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Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Who's your fave Whose Line person? In order of how attractive I find them, my list is:
1: Ryan Stiles
1.5: Colin Mochrie
2. Brad Sherwood
3. Tony Slattery
4. Niall Ashdown
5. Rory Bremner
6. Chip Esten
7. Greg Proops
8. Wayne Brady
The reason Colin gets 1.5 is becase he's as cute as Ryan + Brad, so he's in between. I watch both the American and British versions, but I find the British to be much better. It just bugs me how Drew joins in on the end games. I only watch the Drew Carey Show because it has Ryan-chan on it. So, chat here 'bout the show, blah, blah,blah...
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Well I don't like cheese, so thats certainly out of the question!

But really, my favorite people on that show are Ryan Stiles... I like Tony and Chip too but not as much... Colin always great esspecially with Ryan... and Wayne has his good qualities, although his parts on the show, the singing and stuff, seem to be my least favorites.
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[quote][i]Originally posted by Transtic Nerve[/i]
[b]Colin always great esspecially with Ryan...[/b][/quote][color=indigo]:blush: You can imagine what I thought that meant at first... hehe..

Anyway, Ryan Stiles is by far the best of the show. He was the one who started the idea of picking on the host :p And he seems to put in the most hilarity to the show. Colin comes in at a close second.

In my opinion, Wayne tries too hard, and I find that really annoying. With Ryan and Colin it is much more natural.

Also, for those of you who said Wayne was one of the originals.. well, you're wrong. He didn't join the show until it came to America. It was originally in England. Ryan and Colin were the two originals that are still on the show today. They were accompanied by Greg Proops, and this other guy I can't remeber the name of... I think it was Chip Esten. And then occasional there was that one girl.[/color]
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As you could tell from my other post, I like Ryan best. He's totally adorable. One time on WliiA, the scene for "Scenes from a Hat" was "things that would cause Drew to do a spittake" so Ryan dragged Colin down and kissed him. After that in last period social studies on a Friday, my friend and I came up with a "Spittake Drew Carey" doll that spits out water when you squeeze it. Then we thought up a jingle for it. :D I like to read Whose Line? fanfiction too. Ryan + Colin slash is the best. Nerdsy, just try to describe your other fave. I might know! Wayne would probably be considered an original to the U.S. version. Piro, the the two original girls on the British show are Sandi Toksvig (blonde hair) and Josie Lawrence (usually long, dark hair, but it changes.) Denny Siegal is the usual girl on the U.S. one and also Kathy Greenwood. There are some other gals on sometimes, too. I'm such a ####. I put Niall as one of the options and he was only on six eps. of the British one. Gomen nasai. I'll shut up now. ^_^'
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[color=crimson][size=1]I like everyone on that show. I always laugh everytime I watch it. Of course, I don't know anyone's names on there because I don't get to watch it that much. I like the old British version, too. (Of course, I've never seen but like one or two episodes of that, but it is the one that paved the way for the American version.)[/color][/size]
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I don't know why, but I really dislike Greg...

Anyway, Wayne brady rocks. My two favorite segments are the ones where he pulls someone out of the audience, and sings/dances to them. My other one would have to be where Ryan and Colin have to act on ideas from the audience, and they make all that wierd crap up. Oh, and you can't forget the props lol.
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Wayne Brady is awesome. Great singer and the way he cracks jokes. I saw one where he sings to a cafeteria lady and he says something about preparing spagehti with two big black "balls". That was great.

Ryan and Colin are hilarious. Colin looks like he doesn't want ot be there for some reason. I'm sick of all the gay themes (Ryan and Colin feeling on each other and kissing). It was funny the first times but it's getting kinda stale
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