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RPG Star Wars Episode 3: Fall of the Republic

Guest Padme Amidala

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Guest Padme Amidala
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....(Star Wars Theme plays)
The Clone Wars was a success for the Republic, showing who has the better army. The mysterious Count Dooku and the Seperist Movement have torn apart the Republic, but the wounds are being healed. Count Dooku has dissapeared into the galaxy, no one aware of his presence. The Jedi are having trouble sensing what is coming to haunt the galaxy for many years to come....and the Republic has no idea either. The Trade Federation still strives to keep intact and stay on top and has a secret plan that will tear apart the Republic and the Jedi, leaving everyone helpless. Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala were married 1 year ago, keeping their passionate relationship undercover, but the secret is almost out due to the fact that Padme isn't as small as she used to be in the belly area! Anakin has grown more arrogant and ingornant to Obi-Wan and the rest of the Jedi Council. He has surpassed every Jedi with his skill and knowledge and talks to Palpetine who gives him "tips" and "information" and praises him about his powers and skills bringing Anakin closer to the Dark Side and makes him even more arrogant. Anakin is engulfed in his quest for more power and is getting closer to the Dark Side everyday. He may be the one who brings balance to the force, but the Dark Side has him first. No one, not even Obi-Wan or Master Yoda can sense Anakin's disturbances with the force. Everything is clouded for them and fate is near. Anakin deeply loves his wife and his soon to come children, and would do ANYTHING for them, and the Dark Side has made him even more overprotective. But after something happens to his family that breaks them apart, all is bad for the galaxy, and no one knows what's in store for them, except for Palpetine.
I suck at entrances....but I hope that everyone gets the point. If you don't understand it, PM me and I'll tell you EVERYTHING! I wanted to make this short instead of in extreme detail due to the fact that it would hold too much info. Good luck and no spamming.:nervous:
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Abob was on Coruscant, sitting in a small diner called Zougu's Synth Food, waiting for his employer to arrive. He had been paid thrity thousand credits upfront to meet this person here and he didnt want to wait much longer. His employer was supposed to have been here twenty minutes ago. He would give him another ten minutes then he would leave. He hated wasting time.

Then a man walked in, he was flanked on either side by brutish Gammorian gaurds. The proprietor looked annoyed , but didnt protest for fear of death.

When the man spotted him he walked over and sat down across the booth from Abob. Then he looked around to see if anyone was listening. When he had looked around the entire diner and found nobody who was paying them any special attention he began to speak...

Man: "I have heard of you Ttef, you are supposed to be a excellent bounty hunter, and honest too. I want you to kill someone, someone important."

He pulled out a holoprojector and turned it on. The holoprojector showed a young woman and a young man. Abob began to study the image. The woman looked pregnant and the man was wearing a lightsaber. He reconized them as Anikan and Padme Skywalker, heros of the first battle of the clone wars.

Abob: " I dont kill Jedi, too dangerous."

Man: "I dont want you to kill him, I want you to kill her."

Abob: "Fine, but it will cost you a million credits, all in advance."

Man: "You must be jokeing! That kind of money is way out of the question for a simple assination!"

Abob: " A simple assination? A friend of a Jedi? A senator who will be heavily guarded? One million credits, no less for this near impossible job."

Man: "I will have to think about this, meet me here in two days for my final decision."

Abob: "Fine, but next time dont be late."

The man and his two thugs leave the diner and Abob pays his tab. Then he walks silently out to the street, where he gets on his speeder bike and flies back to the docking area where his ship is waiting..........
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Mara smiled as she walked in to see her friend.
"Mara! Padme exclaimed, trying to get up.
Mara smiled and signaled for her friend to sit down.
"Sit, Senator Amidala, sit." She said quietly, taking a seat across from the preganant woman.
"So, how are things on Naboo?" Padme asked excitedly.
Mara smiled, knowing that the Senator was eager for news of her home.
Mara's smiled thinned.
"We will talk of such petty things later, " Mara said, quickly changing the subject, "How are you coming along?"
Padme smiled.
"Fine, I'm afraid that my secret will be out soon though."
Mara's smiled completely disappered this time.
"So I've heard."
Padme nodded.
"I'm here for you, Padme," Mara said softly, leaning towards her friend, "You know that, don't you?"
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Guest Padme Amidala
Back on Naboo, Padme was at her house that she lived in as a child. Her mother was cooking one of her delicious breakfasts.

Padme: Mmmmm...it smells wonderful mom!

Jobal: Well, of course it smells wonderful dear, I'm making it!

Padme: Oh Mom....you're impossible...

Jobal: By the way, I haven't seen that husband of yours in a while. Where is he?

Padme: Out on Jedi buisness.

Padme and Anakin tried to keep their marriage and Padme's pregnancy a secret, but it is kind of hard being a Jedi and a Senator and trying to hide something like that. Padme stopped her duties as a senator right after her pregenancy became too noticable and she took a leave of absense to go home and live there before anyone could find out. No one knew of the couple's love or marriage, not the Senate or the Jedi. Only Padme's family knew, and they promised to keep it a secret. The family was glad that Padme and Anakin loved each other and got married, and the whole family was proud to have a Jedi join their Clan. The Jedi Council were getting worried about Anakin and his long absenses and so was Obi Wan. They didn't follow him around because his excuses usually were that he needed to "go do something for the sake of the galaxy" and they let him go without question, even though they were concerned. Just as Padme was about to tell her mom about Podracing, since there was nothing else to do or talk about, Anakin walked into the front door and greeted Padme's older sister, Sola, and Sola's 2 young daughters ran up to Anakin and gave him a big hug around his waist since he was so tall and they were so little! Ryoo and Pooja were jumping up and down and shouting when they saw Artoo Deetoo walk in after Anakin and they ran for the little dome shaped droid who beeped in surprise. Anakin waved his hand at Jobal and walked over to his wife who was standing in the kitchen.

Anakin: How are we today?

Padme: Fine. I've missed you so much! You've been gone for almost a week!

They got in a hug and kissed each other, unaware of everyone staring at them, althought they thought it was so sweet watching the young couple.
Ok everyone, just to let you know that Mist's post is meant to be before mine, so don't get mixed up! I was editing it while she posted hers.
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After reciving a message from master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi flies in his Jedi Starfighter to the City planet of Courscant.

-2 hours later-

Obi-Wan's ship lands on the outer docking bay of the Jedi Temple. He makes hsi way to the main temple and take the elevator to the top. He immediatly makes his way to the councel and Opens the door...

Yoda: Madter Kenobi good to see you it is

Obi-Wan: And you the same, as well as all the members of the councel.

Mace Windu: Obi-Wan as you can see we are missing one member of the Jedi Councel, Oppo Rancisis, Hge was a driliant Military mind, And lost his life in the Clone Wars.

Ki-Adi Mundi: What Master Windu is trying to say is that their is an open spot on the councel

Plo koon: And the spot is yours, if you want it.

OBi-Wan: If you all dont mind, I would like to think it over.

Yoda: One other subject address we will, is of Anakin's trials

Obi-Wan: He is more then ready to become a jedi

Yoda: then the trials he will take...
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Guest Padme Amidala
Anakin and Padme sniffed the heavenly aroma coming from the kitchen and heard Jobal call out their names for breakfast.

Jobal: Anakin, Padme, Sola, Ryoo, Pooja! Time for breakfast!

Ruwee: What about me?

Jobal: You can come too honey.

Ruwee: Forget your own husband? I think not!

Jobal: Oh hush up and come eat!

Everyone ran to the dining table which was large and oval with beautiful patterns of wood on it, the colors blending in with the rest of the home. Jobal brought the steaming hot food to the table and asked Padme and Sola to help with the plates and sliverware.

Ruwee: So Anakin, how are things going?

Anakin: Fine, I guess. I'm getting really irritated with the counci though.

Ruwee: Well, that's not good news. So, are you as excitied as I am?!?

Anakin: Excited about what?

Ruwee: Your children, of course!

Anakin: Oh, of course, why wouldn't I be!!

As soon as Ruwee was about to say something else, Pooja hit him lightly on the top of his head because she wanted attention.

Pooja: Grampa, I wanna play!!

Ruwee: I promise I'll play with you later. Now go sit down because we're about to eat!

Pooja: Aww...

The 3 women walked in the dining room once more with everything and set them in front of the children and men.

Padme: Where's your husband Sola?

Sola: Out again on Tagori helping the colonies settle there.

Padme: I think it's good what he does, trying to help all those people.

Sola: Well, you do that too!

They sat down and conversations starting bubbling up everywhere. Anakin felt right at home here and joy and happiness was in his heart whenever he was near his wife, and also her family who he had grown attached to. Anakin sat next to Ruwee and Padme and was talking to Sola about Podracing.

Anakin: Yeah, I was 10 when I won my first race. I had raced before, but I lost.

Sola: That's too bad. I couldn't even DREAM of trying Podracing! I don't think it's possible for us humans to do it, except for you, of course!

Anakin: It just takes concentration and skill. And you have to be really fast.

As everyone finishes up thier meal, Mara, Padme's friend had left earlier to return to Corucant, not to interrupt Padme being with Anakin again.

Mara: I hope she enjoys herself, but in the meantime, I have to go back to the Senate and try to keep cover for her. It seems like the secret is going to get out somehow and I have to help keep it undercover.
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Mara walked into Chancellor Palpatine's offcie nervously.
"You called, Chancellor?" she asked defiantly.
"Yes," he said, turning around to face the yound woman, " I wanted to ask about your friend and the esteemed Senator Amidala."
Mara smiled slightly.
"What is there to talk about?" she asked.
The Chancellor signaled her to a chair.
"Please," he said, "Sit."
Mara nodded and took a seat.
"Senator Amidala's presence in the Senate decreases day to day. I rarely even see her anymore," he said, looking outside, his hands folded, "I wish she were here. I wonder what she does."
Mara's face became plastered steel.
"I don't know where she is either, I, also, wish to see her." she replied.
Palpatine's unnnerving gaze settled on her.
"Do you have any clue where shoul could be?" he asked.
"I'm afraid not."
"But aren't the two of you close?"
"Yes," Mara replied, flipping her hair back, "but I do not know of her current location.
Palpatine gazed at Mara thoughtfully.
[i] He knows I'm lying...[/i]
"Thank you for your time, Senator Heartlock." he said, standing up.
Mara nodded and walked quietly out of the room.
"Odd," she muttered to herself when she was out of his office, "Odd."
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Abob landed his black speeder bike right outside the cockpit of his ship, the [I]Idiots Array[/I].

The [I]Idiots Array[/I] was Abob's first ship. He had worked like a slave to earn enough to buy her. It had taken him two years of working overtime at his old job as a mechanic, and working another job at the same time. He had lived frugally. He spent only enough to keep himself clothed and fed. He slept in his office.
He had been so happy when he had bought her. Then he had taken small bounties to buy his armor and other equipment.

He walked over to the boarding ramp, which lowered for him, and he walked up it into his ship.

The [I]Idiots Array[/I], was a Skipray Blastboat, built for combat. Skiprays were normally crewed by five people, a pilot, a co-pilot, a sensor officer and two gunners. However they could be flown by one person if necessary.

He had transformed the space that the other people were supposed to have into a small stateroom. It contained a bed, a "fresher", a desk, an equipment closet and a high definition hologram projector.

Abob checked the news and found that it had been another sleepy day for the galaxy. The politicians in the senate were bumbling around as usual. There hadn't been any major deaths, or accidents.

Abob showered, and then went to sleep, annoyed that he was going to have to sit around for two days waiting for his skittish employer to make up his infernal mind....
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Obi-Wan walked to his room in the temple. After a short rest he is awoken by master Mace Windu, wanting to talk with him.

Obi-Wan: May I be of some service.

Mace Wincu: No, just wanted to talk

Obi-Wan: Your mind is clouded

Mace Wincu: It is, Chancller Palpatine, has visited severl times, all times for young Skywalker

Obi-Wan: Anakin, why?

Mace Windu: I am not sure, I fear Palpatine is leading him away from the Jedi order

Obi-Wan: I would doubt that, anakin loves his place as a jedi

Mace Windu: I was going to ask you to meet with him, tell him of his trials to become a jedi, and get some info from him as to what Palpatine wants.

Obi-Wan: I will find his location, and meet with him as soon as I can

Mace: Thank you...
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Guest Padme Amidala
Obi Wan thought long and hard as to where Anakin might be.

Obi Wan: He's not on Coruscant...maybe I should check Naboo.

Obi Wan went about on his buisness as usual and decided to go check on Naboo.

Obi Wan: Well, he may be there.

He thought for a second and then clambered into his starfighter, unaware of the danger ahead of him.

Obi Wan: Ready for departure, Arfour?

Arfour beeped in return and Obi Wan started the ship.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme were out on a balcony looking out at the garden which was beautifully filled with flowers of all colors and shapes and sizes with their own beautiful uniqueness.

Padme: I'd really like to go back to the house by the lake. What do you think about that Anakin?

Anakin: Sure. Who all would come?

Padme: Oh, I was thinking, maybe just me and you.

Anakin's heart beated wildly at the thought of spending time with his beloved wife without the children around or any of the family. So it was setteled. They were leaving that afternoon. Padme's mother and father thought it was good for the couple to spend some well deserved time alone since they don't see each other very much. Padme and Anakin had everything packed and ready to go and were going to get there by Paddy, an old friend of Padme. Paddy had a speeder that would get them there in no time.

Padme: Bye Mom, bye Dad! Bye Sola!

Padme's nieces, Ryoo and Pooja came running up to her for a big hug.

Ryoo: I'll miss you Aunt Padme.

Pooja: Me too!

Padme: Don't worry, it's just a month. If you really miss me, you can get your mom to bring you. I'm sure Paddy won't mind.

Paddy: Oh no, of course not! Anything for the Senator!

Anakin and Padme waved once more at everyone and climbed in the speeder and they were off once more, the wind flowing through them.
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Mara arrived at Padme's parents house on a speeder with a guard, winded.
"Is Padme and Anakin here!? She exclaimed, frightned.
"No," Her mother said, confused, "Why?"
"They're in trouble! Palpatine knows!" she replied.
Padme's fathers eyes widened.
"What? How do you know?"
Mara shook her head.
"No time! Where are they!?" She replied.
"They're at Padme's favorite place, the summer retreat." Padme's mother replied.
Mara nodded and told her guard to speed off.
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Obi-Wan landed on the Planet of Naboo. He immediatly took a speeder to Padme's old throne room, since he had not been here since the battle many years ago. The present queen told him of Padme's where abouts and OBi-Wan made his way there
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-----Earlier this morning-----

Abob got up and put on his armor, to discover that he had a holo-message from his employer, saying that he wanted the job done soon, and that the credits were waiting for him outside his ship.

He walked outside and found a normal looking bag, which appeared to be full. He braced himself and opened it. It contained one thousand one hundred credit chips.

Abob quickly went over to his speeder and loaded it onto his ship. Then he put the credits in his stateroom and took off. He cleared his flight with traffic control and then set course for Naboo?

During the flight Abob cleaned his armor and researched Padme, and was surprised to find that she apparently spent a lot of time with Anikan Skywalker, a prominent Jedi who was about to become a knight.

He researched Padme's whereabouts and found her parents house in the Naboo records hall, which he accessed through the holonet. He decided that he would look there first, seeing as she apparently didn?t have a house of her own on Naboo, besides her senatorial quarters in the palace, where she obviously wouldn?t be.

-----At the present time-----

Abob landed his ship in a civilian docking bay and unloaded his speeder. He checked it and made sure it was ready to fly. He locked down his ship and paid the owner of the landing bay. Then he set off for Padme's parent's home.

He arrived there to see another senator talking to someone. He used his helmet to amplify their voices and was able to hear that Padme was supposed to be at a summer retreat.

He saw the speeder fly off at top speed, and followed it. Abob wondered how long it would take to reach this place, he didn?t have all day???.
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Obi-Wan finally reached Padme's house. He was greated at the door by a young women who brought him to Anakin

Anakin: Master Kenobi, what brings you to Naboo?

Obi-Wan: I have got great news, the councel are going to let you take the trails!

Anakin: Yes, this means I will become a jedi

OBi-Wan: If you pass the jedi trails, you will become a Jedi. But I must speak with you alone on another subject. ( Obi-Wan points to an empty room) May we?

The two men walk into the room and shut the door

Anakin: What is it master?

Obi-wan: The councel is worried about your time being spent with Chancelor Plapatine

Anakin: Palpatine is just a freind of mine, what is there to be worried about.

Obi-wan: What do you two speak about?

Anakin: That is none of your bisness!

Obi-wan: I am still your master! DO not disregard me...

Anakin storms out of the room. Obi-Wan walks out calmly and up to Padme.

Padme: What is wrong with him?

Obi-Wan: We need to talk.(pulls out chair and Padme sits down)

Padme: What is it Master Kenobi?

Obi-Wan: Has Anakin meet with Palpatine recently??

Padme: Not since the last time we were on Courscant, why?

Obi-wan: Im not really sure....
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-back @ palpatine's office...
palpatine- *over the announcement thingy*miss kaikei, please meet me in my office.
Kei- * rushes to office* yes master?
Palpatine- I heard our dear friend, skywalker has gone on a little trip with his....friend... I need you to to track them down immediately. Please make sure there is no trouble for the bounty hunter. Do whatever it takes to make sure he kills the senator, and brings back skywalker alive. he could be very helpful to us.
Kei- yes master. and the jedi councel has said that anakin skywalker's mind has become more arrogent. they seem to notice the change in him.
Palpatine-yes. so has his master. thank you, now, make sure, skywalker is brought back to me alive.
Kei-yes sir.*walks out of room, gently pulling out tape recorder*
*gets in car-ship thingy, starts flying home, gets home, switches on the radio transmitter*
kei- I have all the informa~ *pops open recorder, nothing is there.* oh ****, that's all my proof!! I hope, they'll believe me...
mace- yes, what have u found out?
Kei- he has sent me on an errond.
Ki- what kind of errond?
Kei- he wants me to help someone assasinate the senator and bring skywalker back.
Yoda- I knew this would happen...
Mace- has he mentioned anything about count dooku?
Kei- no sir.
Yoda- make sure this 'someone' doesn't destroy senator amidala. and find out more about his purpose.
Kei- yes sir.
*turns off transmitter*
mace- this is even more dangerous than we thought. if skywalker falls to the dark side, the sith will then have comeplete control of us, maybe the whole galaxy...
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"Padme!" Mara exclaimed, bursting into the room, "You have to leave!"
Padme and Obi-Wan glanced up in suprise.
'Excuse me?" Ob-Wan asked curiously.
"Palpatime knows your secret! A bounty hunter has been paid to kill you!" Mara exclaimed, her gaze locked on Padme.
"What?" Padme asked, her eyes conveying her confusion.
"A bounty hunter was following us on his speeder, but I luckily jumped off of the one my guard and I were on when he wasn't looking. I don't know where he is now, but my guard took him in the other direction."
Padme shook her head.
"Why is it I'm always having bounty hunters trying to kill me?" she asked herself quietly as she stood up.
Mara smiled and helped the woman up.
"Will you go with me to safety?" Mara asked, gazing into her friends eyes.
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kei bursts into room following
Kei- you must hurry! the bounty hunter is on his way!
Mara- no way! padme, hurry!
Kei- anakin! u have to leave as well!
Anakin- if someone's trying to kill padme, I'll have to protect her...
Kei- yes! so u must leave with mara to safety!
Anakin- no, he must be destroyed!
Kei- u will be turned to the dark side!
Kei- Chancellor Pal-
*abob crashes through window*
abob- leaving so soon?
* points gun @ padme, mara and anakin*
*clone androids guard doors and windows*
kei (thinks) *oh no! not now!! I just have to find a w-*
abob- good job kaikei.
kei- yes. I don't think u will be leavin here soon
*points gun @ group*
mara- Kei! a jedi? how could u do this?
Kei- Just doing my job.
abob- now, time for the senator to say good night forever.....
Anakin- oh no you-
kei- WAIT, anakin,
Anakin- so, this is how it's been huh? obi wan? do u work with kei too? is that why u didn't like me going to palpatine huh? well, if that's how it is...
* turns on lightsaber*
obi-wan- anakin! control your self!
* abob shoots toward padme*
*anakin blocks it with lightsaber*
Kei- anakin please!
* anakin gets ready to plunge @ abob*
*abob points gun*
Kei- Abob! wait!
abob- what?
Kei- why not take her to master's office and kill her there?
Abob- why not get this over with now?!?
Kei- u would get more out of the deal, master would enjoy watching the senator suffer and die...
anakin- no! I won't let you!
mara- would u rather have her die now? (talking while kei talks 'loudly to abob) We have a better chance to get away.....
*abob takes them to ship*
* kei sneaks behind abob, gets out handle of lightsaber and knocks him out with the handle.*
padme- what r u doing?
kei- letting u go
padme- I thought u were with the bounty hunter
mara- yeah, how r we sure whether or not u r lying.
Kei-I'm with the jedi, I'm spying on the sith. for master yoda. I have a ship waiting outside.
anakin- how do we know if it's safe?
obi-wan- mace windu is driving it.
Anakin- you knew this the whole time??
obi-wan- yes. for your safety.
kei- you must go.
mara- thank u.
kei- please do whatever u can to protect her. and try to keep anakin away from palpatine. the council will fill you in.
mara- yes, I already understand.
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[I]kredion was in orbit around the planet naboo waiting to trap a fleeing ship that he was expacting to leave very soon.... wait he spoted the ship on his sensors screens he powered up his weapons and perpared to tow the ship in hyperspace.[/I]

[COLOR=orange]kredion: too easy too easy i was expacting more of a fight but this will have to do.[/COLOR]

[I]the ship was perpareing to make the jump to lightspeed! kredion snaped his gunns around and fired at the ships power grid .....the shots missed but ended up hitting the navi computer instead.[/I]
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OOC: Knocked out easily....Grrr, we will see about that.:devil:

Abob waited untill Padme, Mara, Kei, Obi-Wan and Anikan had left, then he got up.

Kei had betrayed Palpitine, that was apparently who had hired the middle-man, who in turn had hired him.

Abob got up and ran over to his speeder, which was parked on the roof. He gunned the engines and sped off towards the spaceport. He used his helmets comlink to tell his ship to begin to warm up the engines and get ready to fly.

Less than two minutes later Abob flew his speeder bike up the boarding ramp of his ship and quickly stowed it for departure, then he sat down in the piliots chair and flew up into space, hoping that his prey hadn't jumped into Hyperspace yet.

Abob got into orbit in time to see the ship that was carrying Padme and the others being shot at by another bounty hunter.

He watched as the obviously ametur bounty hunter fired at the ships power grid, but missed and hit the nav computer instead.

Abob powered up his ships three ion cannons and fired them at the other bounty hunters ship. They went right through the sheilds and hit the ship, it would be out of action for several hours now.

Abob then advanced on the other ship, his twin laser cannons chewing away at its sheilds. It couldnt jump to hyperspace, not with a damaged nav computer.

But suddenly the ship did. Someone must have either memorized the coorinates(nearly impossible for anyone but a droid), or it was those infernal Jedi, using their annoying force to safely guide the ship through the dangers of hyperspace.

Abob knew that they were going to Coruscant, where else would two Jedi go? So he set course for Coruscant and jumped into hyperspace....
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OOC: Juuthena, please type [i]at[/i], instead of @. It's sorta confusing and is bad form for your writing.
Mara shook her head.
"We can't go to Coruscant. It's too dangerous."
Obi-Wan nodded.
"Yes, if we were to go there, he would surely find us."
"But," Anakin cut in, sitting next to Padme, " Wouldn't that be what he wanted us to think? Maybe he wants to make it obvious that he knows where we are going."
"Huh?" Kei asked.
Mara stood up.
"Well," She began, looking up at the ceiling, "I think he's trying to say that is we know we're going to Coruscant, and by obvious logic, so does he. I think what Master Skywalker is trying to say is that we [i]shouldn[/i] go to Coruscant. "
Kei shook her head.
"Still confused." she muttered.
"Okay, Kei, " Obi-wan said, giving in his shot, "It's obvious that we would want to go to Coruscant, right?"
Kei nodded.
"Well, what if he wasn't at Coruscant? He's a bounty hunter, who's following us."
"Duh..." Mara muttered.
Obi-Wan shot her a dirty glance.
"He knows that we think he would be in COruscnat, but what if he wasn't? If we think he is in Coruscant, then we naturally wouldn't go there. Maybe he's trying to out think us and make us [i]not[/i] go to the obvious place."
Padme nodded.
"He's right. It's too dangerous to go to Coruscant and we're definitly not going to Naboo. So where are we going?"
Everybody glanced at Anakin questioningly.
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The [I]Idiots Array[/I] sped through hyperspace at maximum speed. Abob figured that they might not be going to Coruscant, but eventually they had to end up there. The Jedi had to return to the temple to tell their masters about this new threat. The padawan Anikan would need to go to Coruscant to take his trials.

Even if only one of them returned to Coruscant, Abob would be able to follow that person back to where the others were hiding.

He would find them and kill Padme, it was inevitable.

Abob cleaned his armor and fixed the dent in his helmet hat Kei had made when she hit him whith the handle of a lightsaber.

Abob also gave his speeder bike a tune up, he checked the engines and cleaned out the engine. Then he stowed it away for whenever he would need it next.

He went to his stateroom and caught up with the news. There had been a major development in politics on Coruscant. Supreme Chancellor Palpitine, who was reaching the end of his term of office, had declared himself Emperor.

Most people went along with this radical policy because of the beurcratic bumblings of the Republic, which seemed ineffective and ancient.

Palpitine promised to "Trade frailty for Strength, Replace weak laws filled with loopholes with a new system of planetary governers, who would directly control planets."

Abob realised the galaxy had suddenly taken a turn for the worse........
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Obi-wan: What about Tatooine, Anakin's home planet?

Anakin: I would rather.... (cut off by Obi-wan)

Obi-Wan: It is run by the Hutts, Imperial forces have no scouts or guard son that planet.

Padme: It would be a good chance to see your brother, anakin?

Anakin: Step- brother, But it would be a good hide-out for now.

Obi-Wan: So we go to Tatooine?
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Ooc: Sorry im late had exams to study for.
Anakin: Yes, Tatoonie it is but we should take public transport to stay unoticed.
Obi-Wan: Alright lets get going.
[i] Everyone in a fast pace begin getting ready and when they're ready to go.......[/i]

Anakin: Wait a minute wasn't R2 with us [i] looks around [/i] I thought he was with us?
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Obi-wan and the others reach a public transport but is surrounded by Clone troopers, looking for them. They run behind a building and take Padme's personal speeder back to her Home. After resting for a while, they get inside of her Ship (You know the one im talking about)

A crew comes on board but obi-wan waves them off using the force

Padme: Why can they not travel with us

Obi-wan: No one can know where we are going, spies...

Anakin: Good thinking master.

the ship takes off and heads for the Outer Rim of the Galaxy
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Mara shook her head silently.
"I don't like this..." she muttered.
Padme turned around in suprise.
Mara's eyes flared.
"Because," she said quietly, "This is also too obvious."
Anakin shook his head.
"You're paranoid, M'lady."
Mara turned a cold gaze towards him.
"And you'r- Never mind." she replied, storming out of the room.
Padme sighed.
"Anakin, maybe you should have worded that differently."
Anakin shrugged.
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