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Pokemon:Wrath Of Mewtwo


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Okay,After my other Pokemon RPG went down(Wayyyy down)I've decided to make another which Hopefully(With the help of you other Pokemon Fanatics)This one wont die a most painfull death.

[I]Mewtwo...one strong word describes him,Evil.Of course,after he was defeated by Ash Ketchum,Pokemon Master,No one ever thought Mewtwo was ever comeing back.But Whoee were they dreamin.After Ash "Supposedly"Killed The Evil fiend,Mewtwo pretended to be destroyed and fled into hiding to regain strength.for 200 years he's been hiding,Ash is long dead,Mewtwo sees this time perfect to attack the people once again,one Psychic Pokemon found this out and the only way to defeat Mewtwo is for 6 children,all of whom are getting their first Pokemon from Proffesor.Hazel,must get all of their badges and find and destroy Mewtwo,ONCE AND FOR ALL.[/I]


Post a Bio Like this to join:

[B]Name:[/B]Lauren Mack
[B]Age:[/B](Where all ten except for the bad guys and Leaders)10
[B]Height:[/B]Five Feet
[B]Desription:[/B]Short black hair,a bacwords black Baseball hat with a Lightning bolt across it(since her favorite type of Pokemon are Electric)Brown eyes,Black Shirt,and Khakies.
[B]First Pokemon:[/B]Pikachu
[B]Bio:[/B]After everyone found out her first was Pikachu,they all thought she was the one to lead the group of six children.Lauren has a way of calming Pokemon by singing to them,Thats why her Pikachu(Bolt)And her are already the best of Friends.

Ok....My fingers are...Very tired,but,I hope all you Pokemon Loverz join and have fun;) :D

P.S:This RPG is supposed to be like the first movie never happened except for the part where Mewtwo is Created.:D
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i dont really like pokemon, but u got a great story so....


Nick Redips

Age: 10

Height: 5 foot 8

Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, very strong and willfull. He is also very couragious. Nick wears, Jeans with a Navy blue shirt, with the arms riped off.

1st pokemon: Dratini

Bio: .....writers block........soon
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Desription:Wears Khakis with a plain green shirt and white pumas..Hazel Hair and eyes
First Pokemon:Machop
Bio: He found Machop by a river, it was injured, he captured it and took it to the pokemon center....when Machop got out him and Coty began rigourous training...so they could start there journey...
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Craig

[B]Age:[/B] *sighs* 10...

[B]Height:[/B] 5'10"

[B]Desription:[/B] Wears a red buttoned shirt with a black chinese dragon swirling around it. He also wears blue ripped jeans, and fingerless black leather gloves.

[B]First Pokemon:[/B] Growlithe

[B]Bio:[/B] Somehow Craig himself was born with innate psychic abilities, however, these phychic abilities only work like Spiderman's spider sense, meaning he can sense impending danger, and his reflexes are immensely quick... and he also has the ability to sense things inside boxes, pokeballs etc. This means he always has the advantage in battle, as he can see what pokemon the other is going to throw out. When he was placed before the six pokeballs, he immediately chose the one that he saw a growlithe inside.[/I]
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Yay! New Pokémon RPG!

Name: Tani Shimata
Age: 10
Height: 5"1'
Description: Long white hair, really light blue eyes. Wears a black jacket over a light blue shirt with dark blue jean shorts, and a blue jean baseball cap.

First Pokémon: Eevee

Bio: Tani is a tough girl whos always ready for a battle. She acts tough around people, but has a real soft spot for Water Pokémon. She got Eevee from a friend who was moving and couldn't take it with her. At first, they didn't get along, but Eevee gained respect for Tani as they battled. They're the best of friends now.
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Name: Tristan Scott
Age: 10
Height: 5'2"
Desription: He has spikey blonde hair and blue eyes a big hapy smile, wears a pair of blue jeans and a white tshirt.
First Pokemon: abra
Bio: Tristan was a very bright child so nobody was suprised when he recieved his first pokeman, abra. He soon went from computer programming to spending all of his time with his abra... he never kept it in a pokeball and it always stayed by his side, they were more like best friends than pokemon and trainer.
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Nooooooooooooo! I cant belive this has started already! Can I still join??

If so....

Name: Abob Ttef

Age: 10

Height: 4' 9''

Description: Abob is a geek. He is obsessed with pokemon and has been waiting all his life to become a trainer. He reads anything he can find on pokemon and finds them facinating. Abob wears black sweatpants, a black T-shirt and a black hat. He also wears a backpack that is black with orange pockets.

First Pokemon: Scyther

Bio: Abob lived in an orphanage and befriended Professor Hazel a year ago. He has helped the Professor with his pokemon studies.
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um... I'm an ex- pokemon fan.... but... GREAT STORY!
ok... sound fun... if I can join....
Name: Kaikei (kei)Asamiya
Age: 16
height: 5'6
First pokemon: Eevee- which is now a vaporeon
Pokemon- Vaporeon, dewgong, Blastoise, Cloyster, Croconaw
Bagde: Mint Badge
Discription: Kei is a girl with many different personalities. usually she is quiet unless she is insulting someone for bugging and annoying her. She is very determined... but is not the kind of person you could trust.... Kei can be very friendly.. if you happen to catch her at a good time. She wears an outfit that looks something like.... .[IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/images/lovely31131_40.gif[/IMG] She has brown hair with streaks of blue near the bottom, and dark brown eyes with a touch of ice-blue. She can also see a couple o days into the future.

um okay... can I be a gym leader? Being a new trainer or just a trainer is too confusing.
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well if i can be a gym leader heres my character:

name: Karina
age: 19
pokemon: doduo, squirtle, persian, ponyta, raichu (newly evolved)
description: she has brown hair, and green eyes, shes a bit tall and loves her pokemon very much which is why she trains them the way she does
badge: Bloom badge

bio: after being unable to leave town at age 10 because of her family not letting her (because her family runs the blossom town gym) she decided to use her new pokemon doduo and become an unstoppable gym leader. Until she met a group of very strong trainers
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I'll be a gym leader.

Name: Zach Mcloud
Age: 17
Pokèmon: Alakazam, Dragonair, Charizard, Warturtle, Weepinbell , Golem.
Badge: Mystic Badge

Bio: After losing the chance of getting his first pokemon his father gave him his charmander and squirtle before he died and made him promise to try and become a gym leader an eventually Zach did and only lost to a few very challenging trainers.
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I'll be the mysterious person of the game.
Name:yet to be revealed
Pokemon:yet to be revealed
Description: I'm wearing a black cloak shrouding my face. I'm clutching in my left hand a neclace with a spoon dangling from it(HINT HINT). I'm also holding a quarterstaff(no I don't have any magical powers).
Bio:All that can be said is that I'm an orphan.
:naughty: :demon: :devil:
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Gym leader.

[B]Name[/B]: Tyron (called by the other trainers in the gym: Titan)
[B]Age[/B]: 23
[B]Height[/B]:1.96 mtr
[B]Desription[/B]: Long black hair, scar throu R eye (happened when he got attacked by a steelix. He drawn Charmender which evolved after the battle) and long black cape.(allmost till ground)
[B]Pokemon[/B]: Sandslash, Croconaw, Umbreon, Raticate, Charmeleon and Nidoking.
[B]Bio[/B]: After he beated all gym leaders (when he was 10 himself), he took on the champions league. He came in the finally. He found the old cape of Lance there. Now it hangs in the gym as a symbol of power. He has lost only once (as a gym leader), but that was when he was just beginning to be a gym leader.

Badge: Apoco badge (i'll Maybe post an att. of it soon)
Town: Spiritown
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I would like to be a gym leader too.

[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Tokaji Kokan[/COLOR]
[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR=purple]15[/COLOR]
[B]Height:[/B] [COLOR=purple]5 Foot 9 Inches[/COLOR]
[B]Desription:[/B] [COLOR=purple](See Pic)[/COLOR]
[B]Pokemon: [/B] [COLOR=purple]Espeon, Xatu, Exeggutor, Starmie, Girafarig, and Wobbuffet[/COLOR]
[B]Badge:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Ancient Fusion Badge[/COLOR]
[B]Bio:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Tokaji started out when he was ten like the rest of the trainers and worked his way through gathering badges. When he was 12 he made it to the league championship but lost in the battle to make the top 2. Before he had time to weep his grandfather had called for him to be a trainer at his Gym, when his grandfather passed away he won the competition for Gym Leader.[/COLOR]
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Guest Cervantes
I would also like to be a gym leader.

Name: Tenrio Masaki
Age: 17
Height: 5 Foot 7 Inches
Desription: Wears a uniform like Goku except it's red where Goku's is orange and silver where Goku's is black. He has spiky auburn hair and peircing green eyes.
Pokemon: Kingdra, Charizard, Dragonite, Gyrados, Espeon, Houndoom
Badge: Warrior Badge
Bio: Tenrio was befreinded by the legendary dragon trainer Claire at age 11, who gave him his first Pokemon, a Dratini. He instantly fell in love with Dragon-type Pokemon, although he later began to open up and except other types, like his Psychic-type Espeon and his Dark and Fire-type Houndoom. He then went on to win in the Jolt Leauge, then went back to Mahogany Town where an old and dying Claire asked him to take over her Gym. He proudly accepted, but changed it's badge from the Rising Badge ot the Warrior Badge. He then decided to move, and, after passing the Gym Leader Challenge, opened his own gym in Twilight City.
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  • 3 weeks later...
Name- James Yoji
Height- 5'5"
Description- Short Sandy Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, a Light blue bandanna is usually always worn around his head. He wears a white shirt with a water drop on it (favortie pokemon type is water) and loose Blue Jeans.
Starting Pokemon- Staryu
Bio- After leaving his home town for being taunted because his starting pokemon was a staryu, James set out in the world of Pokemon to make a name for himself. He and his Staryu (Starshot) have come across many of different kinds of battles, watching and competing in. He has been choosen to be in the six because of his exceptional skills noticed by many of the Nurse Joys around Kento. Also because he has been taking diversity head on and without fear, prevailing in about every situation.

It would be cool if I could join, even though it is started. If I cant join as a starter I think a gym leader would be cool (water of course :D). Either way I would be happy. Thanks!
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