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RPG Pokemon:Wrath of Mewtwo


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[I]Mewtwo...one strong word describes him,Evil.Of course,after he was defeated by Ash Ketchum,Pokemon Master,No one ever thought Mewtwo was ever comeing back.But Whoee were they dreamin.After Ash "Supposedly"Killed The Evil fiend,Mewtwo pretended to be destroyed and fled into hiding to regain strength.for 200 years he's been hiding,Ash is long dead,Mewtwo sees this time perfect to attack the people once again,one Psychic Pokemon found this out and the only way to defeat Mewtwo is for 6 children,all of whom are getting their first Pokemon from Proffesor.Hazel,must get all of their badges and find and destroy Mewtwo,ONCE AND FOR ALL.[/I]

[B]Mom[/B]"Lauren!Its ten,Time to wake up!"
[I]Lauren rolled over in her bed so her face was in her pillow.[/I]
[B]Lauren[/B]:"Ok Mom!"
[I]She hoisted her self up and climbed out of bed.She slipped on her Khakies and her favorite black shirt.She didn't have enough time to brush it so she slapped her black Baseball cap with the Lightning bolt on it and walked downstairs.Once she finished her toast,the doorbell rang.[/I]
[B]Lauren[/B]:"Thats them..."
[I]Her mom's nodded and smiled.[/I]
[B]Mom:[/B]"My little chosen one...you destroy Mewtwo,I'm rootin for ya baby!"
[I]They hugged and lauren walked out of her house to greet:Craig,Nick, and Tani.They were going to meet Abob, Tristan and Coty at Prof.Hazel's lab,they were off to get their Pokemon...[/I]
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Abob is sitting on the steps outside Professor Hazels lab. He is reading the most recent edition of [B]Pokemon Weekly[/B] while he anxiously waits for the lab to open, so he can get his first pokemon.

He had been out here for an hour, he wanted to be the first to recive his pokemon. He was also very nervous about having to travel with the other "chosen" children. He had never been a very social person, but Professor Hazel had insisted that he go with them.

Abob heard footsteps behind him. He quickly closed his magizine and looked up. He saw several kids walking towards him. He had seen them all around their small town, but he didnt know any of them.

They walked up to the entrance to the lab and started talking to each other. Then the lab door opened and Professor Hazel stepped out.........
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[I]Lauren,Craig,Coty,Tristan,NIck,Tani,And Abob walked inside with Hazel leading them.She motioned for them to stop at a table with six Pokeballs(Coty Already has his Machop).[/I]
[B]Prof.Hazel:[/B]"These,Are the chosen Pokemon,And,You are the chosen children.The one you pick will be assined to you,If it is yours,The ball will send a charge of warmth through your body,Got it?"
[I] the Kids nodded.[/I]
[B]Hazel:[/B]Abob,You first
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-this happened before the last post-

Nick leaned against the wall of the Lab, watching the "choosen" children arrive, he awaited the entrence to his new journey into the world of Pokemon.

Abob: Hey Nick, whats up?

Nick: Nothing, just waiting.

Abob: Yea, me too, I cant wait.

All of a sudden the door opened and the CHildren ran in...
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Abob stepped foward and stood before the white table that had the pokeballs on it. He reached for the one in the very back, and to hisdelight, it was warm. He picked it up and looked at the tiny drawing on the top. It was a bug pokemon, Scyther.

Abob thanked Professor Hazel and walked over to the corner of the room. He let the Scyther out of the pokeball. This was the Scyther he had been helping Professor Hazel raise, and he had suspected that he would get this one.

Abob talked to the pokemonfor several minutes about what its name should be. Abob decided on Dave, which the Scyther liked.

Then Abob watched the other kids recive their pokemon....
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Nick walked up to the tabel, he grabed the Blur topped Pokeball and pulled it into his chest. He turned around and threw the ball letting his Dratini out. It jumped into his arms, and Nick hugged it back.

Nick then walked over to the Proffesor who would tell him about Dratini.

Professor: Nick you are a very lucky young man...

Nick: WHy?

Professor: Your Dratini is going to be very powerful as it evolves, and luckily for you it is very very close to evolving into Dragonair.

Nick: Yes!...
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[I]After the others had gotten their Pokemon(You guys can still write how you got yours,but I'm letting you do that)Lauren walked up to the table.[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]"Ahh,Now there's no fun in it,There's only one,"
[I]she smiled and reached for it.There was definatly some warmness comeing out of it.She picked it up and released it.[/I]
[B]Pokemon:[/B] "Pi,pi ka chu!"
[B]Lauren:[/B]"Aww how cuute."
[I]Hazel smiled and softly said,[/I]
[B]Hazel:[/B]"This Pikachu loves to be singed to."
[I]Lauren picked the Pikachu,He was squirmming madly,she held for a second than walked out side.[/I]
[B]Tani:[/B]"Where are you going?"
[B]Lauren:[/B]"I cant sing infront of people!"
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[I]Craig tossed his pokeball in his hand, red and white streaks whiped through as it spun. The growlithe, who had was previoucly inside that pokeball, sat next to him, scratching his ear with one of his back legs. Craig looked down at the Growlithe, as he clipped the pokeball to the back of his belt. Growlithe returned the glance as he stopped scratching.

[B]Craig:[/B] I think I'll call you Inferno... you like that name?

The growlithe had a look of confusion on his face for a moment, before nodding in agreement.

[B]Craig:[/B] Aight, cool.

Craig slid down onto the floor, legs extended infront of him, leaning against the wall.

[B]Craig:[/B] I wish we could just go, this is boring as hell.[/I]
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*Tristan looked at the small grouping of pokeballs, he took one up into his hand and felt it... cold as ice. he sighed and shook his head placing the ball back, it rolled and hit another ball that rolled off the table. There was no sound however of the ball hitting the ground because it was caught quickly by the boy.*

Tristan: Gotcha!

*he grins realizing the warmth coming from the pokeball and held it to his chest.*

Tristan: This one is mine.

Hazel: Activate it, let's all see what fate has chosen for you.

*Tristan nods slightly and pressing the button tossing the pokeball upwards. there is an "aaaaaa" sound and then his pokemon appeared. It was the psychic pokeman, Abra. He stood beside his new friend and finally glanced at Craig.*

Tristan: Let's go then everyone! Thanks Professor Hazel!

Craig: It's about time....

*The group then sets out of the lab and into the world to start their adventure!*
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Abob stands in the back of the group, his Scyther is in his pokeball.

He listens to the conversation, but dosent join in. The closest city would be [B]Harvest City[/B], but the only way to get there was by a long road that was heavily used. Abob doubted that they would see any pokemon on their way to that city.

[B]Blossom Town[/B] was the next closest city. The way there was through a thick forest that was known for its wild pokemon. That would be the way to go, they would arrive at that city with a group of tough and strong pokemon. That way they would have no trouble defeating the local Gym leader.

Abob continued to listen to the conversation. After several more minutes of heated discussion, they decided to make their way to [B]Blossom Town[/B].

Then the group started to walk towards the forest that would lead them to the town........
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[i]Tani and her new Eevee were in the back of the group listening to the conversation going on.[/i]

Tani: So what kind of Pokémon are in this forest, Abob?

Abob: Well, from what I heard, there are supposed to be alot of Bird and Bug Pokémon, but other types have been seen there.

Eevee: Ee...vee!

Tani: Don't tell me you're scared of some birds.

[i]Eevee shook its head. It hopped about a couple times, then took off with a Quick Attack and came back.[/i]

Craig: I think it means its ready for a fight.

Eevee: *nodding its head* Eevee! Eeeevveee!

Tani: Oh. Well, same here.

Abob: Good, 'cause we're here.

[i]The group of commrades stood at the edge of the forest that stood between them and Blossom Town. The trees were gigantic pines that blocked out the sky when you stood at the edge of the woodlands.[/i]

Lauren: Well, let's get going. Maybe we'll all catch some new Pokémon while we're here.

Tani & Craig: Count on it.

[i]They walked into the forest, on their way to Blossom Town, unaware that someone.... or something, was watching them.......[/i]
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Abob walked at the back of the group, watching the surrounding area for pokemon. He had found out that his Scyther was level 6, and he wanted it to become stronger before they got to the town.

Abob suddenly stopped, and saw a small bird pokemon, a pidgey, in a bush next to the path. He realised that the Pidgey had a type advantage over his Scyther, but his pokemon was a levle six, and the pidgey looked like a level two or three.

He let scyther out of its pokeball and told it to use its scratch attack on the pidgey. Scyther jumped towards the unlucky Pidgey, and scratched its left wing. The pidgey screeched and tried to peck at Scyther, but missed. Then Scyther finished it off with another scratch. The pidgey fell to the ground, it had fainted.

Abob put Scyther back into its pokeball and ran to catch up with the others.

Five minutes later he caught up with them and took up his place at the back of the group. Only Lauren had noticed his absence.

Lauren: "There you are, where did you go?"

Abob: "I saw a wild Pidgey, and took the opertunity to train Scyther."

Lauren: "Oh, ok. Next time you go and leave the group, tell someone, ok?"

Abob (mumbling): "Ok."

The group continues to walk down the path, as small pokemon silently follows them, none of the group have seen it yet, but it is mimicing them.........
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[I]Bolt jumps off Lauren's shoulder and onto the ground,his head high in the air,[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]"Bolt?What is it?"
[I]Bolt Shocked something in the bushs and drove something out,[/I]
[B]Abob[:[/B]"Whats that?"
[I]The Pokemon was not very tall.But its hands were huge with white gloves and blue hair,Mr.Mime!(you said it was mimicking us!)[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]"Idunno,but I want it!"
[B]Others:[/B]"no fair"
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[I]Craig stood impatiently as Bolt tried to battle with the newly appeared Mr Mime.

[B]Craig:[/B] I'm not waiting here any longer, I've got some pokemon of my own to catch. I'll see you guys inb Blossom Town.

[B]Abob:[/B] Hold on, I'll come.

[B]Craig:[/B] Very well.

Craig and Abob started swiping their way through the thick brush that went off the path. Both Abob and Craig knew the forerst very well, they had spent a lot of time here for one reason or another. Inferno walked at Craig's side, burning through any harsh scenery in their way, Scyther at at Abob's side, cutting through any brush in the boys way. Within 10 minutes of travelling, the two boys arrived at a stream, severly cut from the thorns planted all over the forest.[/I]
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Kei sits in gym awiting the next opponent while her pokemon swim in the ice cold water. Kei's hair rises as an aura of energy swiftly moves around the gym. She opens her eyes and they are comepletely blue. (you cannot see the pupils) She sees the sky growing dark with something evil present. Just then, Vaporeon pops out of the water and looks at kei. Kei's pupils show to their icy color again.

Kei- you see it too, huh naberrie? It's strange.... I've never felt something so evil before.

Vaporeon- vaporeon..... *looks at kei* va~

Kei- We haven't recieved any challengers for the longest time. I wonder why...

Vaporeon- va~ poreon.

Kei sits by the water and watches the pokemon splash around.
Kei smiles gently and sighs.
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OOC: Lauren isn't near me any more. I went with Craig.

Abob washes out the cuts in his arm in the clear stream. Then Craig calls for Abob...

Craig: "Abob, come look at this."

Abob: "Hold on I'm coming."

Minutes later Abob climbs up a small hill on the other side of the stream. On the hill is a small fenced in graveyard, swarming with Gastlys.

Craig (whispering): "Your Scyther is strong against them and Inferno will do fine. Let's attack together, one, two, three."

Both boys pokemon charge at different Gastlys. Scyther manages to run through his opponent, hurting him slightly. The Gastly throws a small black ball at Scyther, who ducks the attack.

Abob pulls a pokeball from his belt and throws it at the Gastly. The pokemon turns into a pink gas and enters the pokeball, which rolls around violently. After several tense minutes, the pokeball stops. Abob has caught his first pokemon.

Abob turns to look at Craig, and sees that the Gastly he chose to attack is nearly beat.......
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Nick let out his dratini into the stream which Abob and craig were just in. He saw a very rare charmander running across the side of the stream.

Nick: Dratini attack!

The dratini jumped into the air firing rapded water blasts until the charmander was taken down. Nick threw a pokeball near it and the charmander got caught inside. Nick picked it up and ran toward ABob and Craig. He finally caught up with them...

Nick: Guys guess what

Abob: What?!?...

Craig: (looking up) What is that?

A dark cloud appeared over the boys and they begain to get scared...
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[i]Being bored by Lauren's attempt to catch the Mr. Mime that had been following them since they entered the forest, Tani told the others that she would be joining Craig and Abob. As she and Eevee walked to catch up with them, she heard some rustling in the bushes.[/i]

Tani: What was that? It came from those bushes. Eevee, Quick Attack!

Eevee: Eevvv!

[i]Eevee took off like a rocket into the bushes after what ever had made the sound. After a minute of odd sounds and violent rustling eminating from the bush, a badly beaten-up Totodile tumbled out.[/i]

Tani: *with those happy, shiny anime eyes* Oh....WOW! A Totodile! I can't miss this chance! Friend Ball, go!

[i]The Friend Ball flew true and hit the Totodile, making it turn red, and then sucked it into the ball. After rocking back and forth five or six times, the ball finally fell still. Eevee then came out of the bushes looking quite pleased with itself and sat down beside Tani waiting for praise for the job it did.[/i]

Tani: Yay, yay! A Totodile! I finally got one! Eevee! Did you have to be so rough with it?

Eevee: Eevee? *a question mark appeared above its head*

Tani: Oh, never mind. It's not that Nurse Joy can't help it. Good work, Eevee. Let's get going. Knowing Craig, he's probably already through the forest and waiting none too patiently for us on the other side.

[i]Tani and Eevee continued walking to catch up, drawing closer to the graveyard where he and Abob were still working with the Gastly....[/i]
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Abob walked farther away from Craig, he had only had enough money for two pokeballs and wanted to use them both.

He walked back towards the others, and noticed Tani holding a friend ball.

Abob: "What did you catch?"

Tani: "Seems like you caught something too, you tell me first."

Abob: "Fine, I caught a Gastly."

Tani: "I was lucky, I caught a Totodile!"

Abob: "Wow, did you see any ore around here?"

Tani: "Nope, too bad."

Abob: "Darn."

Tani: "I am going to go back along the path and see how Lauren is doing. Want to come?"

Abob: "No thanks, Craig and I are going to go to the town."

Tani: "Ok, se you then."

Abob walks back along the path towards the graveyard. He sees Craig washing out a cut in his hand with water from the stream.

Craig: "About time you showed up, lets go."

They walk up the hill to the graveyard and down the other side to the path. Craig walks in front, looking for wandering pokemon. Abob is looking at the trees around them, that are full of pidgeys. Normally they would stop and attack the Pidgeys to train their pokemon, but these Pidgeys were so weak they were not worht the effort.

Several hours past, with no sign of any pokemon worth fighting. However they could both hear the sounds of the nearby town. Suddenly a foul stench filled the air. Abob turns to see where it is coming from and sees a puddle of sludge at the edge of the forest. In the puddle are dozens of Grimer.

Abob looks at Craig, then they both hurry into the town, neither wants to have to carry around a vile smelling grimer....
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[B]Lauren:[/B]"Finish it with-!"
[I]Lauren couldn't finish because she was knocked over by a by a girl.The Mr.Mime took this advantage and slapped Bolt around with his large hands,Already weak from the begining of the battle,Bolt Fainted.The Mr.Mime smirked and ran away.Lauren sprang up and ran over to her fainted Pokemon.[/I]
[I]Lauren picked up Bolt and walked over to the girl and helped her up.[/I]
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[i] at 12 noon in Mystic City the city where Zach Mcloud is gym leader. in the gym Zach is on his last pokèmon against a tought trainer[/i]

Trainer: Go Machoke!!!
[i] A pokeball is tossed out and a big greyish pokemon with huge muscles comes out[/i]

Zach: Go Warturtle
[i] This time a pokemon that has a fluffy tail that is a turtle come s out[i/]

Zach: Warturtle under ground quick
Trainer: Machoke dynamicpuch!

[i] At the last second Warturtle got under ground an Machokes punch missed then Warturtle came out of the ground and used the earth to hurt Machoke. After it hits Machoke hits the ground.

Ref: Machoke is unable to continue battle the winner is Warturtle the winner of the match is Zach.

Warturtle: War turtle turtle War WAR! :)
Zach: Well another match won come back Warturtle.

[i] Takes out a device and checks if Warturtle gained any level s or experinece from the match after shaking hands with the challenger.[/i]

Zach: i wonder if this thing still works. [i] Still checking his device then throws it away[/i]

Zach: Well off to the Pokèmon Center.

[i] So Zach begins leaving the gym. Then when he gets there. He drops off his Pokèmon to be healed then sits and waits.[/i]
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Lauren: Bolt! are you ok?

????: oh im so sry i was chasing my doduo and I didnt see you is your pikachu ok?

Lauren: who... are you?

Karina: oh im so sry i was never good at introductions my name is Karina um you need a lift into town my doduo can take you there in no time so nurse joy can take a look at your pikachu. I sorta owe you something considering i caused this in the first place. here you can borrow him GO Dody!

just then in a blinding flash a silvery doduo appeared
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Uhmm,Didnt Juuthena's charachter run into me?Oh well.

[I]Lauren watches Karina jump on Dody and Lauren does the same,Holding Bolt Tightly.[/I]
[I]Dody ran,and ran fast.They got to the town in no time.They came to a screeching halt infront of the Pokemon Center.Lauren jumped off imeaditly and ran inside.[/I]

[B]Joy:[/B]"Oh my!What happened to this Pikachu!?"
[B]Lauren:[/B]"I was in a battle-"
[B]Joy:[/B]:"Well obviously!Hand him here!"
[I]Lauren carefully placed Bolt into Nurse Joys hands and she walked into the Emergency Room.Lauren and Karina waited in the waiting room,then everyone else walked in,most with new pokemon.[/I]
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