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RPG DragonBall After Death: Biological Apocalypse

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Relentless energy waves tore planet Earth's landscape to shreds as hordes of demons clashed in ferocious battle. Hideous screams sliced through the air and the blistering heat surrounded the warriors and scolded nearby lakes and vegetation.


Ten thousand nearby humans twisted on their bodies in red soak along a river edge, gasping of wounds, calling for water, some rattling death in their throats.

Slowly......steadily, the demon creations--even the lowest of grunts, had begun to grow unruly; rebellious in their actions. For twenty-five days the beasts tore at one another and surrounding beings, including humans--ignoring orders to cease their actions.


Emna Briefs had finally managed to convince military and political leaders to unleash the Saiya-jins to work cooperatively for one time only.

"If they don't put down this resistance, there won't be a world to gain control of in the tournament,"she argued passionately.

After guaranteeing them that such a cooperative effort would truly test the Saiya-jin's strength before the tournament, most leaders finally agreed to her plea. It was no secret that questions concerning Saiya-jin power had been raised and debated hotly. Now, the elite would know whether it was safe or not to replace their demon warriors with this expensive new fighting machine.

"I don't trust this thing."

"[I]You're not paid to think[/I]."


"[I]This creature was quite expensive. I won't let it exist another day without testing it's strength[/I]."

".....the gravity chambers. It's had extensive training and--"

"[I]Enough. The creature is mine. I shall do with it as I please. It is almost time[/I]."

Kneeled down in silence, with his chin buried in his chest, Blue could hear their muffled voices behind the thick doors and above the rattling engine of the aircraft.

Staring down at the mechanical handcuffs that bound his wrists together he sighed. Unable to remember his past, realize his present or envision his future, the young man laughed bitterly.

Blue knew that it was almost time. He could feel their pain; he could sense the great evil that lingered underneath.

They wanted him to fight in a tournament. Until then, with the exception of the task at hand and his gravity training, he would be kept bound as if her were an animal.

Blue's thoughts skipped to the others--the others like himself. Maybe he would see them today...surely he would.

Chuckling, he muttered underneath his breath, "Maybe I'll give them a little preview of the tournament today after we make quick work of these demons."

A sudden jolt shook him. The aircraft came to a halt in mid air. Briskly, efficiently, a small group of officers wearing the Red Ribbon uniform gathered around Blue and released him from his electronic shackles--shackles that he could break quite easily....shackles that he only wore to humor them.

"[I]Don't come back until you kill every last one of them.[/I]"

The Saiya-jin stared at his owner blankly.

"[I]I'll be watching. You had better be worth my troubles boy[/I]."

The monsters would die--but only because Blue wished to destroy them. The pain, sorrow and anguish almost suffocated him. No more innocent lives would be lost. Yet, looking at the man before him, he wondered who the real children of hell were. Could it be those battling below? Was it those who had created those things? Or......was he a monster himself?

"You'll get what you want," Blue said confidently, staring his master in the eye.

As he exploded forth, emerging from the aircraft, he felt a sudden pang of guilt--not because he was actually excited at the thought of imminent violence. Blue was excited at the prospect of dueling with other Saiya-jin....his own kind. Looking down at the demon-cluttered battlefield below, he thought to himself, "Everyone is about to learn that pain has a color and that color is Blue."

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[COLOR=seagreen][i]Aster hovered high above the confusion below......her desire to fight was growing stronger with every passing second, but she ignored it......beneath her feet, she noticed another Sayjian join the fray. The first thing she saw about him was the blue hair...then she noticed his cocky behavior. Astralyas smiled to herself, then dove downwards, falling freely.[/i]

Blue: The hell?

Aster: Dispatched to fight?

Blue: Yeah....who are you?

Aster: I'll tell you later.[/COLOR]

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Blue's eyes shifted towards the silver-haired young woman and the catastrophe before him.

Ironically, he wondered if he should be more conerned with the hellish ghouls or the femal warrior beside him.

Suddenly, the utter despair that had suffocated him for the majority of the day, took him and he could bear it no longer. He would flay their skin, burn their organs. Impale them upon their own horns. Make them feel the wrath of his fury.

And with a hawk?s dive down, he flew into the crowd. The crowd hissed and sreeched at one another, seemingly unaware of his presence. His fiery fist sliced through those demons as a knife would through butter, and he did not care. His mission was to punish, for he was his master's angel of death, and to serve him and him alone.......for now.

He knew this, and was making sure the monsters knew as well. ?Feel the pain of Saiya-jin power!? He screamed as he flayed one wicked beast of its skin. The demon?s skin burnt off as it fell, leaving only bone and organ and pus.

He took another by the throat and ripped it in halves, and saw its blood spurt on his gi. He paid it mind for an instant, only an instant and then broke another?s skull. He ripped limbs from their torsos, and shot random blasts about, immolating those who fell in his graceful and destructive arc. As he killed, a smile crept upon his face. [I]I?m enjoying this[/I]. He thought. [I]This is my duty[/I].

Glancing across the field, the mysterious female saiya-jin watched on with amusement, destroying several monsters with random pot shots.

Blue decided that it was time.


Allowing his rage to take hold of him once again, he became one with the stream of hatred and felt his power grow.

There were many foes....more than he could ever live to count. He wondered if two Saiya-jins were enough to take on an army of evil.

Snarling, he cussed and performed the Renzo Energy Dan, shooting continuous ki blasts from his palms and watching the brilliant light engulf the wretched creatures. All the while, he shot a cocky grin towards his Saiya-jin counterpart, as if to say "Top that."

For, he knew that she was capable of much.

(It should be noted that Blue did not turn Super Saiya-jin, as such as level is not possible at this time).

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[I]Two male scientists, an old German, and a younger English man, looked blankly at their creation. Inside a chamber of green liquid, there was a man... his long black hair perfectly still, his hands out at his sides, palms facing forward, eyes closed.

[B]German:[/B] Finally... we have succeded.

[B]English:[/B] The saiyan myths are true then... these creatures really do have exceptional power.

[B]German:[/B] Yes, lets ho-- what the?

Looking at the control panel beside the chamber where the mysterious saiyan was being contained, there were several readouts of his brainwaves, pulse, etc. All of a sudden, they all started to race...

[B]English:[/B] How is this possible? We haven't activated the re-animation proceedure yet.

The saiyans eyes suddenly snapped open, completely black. Thje black from his eyes seemed to radiate out into the room, darkening it with a cold feeling. The water around the saiyan started to swirl arounf him, like a tornado, before being thrown outwards, smashing the chamber, as the saiyans deep green aura exploded around him. His completely black eyes, started to metamorphose... sclera of his eyes now becoming their normaly whie.

The saiyan, who was easily twice the size of both the scientists, standing proud at 6'6". He stared down at them, an unemotional scowl on his face.[/I]

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A room of generals sat talking things over as the Saiya-jin/demon skirmish was being waged. The generals sat looking angered, and impatient as one man stood at the other side sweating. Suddenly the general on the end jumped to his feet from the chair slamming his fists into the table and yells.

General: Where the hell is this Saiya-jin you promised us Mr.Bush?!

The man known as Jeffery Bush, now also looking a bit upset swallows and answers as calmly as possible.

Jeffery Bush: I..uh..I don't know. I told one of your soldiers to retrieve him.

General: Well, where is he then? I am getting....

Suddenly a soldier is thrown on to the large table unconscious, and from the shadows steps the Saiya-jin known as Sairo. Sairo's eyes seems to gleam with hatred, and cockiness together. His long white hair was laying against his back, and he clentched his left hand behind the shadow. For some odd reason a clank is heard. Standing like at statue at the door, Sairo began to speak sending cold shivers up the spines of everyone in the room.

Sairo: Why was my training interrupted?

The General regained his composure, and began to scream again.

General: Where the hell have you been Saiya-jin? We paid good money for you, and you don't even have the decency to show up when called upon.

Sairo, looks at the general blank faced. Then looks over to Jeffery Bush. Sairo's next words would shut the general's mouth.

Sairo: Can I kill him?

The general swallowed his pride, and sat back down as Jeffery Bush began to speak.

Jeffry Bush: No. You were late. Now, this is what we called you for. You know what you have been trained for, and now is the time to show us if you're worth what we paid for you. Go destroy those demons.

Sairo smirked slightly, and nodded turning to exit the room. His left arm now exposed, but rather then a hand. Sairo's left hand was replaced by a golden gauntlet, the light glared on reflecting the light into the general's face. Before he left he gave the general one last look, and spat on the floor as if slapping them all in the face. Sairo hovered off the floor for a moment then flew straight up smashing through the ceiling, and out the roof. Sairo used his energy scouter issued to him by the United States Marines, and it revealed the location of the battle. In no time Sairo was off in that direction. As he approached the battle field two other's like him came into view. A warrior with blue hair, and a woman. Sairo grinned again thinking to himself '[i]This may get interesting[/i]'. Without even paying attention to them he dove down towards the battle field butting his shoulder into the woman, he made her spin out for a moment as he sped past her.

Aster: What the..?

Sairo plowed through the demon hordes, his fist charge with his KI. Left and right Sairo laid waste to them, and spilled their demonic blood on the ground before him. After the onslaught against the demons he became bored easily, and decided to end his little horde. He powered up roaring out in fury, his fist became enflamed and the energy grew. As his power hit a peak, he screamed out "HELL FIRE!!". Sairo unleashed one of his powerful moves it absorbed the hordes in it's path destroying them as they screeched, roared, and screamed in pain. Their bodies were torn asunder, and left as dust particles. Sairo grinned again realizing it would hit the other two Saiya-jins on the battle field. But due to their awareness they dodged it, but just barley. Sairo stood with his arms folded across his chest watching them dodge the attack, and then returned a look of both annoyance and anger as his long white hair flows in the wind.

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*Yuugi had been watching the entire battle from the other side of the field, suprised that he hadn't been noticed, but then again he was not very intimidating at all.. his muscles instead of being bulging and buff like the average saiyan were tightly compacted leaving him with the same amount of strength with a bit more maneuverability.... his eyes narrowed as he closely examined the way the demons fought and how the other saiyans battled, his tail twitching with anticipation. He watched as Sairo completed the Hellfire attack and with such speed the other two were able to dodge at and was quite impressed, even if he didn't quite show it...*

*Just then as it was bound to happen, one demon spotted him and yelled something in it's own demonic tongue and a small horde yelled in fury turning to focus their attacks on him... Folding "the backside of reality" so to speak he placed himself about 20 feet above them at the speed of thought and dropped a huge blast of energy at full power down upon the horde vaporizing the center section of the creatures then diving down into action, his body moved in a blurr catching on clawed hand and moving to throw the demon but instead ripping it's arm off... He blinked then readjusted quickly to the situation flipping the arm around and using it as a weapon beating his demonic target's with the arm used as a clubbing and clawing weapon.*

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[I]Somewhere in Iraq....[/I]

scientist: the female saiya-jin, she is indeed powerful

assistant: are you sure those harnesses are strong enough to keep her from escaping?

scientist: it does not matter whether they are or not, see that coller on her neck?

[the assistant adjusts his glasses to take a closer look, a black coller was wrapped around the young woman's neck]

assistant: yes, what of it?

scientist: it's a ColBomb, should she disobey us I merely have to press the button either by terminal one, the red one, or the remote control that I always have around my neck, you can never be too careful

assistant: very wise, her energy readings from this mornings experiment have just come through

scientist: ......and?

assistant: they are all exceptional, we have finally engineered the perfect fighting machine

scientist: excellent, saddam will indeed be pleased

[inside the chamber, the young female saiya-jin was wrapped in harnasses, stuck to the wall, she was sweating a lot from all the tests and experiments, she had had enough of it, she had to get out somehow]

Tifa: *thinking* I....must get out of here, soon....my time will come....

to be continued....

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[I]The two scientists prodded and poked Craig, moving around him, inspecting his concious form closely. They checked his hair, looked at his boots, everything, as Craig just stood perfectly still.

[B]German:[/B] He's.......... he's perfect.

[B]English:[/B] The ultimate engineered saiya-jin warrior.

[B]German:[/B] What shall we call him?

For the first time in about an hour, Craig moved. His left hand snapped forward, gripping the neck of the German engineer. He lifted the German engineer into the air, until he came to eye-level with the huge saiyan. The English scientist pawed furiously at Craig's arm, trying to get him to release his grip on the German's neck, but to no avail.

[B]Craig:[/B] I have a name.

With that, Craig tightened the grip on the German's neck substantially. A large crunching sound echoed through the room, as the German scientist went limp, his eyes turned up into his head. Craig tossed his to the side, he skidded along the ground, his corpse crashing into the wall.

The English scientist fell to his knees in tears. His best friend, and co-worker for over 20 years was just killed by their biggest project.

[B]English:[/B] We..... failed. After all that, we failed on our biggest project.

Craig looked down, his gaze focusing upon the English scientist wimpering at his feet. He extended his right arm, palm open. A ring of white energy pulsed into his hand, forming into a small white ball of energy.

[B]Craig:[/B] I disagree....... I think it was a complete success.

The white orb suddenly launched from Craig's hand, slamming into the scientist, who looked on in sheer horrow, as the ball eat away through the scientists neck, and out through his back. The scientists eyes bulged, blood flowing out of him like running water. Falling forward, face down in his own blood, the scientist slowly chocked, his air way eaten away by the ki orb.

Craig's deep green aura surged around him again, as he blasted off into the air... he was free now. He stopped above the labratory in which he had been created and grown. nd raised his hands above his head, a yellow ball of energy quickly forming in them. Tossing his hands downwards, the ki ball launched downwards, plummeting into the labratory. A white ring of ki suddenly pulsed out at ground level, buckling the ground it passed over, as the labratory crumbled and disintrgrated into nothingness.[/I]

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It hit him like a blow to the stomach.

He wondered if the others could sense it too. At first, he wondered if it could be the silver-haired enigma who first revealed herself to him.

But, no this energy was different.

The one with the scouter could feel it as well, for his eyes twitched at the corners feversihly. Even the one below, the shadow in the distance knew of it.

Pulsating, growing, twisting, the energy created a rollar coaster in Blue's stomach. No, not a rollar coaster; a thunderstorm--an unwelcome sensation.

Blue's crimson gi flowed in the wind, twisting about pathetically and fluttering about like a moth's dry wings.

High above the Saiya-jin and the remaining demon hordes, Colonel Red watched the activity below intensely from the confines of his aircraft.

"[I]What are they DOING,[/I]" the miserable man sang out, his frustration permeating his usually composed demeanor.

Reluctantly, another officer approached, coming to an immediate halt approximately five feet behind the Colonel.

"Sir," he said swallowing overwhelming apprehension, "Our sensors indicate a huge power approximately 63 kellis east."

Down below, Blue nodded to the other saiya-jin, two of which nodded back. Sairo, however, stubbornly turned his back to the young warriors, clenching his fists in frustration.

Snickering, Blue placed one hand on his hip and waved his index finger back and forth.

"Tch, tch, tch, You're scared, aren't you" Blue teasingly asked Sairo, "But you don't need to worry, I'll protect you--all of you."

As if part of a chain reaction, the three saiya-jin glared at the blue-capped fighter.

Dancing back and forth, throwing ghost punches, Blue sang out, "Why don't all of you play with the demons while I take care of the [I]real[/I] business and deal with that power?"

Grinning widely, he concluded, "After all, finding the source of that power could be dangerous. I wouldn't want any of you to get bruised up before the tournament."

"[I]They are no longer concerned with the demons. Their combat time is suffering. This exercise is a miserable failure--a waste. I don't know about the others, but [B]mine[/B] was instructed to eradicate the demon threat, eliminating anything--[B]anything[/B] in his path--and return to the craft[/I]," the Colonel grumbled with a clenched jaw.

"What should we do Colonel," a tiny voice whimpered.

Bowing his head down in contempt, the colonel twisted several strands of tombstone-gray hair around his finger and hissed, "[I]Release more demons from the hatch--slightly stonger warriors that aren't hindered from days of battle.[/I]"

Down below tension crackled like a forrest fire ready to spread. Who could be trusted? Did trust exist among prideful weapons? Who would make the first move and what could it be? What of the new demon threat....and why?

Find out next time--on DragonBall AD!(<----had to do that)

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[COLOR=seagreen]Aster: ....

[i]She flew upwards, her red aura flickering into life....several seconds later, she centered her energy and screamed. Ki formed in her palms and surged downwards, decimating several demons at once....[/i]

Aster: ...Midnight...[/COLOR]

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Back in the UK Kory was shackled to a wall while a group of about seven scientist walked around him examining him and taking notes. Every now and again he'd here one say "fascinating", or "perfect" before scribbling into his notebokk once more.

Kory was becoming impatient, he had been created to eliminate the demons and to compete in the tournament. All this waiting around was making him more and more frustrated. He hated waiting. He decided it was time to leave when he felt the next wave of demons erupt onto the scene. He broke out of the shackles with ease making all of the scientist jump.

He walked forward. Turned around to the scientists and smiled.

Kory: Sorry about the wall but i got to go and take care of a bunch of demons. He put two finger to his fore head and then used his instant translocation technique to get to the battlefield.

He arrived in the middle of the small group of Saiyans and a large group of Demons.

Kory: *Turns to look at the Saiyans" Hey guys! I take it i'm on your side. I'm Kory!

With that he extended his right arm and with his palm flat he shot a small orb which exploded on contact with one demon and then took out a few more with the explosion.

Kory: Childsplay

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As Kory destroyed the demons, Sairo exlaimed, "I have no friends! You're an idiot!"

Sairo kept his arms folded across his chest as Blue let out a cheerful "Later guys" and his blue aura exploded as he began to fly off leaving himself and the others to destroy the demons. Sairo grits his teeth, and utters something.

Sairo: Blue haired fool!

Sairo spun around, and flashed a red aura around as the anger built up. Sairo couldn't take it anymore as he watched Aster dispatch of a few demons then utter [i]'...Midnight...'[/i].

Sairo: You stupid wench! What the hell are you doing? You just managed to destroy a rock! The demons are over there!

Sairo points to his left downward at the battle field, Aster just bites her lip trying to ignore Sairo's ignorance. Sairo smirked at her, then looked at Yuugi on the other side of the battle field. Sairo began to speak to himself.

Sairo: Argh! I can't take this anymore. I was hoping to find some decent Saiya-jin like myself, and I get this....I get CLOWNS!

Sairo surveyed the remaining hordes, and yawned in annoyance. Sairo then called out to the others.

Sairo: Listen up! These demons bore me, and I care not to fight things not even worth my effort. If you need me I'll be over there, well...if you need then it's also to f*****g bad. Because I wouldn't help you clowns if you were the last people on this God forsaken planet.

Sairo flies down to an empty area, and sits down on a rock watching on as the other Saiya-jins battled on. Sairo calmly counted up the amount of demons left, he estimated about several thousand. Sairo waited about ten minutes before becoming even more so bored than he already was.

Sairo: What the hell is taking these fools so long? They could probably wipe them all out in one swift blow! If they won't do it then....I WILL!

Sairo exploded off the rock soaring into the sky above the battle field, he red aura surged as he powered up to attack. His muscles bulged, and his veins pulsed viciously. Sairo raised his arms, and then placed them together resting his wrists against the other. Sairo screamed out 'FINAL FLASH!' as he unleashed an explosive fire ball of enormous power. It descended to earth as if a comet from heaven, the other Saiya-jins Aster, Kory and Yuugi flew out of it's path. The demons stopped their battle for a moment then caught sight of the huge ball of KI coming straight at them. With shrieks, and screams the demons turned to flea. But to no avail. Every last demon was engulfed in the powerful ball of energy destroying them, leaving only charred remains. Sairo grins watching the last of the carnage from his Final Flash attack. Sairo planted his right hand on his hip, and pointed to the other on looking Saiya-jin's with the ice cold metalic index figer of his gauntet hand.

Sairo: Hmph! You see Saiya-jin clowns?! You see that is how it's done. You disgrace the Saiya-jin race!

Sairo's red aura disperses as he descends back down, and returning to sit on the rock he was recently on. As Sairo sat there, he slowly looked back up at the other three Saiya-jins looking down at him.

Sairo: There is no need for you now. So remove yourselves like that blue prick, or I will have to deal with you as [b]I[/b] dealt with those worthless demons.

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[I]Lauren looked down on the on The Moronic Man sitting on a rock,[/I]
Lauren:Actully,I think the way you destroyed the Demons was quite, how can I say this....Stupid,Moronic,Un-Cool?
[I]Lauren smirked and landed next to him,[/I]
Sairo:I'd watch your toung if I were you,
Lauren:Suuure,But your not me,Are you?
[I]Sairo raised an eyebrow and Lauren started raising in the air...[/I]

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Sairo clutched his fist as the young female Saiya-jin ascended towards the sky. Sairo then leapt from the rock, and sped up to Lauren, face to face. Sairo using his left hand, the gauntlet, he brushed the hair from Lauren's face skraping her skin barely. She shudders from the coldness of the metalic feel.

Sairo: Don't try to hide your face behind your hair. You will look at me when I address you, you filthy little retch! How dare you mock me? I am far superior to you little girl...in every way. I would....

Sairo is distracted for a moment when he hears grunting, and sees a single demon come out from hiding behind some rocks.

Sairo: Son of a..... You wait here girl! I'll be back.

Sairo flies away from Lauren, and crashes feet first into the ground blocking the demon's escape.

Sairo: So creature....where did you think you were going?

The demon stood there weak in the knees, and afraid of Sairo. It's teeth chattered, and it's head just swung back and forth looking for another way to run. Suddenly the demon ran to the left, Sairo just looked at the ground grinning and shaking his head. The demon just made it behind another set of rocks, and quickly stuck his head out to look for Sairo. The demon couldn't find him, and released a sigh of relief, sudden it's body stiffened as it heard laughing from above. The demon slowly looked up seeing Sairo hovering above him looking down at him with a twisted smile.

Sairo: That wasn't very nice. Just leaving me behind like that. I'm sorry, but now you die!

The demon raised it's left leg getting ready to run, but Sairo's fist were powered by his KI. Sairo clenched both fists together, and came down with an ax handle smash. Otherwise known as Sairo's Burning Hammer attack. The demons skull split open, and it's head seemed to pop as if it was a pumpkin being drop from a two story building. Sairo snickered as the demon's headless body collapse to the ground, then returned his sights back to Lauren before flying back up to meet her. Lauren just looked at Sairo in disgust as a piece of the demon's skull slid off of his Saiya-jin armor. Sairo chuckled, then slowly spoke again.

Sairo: Now.....where were we?

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[i]Marth stood on one of the Earth's last standing mountain tops, looking at the ruin before him. He looked down, and thought about his creator's last words to him...

"Your a failure, Marth. Always have been, always will be. You were supposed to be strong. A super weapon. But our Brolly gene-stock ran dry, and we grafted you to Trunks's genes. Your so much weaker...I'm dissapointed in you, Marth." Marth trembled with rage. As green flames sprung up around his body, he shouted out his rage to the uncaring night.[/i]

[b]Marth:[/b]Like it's [b]my[/b] fault you ran out of gene stock!

[i]Marth raised a hand, and a small energy energy ball formed in his hand, hand he threw it forward with as much force as he could muster. It dissapeared over the horizon. Marth stood there, waiting, not moving. Suddenly, a huge explosion appeared over the horizon. marth stood there as the noise and force of the explosion reached him. He felt his clothes being whipped back in the winds, and was assaulted by a large ringing in his ears. It was always this way. He would fly over, hoping to see his creator's charred body in the crater he created. It never happened. But it was a pleasing thought.

Marth rose into the air, and flew off twords the crater...[/i]

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Sairo's mind wandered for a moment, and he began thinking to himself. [i]'What? Is this girl mad! I am one of the first Saiya-jin created, and she just speaks to me as if I was some common street urchin! You have fooled with me for the last time girl, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!'[/i] As Sairo's clenched his fists again, and this time sped ahead of her. So fast in fact it seemed as if it was teleportation. Lauren quickly put on the brakes stopping a couple feet in front of Sairo. Sairo had his right hand raised pointing at Lauren, as the red aura flowed around his arm. Ready to fire, Sairo spoke again.

Sairo: You [b]WILL[/b] respect me woman! Even if I have to beat it into you!

Lauren: You egotistical moron!

Sairo sudden heard beeping in his ear, and remembered it was a two way receiver as well as an energy scouter. Sairo stop charging his energy, and raised his arm pressing the income button. Sairo heard the voice of Jeffery Bush, his owner.

Jeffery Bush: What the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to start a war with in our ranks as well or what? Like you that Saiya-jin girl is property of the United States. But unlike you she is the Army's property while you are the Marine's property, and if they find out that our Saiya-jin killed theirs. Well, we would be in deep s**t. Which means [b]YOU[/b] would be in very [b]VERY[/b] deep s**t!

Sairo was shocked, and looked around for surveillance as Lauren watched him curious of what he was being told.

Sairo: But....how? How do you know what I am doing?

Jeffery Bush laughed before replying again.

Jeffery Bush: Did you really think we'd just pay for you, and let you go flying about? No! We had a homing chip implanted in you, and thanks to our satellites we can watch every move you make. You did a fine job with those demons, but leave the Saiya-jin girl alone and begin a search from more of those rouge demons. There are sure to be plenty about. Don't worry, Sairo you're time will come. The girl can be yours at the tournament.

Sairo gritted his teeth, as he looked at Lauren while replying to his boss.

Sairo: Yes....sir.

Sairo then released the speech button on his energy scouter, and looked coldly at Lauren.

Sairo: Looks like you were save by the bell, we will have to finish this some other time.

With that Sairo flew off in search of more demons while muttering stuff under his breath, but rather then it being about the woman Saiya-jin. It was about his owner.

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OOC:I'm Actully In the USA army too

[I]Lauren watched as Sairo flew away and turned back to the other's,who hadn't said anything in a while[/I]
Lauren:'names Lauren, And Ill see you at the Tournament.
[I]She nodded and smiled and sped off into the direction of the Pentagon,Passing up Sairo at an alarming rate...[/I]

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Pain was everywhere. Maybe that's why he felt it all the time. No matter how fast Blue shot across the skies like a shooting star, the suffering was constant. Down below, the Earth was crying--crying for peace, weeping for mercy--begging for relief.

A brilliant flash of white light interuppted the young Saiya-jin's new found freedom.

[I]You're too benevolant. What will I ever do with you?[/I]

Cupping his hand over his brow, as if to hide from his own memories, Blue looked down below. Something was [I]different.[/I] Grief and sorrow were still rich and strong, there scars deep and long on the land. Yet, the jagged cliffs and crimson skyline seemed to fade.

Slowly, Blue descended, landing softly before a small lake and sat, deciding that a small rest was in order. Rubbing his hand on his raw wrists, he remembered the shackles--an empty life devoid of freedom.

Skipping a small pebble across the lake, he chuckled.

"That guy's crazier than a soup sandwich," Blue said, picturing colonel Red.

There was no way he would go back. He [I]couldn't[/I] return. Blue had helped eradicate demon threat and he would still participate in the tournament (though for his own amusement, only).

Staring at him with wondering eyes, was his own reflection. Half grinning, he realized that the man in the lake was a stranger. Disgustedly splashing the water, he cussed underneath his breath and began to mumble.

"I'm not property. How can I be owned when I can't even own up to myself," implored, almost looking for an answer within the lake.

The distant sound of a twig snapping, ironically snapped the young artificial warrior out of his fantasical game of self hide-and-seek.

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OOC: [b][code=namechange][/b]Blank[b][/code][/b]

Also, Lauren, your power truly depends on how well you post... You can have a power level of 10,000, but if your posts are as they are, you'll be beaten down for your lack of style and stamina...
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

[i]Some say that still waters run deep. But do deep waters stay still? Or rather does the slightest ripple set everything off balance? We're about to find out.

Blank silently flew through the air, his orders clear as a bell. The professors wanted him to get a workout before the Tournament... And that's what he was going to do.

No sooner than the Saiya-jin Warrior had gone over his guidelines once more, for the twenty-first time, Blank saw the mushroom cloud some ten miles away. The shockwave that followed did not affect the Fighter, however. But it sure did rip the area a new one.

Blank smirked with a proud, demonic smile, the same look that his "father", Turlitz, wore. The carnage that lay ahead must be sweet. In an icy blue flash, Blank's grand aura enveloped the young man with crisp energy, pushing his body near to it's max. No sooner, Blank blasted forward, faster than has before been seen on the planet Earth for a very long time...

Meanwhile, Sario gazed to the East. A rather strong power level was approaching, quickly at that.

Sairo snickered nearly inaudibly. 'Seems we have an actual fighter on his way...', he deducted.

Blank, whilst still surrounded by his fiery aura, began charging his ki, focusing in towards his right palm. A smooth, red ball of energy appeared, glistening blissfully. With some more power pushed into it, it changed to a white color, hottest of the spectrum.

Suddenly, Blank was upon his fellow Saiya-jins with shocking abruptness. Still, the ball of ki did not disappear. As for that matter, it grew brighter.

[b]Begin 'Surfacing' now[/b]

New demons moved out from under the soil, shocking the others. Their attention had been averted by this newcomer, as he was threateningly powerful. The other Saiya-jins took to the air, firing random energy waves into the hordes of beasts below. The heat caused the smell of decay to rise, to meet the Seven Winds of the World. It was intoxicating. It filled every nerve, every nook, every cranny of the Ballistic Fighters.

The molting flesh popped off of skin, bones liquidated, and vital organs were lost to the Fray we call Life.

But suddenly, the Warrior known as Blank spoke, nearly silent, voice filled with terror-inducing calmness.[/i]

[b]Blank:[/b] "...Fall back... Now..."

[i]The others, noting the ever-growing ball of extreme force still lodged within the Demon Saiya-jin's hand, complied. No sooner, Blank aimed his hand towards the center of the writhing mass of creatures below. They had no clue of the impending doom that was about to befall them.

As if a rocket, the infamous attack known as the Nuclear Fusion was launched. The sphere flew so fast, it formed a short, streaming tail that seemed to label the attack as Doom.

When the ki bomb hit with it's unimaginably powerful speed, the world seemed to slow, as the explosion rang out throughout the area. The Saiya-jins squinted their eyes completely shut, as the energy tore the Earth apart. A dome of swelling energy roared across the battlefield, ripping the soil to pieces. Rocks flew into the air, as every single demon was deatomized in a flash. After a few minutes, the fallout was still in the sky, flames burning along the ground, dust blocking view. But suddenly, the wind blew the dust away when Blank powered up even more, nearing his maximum power.

The sight that greeted the fighters was horrible. There, where an army of beasts had once stood, was now a three mile deep crater, eleven miles wide. It was pure terror. So much energy has been put into that one, small ki ball. But how was it physically possible?

Find out next time, in Dragon Ball AD!![/i]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Dammit Charlie, you've started a craze! o.o;;;

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[COLOR=seagreen][i]Aster waved to Blue lightly, then returned her hands to her hips.[/i]

Blue: What now?

Aster: Just a friendly greeting......seeing as how we don't have a purpose for now.

Blue: Who's we? I have a job.

Aster: So why are you flicking pebbles into the lake?

Blue: Why did you sneak up on me?

Aster:....If I was sneaking up on you, you wouldn't of turned around.[/COLOR]

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kakkarot ssj4 [/i]
[B]~in a huge gravity room on the moon~

**beep..beep..beep..beep..beep..beep..Turlin..it is time to get up..Turlin..it is time to get up..click**

Turlin- thank god that beeping is off..this is getting boring.

**warning.. several power levels exceeding 5,000.**

Turlin- oh really!?!?...

**looks at the clock..then the map**

Turlin-i thought the tournament started in 46 days??man i have really been up here too long. i believe it is time to become aquainted with the other saiy-jins...what is up with the tramendous power coming out of hawaii..computer??

**there is a demon portal opening up...more powerful then the demons...wait..there are no trace of demons on earth except at the portal.. sir.**

Turlin- i am going to leave in my capsule...take care of this place computer..oh and tell my master to kiss my a§§.. i separated with him a long time ago and to stop analyzing me..i am free...computer...take the gravity off of 999 and on 10..

**as you command sir..***

~the gravity goes down to 10 gradually and i start to feel weightless..~

~the saiy-jin...26 years old...sends his power level to his master..with a note.. and floats toward the capsule..climbs in and crashes down to earth in a trememdous crater..~


dr. phelps- what tha fu** is Turlin trying to do ...disobeying me like that.. computer..tell him to get back to me..what is this..(looks at powerlevel status ..drops it like hes seen a ghost..)

computer- sorry i was told to disregard all order told by you and ur gang..

**dr phelps plunges his fist into the computer screen glass goes everywhere...he takes his fist out blood running down his arm**

to be continued........ [/B][/QUOTE]

Excuse me, but you did not sign up for this, and thus, you have no right posting in here.. We are no longer accepting new members also, so I kindly advise you to delete your post, and do not respond to this...

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Sairo continues his search when Lauren flies past him, of course trying to show him up again. But Sairo just grins getting an idea. [i]'That idiot who calls himself, my owner doesn't want me to attack or kill that wench until the tournament. Well, so be it. But I will, however, leave her a little present and get the last laugh until our real encounter.'[/i] Sairo thought as he sped up, and once again stopped in front of Lauren. Lauren was shocked, not expecting Sairo to be as fast or even faster then herself.

Lauren: What the heck...oh it's [b]you[/b]. What do want? I'm busy?

Sairo just grinned, and replied.

Sairo: I got something for you my little wretch.

Lauren looked curious, and somewhat suspicious at the same time. Lauren given in to her curiosity, questioned Sairo.

Lauren: So....what do you have for me?

Sairo's grin dissolved from his face as he quickly put his arms out as a white flash blinded Lauren. Lauren was so thrown off by it, that she fell from the sky smashing into the mountain below. Sairo chuckled, and spoke to himself again.

Sairo: It's called the Solar Flare my dear, and I do so hope you enjoyed it. Heh..heh..heh..

Sairo waved at her with his golden gauntlet before flying away before she could recover. Sairo continues flying over the land below, but suddenly his energy scouter picked up several life forms below in the wilderness of a forest.

Sairo: More demon's perhaps? I guess I'll check it out, I've got nothing better to do right now.

Sairo descended back to the earth passing the large tree, his scouter pointed out the life form's location. They, apparently, were housed in an old log cabin by a little pond. Sairo landed, and began walking towards the cabin door. Sairo was about to step on the old porch but figured it could creek, and give him away. So Sairo hovered off the ground, and floated over to the door slowly. Sairo extended his hand slowly opening the door, when he heard a roar from with in. The door smashed open knocking Sairo away, and onto the ground.

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[i]As Marth stood in the giant crater he created, he wandered down memory lane, seeing what his brain would come up with..Marth did not care wether it be his creation purpose, or a chance of finally killing his creator...

As Marth is lost in thought, A military helicopter lands beside Marth, but he oblivious to it. A man in a para-military uniform, with heir graying around the temples got out of the copper. Marth opened his eyes. Both the man's uniform and the copper had the same logo. A horizontally inclined yellow diamond bordered in red. Inside the yellow portion was three bold, red letters...[b][color=red]ARK[/b][/color][/i]

[b]Military Man:[/b]:*whistles*Jeez, son...Did you do this?

[b]Marth:[/b]I did.

[b]Col. Joseph:[/b]I'm Colonel Jospeh, with ARK. That stands for American Russian Kombat pact. We've been watching you for a while, and this massive destruction has sealed the deal. How would you like to be sponsored in the upcoming tournament?

[b]Marth:[/b]Tournament? Yes, my creator did mention something about that...Lead the way, Colonel.

[b]Col. Joseph:[/b]For saftey reasons, you will have to wear these cuffs...*Marth holds his hands out, and Joseph snaps the cuffs on*

[i]As Marth and the Colonel board the copper, Marth flexes his arms. Little blue lines zig-zagged across the cuffs, and Marth was pretty sure they were powerful bolt of electricty, designed to keep the cuffs on. Marth smiled. He could snap them in half without a thought. But the thought of being sponsored in a tournament...Proving his creator wrong, that would be sweet. As the copper sped twords the ARK base, Marth decided he would snap the cuffs when Jospeh came to remove them..That would be a nice demonstration...[/i]

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[I]Meanwhile, in another part of the world entirely, a warrior with a black cape fluttering behind him looked down at a massive demon battle occuring... Demon grunts clashed, bodies thrown from side to side, only to be mutilated by other grunts... Grunts slashed at others, killing them, then been killed back... Total, utter chaos... [/I]

[I]The warrior watching the battle from the air watched emotionless, not showing disgust, happyness, sadness, or smugness... Nothing... [/I]

[I]Minutes past, and soon only one side was standing... They soon began to tear at each other, and this mysterious warrior took this opportunity to attack...[/I]

[I]Diving from the sky, the warrior formed two red ki blades on his wrists... Meters away from the demon grunt horde, he phased out, appearing right in the fray... Slashing his ki blades outward, he sent several heads rolling, before impaling both of his ki blades into two grunts' torsos... He pulled them out as quickly as he had jabbed them in, and with a last grunt, the two demons fell to the ground...[/I]

[I]With a flash his ki blades disappeared, and he jumped out of the crowd of grunts... Flying up above the grunts, the warrior pointed one arm down, palm open, and released a storm of small gold ki balls... Grunt flesh burned and crackled, and a few minutes later, only the warrior remained... Not giving the battle field a second glance, the warrior, Warlock, flew away...[/I]

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