streets, I started snapping pictures of people, buildings, cars, streetsigns...anything to get my mind off of my current situation. Thank God it worked.

I happily forgot about everything when I was hiding behind a camera lens. I focused only on the world around me...excluded myself from the big picture and blended, suddenly obsolete, into the grey.

It was a content place to be.[/color]
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[color=deeppink]Thanks liam...and thanks Raiha ;)


[color=purple][b]4:00 PM[/b]

Rather than feeling relieved after fading away from the world, I returned to my appartment edgy and unnerved. Those feelings irritated me...thus escalating my bad mood.

I had always been one to give in to foul dispositional phases in my life...and right now I was crumbling under the horrible weight it placed on me. I threw my camera bag?more harshly than intended?onto my couch and stalked up to my loft. I'd develope the rolls I had just taken later.

I slid wearily into my favored leather chair, and stared out the window. Try as I might, I was unable to clear my mind of its constant clutter...I hated how the bad moods would just sneak up on me and linger over my head like a rain cloud.

If there was one thing I couldn't stand most of all, it was when people were mad at me. I was afraid I had completely lost Lucas, no matter how much I saw him as just a small affair. Even losing him as a friend was painful. I laughed?sardonically?at the fact I was going to beat myself up over what had happened until I confronted Lucas and explained myself. I knew him well enough to know he'd eventually give in and listen to me...he wasn't [i]completely[/i] cold hearted at least. [i]What he had said the other night was merely a rash reaction to the blow I dealt him[/i] I decided.

My phone rang. Thinking it was important news from Thomas, I hurried, somewhat grudgingly, out of my seat. I glanced at caller ID and my hand slowly hovered over the [i]recieve[/i] button, contemplating.

I furrowed my eyebrows in a real attempt to decide what to do...[i]To answer, or not to answer, that is the question...[/i][/color]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]and now for a comercial break ;)

errrrrrrrrr u know just when to end it. meany ;)
anyway nice... thou they are getting short... lol... but i cant complain they are a WIP so yea ;)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=indigo]Actually it's perfect she only wrote a little. I have to leave in less than five minutes ;)

Great as always Jenna! [/COLOR]
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