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RPG Vampires, Werewolfs and Demons. Oh My!


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[I]Drake calmly read the letter from Daniel, it was like all the other letters Daniel sent him. Was he okay, how was the plan going, was he eating enough people hugs and kisses and so on. Ken's letter only asked if he was dead yet, and if not, could he have his beloved dagger collection when he *did* bite the dust. Literally. Demons, whadda ya gonna do with 'em? Drake tucked away the letter and leaned against the alley wall, sighing. He hoped that they showed up soon. Then they could all start the fall of The Hunters.[/I]
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Niki awoke in the city of Japan, unknown of his next mission, Niki Jinn sat in his room until he heard a women scream. Niki Jinn transformed into his beast form, a standing wolf.

Niki ran through the hotel building down onto the streets, he grabed the screaming women and she told him of her robber. He ran up to the robber and threw him into a near by building.

Niki: Sins of your past have caught up with you.

-Two days later-

The news of the Werewolf in Japan traveled all over the world, the anti-freak group known as the hunters, were now on Niki's trail...
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[COLOR=seagreen][i]Lir hit the ground on all fours, back arched, fur sprouting along her spinal cord. They were following here, and they were ready to kill. She touched her hands to her face and screamed her hunting cry. Immediatly the fur spread across her naked body and everything around her was blown away. Then she rose to her feet, and whipped her tiger form around, fangs bared, claws extended.[/i]

Hunter: You've been a very naughty kitty....

Lir: Try it. Just try it.

[i]He jumped forward, and she followed his movement. Immediatly, she hit him dead on, claws jabbing deep into his chest.....He fell backwards, eyes transformed in the final stages of death. She reverted to her human form and pulled herself off his body.[/i]

Lir: Didn't have a chance....[/COLOR]
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Niki landed in the City of New York, he immediatly made sure he wasnt followed to his old apartment on the lower east side. For the days ahead would be a very glooming peace.
Niki knew he was being watched but from who, and from where?
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Ryowa was walking the streets of Brazil as a human. Then immediatly in a near by forrest he saw a leopard.

Ryowa:...what are you doing here?

Ryowa quickly ran to the forest and turned into a leopard. He followed the leopard deep into the forest until he heard people talking.

Ryowa: Poachers!!!!!!

He then saw two leopards in tow cages roaring at the poachers. Ryowa quickly turned into a wereleopard and ran in front of the two poachers.

Poacher1: What the heck??!!

Poacher2: Its the wereleopardo!!!!


Poacher1: Yes...of course im soo sorry!! * He pretends to unlock the cagee but then reaches for his rifle*

Ryowa grabs the rifles and snaps it in two.

Ryowa: Do you take me for a fool?!?!?!

Poacher1: Nooo....im sorry..I dont know what I was thinking.

Ryowa: Then better get the heck out of here before I change my mind about sparing you lives.

The two poachers run away screaming. Ryowa tears the opens the cages and lets the leopards out. As they pass him by they roar a thank you.

Ryowa: You are welcome but I sence something else....I cant believe it...but it might be a tiger....I better go check it out....

Ryowa runs deeper into the woods with the sence of a tiger getting closer...
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Kain walks down a dirt path in a large wooded area.He is being followed but he pays no attention to it.He runs and as he runs he gets starts to change into a werewolf.A couple of hunters emerge out of the trees and attack.He let's them run for a second then as one of them try to attack he jumps and spins around biting off the head.

Kain: You want to try your luck?

The hunter looks at the expression on the face of the dead man's head then looks at Kain and trys to escape but by the time he moves an inch he is on the ground dead.

Kain: Hmph..
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[COLOR=seagreen][i]Lir reclined in the trees, head resting on folded hands, legs swinging carelessly. She slowly stretched her arms then her back, then she inhaled through her nose and out her mouth. Her human form was as lithe as her tiger form...if less powerful.[/i]

Lir: Ahhh....Leopard.

[i]As soon as Ryowa was in visual range, Lir sat up half way and dropped to the ground lightly. She wrapped her tunic on again and belted it losely. He stepped forward and watched her carefully. She raised her hand in greeting, fingers arranged gracefully.[/i]

Lir: To what...do I owe this pleasure?

Ryowa: You're a weretiger.

Lir: And you are a leopard. Now that we both know eachother...may I have your name?

Ryowa: ...You first.

Lir: Lir Wallflowers.

[i]She dipped her head slightly. Then she looked back at him; an expression of disbelief was pasted on his face. He obviously wasn't expecting a civil greeting.[/i][/COLOR]
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Ryowa: Cute name..

Lir: Hmmmph....I still didnt get yours..

Ryowa: Ryowa Davis at you service..

Lir: And those are your friends.. * Points at the Leopards behind him*

Ryowa: Uh-huh.

Lir: Do you hear that??

Ryowa: Sounds like a...

Lir: Helicopter..

Then suddenly a helicopter appears over them wiht a pack of hunters jumping from it with parachutes.

Ryowa: Heh...Time for some action.

Lir: Dont get too excited!!

The hunters quickly land and pull out dart guns.

Ryowa shouts to the leopards: GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!

The leopards stay where they are. And suddenly they start attacking the hunters.

Ryowa: They never listen to me.

Ryowa and Lir jump at the hunters killing them one by one.
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[COLOR=seagreen][i]In her tiger form, Lir mauled the hunters, one right after the other...The fighting ended as quickly as it had started. The last hunter fell to the ground, throat ripped clean out. Lir stretched luxuriously and reverted to her human form.[/i]

Ryowa: Not bad...

Lir: *licks her hand* Yeah...could be worse. Only one little problem.

Ryowa: What?

Lir: Helicopter + about three other leopards is gone.

Ryowa: AGGH!!

[i]The helicopter was long gone, and the remaining leopards were either wounded or knocked out.[/i]

Lir: ........pity.

Ryowa: Damnit!

[i]She knelt over one of the fallen leopards, hands pressed against his forehead. Touching her lips to the paralized neck, she slowly hummed a song under her breath. The leopard drew in a deep breath, then his eyes opened. Lir smiled and stood up again.[/i]

Ryowa: Healing?

Lir: Reverse hypnotisim.[/COLOR]
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As Lir was using Reverse Hypnotism on the rest of the fallen leopards it was getting darker and darker.

Ryowa: We are going to have to spend the night here.

Lir: Fine with me.

Ryowa: I will get firewood.

Lir: Im finished with your friends they just have to rest. I will go get us some food.

Ryowa got the firewood quickly and started the fire. Lir came back soon after.

Ryowa: So...What did you get.

Lir: Some rabits, and a whole bunch of birds and rats. It should be able to feed us all.

They cooked the food and had a wonderful feats.

Ryowa: Well. Im gonna hit the sack.

Lir: *Laughs* What sack?

Ryowa: Well....Usually I sleep with the leopards. On cold nights we just use body heat to keep us warm. Since we cant keep the fire on I will just do that.

Lir: Not a bad idea.

Lir puts the fire out and goes over to sleep with Ryowa and the leopards. All of them fall in a deep warm sleep.
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[I]A dark form emerges from the shadows.[/I]

Voice: Ah, Drake! I've been looking for you.

Drake*eyes closed*: You would be, Jessie.
Jess: You seem moody. I guess you heard about my master hunting down the little pack that you what the get together.

Drake*opens eyes*: Trying to hunt them. No one is dead yet. Or will die to the likes of you.

Jess*hisses*: I will not fail my master, cousin! You can be sure of that!

Drake*smiles*: I'm sure you won't. I don't have time for your whining right now. I'm busy, go away.

Jess: You'll never get them to work with you! You just mentally picked some idiots and you just think they'll go along with your pathetic plan? I don't think so Drake! They don't even know their fighting for you yet!

Drake: I picked them because I knew they would help me stop this master of yours. But your right about them not knowing yet. I think I should tell them. *Drake raises his had and disappears in a blink*

Jess*slightly shocked: Figures that a son of a witch could do a teleportation spell. It's matters little. My master with crush him. Now where did the little brat go?

[I]The women walks back into the shadows in search of prey to 'convert'.[/I]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]A shadow blacker than night. A shapeless form in the darkness, that which lurks at the edge of perception. The one who is with you when you are born, and longs to be with you as you die. The well of suffering that exists. The tortured, twisted being that resides in the darkness of the soul. The experiment abandoned by it's masters.[/I]

Vukodlak: Why all this introspection? I know what I am. No others need to. No others need to know I exist. The last, perhaps only of my kind. A wreck, a quivering mass of nerves. The extent of damage in my mind and soul far outweighs the physical. Why do I profess what I am?

Voice: Your isolation has driven you mad I see.

Vukodlak: Who are you? You know me?

[I]A thin, robed figure steps in front of the tortured Mymridion. Vukodlak's black eyes cloud, becoming as a broken reflection of the moon on water. He knows this one. Above all others. Above even himself.[/I]

Vukodlak: You dare face me! After all you and your ilk have done to me!

Magi: We created you. You are ours. You owe us life.

Vukodlak: You abandoned me. You left me to die. You left me with no memory of my life.

Magi: You had no life before us.

Vukodlak: You should have been indoctrinated into the modern world. I am at least 3000 years old. I remember less than a third of it.

Magi: You have been deceived.

[I]Vukodlak's eyes narrow, his mouth opens slightly. His scimitars appear in his hands as if by magic.[/I]

Magi: You seek to anger me. Unwise.

[I]Vukodlak's scimitars dart forward, as he backbeats his wings, sending him straight up into the air. The magi ducks the scimitars, sending a ball of pure force at the Mymridion. Vukodlaks replies in turn, the acid shooting from his maw leaving the magi a bubbling pool of blood.[/I]

Vukodlak: Enough. This is no longer my place.

[I]Resigned, Vukodlak flies off into the night, in search of novocaine for the soul.[/I][/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][i]Alastuin awakes from her deep meditation on the cream carpet of an expensive apartment. She sits up slowly and stretches, looking out the window at the sun sinking slowly in a blaze of orange and vermilin. Anathema stands and streches some more, feeling the stretch in her joints and her numerous peircings. She walks into the master bedroom and picks her clothes up off the floor, a black, slinky dress, strapless and ankle length, the material rippling like midnight oil. Sliding it on to her pale frame, she walks to the entrance of the ensuite and slips her feet into two black high heel shoes and rest her head against the door frame, gazing into the ensuite at the eviscerated body lying in a bathtub full of blood and sinew. Sighing heavily, Alastuin grabs her handbag and runs her long, pale fingers through her hair as she went to the door and slid herself into an expensive black coat. Glancing around, Alastuin looks for the man's wallet and finds it sitting on the kitchen bench, where he left it. Finding it to be much more stylish than her own, she empties it but for the seven hundred dollars she finds in it and vacates the space with her own things and money. Stepping outside, she locks the apartment and takes the crystal elevator to the ground floor of the building. Her black, deadened eyes covered with sunglasses, Alastuin stalks out of the building, the taste of blood and victory still acidic in her mouth. [/i][/font][/color]
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[i]With sweat glistening down his head Lalaith ran from the faint eruption of human voices. Hopping over fallen trees he races towards the safety of his cave. As he finally arrives at his cave he sees a man standing there. He comes to a dead stop in-front of the man[/i]

Hunter: You arn't getting anywhere you freak!

Lalaith: Get out of my way!

Hunter: What are you going to do? You're surrounded! We know about your little plan with your friends!

Lalaith: [i]Clutches his dagger behind his back[/i] I don't know what you are talking about!

Hunter: Maybe this will help! [i]Charges at Lalaith full force ready to knock him down[/i]

Lalaith: [i]At the last second side steps and drives his dagger into the Hunters back. Hitting the spine he paralyses the hunter.[/i] I told you to get out of my way! [i]Stabs through the hunter's head with his other dagger. Slowly takes his daggers out and looks up to see he is surrounded by 10 Hunters[/i] Oh great....
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[i]Amatia was just waking in the forests. She opened her eyes only to find that a rifle barrel was staring her straight in the face.[/i]

Hunter: I finally caught up with you.

Amatia: You may have caught up with me, but haven't actually caught me yet.

[i]With that, Amatia sprung into action. She grabbed the rifle and bent the barrel so that it was useless. She grabbed the hunter by his shirt and pulled him close, slightly transforming into her werewolf state. Her voice was menacing.[/i]

Amatia: If you ever try something like that again-

[i]There was rustling in the bushes. Amatia sniffed the air.[/i]

Amatia: Humph. More of your friends. I warn you, if you try something like that again, you won't live to see the light of another day!

[i]She knocked the hunter out by throwing him against a tree. Amatia changed into her full wolf state and took off full throtle. She knew her limits. Three hunters with two dart guns between them was something she couldn't handle at the moment. But that would change.....[/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Lir's eyes snapped open. She could hear something rising from the ground.....a shade. She leapt to her feet, changing into the tiger form. Without waking any of the others, she raced through the forest, just in time to find a girl facing off against several hunters.[/i]

Aamtia: Help!

Lir: ....

[i]The hunters quickly trained their guns towards Lir, only to have the barrels sheared off by her claws. Amatia leapt into action, dispatching several other of the hunters.[/i]

Lir: Well that was fun. Whom do I have the honor of adressing?

Amatia: ...Amatia.

Lir: Boy, we just seem to be popping out of this forest one by one.

Amatia: What? Do you know anybody else here?

Lir: Well, there's the wereleopard and his leopard buddies, and then there's.....the hunters...and that group of hunters that I just heard yelling nearby.[/COLOR]
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[B]ooc: It would be alot easier if someone could find me, please?[/B]

Niki in wolf-form ran through the city being chased by five hooded men with heavy, larde guns. Niki turned a corner but it was a dead end. He stops and is surrounded instantly

Hunter: Give in you freak

Niki: Really are you kidding me?

Hunter: Get on your knees!

Niki drops down and then jumps up into the air, fliping over the five men. He lands and grabs one of them, throwing him up into the air and then pushing him down into the concrete. The men back away and then aim their guns at Niki.

One man fires a shot, Niki falls down and back into his human form. The men look at each other in shock. As they do Niki runs down the next street and up onto the top of a building
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Lalaith: "Hm...10 verse 1 thats not very fair" [i]Looks around trying to stall[/i]

Hunter: "Life is not fair to freaks like you"

Lalaith: "Well doesn't that just beat all" [i]Eyes the bushes and sees some movement[/i]

Hunter: [i]Aims his gun at Lalaith's head[/i] "Now either you give up, or we'll put 10 bullets in your head!"

Lalaith: "Help would be great here..." [i]Throws his dagger and hits one of the hunters in the head killing him instantly[/i]

Hunter: "Why you little!" [i]Aims and shoots[/i]

Lalaith: [i]Flips back narrowly dodging the bullet, and climbs into a tree and notches his bow. Begins picking them off one by one[/i]

Hunter: " Suprise...suprise" [i]Smirks[/i]

Lalaith: [i]Turns around startled and growls[/i] "Amendo!"

Hunter: "Yours truly!" [i]Hits Lalaith square in the face with the butt of his gun[/i]

Lalaith: [i]Falls down limp out of the tree[/i]
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Seeing Lailaith fall and surrounded by hunters Kain turns into his wolf state and jumps square on top of a hunter crushing the body killing him.He sits there with his tongue out and tail wagging.

H#1: Kill that d*mn dog!!

Kain jumps out the way to dodge a hunter and then he rips another hunters spine clean out.Kain stands on two feet and snarls at all the hunters there.He jumps on one ripping off the arm then head.The rest of them run.Kain catches one before they get to far away.Kain walks over to Lailaith and turns back into human form.
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Lalaith: [i]Groans as he rubs his nose. Opens his eyes to see Kain staring down at him.[/i] "Ah!" [i]Holds a dagger to Kain's throat[/i] "Who are you, and what are you doi-" [i]Looks around to see none of the Hunters there except for the dead one. Notices a spine laying on the ground[/i] "You are a werewolf arn't you" [i]Smiles and extends his hand[/i] "Thanks for the help there!"

Kain: [i]Shakes his hand and smiles[/i] "Yes I am a werewolf. Now how did you know I was the one that helped you?"

Lalaith: "I saw movement in the bushes and" [i]Points to footprints leading towards the bush[/i] "your foot prints lead to the bush, even you turning into a wolf. Thats how I could tell. Besides that" [i]Points to the spine[/i] "Whats your name anyways?"

Kain: "My name is Kain, and yours?"

Lalaith: [i]Walks to where he killed the hunter with his dagger. Takes it out of the hunter. Smiles warmly[/i] The name is Lalaith Ril, I'm basically a Rougue Elf you could say. But I prefer just to be known as an elf." [i]Smiles again[/i] "I take it you are being chased by the HUnters too?"
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]After several hours heavy flying, Vukodlak alights on an oil tanker, bone weary and hungry. There is little movement, the workers all seem to be assembled on the main deck. There is a group of five men giving a speech. Intrigued, Vukodlak forces himself to fly closer, keeping to the shadows.[/I]

Man: The degenerates who haunt our earth. That's what they are. Degenerate. They pollute the air we breathe, the food we eat, the ground we walk on. That's why you have us. A group of decent, godfearing, normal humans. We're human. They're freaks. Monsters. We are the saviours. We dispose of the pests. And who are you men? You are the ones who take up the call. You help protect your world. You help to cleanse it. You are the ones who purify this planet. Who are you, I ask?

[I]As one, the crowd shouts back "The Hunters!". Enraged, Vukodlak wings into the sky, declaiming in a loud voice.[/I]

Vukodlak: You puny, pitiful men! You find yourselves enamoured of that which seeks to use you, and despising of that which is your greatest asset. You are judged unfit by what YOU created. Welcome to the desolation.

[I]Vukodlak rolls to the side, avoiding a blast from some strange weapons. The crowd is inflamed, pelting tools and objects at the twin glowing, cloudy eyes that mark the Mymridion. Vukodlak answers in kind, acid streaming down. Not at the men. At the main support. Iron and steel is no match for the most corrosive substance on earth. A chemical decay, formed from the essence of death. As the screams fade, the oil workers and the delegation of hunters dying slowly, freezing in the icy, oil-slicked water, their last sight is Vukodlak, now fully outlined, resplendant in his full awakening, the cloudy color of broken relfections (OOC: I'm basically trying to describe the texture of my banner if anyone's wondering), howling his despite, before shooting off into the rising dawn, a blight upon the illumination.[/I][/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][I]Alastuin walked down the darkened street, ignroring the catcalls and whistles that echoed around her. Somebody threw a beercan, it never reached it's destination. Sick and tired of the lowlife scum that believed that what it was doing was actually funny, she hailed a taxi and told the driver to surprise her. When they reached the surprise destination, a rundown hotel, she enquired whether or not this was supposed to be some sort of joke and then choked the cabdriver to death with the strap of her handbag before he had time to answer. Climbing out of the taxi, she went to the driver's side (OOC: That's the right side, i'm english) and
pulled the driver out onto the ground and climbed into his seat, being careful to drive the spike of her stiletto into his temple before driving away.
She drove for about an hour, winding her way into streets packed with youths and sluts who thought the boys would ignore their stupidity if they wore short skirts and low cut tops. Thay were right, that was the sad thing. A group of young louts hailed her over, and she slowed down and allowed them to get in. Seeing the attractive young woman dressed in an expensive champagne dress, they made the usual routine of "hey" and "momma" and "blow me, like, seriously". Once they had all been seated, she pulled out and began to drive again, a small smile on her face. One guy muttered something about the corner of West and Marclay, and attempted to shove $50 into her cleavage. Alastuin didn't even blink. Immediately the upper half of her body split into who semi-transparent figures, one still calmly driving the taxi in a direction that was not leading to West and Seventh, the other turning for the guy and reaching out to him. He was too stunned to even move, and allowed her to take his head into her hands and pull his face into hers. She kissed him passionately before biting his tongue and ripping it out by the root. The guys in the back had a perfect veiw of his tongue sliding down Alastuin's transparent throat as she swallowed it.
The two of her figures melded back into one and she kept driving, as the eighteen year old next to her slowly drowned in his own blood. [/I][/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]As he started to reach human habitation, Vukodlak banked right, avoiding the unavoidable attention that usually springs up when a shadow without features flies across the sky. Settling down in some abandoned, twisted countryside, Vukodlak rechanneled the light through him, around him, so as to appear as a human being, a neccessary disguise to get information. He set off into the trees, determined to find out where he was, and then were the headquarters of this organisation was.[/I][/font][/color]
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[color=darkgreen][font=gothic][I]By this time the youths in tha back of the taxi was too scared to move, too scared to stay. One managed to mutter "where are you taking us?" But Alastuin never answered. On and on she drived until the city broke into industrial estates. Reaching an appearingly abandoned wearhouse, she pulled into the driveway and puched an eighteen digit code into the hightech keypad concealed by a shrub at teh entrance of the garage door. The door swung open without a sound as they drove in, dim light illuminating a vast empty space lined twenty or so metres up with steel bars, criscrossing the void. From these bars extended chains burdedned with hooks, many of which carrying the bodies of rotting corpses. Thousands of dead bodies in various states of decay, hanging motionless in the air.
Alastuin turned to her captors, smiling. "Get out." She whispered, her voice as etherial and sinister as her smile. Shaking, the boys clambered out of the taxi, staring transfixed at the corpses and getting ready to beg. But the opportunity never came, Alastuin merely backed out of the door and they lost sight of her as it swung silently shut behind her, leaving no way of escape but through her return.[/i][/font][/color]
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ooc: this may find very "newby" but can someone plz find me or put me in the game, i love this story but dont know where to go with it, plz


Niki jumped down stomping on one of the hunters, killing him instantly he lashed out at another one. After several minutes he had killed the group of five. Niki ran into the woods, falling down transforming back into his human form
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