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Sign Up Vampies, Werewolfs, and Demons! Oh my!


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Wheeeee! I have nothing to do so lets do this! You pick a species such as vampires, incubus(male)/succubus(female), werebeasties, harpies, ice/fire/whatever demons, griffins, elfs, or dragons. You get the idea. You can be half animal (dragons, griffins and such count as animals) half human, that's what I mean by a werebeast. (were means man so a wereleopard is a Leopard-Man/Woman. Get it? Good.) Oh, and another thing NO SAYIANS!!! They aren't real! Duh! Be a weredragon or something.;) Now....

Name: (First and Last!)

Age: (Real age AND what age you look like please!)

Race: (E-mail or PM me if you need help.;) I know all! Sadly...)

Sire or Birth: (Often your changed by someone. If you are, please list Name, Age and such info.)

Attacks: (What is your attack and/or weapons if you even have one)

Looks: (Clothes, hair, eyes, scars and such.)

Bio: (Tell us about you. Anything! Please...)

If you want to know what we'll be doing...sign up and wait! I'll think off something... Really...
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Name: Lalaith Ril

age: 145, I look like I'm 14/15

Race: Wood Elf

Sire or Birth:Born an elf....

Attacks: Bow/Arrows and two small daggers

Looks: Green tunic/leggins brown boots and white undershirt. Short blonde hair. One scar on his left cheek. Deep blue eyes.

Bio: Lalaith was raised in the woods, and is known for his markmanship. He can get very vocal but normally is very silent. He was a huge outcast in his city, everyone thought he was hopeless. He was raised in a city to become a protector of the family, but left his family to wonder the forests of the world, looking for adventure and friends. He is very accepting and doesn't hold grudges to long, unless he is very hurt by someone. He was taught to fight with his daggers for two years by a human assasin, Iruna Hirisam (Yeah I know its not japanese but its supposed to sound something close to that) but Iruna was killed by a Werebear while wondering in the woods. He now holds a grudge against all werebears.
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I'll just do this...

Name: Drake Vamp

Age:248, looks 17

Race: Vampire! (Yay!)

Sire or Birth: Born a vampire.

Attacks: Um...he can suck you blood... What else do you want?!

Looks: Think T. K. from Digimon, but older...and with fangs. O_o

Bio: His father changed his mother against her will when she was preggy with him. After his birth she took him to live with her sister who was a witch. He grew up with his cousin chasing him around with a stake. (What a nice cousin!) When his mother tried to kill him he left with brother(Or Yamato/Matt;) ) to... brood? His brother got a boyfriend (or Taichi/Tai...*doges flames*) who just so happened to be a werelion. He sired the werelion's sister (Hikari/Kari a weretigeress) and then went and try to stake her. (*doges flames again*) His brother stopped him, so he went to brood more. He ended up with two boyfriends (Yay! TakeruxKenxDaisuke goodness! *bearly dodges all the flames*) and is off (surprise, surprise) brooding again.

*Note* I'm planing to turn this into a fic. (I think you can guess by the details...*sweatdrop*) What do you think? Should I?

...and done! Now you try! :D Please...
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[COLOR=seagreen]Name: Lir (pronounced L-eye-are) Wallflowers

Age: 600, but only looks like 16.

Race: Weretiger

Sire or Birth: After the rites of puberty for her mountain tribe, Lir went into the forest, and had a fight with a spirit tiger. During the struggle, he bite her in the shoulder, destroying her collarbone and infecting her bloodstream with his power. She drew her blade and destroyed the beast....but in the process, she became a weretiger.

Attacks: Transformation into a larger than normal tiger, Longblade, several spirit attacks.

Looks: Mid thigh length leather tunic, silver chain style belt, long leather boots, and a heavy black cloak. Long silver hair, white skin, green/blue eyes, slender figure, and feral teeth.

Bio: Lir fights alone, her tribe cast her out because of the blood of the tiger coursing through her veins. Now she lives in the mountains, leaving only to chase an enemy or find something important. Most of the time, she never speaks, unless it's a warcry. When she transforms, there is a two second moment of pain before her spine changes its shape. Then she continues as a huge white tiger with blue stripes. In the long run......she lives only for vengance. Seeing as how she has another thousand years to go.[/COLOR]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Vukodlak Stavis
Age: Unknown, even to him
Race:Mymridion (even money says at least one person is going to want to know what the hell this is!)
Sire or birth: Unknown
Attacks: Acid breath, certain natural magics.
Looks: A mymridion is a bipedal drake. They have a thin, sinuous body, with the usual tail, wings, claws etc. Their front claws have evolved into taloned hands, so they walk only on their back legs when they are not flying. They breath a type of acid instead of fire. They're also more intelligent than normal drakes, and possess the powers of rational thought and speech.

Bio: Vukodlak Stavis, unknown to him, was attacked by a cabal of magi wishing to study his race sometime during his second millenium of life. He was left with his black scales covered in some kind of light absorbing substance, leaving him a shadow upon the world. He has no memory of that time, or anything before it. He hunts for his missing past, and the blood of anything that happens to be aggravating him.[/font][/color]
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Ohhh, this sounds so fun!

Name: Amatia Relk
Age: 119, but looks 17
Race: Werewolf (back to the classics)
Sire or Birth: Born a werewolf
Attacks/Weapons: A broadsword, a dagger, and..

Spirit Bite: Channels spritual energy and unleashes it in the form of a timber wolf.

Looks: Think one of those really big silverback wolves you've seen on the Discovery Channel that walks on its hind legs, wears a blue tunic with black leggings, and heavy brown boots, and can talk.

Bio: Amatia has been on her own ever since she was little. Her pack left her behind on a hunt one day and never came back for her. She grew u pin the wild, and fended for herself, becoming a great fighter. She's got a real nasty attitude and doesn't take to strangers too kindly.
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Name: Ryowa Davis

Age: 14, looks 14

Race: Wereleopard

Sire or Birth: Born a wereleopard


Ferocious slash: Slash but with great power.

Multyplication: Makes multiple forms of himself and attacks. Lasts 20 min.

Leopard Form: turns into a normal leopard.

Camouflage: Turns color of his surroundings. Lasts for about 15 min.


Wereleopard Form: Color of a normal leopard. Hazel cat eyes. Wears Ripped up to knees Khakee pants. No shirt. Big muscules. About 6'4. Scar over his left eye.

Human Form: About 5'10. Spikey blonde hair. Hazel eyes. Scar over his left eye. Blue shirt. Grey baggy Khakee pants.

Leopard Form: Just a plain ol' Leopard with unusual hazel cat eyes.

Bio: Ryowa was born a wereleopard. He lived with his parents till the age of 10. Then he finaly wished to live alone. He went on a adventure just because he felt like it. He found a place in the woods where it was very peaceful. He hunts by himself and sometimes his parents come by. He doesent like visitors. But he lets his friends the leopards come by and he has fun with them. When he turns human he just goes aroud cities exploring and buying goods.
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Name: Rasura Rikta (Rasura means Silent stalker/hunter or Silent watcher)

Age: 14 and I look 14.

Race: Dragon/human.

Sire or Birth: Unknown

Attacks: like most dragons she can controll fire, but instead of comming from the mouth it is formed by the hands, appearing fist as small red marbles.

Looks: 5 foot something. Has slited eyes (color depending on her mood) that to most are desturbing to look at. Also two wings (color also depending of her mood) on her back. Usually held tight against her back appears to be a cloak most of the time. Other than that she carries a quarter staff and wears a travellers outfit.

Bio: Most about her is unknown, except that she travels about looking for a piticular something. That something is also unknown.
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Name: Niki Jinn

Age: 30 in human form, unknown in wolf form

Species: Werewolf, but in wolf form he stands, think d2:lod..

Birth: Born as a werewolf

attacks: Fire claws, maul, fury

looks: human form- Niki wears jeans and a black t-shirt, with a long black coat

wolf form- The jeans are now ripped to be shorts, the t-shirt has no sleeves and he does not wear the jacket

Bio: Nick was raised in the city by two normal parents, they never told him of his powers. At the age of 17 his parants were killed by a manhunter, looking for "freaks"(What his parents were is unknown). He went after the hunter and when he fought him Niki found his powers to become a wolf.... He now hunts these "manhunters" all over the world
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I wanna join!

Name: Kain Yagyu

Age: 603 looks as if he was 17 or 18

Species: Werewolf

Birth: Born as a were wolf.

Attacks: Wolf Fang Thunder Claw,Flaming Rush.

Looks: Human form: He has long grey hair,grey eyes,about 5'11,
he wears black pants with a black sleeveless shirt,and a pair of black sunglasses.

Wolf Form: He stands on two feet unless he's running.He hardly has any clothes left on.He only has his ripped pants.

Bio: He has been around a long time.His mother and father were both werewolves.He only uses his power in an emergency.That is all that is known.
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic]I like this, this is good. Even though there is already nine people in this one, but I will try to stick with people to make it easier.

Name: Alastuin Illethiral West

Age: immesurable, looks 20 or so

Race: succubus

Sire or Birth: immemorial

Attacks: uses seduction to get close enough to attack

Looks: incredibly sexy, as is probably obvious. very long straight raven black hair, pale skin, wears black, has an elongated black tongue pierced three times, very thin, tallish, long black fingernails, black lips, jetblack eyes, sharp teeth. Tattoos of thorned vines around stomach and up backs of legs.

Bio: As a form of demonic creature, no bio needed really. [/font][/color]
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Where I'm at it's 5:38 A.M. I still haven't slept in days. Am I crazy?! Oh yes! Me thinks me is! Why am I posting when I'm clearly out of my mind? I decided on a plot of some sort. Fear me on a Mountain Dew buzz!:devil: Tell me what you think of this idea.

A group of mortals, who are called The Hunters, decide to wipe out all evil of the world. Vampires, witches, demons, and werebeasts who have turned 'good' do the dirty work of "helping turn other creatures to the light side" by brainwashing them. If they refuse to work with the plan they are to be killed. Sick of the pointless killings of The Hunters who want to turn them all into their slaves, our group goes to wipe out the leader of the operation. Spies of our side have hidden themselves in the Hunters ranks. But some of the Hunter's spies my dwell with us...

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