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RPG Maverick Hunters: Replimasters


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[I]A massive explosion is heard from the holographic simulator... The door opens, bellowing smoke and such out into the corridoor.. Flash and Warlock come stubling out, both very exhausted and damaged after their training session... The both slowly make their way to the Infirmary, where the both enter recovery and repair (RR) capsules... After 10 minutes or so, both of them are back in tip-top shape, fully operational... The capsules slide open, and the two Veteran Hunters step out...[/I]

Flash: Man, that was nuts.. Good match though.

Warlock: Indeed.. But hell, we gotta not do it so hard next time, I thought I was dead after that last one..

Flash: Heh heh, same here...

[I]The two leave the infirmary, and head towards Commander Signas' office... They pass a few other hunters, most of which are rookies, newly transferred here from other parts of the world... The demand for maverick hunters was huge these days, with the world the way it is... They continued walking down the passageway, finally reaching the annex of the base... They pass exits for the armoury, dorm, garage, library, and simulation deck... They reach the main turn off, the route to the Commanders Office. They walk in, noticing that there's not even anyone on guard duty...[/I]

Signas: Ahh, Flash, Warlock, good morning..

Flash: G'morning, Commander..

Signas: We're in a tight spot. I don't even have guards for the main doors anymore..

Warlock: We're that low on recruits, huh?

Signas: I'm afraid so... However.. There are more pressing matters at hand...

Flash: Such as?

Signas: It appears someone hacked our main system database... again.

Flash: Again? It only happened 2 months ago... And now again? We need better firewall protection..

Signas: We have the finest in the world... But this hacker is good. VERY good. Rumour has it he actually makes the firewalls..

Warlock: I see...

Signas: But the point is.. Last time, they stole all our information on Dr. Wily's robot masters... As you can imagine, that data was very precise, thanks to you two, and your extensive knowledge...

Flash: Aww, you're making me blush..

Signas: You can't blush. You're a robot.

Flash: Touche.

Signas: Anyway, this time, it appears they've been accessing files about our weaponary and such...

Warlock: That's why we don't keep information about things like THIS on database..

[I]Warlock quickly morphs his hand into his black Hellspawn buster, gleaming with a red flare, before transforming back into his gloved hand... Flash looks at Signas, activating his Terra Fatalis beam sabre from under his wrist, and then turning it back off...[/I]

Signas: That's right... Has these hackers gotten information on either of those weapons, we could very well be doomed... But that's beside the point. We fear that something VERY bad is soon to happen... You two, go throughout the base, and get everyone you can back here... Alot of Hunters are already assigned to missions abroad, but there are some here who aren't. Gather up the best we have, and bring them back to my office, ASAP...

[I]Warlock and Flash both casually salute Signas, and walk out of his office, in search of any available hunters in the base...[/I]
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[size=1][i]As Flash and Warlock are in search for other Hunters, Slash among many others are waiting for an assigned mission as they ponder around the building.[/i]

Warlock: So Flash how many members do you think we are gonna recruit?

Flash: I don't know maybe 5, 6, 9, whatever the amount of members we are gonna recruit, the main thing is that were gonna need top quality workers.

Warlock: Ya got that right.

[i]Flash and Warlock continues to hunt for Hunters to recruit, suddenly they stop moving and stared down an Hunter pondering around.[/i]

Flash: Hmmm..... who's that young lad?

Warlock: I surely don't know the guy, but from his appearance he seems to an strong hunter.

Flash: Well, only one way to find out.

[i]Flash and Warlock approaches the Hunter.[/i]

Flash: Hey there fellow lad, are you assigned to any task?

Hunter: Not yet, but I am anxious to be assigned by one.

Flash: Good maybe you can join us on our mission?

Hunter: I'm up for it.:)

Warlock: Thanks! May we ask what is your name?

Slash: The names Slash, James Slash.....uh I mean just Slash.:toothy:

Flash: Slash eh? I like it, it ryhmes with my name.

Slash: Uh....yeah! :therock:

Warlock: Ahem, anyways welcome aboard Slash!

Slash: Heh thanks, so whats our mission?

Flash: Don't worry we will tell you along the way as we search for more hunters.

[i]Flash, Warlock, and an new ally Slash continues on thier way to search for new hunters.[/i][/size]
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Da[u]m[/u]n, someone beated me to the posting point... And I had such a good post too... *snaps fingers* Now, hopefully [i]this[/i] post will make sense...

[I]The three continued to wander around, until they reached the annex of the base...[/I]

Warlock: "Listen, I think we should split up. After an hour or two of searching, go to the Commander's office with whoever you find, okay?"

Flash: "Fine with me."

Slash: "Same here."

Warlock: "Well, I'll be off."

[I]Warlock seperated from the group, and walked over to the exit to the armoury, and proceeded down the corridor... After passing several doors to side rooms, Warlock reached a large door, "Armoury" printed in large black letters above it...[/i]

Warlock: "I think I know who's gonna be in here..."

[I]Warlock walked up closer to the door, and it slid open... And he was instantly greeted by the sight of Drake arguing with one of the Armoury Robots... [/i]

Drake: "What do you mean you can't give my buster that missile upgrade!? I DESERVE a missile upgrade!"

Armoury Robot: "One, we don't have enough personal to carry out an upgrade, and two, we'd have to upgrade half of your body to let you have a missile upgrade."

Drake: "Well then do that! Just give me the da[u]m[/u]n missile upgrade! Do you know how many Mavericks out there deserve to be missiled!?"

Armoury Robot: "I've already told you, y-"

[I]Warlock, already sick of the arguement, walked over, and stood in between the two [/i]

Warlock: "Drake, would you stop hassling him for a missile upgrade!?"

Drake: "But I want a missile up-"

[I]Warlock quickly unhooked his Cossack Sabre, flicking it on...[/I]

Drake: "...I'll get a missile upgrade some other time..."

Warlock: "Good."
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what...Oh..I signed up for this, didn't I? Here goes..

[i]Marth reached onto the table, and picked up the wrench. He tightened a few screws in his other arm, and it felt better. Marth had been bulding himself every scence he regained full conciusness, over two years ago. It had been a long frustrating process, and there had been times he wished soneone would just come and dismantle him. He coulden't even remember who built him. All he knew is that he was in the bottom of a large lab, inhabited by other reploids. He knew this because thier spent energy and fuel cells were often thrown down the trash shute, and Marth used these to replinish his energy. He had built his own Buster, and while faulty, it still worked. He had tested it a few times, only to blow up some of the furnace room he was in. He often heard the other reploids living here, and tried to shout at them, but they never heard. Now that his arduous construction was done, he could find out who he was, where he lives, and most of all, who are the other reploids living here.[/i]
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[i]Drake raised his right hand, forming the Fox-III Buster quickly, and began to walk out of the Armory with Warlock.[/i]

Drake: "So, what brings you snoopin' 'round here?"

Warlock: "We need to gather up some Mavrick Hunters and report to the Commander's office."

Drake: "Right. So, where to next?"

Warlock: "Shooting Range..."

Drake: "Can I take a few field tests while we're there?"

Warlock: "No."

Drake: "Ah, crap."
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YAY! JAMEZAH WANTS TO JOIN! YAY! And I would let you join, James.. But I also need a backing-up vote from Warlock and Flashy...o.o;;;;;; But, I myself invite you to join. We need some good members.....o.o;;;;;;
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i]
[B][size=1]Hm, is it too late to join? Perhaps my character can be new, given that I'll have to learn as I go along...lol[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Yes James, if you're involved, it's [i]never[/i] too late to join. Though I'd prefer it if you went this RPG's sign-up thread... And because I'm so nice, here's the link:[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9704]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9704[/URL]

There you go all gracious leader...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]

Yes James, if you're involved, it's [i]never[/i] too late to join. Though I'd prefer it if you went this RPG's sign-up thread... And because I'm so nice, here's the link:[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9704]http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9704[/URL]

There you go all gracious leader... [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Alrighty, no problem. Anyway, on with the RPG...I won't interrupt anymore. (I suspect that Dark_Apocalypse will be kicked out sometime soon lol).[/size]
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You've just proved James' statement.

I did sign up.... thought I'm not exactly sure if I'm allowed to join yet...... but I'll post my intro, and if I'm denied, I'll delete it and be out of your way.

Flash walked along a corridor, into the resreach facilities. He went into the 'Animal robotics archives'. He knew exactly who was going to be in here, because the person never left there unless he was on an assignment.

The door to the archives slid open with a 'swooshing' sound. Flash stepped into the room. There were countless rows of files and books on Animal anatomy, muscles, DNA, everything that neded to be studied in order to create an Animal robot. Then there were the files and documents on early robotic prototypes, early succesful models, and specific abilities of Aniaml robotics.

Flash looked about for a short time, until he came across a robot scrouinf a book, standing in the middle of the row labelled 'Early Robotic Canine's N-Z'. Flash approacked the rocot, a smile breaking across his face.

Flash: What a surprise to see you here......

Omega: It's amazing........ they have data on every single robotic animal throughout time....... except Treble......... it's so typical.

Flash: Yeah well, these are supposed to be the best collection of files in the world......... if it's not here, then it's probably not anywhere.

Omega: It's gotta be somewhere..........

Flash: What's your obsession with that dog anyway?

Omega: My primary programming objective is to find; or construct my own version of Treble using the original blueprints. This is something I want to do.......... so I wont let them change my programming....... I know how much better it will make me.

Flash: Yeah well............ you up for an assignment?

Omega: Sure I suppose..... It'll help let off some frustration. Lead the way........

And so Flash and Omega left the archives, and headed along to the technician area.
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[size=1]I hope this doesn't conflict too much with what's going on...I'm kind of fast forwarding a little bit.[/size]

[i]Flash's internal clock signalled that the time was 8:30pm. He realized that the Proteus Unit would be waking up soon. With that in mind, he began to make his way toward the Experimental Engineering Department.

The huge solid steel doors slid open upon a retinal scan, and Flash stepped into the cool, dark room.

The room was dead silent. The only noise to be heard was a faint humming sound being emitted by a large capsule at the other end of the room. The capsule was fairly non-descript; it had no specific markings which would indicate anything special. But Flash knew better -- within this capsule was arguably Dr. Light's most unique project.

The capsule had five lights on the front. The lights had started out red and progressively changed to green as the unit on the inside charged.

All the lights were now green.

Flash pushed a single button on the cover of the capsule and a small monitor slid out from the left hand side. Flash stared into the monitor as it scanned his retinas. With an audible "click", the capsule cover unlocked and slid upwards, revealing its contents.

On the inside was what looked like a young man of about 17 or 18. His eyes were closed and his grey suit was lifeless. The only sign of activity was a small red light on the man's neck.

Flash reached in and put his hand on the man's neck. He felt around for a moment until he felt a small undulation in the skin and pressed down firmly with two fingers.

He stepped back and waited. For a moment, nothing happened. And then, only a few seconds later, the man's large eyes began to open slowly.

The large blue eyes stared at Flash for a moment. They then slowly looked around the room, examining its contents. Then they blinked once.

The man smiled and stepped out of the capsule. He stood motionless in the middle of the room, looking forward.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] Hello P-120x.

[b]P-120x:[/b] Hello, sir.

[i]Flash waved his hand infront of the man's eyes, which followed every movement.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] Welcome home. How do you feel?

[b]P-120x:[/b] I feel is very energetic.

[b]Flash:[/b] Hmm...

[i]Flash realized that the robot had only just woken. And thus, it needed further interaction with others in order to develop its social and language skills. Furthermore, Flash noticed that the robot was completely bald -- something he couldn't see when it was in the dark capsule.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] You have no hair...

[b]P-120x:[/b] Oh. I are apologize.

[i]The robot closed his eyes. Flash saw faint lines appearing on the robot's neck. They were glowing bright blue, like lit-up veins underneath his skin. The veins slowly creeped their way upwards over the sides of his head and to his scalp.

Thousands of small blue lights appeared on the robot's scalp. And suddenly, thin blue strands of fibre began to emerge from each light. The fibres looked exactly like black hair, except that every few seconds, a shimmer of bright blue light would race through them.

After only a few seconds -- and with a full head of optical-fibre hair -- the robot opened his eyes again.

He smiled at Flash.[/i]

[b]P-120x:[/b] I are intended for social interactions.

[b]Flash:[/b] Oh yes...we need to get you out there with the others, don't we? Hm, well...follow my lead. :)

[b]P-120x:[/b] Yes, follow your leads.

[i]Flash grinned. Despite the fact that this robot was no doubt a technical marvel, it seemed to have a screw loose in the brains department. He hoped that it wouldn't take too long for the machine to absorb some common sense from those around it...[/i]
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[I]Warlock and Drake wandered down a hallway, passing some of the labs, when up ahead, Flash walked out ofa room, a strange robot following him...[/I]

Drake: "How is [i]that[/i]?"

Warlock: "No idea... I've never seen him before... But... He does seem familiar..."

[I]Warlock and Drake pursued Flash and the new robot, until they were walking right behind them...[/I]

Warlock: "A-hem..."

[I]Flash spun around, surprised at Warlock and Drake's appearence, but happy none the less... [/I]

Flash: "Hey. So, who have you found?"

Warlock: "Just Drake here so far. And who's he?"

Flash: "Oh, he's P-120x."

Warlock: "Um..."

Flash: "Yet another of Dr Light's unknown projects... I found him a day ago..."

Warlock: "Hmmm... Dr Light you say? No wonder he looks familiar..."

Drake: "What do you mean?"

Warlock: "Well, you know how I was built by Dr Light? Well, I was kinda 'surveillance' for the lab for quite a few years... If my memory serves me right, I remember seeing Dr Light work on him. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if I have some of his abilities, thoughI do doubt it... But anyway, do you understand now Drake?"

Drake: "I lost you around the 'know' bit..."
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[b]Flash:[/b] In any case, I think his code name is a bit raw...I mean, he should have a name like the rest of us.

[b]Warlock:[/b] Agreed.

[b]Flash:[/b] Hmm...well, he [i]is[/i] a Proteus Unit...

[b]Warlock:[/b] Proteus?

[b]Flash & Drake:[/b] Yep!! :D

[i]Flash turned to Proteus.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] Your name is Proteus...understand?

[b]Proteus:[/b] Yes. I understand.

[b]Flash:[/b] Heh, you gotta lighten up a little...

[b]Warlock:[/b] Ah don't worry, he'll be talking normally in no time. It took me a while to get the hang of life...

[b]Flash:[/b] Yeah. In the meantime, we should keep him close by...and teach him a thing or two. I'd hate for him to fall into the wrong hands...or should I say, to be influenced by the wrong people.

[b]Warlock:[/b] Agreed.
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[SIZE=1]I'm a bit late, I forgot about it... but I'm here now :)


[i]Nova saw a group of four people just along the corridor, they were probably Hunters. He was always longing to go on a mission with hunters, since his memory data-bank had nearly been totally wiped he had become very curious.

He walked up the corridor to the group and spoke.[/i]

Nova: Are you guys hunters?

Flash: We ([i]he indacted to himself and Warlock[/i]) are Hunters, these ([i]he signalled at Proteus and Drake[/i]) are rookie Hunters signed up today.

Nova: Ah, and who are all of you.

Flash: I'm Flash, that's Warlock, the one next to him is Drake, and this here is Proteus.

Nova: Nice to meet you all, I'm Nova.

Proteus: Nice meet to you.

Nova: Is Proteus defective? His speech isn't all too good.

Flash: Oh he's fine, just awoken. So he needs to interact with other people to re-define his speech.

Nova: Indeed... Would it be possible to join with you on the next mission you have planned?

Walock: Yeah, sure come along. The more we have, the better hunting succession we have. Flash?

Flash: You can join. Do you have you any past memories of Hunting?

Nova: No... my data-banks were wiped... 50 years ago, when I was made. But I managed to recover some of my history.

Flash: You're a Reploid, right?

Nova: Correct, but I cannot recall any information on Hunting. Sorry..

Warlock: It's ok, we'll just have to teach you everything we know, right Flash?

Flash: Yeah.

Nova: So, when's the next mission?[/SIZE]
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[i] Warlock was just about to say something when a small red light on his right wrist began to beep... Warlock just stared at it, as if not believing... Suddenly, he began to run in the direction of the base's sensor station...[/i]

Warlock: "I'll be back in a while... I've got business to attend to."

[I]Warlock sped through the corridors, almost knocking over several other hunters... Within a minute he had arrived outside the Sensor Department, and rubbing his forehead, opened the door and walked through... The room was full of equipment, several Reploids rushing around between them, and relaying information into their head-mics... He smiled as a small green reploid came up to him, giving him a datacard...[/I]

Green Reploid: "We picked up the signal a few minutes ago... It seems to fit with your report."

Warlock: "So, where exactly is this?"

Green Reploid: "The remanants of an old lab... We picked up the signal not long after sensing another unusual signal."

Warlock: "Wait... This is Dr Light's lab..."

[I]Warlock stared down at the daapad, then up at the green reploid...[/I]

Warlock: "Thanks."

[I]And without another word, Warlock teleported away... Destination: The remains of Dr Light's lab...[/I]
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[i]Flash's internal clock signalled that the time was now 9:00pm.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] Okay well...it's 9pm guys, it's pretty late.

[b]Drake:[/b] What should we do?

[b]Nova:[/b] Hmm, I feel like doing some weapons training...

[b]Flash:[/b] At this time of night?!

[b]Nova:[/b] Why not?

[b]Flash:[/b] Heh, Warlock and I just did some training earlier on.

[b]Nova:[/b] Oh. Well how about we all take a walk in the gardens outside? Can't be anymore boring than being in here...

[b]Flash:[/b] Yeah, alright...might as well. You never know, something might happen.

[b]Drake:[/b] Well I guess, if anything...we can test out some of Proteus' abilities. I mean, we can see if he can walk on air/water and all that stuff...

[b]Flash:[/b] Yeah, and I guess the experience will do him some good...
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[size=1][i]After all the searching Slash went through, the hunters he dropped by were either assigned on another task or still needed training for the difficult mission.Slash was exhausted with all the searching so he decided to rest up along a wall.

Suddenly a powerful blast hitted a wall upstairs making a large impact, Slash wonder what it was so he gotted up and went upstairs to check things out.[/i]

Reploid: Oh dear god! There goes another room destroyed by one of our own.

[i]Slash surprised by the damage that the room had recieved.[/i]

Slash: Uh..... excuse me, may I ask what happened here?

Reploid: Some reploid name "Marth" accidently blew up this room with his buster.

Slash: Gee, this guy sounds strong.

Reploid: Heh, I guess you can say that afterall Marth have been with us for quite a time now.But don't worry Marth do this all the time so its not a major problem to be concerned with.

Slash: Heh, I see.Anyways where did this "Marth" guy go after the impact?

Reploid: Ummm... If I remember correctly, Marth went upstairs into the the Training Session to practice.

Slash: All right, Thanks!

Reploid: No problem.:)

[i]Slash walked across the hallway and up the stairs into the Training Room, unexpectedly he saw Flash, and a few other hunters.[/i]

Flash: Ah..... you finally made it up here Slash, founded any new members to join our crew?

Slash: Well... they were all booked up on another task, but I did hear about this reploid name "Marth".

Flash: Marth? You're talking about this guy?

[i]Flash points to Marth.[/i]

Slash: Uh...I haven't exactly seen his face yet so I wouldn't know how Marth look liked.

Marth: I am the only reploid in this building name Marth, so this points out that I am the person you are talking about.

Slash: Ah nice to meet you, I heard that you accidently blew up the room below and my you got quite a powerful buster to do such damage to a room.

Marth: Oh that, heh I always do that when I train its a mistake that often occurs.As for my buster I've been upgrading it everytime whenever I have a chance.

Slash: Oh so that explains why it have caused such a powerful damage.

Marth: Heh.

Flash: Alright well now that you guys met, let me introduce you to Drake, and Proteus.

[i]Flash points to both Drake and Proteus.[/i]

Proteus: Hi, to nice meet you!

Drake: Hey there nice to meet you!

Slash: Nice to meet you both too. Ummm... I don't wanna sound rude or anything but whats with that guys grammer?

Flash: It's a long story, I'll tell you after the training.:)[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dark_Apocalyps [/i]
[B]"Hey can I train with u guys?"

Flash: "Who are you?"

"Im titan. Well can I? And dont tell me your names I know them allready."

Drake: "Well Flash what do you suppose we do?" [/B][/QUOTE]

Dark_Apocalyps, I shall be blunt. Stay out of my RPG. Stay out of all my RPGs.

Flash: Wait a minute, wait a minute. We can't go for a stroll in the garden right now. And training is out of the question too... Commander Signas is expecting us...

Proteus: Ahh, Commanding Signas. He is owning our base, isn't him?

Flash: Is it just me or is your speech getting worse?

Proteus: What you say?

Flash: Nevermind. We'll sort you out later... For now, we have to report back to Commander Signas... [i](looks around)[/i] And where the hell is Warlock? Bah, no time to worry about it. We're late..

[I]Flash leads the others back to Commander Signas' office... The double doors swing open, revealing Signas standing behind his desk with several strategists, all pointing and refering to a massive map... Flash clears his throat, and Signas turns around... He attempts a weak smile, but can't... His face shows worry and anxiety...[/I]

Flash: Signas? What's wrong?

Signas: Flash, it turns out that the information stolen was indeed used to construct Reploid replicas of Wily's robot masters... Only this time, infected with a powerful strain of the Maverick Virus...

Flash: Just as I feared..

Signas: Flash, reports of these 'Replimasters' are appearing all over the world..

Flash: Say no more, Sir. Leave this to me and my.. 'squad'...

[I]Flash turns around, signalling to the Hunters standing behind him... Nova, Drake, Proteus, Omega, Slash and Marth... Warlock is still nowhere around, though... Signas raises an eyebrow...[/I]

Signas: Only... 7 of you?

Flash: 8 with Warlock, Sir.

Signas: Perhaps I should call for X and Zer--

Flash: That will NOT be nessescery, Commander... I can handle this.

Signas: ...Any sign of trouble, and I'll call in Hunter squads 17 and 0, understood?

Flash: ...Yes sir...

[I]Flash halfheartedly salutes Signas, and exits his office... He brings up a small holographic map of the world, with the known locations of the Replimasters on it... They were widespread alright... But why? Flash had no idea, but he intended to find out... If anyone knew anything about Robot Masters, it was him...[/I]

Flash: Alright, everyone... Let's head to the Armoury, and then the garage. I want everyone to download full weapons specs onto your Busters, grab any armour and various other upgrades you want, maybe even an X or Z sabre. This is a long trip we're going on, and we may be without any backup for a long time... We have to be totally ready..

[I]The group of hunters head towards the Armoury, lead by Flash, who is still wondering where Warlock is...[/I]
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[I]Omega: I don't suppose there's a Treble in the armoury?

Flash: Haha.... you know the answer to that......

Omega: Well it's the best was to get me upgraded.

Proteus: What be Treble?

Omega: Oh........ well my design is very similar to the robot called Bass.

Proteus: I is got detailed files on Bass.

Omega: Well, you know then that he had a robotic canine that he could transform with called....

Proteus: Treble.....

Omega: Exactly. And I was to be activated at the instant Bass was destroyed, and then my primary objective was to find Trbele.... or contruct an exact replica of my own.

Proteus: In which case you will need the blueprints.......

Omega: Exactly.

The gang suddenly arrived at the armoury. Grins spread across their faces. Upgrades galore, they could ransack the place, getting the best upgrades they could find.

Flash: Lets go gentlema.......... ugh, gentle....... umm........ oh hell to it. Lets just get in there.......

With that, Flash flung the double to the armoury doors open...... clean off the wall, as they were supposed to slide open like auotmatic doors.

Flash: Oops........

Everyone headed off towards different sections of the armoury, Omega firstly heading to the Buster section, hoping to get a faster slide lock for his 'Diablo' Buster, so it could work on Semi-automatic settings.[/I]
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[SIZE=1][i]Nova went over to the sabre section, seeing as his buster was already customly made to it's full extent.

He glanced at a whole shelf of X Sabres, instantly he grabbed two and clipped them into his belt.[/i]

Nova: Hey Omega, do you know if they have exploding shells here?

Omega: Yeah, just over there ([i]he pointed to the buster section[/i])

Nova: Alright, thanks.

[i]Nova went over and examined the shells, he took 2 clips of 25.[/i]

Nova: Hmm... I need some shoulder-pads now, I haven't got any..

[i]He looked at some various shoulder pads, but eventually went with some Reinforced Titanium "Taran" red and black shoulder-pads. He put them on, they were heavy but he guessed that they would be very strong and useful too...[/i][/SIZE]
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[i]Proteus walked over to a computer terminal which was attached to a nearby wall. He busily typed on the keyboard for a few moments.[/i]

[b]Flash:[/b] Hey Proteus...what are you doing?

[b]Proteus:[/b] I are downloading speech and language files for is my internal data bank.

[b]Flash:[/b] Oh.

[i]Proteus stepped away from the keyboard and walked toward a switchboard next to the computer.

He stood still and closed his eyes. Almost immediately, his strange, fibreous hair receeded into his scalp, leaving him bald once again. He reached up and put his hand on the top of his head. Then he pressed his middle finger down firmly.

Proteus took his hand away. A faint whirring sound could be heard by the others as a small black circle appeared on the top of his head. The circular area opened up like a trapdoor, to reveal glowing blue cords and circuitboards underneath.

Proteus reached over to the switchboard and pulled out a small plug with a cord attached to it. He plugged the cord into the opening on his head.

His eyes were still closed. The video screen on the wall was displaying a loading sequence. It appeared that Proteus was downloading everything from spelling and grammer to humor and sarcasm.

Finally, the loading stopped. Proteus pulled the plug out of his head, pushed the circular portion of his scalp back down and regrew his glistening fibre hair.

He turned around to face the others.[/i]

[b]Proteus:[/b] Ahh, [i]much[/i] better!

[b]Flash:[/b] Heh, you're alright?

[b]Proteus:[/b] Yeah. Finally I can speak properly. I also downloaded some weapons information -- just incase.

[b]Omega:[/b] Cool...well, are you going to get weapons or what?

[b]Proteus:[/b] I don't need weapons.

[b]Omega:[/b] Wha?

[b]Proteus:[/b] My weapons are already with me. I have an adaptive buster on my arm...and a hand blaster in my thigh compartment. My buster is completely adaptive, so I don't need to download any special settings for the time being -- it already contains around 50 different presets.

[b]Omega:[/b] But you [i]can[/i] download new weapon settings if necessary?

[b]Proteus:[/b] Correct.

[b]Drake:[/b] So what if you wanted to morph your adaptive arm into a bazooka...I mean, what's stopping you from doing stuff like that?

[b]Proteus:[/b] It doesn't work like that. For starters, I have to download the appropriate program codes to my limb...so that it physically knows how to change into the desired weapon. But moreover, I can't change it into something which is any larger than my current buster -- to do so would require physically more metal. My arm can change its current properties in order to change shape...but only if the replacement weapon posesses the same or less metal content.

[b]Drake:[/b] Er...yea. :drunk:

[b]Flash:[/b] Alright, enough chatter...I want everyone to make sure that they have the right weapons...
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[SIZE=1]Flash: Has everyone got their weapons?

Everyone: Yeah.

Flash: Alright then, let's go.

Proteus: Where is our next destination?

Flash: Not a long distance from here, north-east, but the climate is tundran wasteland. Extremely cold and hard to navigate in.

Nova: I'm sure we'll be fine.

Drake: What's our transport to get there?

Flash: A couple of speeders, we really can't wait for Warlock any longer... do any of you have any ideas where he's gone?

Proteus: I have no idea...

Flash: Oh well, we have to go now... no point hanging around here for god knows how long for someone who's dissapeared somewhere.

Nova: I agree, let's head over to the Speeder Hanger and depart.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][i]Slash quickly upgraded his S.Buster from the computer, and grabbed himself a Z-Saber along with a Falcon Armor.[/i]

Slash: Hey guys wait up for me!

Drake: Heh there goes Slash.

Slash: Whew! I finally got to you guys.

Proteus: You upgraded all your weapons yet?

Slash: Yeah, it took a while but I upgraded it. I thought you guys were gonna leave me behind so I had to hurry.

Flash: Don't worry we wouldn't leave anyone behind.

Nova: Now can we leave for the mission?

Flash: All right off we go now, wherever Warlock is, I'm sure he'll catch up with us later.[/size]
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[i]Marth wanders down the armory, looking at all the weapons...[/i]

Marth:What a slection...Shop smart, shop S Mart..

[i]Marth upgrades his buster to carry Mark II Concussion Shells, and takes three clips of 50. He grabs a Z Saber, a red one so it matches his armor...And thinking about armor, he upgrades his boots so they each have a Pheonix Anti-Grav. Jets. Pleased with his selection, he heads tword the hanger.[/i]

[i]At the hanger...[/i]

Flash:Okay, everyone in!

[i]They board the speeder as Marht runs into the hanger, but the speeder takes off.[/i]

Marth:Aw, crap!

[i]Marth starts running, catching up with the slow starting speeder, then activates his jet boots. Shooting up onto the roof of the speeder, he shouts inside:[/i]


[i]The door swings open, and Marth hops inside..[/i]
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