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Anime Tamers: v2


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I don't usually do this, but here's a spur-of-of-the-moment type RPG.

First of all, it's not *really* an RPG. It's a dynamic story based on what may happen after S3. Dynamic story means, basically, a story written by more than one person. [NOT a screenplay!] In this case, that means you should have a pretty good idea of how to obey the following...

The Ten Commandments of Tv2:

1. [b]NO self-insertion.[/b] As fun as it is to play a digidestined, there are many RPGs that give you that opportunity. This one is about the S3 crew, not you.
2. [b]Play by the rules.[/b] Sorry guys, Leomon does NOT come back.
3. [b]No Internet Slang.[/b] It's annoying and difficult to read. U nO wuT i m33n???
4. [b]No pointless posts[/b] A pointless post can be any of the following: anything and everything that would be considered SPAM in any other thread. Any post asking "Who's turn is it now?" or saying that you've got writer's block. A general rule is that each post should further either a.)the storyline or b.) Character development.
5. [b]Don't try and control the story.[/b] I'm not saying you shouldn't post. I'm saying, don't constantly try to pull the story in one direction if the other people posting don't know what you're doing or don't like what you're doing. If you've got an idea that will take a few posts to come to fruition, tell the rest of the players where you'd like to go so that they can help you.
6. [b]Good story skills are a must.[/b] I'm not saying you have to win a Pulitzer Prize for literature. I'm saying youi should have some idea of what a plot is, and how to work with one.
7. [b]Good grammar is a must.[/b] If the other players can't understand what you're saying, they will ignore you. Or I will delete your posts. Non-Coherent posts [I]are[/I]spam.
8. [b]Stay in Character.[/b] I'm not saying that everything has to be canon and that Takato and Jeri are going to get married. I'm saying, don't suddenly turn Kazu into someone who can analyze the human psyche, and don't have Rika acting like Mimi.
9. [b]Minimal love interest.[/b] Crushes are fine, hey--that works. Anything that you see in the show can carry into Tv2. But don't have these fifth graders fall desperately in love with each other, kay? If you can write it well, that's excellent, but the truth is, a lot of people can't, and it tends to mess up the story.
10. [b]HAVE FUN[/b]. Anyone can post, there's no sign up. If you've got a brilliant idea, type it up.

[b]Some things to consider[/b]: [Where we might be going with this. ;)]

-Their first dilemma will be getting to the Digital World. Will it be just as easy as climbing through a tunnel? Well, it [I]could[/I] be, but where's the story in that?

-When they do get to the Digital World, how will they find their digimon? We could easily have an entire story about them looking for [and hopefully, finding!] their partners. Makes for a sweet, easy ending when they finally get there. [[I]Takato hugged Guilmon. "Of course I came back," he whispered. "I promised."[/I]]

-Is the Digital World back to normal again?

-How about the Sovereigns, how are they?

-And the DigiGnomes?

-Another question: Will their digimon be in their rookie forms? Probably not. Partnered Digimon can't digivolve w/o their partner, can they? So unless they find a new way to digivolve, they're all stuck as In Trainings. Not a really great thing.

-Have the Digimon stuck together as a group, or split up?

-Whatever happened to Alice? [See rule number 2.]

-Are we going to see any more of Takato's 'mentor' Kai?

Start playing, this could be fun. ;)


"Drop the one," Henry explained patiently, "Now carry the five--"

Heads turned as Takato burst through the classroom door into the fifth grade after-school study group.

"Takato!" Henry said, "What are you doing here?"

"Hey Takato!" Kazu exclaimed, brushing aside his math paper and pulling out his cards. "You change your mind? Ready to lose to me again?" Kenta laughed.

Takato leaned on his desk, breathless and ecstatic.

"Is something wrong?" Henry asked. "Takato, are you okay?"

"No, nothing's wrong," Takato panted.

The other students in the room looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to their work.

Takato looked at the three of his friends--he knew he'd be able to find Henry here. He came every day after school to help kids with math. He must have somehow convinced Kazu to come, and wherever Kazu was, Kenta wasn't far behind.

"Takato, why are you here? I'm sure it's not because of how much you love to do long division."

Takato grinned widely. "You guys," he began breathlessly, "We can go back!"


Henry stared at him. "Back?" he demanded. "What do you mean?"

Takato lowered his voice. "We can go back to the Digital World!"

"YEAH!" Kenta and Kazu cheered and slapped each other high fives.

"SHHHHHH!" Henry said sharply, but his eyes shown. "Do you want the whole classroom to hear?"

The boys started guiltily. "Sorry," Kenta muttered.

It wasn't Henry's nature to stay mad at anyone. "It's okay," he said. "But Takato--how?"

"Look, I know it sounds crazy! But I've been going to all our old hangouts, just...just sorta remembering and maybe hoping I'd see him again. And Remember the how we got to the Digital World the first time? Through Guilmon's hole?"

"How could I forget?"

"We can do it again!" Takato whispered intensely. "I just [I]know[/I] we can!"

"Dude, that is so awesome!" Kazu exclaimed. This time, everyone turned on him. "SHHHHH!"

"But Takato--" Henry said. This was just too good to be true. Could it really be possible?

"Come on, Henry--Wouldn't you give [I]anything[/I] for a chance to see Terriermon again?"
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I have a question Cera, can like Guardramon digivolve to andromon and stuff like that?

[COLOR=orangered]I don't see why not. ;) -Cera[/COLOR]

While the four boys were in class talking, in a classroom next to them, were Ryo and Rika. Their seats were next to each other, and they were talking while doing some english work.

"I miss CyberDramon so much." Ryo said, doing some book work.

"Yeah, I'll never stop missing Renamon. Wouldn't it just be great if we could go back to the digital world and get them?" Rika said back to Ryo, looking at him.

"Rika, I don't think that I ever got to tell you thank you for giving me and Cyberdramon all of your energy." He said, looking back at her.

"You needed it. And we wouldn't have been able to stop the D-Reaper without [I]our[/I] energy." She said back to him.

"I know Ms. Digimon Queen." He said sarcasticly.

"Was that sarcastic King?" She said back, sarcasticly flirting.

They continued to talk back and forth, mean while back with the four boys.

"We'll need to talk to Suzi, Rika, and Ryo." said Henry, trying to make a plan, "We can't go without them, if we do go..."

"What is that supposed to mean Henry?" Said Kazu, being full of himself as usually, "Of course they will want to go. Why wouldn't they."

Takato was sitting at his desk thinking about Guilmon, when a thought burst into his head.

"What about Ai and Mako?" he said suddenly interupting Kazu's rambling, "Their Impmon's tamers. They'll have to come too."

"I don't know if we'll be able to look after three children Takato." Said Henry thinking about Suzi, Ai, and Mako.

"Don't worry about them, MarineAngemon will help look after them." Kenta said bosting about his digimon.

"Ha! MarineAngemon! No, Guardramon is much stronger than your MarineAngemon!" Said Kazu starting yet another fight.
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"Do they ever quit?" asked Henry.
"Don't think so" said Takato.
The four boys went down the hall right before lunch.They were wondering how to get back.Could they? Was it even possible?
Besides, they didn't even know if their digimon were alive.
"Takato" Kenta asked nervously."Exactly..how are we gonna get back?"
"We use are D-Powers and a computer like they did on the show!" he responded exictedly.
"Real original Takato" Henry said in a sarcastic manner.
"Well do you have any ideas?" he answered back.
"Good point." said Kazu.

"Hey Rika!" Ryo asked.
"What is it" she said rather annoyed.
"Do you think we could go back...?"he said.
"Go where Ryo?" she said this time a little more anoyed than last timwe.
"To the Digital World" Ryo said plainly.Th ocnversation then took a turn.
"You really wanna go back, dont you Ryo?" she said calmly.
Silence again.It had been a while since the last time they were there.All the friends they made.A tear droped from Rika's eye.
"Rika!" Ryo shouted.
"I miss Renamon.Lets go."
"To the Digital World?" Ryo asked nervously.
"Where else?"
They both ran off to find Takato and the others.

Geography.Takato's most hated subject in school.But fortunately for him, time went quickly.But all he could think about was Guilmon.
"Takato?" Ms. Asaji (how do you spell her name?) asked.
The bell rang.Savd by the bell he thought.
The other boys ran outside and waited for Takato while he packed up his tuff.
"Jeri. What will we do about her?"
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umm.......They don't have their digimon, right?Their just bragging?

And HyperShadow...problems! If you read the story, they plan to go through Guilmon's hole, and its afterschool!
Meanwhile, Ai and Mako are lying on the floor of their house,obviously bored.

"Wanna do anything?"Asked Mako

"No,"replied Ai,"Everything just seems bored now that Impmon's gone."
Jeri, also meanwhile, is sitting down, doing boring homework,being bored...

"72 divided by 19.....*sigh*.....", she droned on, with sighs here and there.

She pulled her D-power out of her backpack.

"*sigh*.....I finally make good friends with Calumon, and he has to leave.....I wish I could go back..."

She goes back into thought about all that happened...
She thinks about how she's seen Takato wander by Guilmon's old hang-out.

'Maybe headibg down there would cheer me up!'She tought.

Jeri got up and said,"Dad! I'm going out for a while!"

"O.K.Be back!"He answered.

"Bye,daddy!" Jeri said as ran out the door,D-power in hand.
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Elsewhere the three "little ones" were also disgussing about their digimons.

"*sob sob* I miss Lopmon!!!" Suzie cried."And Terriermon and Calumon and Lopmon and Terriermon..."

"Shut up! You're repeating your sayings!" Mako said annoyed.

"But I miss Impmon too..."Aki whispered.

"We must be brave, Aki! Impmon wouldn't want us to act like babies! You too, Suzie, we must do something! Follow me!" Mako said determinately.

"Shouldn't we go get Henry and others...?" Suzie suggested.

"NO! They would say we'd only be in their way! Besides, I have an idea...we still have our D-powers, right?"

The girls notted.

"You remember what they did on the show? With the computers?"

"But Mako, don't be silly! That was a cartoon!"

"Hey, what are you up to?" said a new voice.

"JERI!"all three shouted at the same time.

"Er...were going to find our digimon from the Digiworld!" Suzie told.

"Oh...that's...nice..." Jeri looked down and then again to the kids. "Could I come with you?"
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Back at school, classes had just ended for the day. Takato and the boys had agreed to meet at the park in half an hour. Takato was so exited that he ran all the way home. He burst through the door of the bakery.
"Hi mom!" Takato spun round is mother and kissed her on the cheek, and then ran straight to his room. His mom had been so stunned that she didn't even have time to say a word! Ten minutes later, Takato thundered down the stairs and out the door.
"Bye mom!"
"Well...that went...huhhh that boy!" Mrs. Motsuki smiled and returned to her bread dough.
At the park, Takato and the others sat trying to think of a plan.
"Well," said Henry, "Summer vacation is only a week away. It'd be best to wait 'till then, don't ya think?"
"A WEEK!" Kazu exclaimed. "You really expect us to sit through class for a whole week?!"
"What do you wanna do? Skip out of class and just leave without a trace?" Henry replied.
"YES!" Kazu and Kenta bursted.
"Com'on guys. You know we can't do that," Takato added. "Our parents would freak!"
"Yeah..." Kenta's voice trailed off. "I just wanna see him so much!"
"I know how you feel," Takato sympathized.
"We all do," Henry began, "but we can't just rush in without a plan. We don't need any trouble."
A long pause followed.
"Hey goggle heads!" Rika's voice broke the silence.
"Rika! Ryo! What are you guys doing here?" Kazu asked.
"We thought we'd find you here," Ryo smiled. "We have a plan!"
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Jeri, Suzie, Ai and Mako were walking down the street.

"Where could they be?" Suzie wondered. "They weren't at our home..."

"Maybe they are at Takato's. It's just around the corner", Jeri suggested. The foursome turned to Takato's homestreet.

After walking a while Jeri noticed that somebody was missing. When she looked back...

"SUZIE!!!" she shouted. Ai and Mako turned also to look. There she was, ten feet away, standing in the street with a horrified look on her face...,[I]shimmering![/I]

"What's...happ...ning...to....me...?" Suzie whispered, and then...
she was GONE!

At the digiworld, a brown in-training digimon was wandering in that same strange desert she had met her Tamer.

"Suzie..." she whispered. At the same time, a loud scream came from the sky. The in-training digimon looked up, and her eyes grew with ashtonishment.


[B]Okay, this is "offline" : could somebody send the names of the in-training forms. I'll give you a piccie to help. [/B]
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ohh sorry. i got a little confused.i still am.i guess i'll try to continue without messing things up.
"Suzie!!! It's you!!! I it really you?!?!"
"Uhh is that you..Lopmon?"
"Yep Suzie, its me!"
The two ran forward and the in-training form of Lopmon jumped right into Suzie's arms.
"Suzie, shouldnt the others be with you?" Lopmon asked nervously.
"I guess so, but they didn't come.I am sure that they wanted to but..i was the only one who came.And i bwought (she has a problem with her W's) my D-power!!!"
"Thats great Suzie!! Here i'll take you to the village"
"What village?"Lopmon just walked on.And Suzie followed.

"What do you mean she just dissapeared?!" Henry shouted.
"We were walking to your house Takato(thats where they are now) and we turned around. She was just in the middle of the street and vanished." Jeri answered back.
"Sorry for yelling Jeri,but do you know where she went?"
"The Digital World" she said not knowing what Henry's reaction would be.To her suprise, silence.
"Takato!" shouted his mom, "answer the door!"
"Oh yeah that is probably Rika and Ryo."
He went to the front door and opened it.
"Whats new goggle boy?"
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Later, in Takato's room:
"...So we think Suzie has somehow gone to the digital world." Jeri said.
"But how is that possible?" Rika asked.
"It's not as far fetched as you think." Takato began. The others glared at him.
"Is there something you haven't told us, Takato?" Henry asked.
"Actually yes. See, there is a portal open. The very same one we went through the first time."
"WHAT?!!" The others were stunned. Takato was sorry he'd kept it a secret so long.
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"Yeah its the same portal." Takato said to the others.
"How did you find it?" Rika asked quickly.
"I was just walking home from school and a portal appeared in the park.A digignome came out."
"How long had you known about it, and what happened to the diginome?" Henry asked, trying to clear things up.
"Well the digignome probaly took Suzie to to the DigiWorld" Jeri interupted.
There was a long silence.Everyone was thinking hard.They were thinking the exact same thoughts.Were the digimon together? Had Suzie found Lopmon? Was Suzie or Lopmon still alive?
"I thunk we should go" Takato said afte he stood up,"to the digiworld!"
Everyone agrreed.Except Jeri.She remained silent.
"Jeri are you ok?" Takato asked, rather concerened.
"The Digital World. To me...a place of sorrow.but..."
"Ohh nothing of course i'll come.i guess.maybe. no."
"Its ok Jeri you dont have to come with us.Maybe it would be better to stay with your dad."
"I am not sure.I'll have to think about it."
While everyone went home Jeri stood in silence.She slowly walked out the door.
"Takato. I'm sorry. I'll come if i can.Just leave it to me." she reassured herslef and Takato.
Jeri went home. She ran to her room and went to her drawer and pulled out her broken d-power.she looked at in a way she had never realizd you could look at life.
"Leomon" she said to herself.
"Jeri, dinner is ready!" her stepmother called.
"Coming!" Jeri shouted back and left her room.
Th e room remained silent.Until you could almost herea voice speak.
"Jeri, be strong. You have heart of a lion."
Nothing was heard.
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I?m spelling Kokomon?s name as ?Cocomon? on purpose to work with Suzie?s logic. And the Kabuterimon isn?t the one from Adventure.

In-Training names:

Calumon and MarineAngemon stay themselves.

?Wopmon, what is this pwace?? Suzie asked her partner. ?And why did you get so small before weaving??

?Shibumi?s Doodlebug plan had the side effect of devolving most of us to In-Training.? Lopmon said. ?You don't know how long it took me to learn how to walk like this. And if Zhuqiaomon saw me, I?d be too embarrased to even look him in the eye. And that's if I was big enough to do so. I don?t even know what to call myself in this form.?

?You [i]really[/i] look like a choc... chock-o-it... chok?wit bunny now...? Suzie pondered. ?...so what about... Cocomon??

?Um...? the devolved Lopmon began, but she saw Suzie?s eyes, already looking saddened at just the thought of disapproval. ?Cocomon it is,? Lopmon agreed. ?It?s perfect.? She saw the delighted Suzie coming in for one of her infamous ?attack hugs,? but instead of cringing, she accepted it. ?I?ve missed you, Suzie.?

?I miss you too!? Suzie said happily, squeezing "Cocomon" tighter. ?Maybe the sobren... sovrin... so-ve-reign will let me stay here with you??

?Perhaps,? Cocomon said, trying to hide the fact that she was struggling to breathe. ?I wonder if it was they who brought you here. But now, we must be off to the village. It isn?t safe outside.?

Suzie followed Cocomon through the forest whose floor was covered not with grass or dirt, but zeroes and ones. Suzie marveled at the instant change from broad daylight to pitch darkness, but Cocomon was insistent that they continue, even during the pitch dark night. Cocomon explained explained the camp formed by the Digimon who were not transformed by the Shining Digivolution. When the news got around that parks on Earth were unaffected by D-Reaper, a program had been created by a rather brilliant Kabuterimon to simulate organic material, and the D-Reaper had left a large area untouched, thinking it to be vegetation. This area became home to many Digimon refugees fleeing the destruction of the digital world. But Kabuterimon was no the only one with the idea. There were other such safe zones. And after the battle with D-Reaper, so much of the Digital World was ravaged that there was not enough food to go around. The inhabitants of some such zones were willing to share food and resources and work together to rebuild, but many went in for the steal-and-hoard method.

Cocomon eventually became tired, and, though the former Rabbit Deva hated to admit weakness, she had to stop and rest. Suzie was still wildly energetic. Cocomon watched her partner with envy, and wondered if there was ever a case of humans devolving.

Though her body was weaker as an in-training, her senses were alert as ever, and she heard the three Digimon coming. ?Suzie, come here!? Cocomon called. Suzie was soon at her partner?s side. ?Stay close to me, Suzie. Someone?s out there.? [i]As if I could protect anyone,[/i] Cocomon thought. But she?d try.

Three Datirimon stepped close enough to be seen. Suzie said something about tomatoes being the wrong color, and began scanning the three newcomers with her digivice. Cocomon scolded the Datirimon. ?What are you three doing out here? I told you, it?s not safe. There could be any kind of Digimon out here, and if they?re hungry enough, they won?t stop short of making a meal of you!?

?What do you know?? the three Datirimon said as one. ?You?re only an In-Training yourself.?

?I told you, I was the Rabbit Deva, but the Sovereign turned me into Lopmon, and a computer program in the human world turned me into... this. Have you ever seen another Digimon like me before??

?You used to be Antiramon?? the three Datirimon laughed, still talking at once. "Yeah, right."

?And would you stop talking like that?? Cocomon said. ?You?re not YukimiBotamon. Now, come with me before...?

?You can?t tell us what to do!? The three Datirimon bounced in unison down the dark path.

?That went well,? Cocomon sighed. ?I don?t suppose you brought any cards to speed me up??

Suzie shook her head. "No cawds. I didn't know I'd need 'em."

?No, that would be too easy,? Cocomon said cynically. ?Come on, we'd better go after them.?

Suzie and Cocomon chased after the Datirimon, and Suzie commented that Cocomon had sounded exactly like something called a ?mommy.? Cocomon made a mental note to ask Terriermon (or rather Gumimon, now that he was an In-Training as well) what that meant. Datirimon weren?t the world?s fastest Digimon, and Cocomon and Suzie had soon closed the gap between themselves and the three mischievous youngsters.

?Aw, nuts!? the Datirimon said as Suzie and Cocomon caught up with them.

?That?s right,? Cocomon said. ?When your parents hear about this...?

The Datirimon spoke once more, in a deeper, ominous voice. As they spoke, the three voices melded into one. ?My parents, as with the rest of my kind, need food. And you have it.? The three Datirimon became one hideous green lizard with red stripes, a tail twice the length of its body, and armor complete with a helmet. Atop the helmet was a second set of eyes.

Suzie raised her Digivice. ?It says he?s Chamewemon, an awmored wizard who can take diff'went shapes and imitate voices. It didn?t say he?d be that ugwy, though.?

?Wizard?? Cocomon said. ?You mean lizard??

?I [i]did[/i] say wizard!?

?Never mind, Suzie. Chamelemon, we don?t have anything of value. Just leave us alone.?

?Well, you look pretty tasty yourselves,? Chamelemon said, his tongue flicking out.

?Run, Suzie!? Cocomon ordered. ?I?m right behind you.?

?But Cocomon, can?t you digivolve or...?


Suzie and Cocomon tried to run, but their way was instantly blocked by three Greymon, who had been waiting for Chamelemon to lead the two travelers to them. ?Greymon,? Suzie said, reading the digivice. ?Champion Digimon who kill and cook their prey with one Nova Blast. They?re not nice, I take it.?

Cocomon slowly shook her head. ?It?s best we took our leave. Follow my lead.? She tried to lead Suzie between two of the Greymon, but they were far too quick. One Greymon firmly planted its foot in their path, and launched three fireballs. Cocomon and a screaming Suzie ran to avoid the blasts, Cocomon feeling more helpless than ever. The three Greymon surrounded their quarry.

?Hey, you! Get away from them!? a voice called. From behind Chamelemon came two DarkTyrannomon. The Greymon responded with fireballs.

Cocomon and Suzie took the opportunity to escape. Unbeknownst to them, Chamelemon saw them and altered his colors to blend with the ground, and faded from sight. He began to stalk toward them.

Two Greymon attacked the larger of the DarkTyrannomon. The DarkTyrannomon spouted a column of flames. The Greymon simply walked through it, unharmed by the heat, as was natural for any fire-breather. Of course, the DarkTyrannomon was not on the other side. The two Greymon had two seconds to ponder what had happened before the DarkTyrannomon?s tail was descending upon their heads. Thunk, thunk. Two down.

The smaller DarkTyrannomon?s job was almost as easy. After not too long, the Greymon had ventured too close, and the DarkTyrannomon was presently grasping the Greymon by the antlers and ramming the Greymon?s head into a tree. The tree went down after two strikes, though the Greymon was still willing to fight. ?What?s your problem?? DarkTyrannomon demanded. ?Just stay down.?

The Greymon roared in fury, yanking his antlers free and kicking the DarkTyrannomon in the stomach, sending him to the ground. ?Me and my big mouth,? DarkTyrannomon groaned.


Cocomon led Suzie down the path as fast as they both could run. Cocomon cursed internally at her inability to fight. [i]I was one of Zhuqiaomon?s prize warriors, I fought D-Reaper, and I?ve got to run from an Armor and three Champions while others do the fighting for me. This is just wrong.[/i]

?Who were those wizards?? Suzie shouted.

?That?s ?lizards.? Remember the thieves (pant) from other villages I told you about? Those guys (pant) are the worst of them, (pant) and they?re from a valley of mostly reptile Digimon. They call themselves the (pant) Saurian Alliance, and we just experienced their idea of foraging. The DarkTyrannomon are on our side. They (pant) look mean, but most of them are friendly.?

?What?s fo?aging??

Cocomon sighed and started to clarify, but she stopped as she heard a rustling in the trees above her. Before she could begin to look for what it was, something yanked Suzie into the air, letting her hover about five feet above the ground. Suzie grasped at her neck, gasping for air, as whatever it was was choking her.

Chamelemon appeared, hanging from the trees and holding Suzie by the neck with her tail. ?You?ve caused me a great deal of annoyance, human.? Leaping from tree to tree with astonishing speed and agility that, in the world of humans, would be impossible for such a creature, Chamelemon took Suzie back to the Greymon and DarkTyrannomon in a matter of seconds. ?DarkTyrannomon!? he called. ?Stand down, or this dear hatchling?s neck snaps in half.?
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Digiworld's sky was getting darker. An Aurumon was sitting on a branch, enjoying the silence. Infront of him opened a sad view: acres of distroyed land, with no vegetation, just burned, scorched dirt. The Aurumon wasn't sad at all, because he knew that the land would repair itself -sooner or later. Now he wanted to go to sleep (at evening unlike normal owls, but Aurumon is far from normal owl), but suddenly something [I]very annoying[/I] bothered his sleep: a shrill voice repeating same, one word:calu, calu...

"Oh shut up out there!!!" Aurumon shrieked.

"Calu? What's wrong, Calu? Me bothering you, Calu?"

"YES YOU ARE, thank you very much!!!"

"Sorry, Calu, but you seen any itty-pitty digimons running this way?"

"No, I haven't! Would you now leave, please?"

"Oh" Calumon sighed his years diminshing. "Me lost them for good, Calu. Takato and Henry and Rika not like this, Calu." Then he started to sob piteously. Aurumon felt bad for shouting at this little digimon.

"Er, now now, don't cry. You'll find your...eh, itty-pitty friends for sure. Just fly forward, they can't be too far. Go on now!"

"Really, Calu? Aw thank you, birdiemon! Me look more!" Then he flew forward and Aurumon continued his sleep.

"Calu Calu Calu" Calumon glided happily. He had lost sight of all the in-training digimons since the day they were separated from their Tamers. First left Impmon's in-training form,then Lopmon's, then Renamon's and Cyberdramon's, then Terriermon's and just few days ago the rest three. But now Calumon had got new hope and was determined to find the little runaways and bring them back to their Tamers.

As flying through the dusky sky, Calumon shutted his eyes for a while. But when he opened them...he was back on humans' world!
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"Whe.....Where am i?"Calumon seemed awfully confused....

Calumon turned around and saw a portal that was decreasing slowly.

"What's happening? Why is that there?"

Suddenly, Calumon heard Azulongmon's voice in his head.

"Calumon, we , the sovereigns, have once again chosen you to do an important mission. Please find the Tamers and bring them back here before our powers diminish. Please succeed! We couldn't find the others..."

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"Suzie, do you know where Calumon is?" Lopmon asked as they sataround a campfire in the village.
"Cawumom who?" Suzie asked politley.
"The little white guy with a triangle on his head.He is the key to digivoultion."
"Digivo-what?" Suzie said confused.
"Oh never mind, Suzie" Lopmon smiled.Well at least no more Miss Pwetty Pants treatment.How could Terriermon survive?She looked up at the stars and wondered where her friend was.

"So what is your plan Takato?" Rika asked.
"Well I told my dad about what I said, and my dad told Henry's dad, and Henry's dad told Yamaki.
"Spit it out goggle boy!" Rika was growing impatient.
"They have connected a program that allows us to go to the Digital World" Takato said rather suprised by what he had said.
"Did Takato just say something smart?" Rika said sarcasticly.
"Well anyway come to my house first thing tomorrwo." Henry said getting a little annoyed by the constant babbling from everybody.
"What about Jeri" Takato asked Henry where no one could hear.

"Oh i'll never find Rika, Takato, Henry...or a creampuff." Calumon said akwardly.He had been walking for days.It was approching sunset and he was in the middle of no-where.He kept walking. Then suddenly a Garbagemon fell from a tree.It grinned.Calumon started to run.The garbagemon not too far behind.Then Calumon saw something in the distance.
"A village!!!...Maybe they have creampuffs!!!!"

Suzie and Lopmon were eating dinner.The other digimon bustling about doing their job to make their visitors comfortable.Then everybody stopped.The village chief emerged from his hut
The Wizardmon spoke.
"People of this village.I welcome these guests to our humble town.I hope that you make these guests happy.However, some new guests our approching.I ask that you make them comfortable as well."
Everyone was suprised on how the chief could see this.Suzie continued to have her mind on her food.But Lopmon had something else in mind.
"Suzie...I sense the Catalyst."
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Yeah, and Calumon was supposed to be in HUMAN'S WORLD now, because the sovereigns sent him there...well, these things happen:rolleyes:...


"Calu, find this and find that! Me no want to find anymore...No, must find Takto and Rika and Henry...and Jeri...Jeri...calu..."
Calumon sunk in a dream where he would be Jeri's partner, and then he would digivolve...
"[I]That all could be real, little digimon.[/I]" A sudden voice said.
"Calu?! Who spoke?!" Calumon was amazed.
"[I]Calumon, it's me, Azulongmon, your creator. If you help to restore our powers, I'll promise to fulfill your dream.[/I]"
"Calu, really???" But there was no answer. Anyhow, little catalyst was thrilled. He could be a real digimon -with Jeri.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! You stwupid wizard, let me down!!!"
"Suzie!" Cocomon cried. They were standing in a glade with Darktyrannomon and Greymon, Chamelemon still holding Suzie.
But suddenly...
"[I]Magical Game!!![/I] " Wizardmon cried, destroying Chamelemon.
"See, [I]that's[/I] a Wizard!" Cocomon taught her Tamer.
"Oh, I see."
"Come now, run! To the camp! Those overgrown Gekkomon's can't follow us there!" Wizardmon shouted.

"Suzie, I sence a catalyst!" Cocomon whispered.
"What? Is it Calumon? He's SO cute! I whis it was Calumon!!!"
"No, it's something else...something...strange."

"DAMN! This should have worked!" Yamaki shouted. "Now there's a horde of brats in my backdoor waiting to get to their dreamworld! I...hey, what's this???" Yamaki put his lighter in his pocket.

A light was wandering in the huge screen.

"Well well, isn't it our little catalyst friend..."
"What? Is it Calumon?" Takato shouted at the door.
"Hey, how did you get in?" Yamaki asked.
"You were supposed to have a plan." Rika said.
"Yeah, I HAD a plan. Didn't work."
"How are we gonna get to Digiworld now?" Kenta said desperately.
"There's our answer" Henry pointed at the lightdot bouncing in the screen.
"Calumon..." Jeri whispered.

"Calu calu calu..." Calumon hummed. "No here...no here either...oh, creampuffs! NO, Me musn't! Have to find Tamers...oh there they are! Hey, Tamers!"

Jeri looked up and pointed.
"There he is! Hey, Calumon!"
"Wheeeee!!! Me found you, calu! Me happy..." the little digimon's eyes got wet, when he hugged Jeri. "Jeri..."
"Calumon, can you take us to the Digiworld?" Henry asked.
Calumon looked at the group of children. Takato...Kazu...Kenta...Rika...Henry...Ryo...and Jeri.
"Me try, calu! Me try [I]hard[/I] !"
"Ummm...isn't something missing?" Takato said worried. "It's awfully quiet...OH NO! WE FORGOT AI AND MAKO!"

"I KNEW IT!!! I told you they wouldn't take us with them" Mako said furiosly as he and Ai were walking down the street.
"Yeah, they're SO stupid! Wish Impy would come and kick their HUGE BUTTS!" Ai was as annoyed as her brother.
"[I]Ai...Mako...Can you hear me...?[/I] "
"Impy?! Is it you?"
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Okay, I'm TRULY sorry to do this, but I just had to post a spammie, coz this topic was 'bout to go to the "forgotten thread's page"(which is page 2; p. 3 is the "dead thread's page"), and I want the story to go on!!! That way Tamers will never end(besides, it has the best possible scriptwriters now: US:D!!!)
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"Calumon...you don't know how happy I am to see you," Jeri said later.
"I feel a lot better about going to the digital world now that you're here."
"Aw geez. I missed you too, Jeri." Calumon hugged her. "Can I have a cremepuff now?"
"Anything you want."
Takato watched the two together from the corner of his eye. He and the others were talking about what to take and how long to stay in the digital world. They also wondered whether or not they [i]should[/i] go back for Ai and Mako. After all, it was bad enough Suzie was lost there. Takato couldn't help but smile at Jeri and Calumon, though. It was good to see Jeri smile again.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by calumon_luver [/i]
[B]I guess Tamers hasn't totally left us, Tamers in our hearts... [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah, you can tell that from the amount of Tamers-fanfics that have just appeared:smirk: .

But let's see what happens next...

"Impy, is it REALLY you?" Ai repeated.
"[I]Buh-please, what do you think I am, a BAKEMON? Now, listen up, kids, you come here, so you can save me from this hellhole![/I]"
"Why? What's happened?"Mako asked.
"[I]Oh, nothing, I'm just getting EATEN, that's all! Geez, would you pleeease come here and give me a hand?[/I] "
"Sure, but how are we supposed to get there?"
"[I]Easy! Just step forward![/I] "

The twins did that, and suddenly they were infront of a very hungry looking Blossomon, trying to eat Impmon's in-training form.
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"Aw, nuts," Ai and Mako said together as they found themselves at the feet? Roots? of a ravenous plant Digimon with equally ravenous, toothed flowers on the end of each vine.

"What is that thing?" Mako asked Ai, who was still wearing the Digivice. He and Ai reached for it at the same time, but remembered their promise not to fight over things. They held it together.

"Blossomon," Ai said. "She's an Ultimate... uh, I [i]think[/i] it's a she..."

They turned to the devolved Impmon. "And Impy is now... Yaamon," Mako said. "An In-Training."

Blossomon heard the two children, and turned toward them. They were tiny compared to her, but a better meal than the even-tinier Yaamon. She extended the snarling, snapping flowers on her vines towards the two humans.

"Uh..." Ai dug into her pockets for the cards she'd been given in the real world. "Digi-Modify! Shurimon, activate!" Nothing happened. She tried it again, this time with the magnetic strip on the card facing down. Again, nothing. She and Mako dodged the gnashing flowers, who growled as their prey evaded them.

"We shall feed!" Blossomon and her flowers said as one. "We hunger!"

Ai's mind returned to the Digimon Adventure show she had watched sometimes. It had been a great show in the first season, but had been cancelled after the horrid second season. But in the second season, Ken and Sam Ichijouji had recieved a Digivice. Sam had assumed it was his, but it had turned out to be Ken's. Ai's eyes filled with tears as she considered the possiblity, but she handed the Digivice to Mako. "Here. Maybe you're... you're supposed to have it. You try."

Mako took the Digivice and card, surprisingly not as happy as he though he'd be if the Digivice, and therfore Impmon, had turned out to be his and his alone. "Digi-Modify. Shurimon, activate." The twins waited... but still nothing happened. "WHAT?"

The kids scattered as Blossomon's next assault hit. Yaamon fired his Bubble Blow, but Blossomon didn't feel it. "Spiral Flower!" Blossomon shouted, and several of the biting flowers left her vines. Their petals became stiff and razor sharp. The deadly flowers launched themselves at the kids. Ai and Mako dodged left and right as the flowers struck the ground around them, each one narrowly missing. Blossomon wasn't used to such small targets. "So... hungry... starving..." Blossomon and her flowers rasped as one. The flowers tore themselves out of the ground and started after the children again. Yaamon kept attacking, and kept being ignored. One of the flowers narrowly missed Mako's neck, and doubled back to finish the job, but Ai shoved him out of the way, and jumped backwards to avoid it herself. She wasn't fast enough, and the flower left a deep gash in her shoulder. She screamed in pain as she tried to dodge the other flowers.

"Ai!" Mako shouted, running to her, but one of Blossomon's vines came close, and the flower attached to it sank its teeth into his arm and lifted him towards Blossomon herself. Mako let out a cry of pain and fear. Ai, despite the danger she was in, was yelling up at Blossomon to put Mako down. "Run, Ai!" Mako shouted. "Get out of here!"

"Put him down, now!" Ai was still shouting futilely at the Ultimate Digimon. "Uh-oh." The flowers were after her once again, and she dived to the ground, letting them go over her head. She could feel the breeze caused by their passing.

Yaamon bounced his way up Blossomon's stem, blowing the small pink bubbles at her, but it was doing nothing. Blossomon swatted him aside as if he were no more than a mosquito.

Mako was near the creature's mouth now. Desperately, he grabbed the vine that had him, the thorns cutting his hand. He bit down into the vine as hard as he could, grinding his teeth back and forth to make sure to cause as much damage as possible. The flower cried out in pain and threw him down. After falling ten feet, Mako hit the ground roughly and scrambled over to Ai. The Spiral Flowers sliced through the air between them. Crying from pain and fear, they struggled with the Digivice and card again. Mako tried the card again, and nothing happened. Ai took the digivice and card and got the same results.

"Spiral Flower!" Blossomon shouted, sending more of the deadly blooms the kids' way. They joined the group of flowers that was already chasing them. Ai and Mako tried to run, but ended up tripping over each other and falling to the ground. The flowers went over their heads.

"Ai, I just thought of something. Impmon didn't come back until we learned to share!"

Ai and Mako held the Digivice together, and slashed the card. "Digi-Modify!" Ai started.

"Shurimon activate!" Mako finished.

Two shuriken appeared above Yaamon. "Huh?" he said. "What am I s'posed to do wit' 'dis? Oh, well." He hopped up and butted the shuriken with his head, and they went flying toward the flowers headed for Ai and Mako, deflecting them. The flowers returned to Blossomon's vines.

"Yes!" Ai and Mako shouted together. Ai began digging through her cards again. The latest series of cards came from the Tamers' adventures, including several new Digimon. The Three Great Dragons were now the Four Great Dragons, with Megidramon included. Guilmon's line now had cards, with the statistics Takato had given them. Takato had been literally jumping up and down when he found one of the makers of card game was coming to meet him personally and get all of Guilmon's information. Beelzemon and Beelzemon Blast Mode now had cards, as did...

"You're gonna like this one, Yaamon," Ai said. "Ready, Mako?"

The two kids held the Digivice together. "Digi-Modify!" they said. "Behemoth activate!"

There was the sound of a motorcycle revving, and Beelzemon's bike rode in under its own power, stopping in front of Yaamon. "All right!" Yaamon shouted. "Thanks, guys." He hopped aboard. If it would work for MetalKoromon, he figured that controlling it without hands or feet would be easy. "Hey manure breath!" Yaamon shouted at Blossomon in his typical fasion. "Time for some weed whacking!" The motorcycle powered toward the plant Digimon, plowing into her and knocking her over. "This is too easy!" Yaamon crowed. The motorcycle turned around, and plowed at the Ultimate again. The wheel struck her face and plowed through. Blossomon screamed in pain and was broken down into red data particles, which Yaamon quickly absorbed. The motorcycle turned towards Ai and Mako.

"That was great, Impmon!" Ai enthused. "Or Yaamon. Or whatever your name is now."

"Yeah, Impmon, you sure showed... hey!" Mako shouted. Yaamon wasn't stopping, and Ai and Mako dodged to either side to avoid getting run over. Yaamon's eyes looked soulless, and had a red tinge to them.

"Wait a minute," Mako said. "Is he driving the bike, or is it driving him?"

Yaamon rode away on Behemoth, his two partners running after him, with no hope of catching up.
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