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RPG Star Wars:Rogue Squadron(play!)

9mm Avenger

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Meh, scence only 1 more person needs to join, I thought we'ed start...Missions won't start for 2 pages or so, give one more person time to join.

So start with your opening post! By the way, roomates will be assigned...I'll leave this up to everyone else(just like in the book)

[i]Lieutenant Commander Marth Rigfield walked down the twisting hall-ways of [/i] The Liberator,[i] A Mon Cal Star Cruiser. Finding the simulator, he downlaoaded the package he recived from Admiral Ackbar, and started it up. The simulator package was designed to test every Rogue Squadron member on thier skills as a fighter pilot. The simulator cockpit went black, and then a star field flashed before him. He checked his systems. All green. His R2 astromech droid, Baal, was locked in behind him. Querying the HUD(heads-up-display)he searched for the nearest eyeball. The HUD displayed a negative. Then, a frigate, a corvette three shuttles and three X-Wings popped into the system. Groaning, Marth realized this was the [/i] Redemption[i] scenario, one of the hardest. Voices bubbled on the comm, and he realized this was his teammates talking. Marth opened a comm channel[/i]

Marth:Blue 2 here. All lights green.

[i]Acknoladgements of his readiness gurgled over the comm, as well as the other Blues announced thier readiness. Marth brought his X-Wing in a snap roll that brought his on the upper port side of Blue 3. Suddenly, an Imp firgate launched in-system, launched dupes, and hyped out.[/i]

???:Blue 2, take out those dupes. The rest will cover the [i]Redemption[/i] and the [i]Korolev[/i]

[i]Marth had no idea who said the order, but he double cliked his comm in acknowladgement. Targeting the nearest TIE bomber, Gamma 3, he targeted it with a proton torp. lock. Baal indicated an affirmative lock, and Marth sent the torpedo out. Before the first torp. reached his target, Marth shot another one at Gamme 1. The two dupes illuminated, and Marth was on Gamma 2 and 4 before they knew what was what. Marth juked his X-Wing high left, briging him above Gamma 4. Tilting his stick slighty downwards, Marth opened fire with dual linked cannons. In two shots, the dupe exploded in a ball of fire. Gamma 2 headed for the [/i]Korolev,[i] but Marth painted it with a torp. lock, and fried it.[/i]

???:Blue 2, get back here! That imp Frigate dropped more dupes, this time with eyeballs!

Marth:Roger that!

[i]The TIEs were outnumbered, but the bombers were so deadly. One salvo of missiles each, and the [/i]Korolev[i] was so much junk. The rest of his squadron mates engaged the eyeballs, and fire from the frigate and the corvette lanced out at the dupes, blowing two up. Marth shot one TIE fighter in the back, shredding it's solar panels. The dupes were takin care of, and the TIEs were destroyed. Too easy, Marth thought. Either that, or the frigate and corvette could actually hit something this time. With a shrug, the simulator ended with the message: It'll be way harder next time. Marth hopped out of the sim, and headed twords his quaters. Thinking he would meet his squad mates later, he needed some thime to rest. Laying down, he fell into a half-sleep.[/i]
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Abob teff stepped out of his Tie fighter simulator. He had been vaped again! He ahted playing the bad guys, especially when they had no sheilds, weak lasers and the piliots were considered "expendable" He went to the bar and ate thinking about what the squadron meant to him . He had always wanted to be a part of somehting and this was his big chance....
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[color=teal][i]Seamus walked into the simulator and began his test. The tie fighters were so predictable as he easily picked them off one by one until one swooped around and fired an ion beam blowing Seamus outta the sky. He exited saying i shoulda been more careful. He walked inot the mess hall and bought a drink and sipped it away by himself thinking.......

Seamus: The empires gonna pay for what they did to my family[/i][/color]
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*tursi sits in the bar at a booth alone sipping some corrilean ale and quietly scanning the room.*

Tursi: I wonder if i should get to a simulater now...*looks at the amount of ale she has left.* i've got a half an hour or so left.

*goes back to drinking, a guy comes over to her*

guy: aren't you a little young to be be drinking

Tursi: nope, no if you would be leaving it would do you good.

Guy: why?

*Tursi reminds herself [I]don't let your temper go wack tursi[/I]*

Tursi: nevermind that, i've got to get going.

*tursi walks over to the bar and puts the amount of credits of the table next to the tender*

Tursi: keep the change
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[i]Marth walked for a while, then decided to go down to the hanger.[/i]

Marth:Which X-Wing is mine?

Zraii(a Verpine tech):Bzz....bzz...bzz...!

Marth: :confused: What?

[i]Zraii points to an X-Wing over in the far corner[/i]


[i]Marth looked at his X-Wing, and was greatly impressed. The Verpine were wonderful tech support, having microscopic vision, and a perchant for perfection. Looking at the side, he noticed the kills from his past carrer was on the side of the X-Wing. He was suprised that he actually got credited with the killing of a Victory Class Star Destroyer, and it was painted in bold red paint. Marth smiled. That was a lucky torp. shot. Hopping into the cockpit, he noticed that the HUD had been upgraded, as usual. He opened a channel to the tower[/i]

Marth:This is Lieutenant Commander Marth. Do I have clearance to fly?

Cont. Tower:Roger that. Have a nice flight.

Marth:I will, thanks. Over and out.

[i]Marth flys out of the hanger, and into open space, wanting to get a feel for his new X-Wing..[/i]
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*tursi walks out of the bar and towards the training area.*

Tursi: i've been meaning to take a practice run, nows as good as a time then any.

*Tursi goes into the simulation chamber and jumps into a simulator. Picks a dog fight simulation and a z-95 head hunter.*

Tursi: this will be fun.
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[i]Marth put his X-Wing in a big loop around nothingness, then brought it into a snap-roll back to the planet. Marth smiled....The Verpine techs got this fighter back in perfect shape. Nothing could be better. marth brought his X_Wing back in for a landing.[/i]

Marth:That was sweet.
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[color=purple][i]Jana leaned into the reflection that stared back at her in the reflecting pane. The slim face harbored an ugly bruise below the left eye, and the deeply tanned skin was rudely interupted by a greenblue blotch. Jana scowled, silver eyebrows knotting together, as a man approached from behind.[/i]

Jana: Stay away from me, Mack.

Mack: Have it your way, sister, but you brought that one on yourself.

Jana: Like hell I did. Thanks to your punch there?

Mack: [i]Laughing[/i]...Like you haven't thrown punches at me before.

Jana: Shut up.

[i]Jana stormed out of the room, making her way down the hall to the turbo lift. She needed a good simulator run to help calm all of her damn anger...[/i][/color]
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OOC: *hopes BG's post wasn't based on RL* ><
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
[i]Blank ripped the stick back, adjusting to the inertia of the X-Wing completeing the full loop behind the Tie. Lasers flew bare cenimeters from his upper-right cannon, making Blank curse the programming for the tight weaves of the flight sim. His voice rang out in the stale, darkly-lit "cockpit", muttering some "dammits" and "craps".

With little problem, his lured the Tie Fighter on his Six to fire mindlessly. Using his experience to his best advantage, the X-Wing swerved in mere nanoseconds in time to misplace the ion beam's placement. It rocketted by, then creamed into the Tie Fighter in front of Blank's X-Wing. A crimson flash, and there was but one opponent left.

With a roar, Blank's fighter veered to the right, zooming around the boggie.[/i]

Blank: Click, Click, Boom.

[i]And there were no more targets. The simulator hummed to a cease, Blank immerging from the pit. He slowly walked out of the hall, eyes closed.[/i]

Blank: They never last past two minutes..... Same ol' ****... The always try to gang up on me, but they end up gettin' played like lil' bi*ches... Ugh..
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*Tursi finished her flight simulation with distorying a tie-intercepter and walks out of the building to get some water.*

Tursi: i love the feel of flying, even if its just a simulation.

*tursi sighs and leans against the wall and slides to the floor*

Tursi: but who am i kidding, no one will ever take me siriously.
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Kitell steps out of the flight simulator. Impressived with how realistic it was but still no simulator can capture the true heat of battle. "If I do as good on the battlefield as in the simulator then the imperials should be running for there life." Said kitell
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<<< While the others were off doing there thing so was ACE >>>

Ace: **** .. left wing down??. Must stabblize left wing .. **** !! <<< A loud bang is heard threw out the Bar >>> Damn it !!

Rebel soldier: You'll never beat that game Man!!

Ace: Silent !!! ? <<< spins around and point his finger at the soldier >>> Quarter NOW !!

Rebel Soldier: << Rolls his eyes >> Ace you have WAY to much dramatic flare ??
<<< Hands ace another quarter >>

Ace: I will win this game ? I mean for god sakes am in the Rouge Squadron .. this should be easy.

Rebel Soldier: What are you going to do if the others see you like this ??

Ace: They'll have no clue how long I've been here.

??? Please continue ?.
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[color=deeppink]Don't worry, my post wasn't based on real life ;) _______________[/color]

[color=purple][i]Upon her storming exit from the turbo lift, Jana ran head-on into a solid chest. Recoiling from his steadying grasp, she glanced up at the man she had run in to. He had dark features, in stark contrast to her own, and he smiled at her from under his moustache. Jana lowered her gaze.[/i]

Jana: Excuse me.

?: Sorry about that, didn't see you coming. [i]But he certainly saw her now...she was quite beautiful...he frowned at the bluegreen welt on her cheek.[/i]

Jana: [i][more aside than to the man][/i] Neither did I.

?: I'm Kitell. [i]He offered Jana an outstreched hand which she accepted as politely as she could manage. Her diplomatic skills were severely lacking.[/i]

Jana: I'm Jana.

Kitell: You must be a pilot if you're coming down here to the simulators. I just got done with a good run myself.

Jana: That's nice.

Kitell: Are you here for Rogue Squadron?

Jana: Yes.

[i]Jana eyed him more closely...he was definitely a pilot. They carried themselves differently...with a bit more dignity and pride than others.[/i]

Jana: I assume that's what you're here for too.

Kitell: Indeed it is?

Jana: [i][interupting][/i] If you'll excuse me, I really need to get going.

[i]Kitell raised his eyebrows at the abruptness of the comment, but figured it was something?and someone?that he was going to have to get used to.[/i]

Kitell: All right, see you around.

[i]But Jana had already pushed her way past him and disappeared around the corner.[/i][/color]
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[i]Marth hefted himself up off his chair, and walked out of the bar. He walked down the hallway a bit, and saw who he was looking for.[/i]

Marth:General Antillies!*saluts*

Wedge:Hey Marth...At ease.

Marth:Right...I guess your behind Rogue Squadron's ressurection?

Wedge:*smiles*That I am..Have you met any of your squad mates?

Marth:Uh...No....But I'm heading twords the sims...Mabey they'll be there.

Wedge:Right....*looks at Marth's hair*And this week it's green. How did you ever become anything more than an ill-mannered punk?

Marth:Excellent flying skills.

Wedge:I'll give you that. Me and Han have a bet going. What color will it be next week?

Marth:Red, probably. Well, see you later, General.


[i]Marth heads tword the sims...[/i]

Wedge:Crazy kid....I can definetly see how he's related to Corran..
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Abob awoke from his nap and returned to the simulator. He selected the Redemption senario. He slected the x-wing and started the sim.

He told his computer wingmates to guard the Korlev while he went out to engage the tie bombers at a longer range.

Twenty minutes later he emerged from the sim, furious. He had eliminated all the tie bombers and his wingmates couldnt protect the Korlev from the TIE's! They had all been shot down, letting the now defenceless Korlev be obliterated. He hated computers.

Then he walked down the hall to the bar, looking for a datapad to smash..............
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[color=teal][I]Seamus walks outta the bar and down to the bay where Zypher his R2 unit was working on the engines of his X-Wing. Seamus walked over to Zypher and began to talk to him[/i]

Seamus: Zypher are the engines running ok

Zypher: [in droid] Yes they are working at full capacity

Seamus: Fancy a test

Zypher: Why not then you can complement me on my handy work

[i]Seamus and Zypher board the X-Wing and Seamus glides the ship out through the bay doors and into space. The stars shine brightly over head as Seamus does a few manuevers and fires a few shots at nothing[/i]

Seamus: Zypher you really straightened out the problem with the tagetting scanners

Zypher: Thought I couldn't

Seamus: Laughs naw I new you could but the engines have been pumped up as well its much easier to fly

Zypher: Incoming message from base we'd better turn back

[i]Seamus looks down at his screen and reads he massage[/i]

[Lieutenant Commander Seamus Lei report to the briefing room asap. Signed General Wedge Antillies]

Seamus: Sounds important

[i]Seamus jets his X-Wing back to the hanger bay and makes his way to the briefing room where General Antillis is waiting for him. He enters the room and the general is sitting there waiting for his and he begins to speak to Seamus[/i]

Wedge: Ahhhh Lieutenant Commander Seamus Lei how are you today

Seamus: great i was just in outer space training when you called me

Wedge: Well Seamus I want you to do a bit more flying in the simulator than outside because you need practice against imperial craft so I'm orering you do do 6hrs of flight simulation today and 3 hrs for the next few days understood

Seamus: Yes sir

[i]Seamus walks out into the hall and then on into the simulator room where he meets Marth[/i]

Seamus: Marth whats new

Marth: Nothing just doing a little training, you ???

Seamus: General Antillies ordered me to do 6 hrs of simulations

Marth: well you'd better start

[i]Seamus walks into the simulator and starts the simulation[/i][/color]
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Rebublic Headquaters:

Wedge:So you think this new Squadron will do fine?

Gavin:No doubts about that....All the recruits are the best ever.

Tycho:Yes...They are going on thier first mission soon...To gauge the strenght of the new Imps.

Wedge:That's kind of a suicide run, isn't it?

Tycho:Hopefully they aren't as strong as they used to be..The Outer Rim dosen't give many resources to the Imps.

Wedge:We'll see how they do...If they fail, they fail.

[i]The meeting ends, and the old members of Rogue Squadron depart.[/i]
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When he got to the bar he saw Gavin sitting there looking worried.

Abob, "whats up Gavin?"

Gavin, "the first mission is coming up and i am worried it wont turn out so well.."

Abob, "you dont have confidence in us!"

Gavin, "No , No . It is that you are the best unit we have and i am sure we will suceed but , skill isnt everything, luck can kill the best piliot or the worst. its the affect of death on the squadron i am worried about"

Abob, "oh, i see.."

And abob went back to his quarters to ponder gavins words...
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[color=purple][i]Jana left the level where the sims were, feeling much relieved and much relaxed. Her cheek still stung from where Mack had hit her, but that was something she would deal with later.

For now Jana's mind was on the fact that she'd be meeting all of the new Rogues at 1800 hours. She had already met one of them, Kitell, who seemed nothing short of the stereotypical, roguish pilot. She feared none of them would be much different.

Jana arrived back at her cramped quarters to find a holo message waiting for her. She pressed the play button and a small holo image of General Antilles appeared.[/i]

[i]Wedge[/i]: Just a quick reminder that we're meeting for the first time as a group at 1800...please be there on time. [i]There was a brief smile before the message ended.[/i]

[i]Jana played it back twice, smiling slightly at the General's tiny image.[/i]

'The legendary Wedge Antilles,' [i]she thought to herself[/i], 'such a handsome man...in an outlandish sort of way. It's amazing he hasn't gotten himself killed yet...I'll have to see just HOW good his skills are soon.'

[i]There was a rather loud knock on her door. Jana switched off Antilles' image, touched the release button on the door and it slid open. Mack was standing in front of her, and Jana seemed to contemplate him for a second, biting her lip mockingly.[/i]

Jana: Eh...[i]pretending to think of the right word[/i]...bastard.

[i]With that, she slid the door close and activated the lock. She would hide out until it was time to meet her new comrades.[/i] [/color]
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[i]Marth went away from the sims, and headed for the mess hall, hoping to get Muntudan Porf(don't ask...). Grabbing some food, Marth chose the wrong table to sit at this time.[/i]

Quarren:Yo, pal. This is my table.

Marth:*looks at the Quarren*You can share, can't you?

Quarren:I think not....You see, I don't like humans sitting at [i]my[/i] table.

Marth:Big deal, fish face. Get lost.

[i]without warning, the Quarren lifted Marth off the mees hall table bench, and flung him about five feet, where he landed on some tech staff's meal.[/i]

Marth:That was a big mistake...

Quarren:Mabey..mabey not.

[i]at the nod of the Quarren's head, two humans seem to materialize beside him.[/i]

Marth:A trader...

Quarren:That's right...And you should have listened.

[i]Marth takes a quick look at the two human thugs the Quarren trader had summoned.[/i]

Marth(thinking):Two muscle bound wanna-bes. This could get ugly.

[i]As a huge crowd formed around Marth and the two huge humans, one of the thugs bounded at Marth, swinging his fist in a downward motion. Marth lept aside, just as the thug's fist smashed the table in two.[/i]

Marth(thinking):Not good...Thier gentetically enhanced.

[i]While the gentically enhanced bully was trying to extract his hand from the ground, Marth leapt up, landing on his assiliant's skull. Marth heard a pop, and he quickly leaped off his opponent's skull. The thug smashed into the ground, but quickly got back up. The pop was from someone opening a can of carbonated soda. Grimacing, Marth ducked low under a fast kick, and lashed out with his foot. Marth's boot hit the thug in the knee, sending him smashing into the ground again. A table whirred at his head, and he quickly sidestepped it.[/i]

Marth(thinking):These guys are playing for keeps!

[i]As the second bully closed in, the Republic Security Fprce chose this moment to arrive. With a wave of his hand, the Quarren made his human fighters snap into a sort of semi-concius state, like they were not even alive unless he told them to be. Suddenly, the Quarren started clapping[/i]

Quarren:I am known only as Tuz. And I wish to congradulate you on not being mashed into the ground by my cyborgs.

Marth:Aren't those illegal....And inhumane?

Tuz:They were...But only to those who don't have the credits.

Security Officer:Alright, I've heard enough. All three of you, your under arrest.

Marth:Not me...?

Officer:No...If a nutorius criminal haden't started it, you would have been.

[i]Slightly dazed, Marth made his way back to his cabin. A small message from Wedge appeared, reminding his to be at the briefing room at 1800 hours. Marth started to get changed, wanting to appear the least bit impressive for the meeting.[/i]
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[i]As Marth absentmindedly twirled his finger around in his green hair, he wandered the halls, sub-conciously making his way to the briefing room to meet the other Rogues. He'd already met Seamus, who he bet was still sitting in a sim. Marth wandered by the Main Hanger, still thinking about what being a Rogue would bring to him.[/i]

Marth(thinking):[i]Uncle Corran always keeps talking about two things...CorSec and Rogue Squadron. I think if he had the option, he would have married them! But he always said being a Rogue was never easy, but to trust your instincts, and what you think is right. I guess that sort of rings true.[/i]

[i]Marth turned the corner to the briefing room...[/i]
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<<<< After losing three more times to the stupid video game Ace appeared to have given up >>>>

Soldier: Hey Ace!!

Ace: Gary!! << Ace Stands and gives the soldier a hug >>

Soldier: It's been along time man.

Ace: How did you get outta the empire?

Soldier: Secretly joined them.

Ace: Sweet ***** man !!

Soldier: O hey I was sent to tell you to meet in the beriefing room at 1800 hours kay.

Ace: What for ??

Soldier: Your meeting the other members soon.

Ace: << Sighs >> Damn it.

Soldier: What's wrong man ??

Ace: Other plots never seem to like me ? I'll hate this one.

Soldier: Hey cheer-up man ?.. they'll see how cool of a guy you are ?

Ace: << Rolls his eyes >> yeah right !?!

Soldier: Hey I have to go now .. but be positive.

Ace: Fine I will. I will ?

<<< The two hug again then Ace's old friend leaves >>>

Ace: Knowing my luck there'll all want to kill me.

<< Takes a drink >>

Ace: << Sighs >> O well ?. Its not my job to be liked just be a team player ? << Sighs >> but it sure helps if you like the people your teamed-up with ??. I'll just try to be professional ????????. << Begins to laugh >>> That was a good one .. O god I crack my self up .. Professional ME !!! HA !!!
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Abob decided to go to the sim one last time before he went back to his quarters to arrange his belongings.

He decided to be a x-wing in the sim and this time and selected the second death star run .

His veiw screen flashed as the fighter came out of hyperspace. He immeaditly rolled out of the way of a nearsuicidal TIE piliot. He flew off towards the imperial fleet but before he could start straifing the star destroyers four groups of tie fighters flying in the box formation (four ties to a box, four mini boxes arranged in a larger box) He sighed and sent a proton torpedo into the middle of the formation obliterating all the ties.

Then the sim went dark and the top popped open and a announcement over the comm speaker said....................
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