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RPG Dragon War

The Unholy Newt

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[i]You are all in the tavern that the king's recruiter told you to go. You all get by as hired mercenaries. But this job should get you enough to retire. The king's recruiter tells you that you are to report to the capital and present yourself to the king. You will get your further orders there. It is about 1000 leagues the capital from here.[/i]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]OOC: Still can't make informative starting posts, can you.

[I]Lacroix stares at the man, wondering why he bothered coming here at all. A journey of 3000 miles, 4500 kilometres, is not something undertaken lightly or easily. Still, the pay was better, and it was more interesting. Sighing, Lacroix walks out, mentally preparing himself for the rigours of travel in a world hostile to those of his race.[/I]

Lacroix: Here we go again.[/font][/color]
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Raistlin stares about the tavern...
This is going to be lots of fun. I wonder if I kill off some of the others, I can get thier share... Hmmm..
I think I will go and ask some of the travellers for some company on the trip. Better to seem to be dependant on others, so they think they can take me... They have no idea of my power.
Raistlin leans heavily on his staff and walks over to something resembling an Assassin...

Raistlin: Good evening, I am Raistlin Majere, a Mage, as you may have guessed. I am looking for someone to accompany me on the voyage to the capital, and safety is in numbers. So I propose that we travel together? Will you accept?
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OOC: Don't post in this cloricus, you are not in it.

[i]All of you set out for your very long journey. The area around the village is forest area. And there is a long path that leads to the capital. After a couple of hours of travelling. You hear voices from up ahead. After some careful investigation you find that there is a party of Orcs of about twenty or more just around the bend in the path. They appear to be arguing about something, so they don't notic you.[/i]
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Kabuki retrives his lance and buckler shield from his back... he prepares to fight as he slowly backs away making sure that he watches his surroundings....

Kabuki: Look what i got myself into...hahaha...well im not running away....so COME ON!

He screamed at the orcs....
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix and Raistlin (OOC: Since when was Raistlin 6"2 by the way?) exchange glances, mutual savage grins appearing on their faces. Lacroix shields Raistlin with his body, attracting the orcs attention. They circle in, thinking one of the two to be an easy mark. When they are in range, Lacroix steps aside, and it is only then that the orcs notice the murmering coming from behind him, as Raistlin finishes casting Ray Of Frost, Lacroix weaving his way into the melee immediately after the discharge, his twin scimitars arcing into the throats and tendons of the orcs that survived. He finishes one off with a looping cut to the throat, riposting and spinning his blade in his hand to stab an orc behind him in the head, dagger style, his second scimitar coming up and slicing the beast's head off as he completes the spin. Dropping back into guard position, he observes the fray to be well under control.[/font][/color][/I]
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Though valiant the battle was, there were just too many of them... Just as it seemed that they would be overwhelmed a figure landed from the canopy of the trees putting his sword right through one of the the orc's hearts, the sword was adorned with a brilliant silver blade that was now stained with orcish ichor and he hilt was of a lightweight steel the handle was embroidered with a dragon and jewel encrusted. Withdrawing the sword the orc fell with a thud and he turned to commense battle with another enemy.*
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Raistlin, seeing the others are losing, and after gutting an orc with his falchion screamed.
Raisltin: I'll cast Flare, run to the trees, and prepare, to ambush as the run in! Shield you eyes!!!!

Just as the others look away,Raistlin begins speaking in tounges.... Then a giant flash, breaks across the land, and the orcs start screaming....
All the heroes run into the forest with Lacriox the last to run, as he was withdrawing his blade from an orcish head...
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There is one body lying unconscious among the others. It is that of a beaten elf. He wears the garb of a ranger, yet it is oddly colored. His eyes and hair are silver, his blade the same. He wakes up and begins screaming. The first thing he saw was the dark-elf. He holds his blade at the ready, prepared to strike.
"Were you all called to the castle as well?" he asks as he calms down, still wary of the Drow. He walked to the elf, staring him down.
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Raisltin: If you wish to take on, my freind, Lacriox here, you will have to take on me aswell. I suggest, considering you're weakened state and that I am a mage, you should not. Now shall we see what the orcs have left for us...

The party begins to search the orcs corpses for hidden treasures...
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Annoying backseat kids voice:Can I have one?
As Fox stares down at the goods, he picks up a spear and twirls it in his hands. He straps it to his back, allowing for an easy grab should the need arise. He straps a couple of gauntlets that he found amongst the broken armor. He also lightly tests the weight of his money pouch and picks up ten gold pieces.
"You all can have the rest. I'm after that bounty. Maybe I'll see you at the castle."
Fox walks off toward the castle.
Newt, please PM me when you get 'em to the castle. I'll check in every now and then, too. I'll join for good at the castle.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix disdains rummaging through orcish trash, and had no use for money. Instead he stands talking quietly to Raistlin.[/I]

Raistlin: That one is going to problematic. Do you get that reaction a lot?

Lacroix: All the time. People just look at my skin and make their judgements. Speaking of that, why are you so open minded?

Raistlin: Not open-minded, vicious minded. I respect your kind.

Lacroix: You're a rare person then.

[I]The others finish scrounging, and they start off for the castle again.[/font][/color][/I]
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[i]Close by to the group, there was a fight about to start between an Elf and some bandits.[/i]

bandit-I'm not goin' to tell you again. Give us all yer weapons and gold and we might let you go.

Elsyan-You don't scare me. Why don't you just shut your mouth before you die?

bandit-Now listen 'ere. we out-number you 10 to 1. so if you don't want to die, surrender now!

Elsyan-*draws her sword* I don't think so.

bandit-fine. GET HER!

[i]the bandits charge at Elsyan. She gracefully sidesteps as one tried to slash her, and instead he stabbed another bandit through the throat. She jumped up and brought her sword through the skull of another, and in no time at all, most of them were dead. The bandits then retreat. Elsyan cleaned her blade of the blood on some grass then sheathed it. She stood up and stared at the dead bandits.[/i]

Elsyan-great. Now thanks to you, I'm late. I was supposed to go to some place where I would recieve my orders from the King, but it's too late now. *sigh*

[i]Suddenly, her ears pick up some sounds coming from behind her. They're the sounds of footsteps. She draws her sword and whirls around just in time to see a group of travellers. They stop abruptly when they see the unexpected Elf.[/i]

Lacroix-Who are you?

Elsyan-I am Elsyan Eglaannûn the High Elf. Now may I ask who you are?
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[I]Overjoyed at the sight of a female High-Elf, the very race that blessed his blood, Fox Hunter jumped from his hiding place in the trees. He'd said he'd meet everyone at the castle, but that was a ploy. He'd wanted an excuse to watch that Drow. He forgot that all in his joy at seeing a High-Elf.[/I]

"Hello, good Elf. Mine name is Serenol Ashenmyst, by the glade of Lanas Tirin. As a ranger, I am called Fox Hunter. Call me what thee will, but I imagine that thou wouldst rather call me by mine Elven name."

[I]As he said this, he bent low to the ground on one knee, picked up the High-Elf's hand, and pressed it to his lips in a gesture of respect.[/I]

"I am honored to have thee in mine prescence. 'Tis the greatest honor to meet one of pure Elven blood, for I am a Half-Elf, not because I am Half-Human, but because I am also part Deep-Elf."
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix looked on in amusement at their latest acquisition. He murmed softly to Raistlin.[/I]

Lacroix: Come on the slap.

Raistlin: I think you'll be out of luck.

Lacroix: Do you know what the word 'wager' means?

Raistlin: You're on. How much?

Lacroix: 10 gold coins.

Raistlin: You're confident.

Lacroix: So.[/font][/color]
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Raistlin: I welcome you to our rag-tag outfit of misfits, Elsyan, high-elf. As you may have guessed I am a mage. This is my freind, Lacriox, an assassin. I trust you are going to venture forth with us towards the castle of the king, and join us on our quest?
If so, you are welcome to come along.

Lacriox: Before you say anything. Yes I am a drow. I mean no disrespect (chuckles) by my race. As my freind Raistlin said, you are welcome to join us.

(Looks around and sees Raistlin has plundered a pair of vampbraces for himself, and 10 gold.)

Elysan: Well shall we be on our way then?

(The group once again, set off for the castle)
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix discreetly drops back to talk with Raistlin. And to hand over the money.[/I]

Lacroix: I'll win the next one.

Raistlin: Want a bet on that?

Lacroix: After just losing? I think not. Interesting reaction though.

Raistlin: Who's?

Lacroix: Hers. I really don't care about Hunter's.

Raistlin: A case of mutual animosity?

Lacroix: A reponse to prejudice. The fact that she wasn't really concerned by my race is a telling one however.

Raistlin: Oh? And what, exactly, does it tell?

Lacroix: I don't know yet, but I intend to find out.

Raistlin: I'd say Hunter won't like that.

Lacroix: Nothing like that you imbecile.

Raistlin: Sure. Whatever. You know you get around.

Lacroix: Oh shut up.[/font][/color]
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Raistlin: Well if you don't I will...
(Smiles at the Drow)
I mean, well I wouldn't say no...

Lacriox: I know exactly what you meant, you whore.

Raisltin: (Laughes) Nice, very nice.

Lacriox: I don't mean to be nice all the time.

Raistlin: Yeah, you aim to please, I know.

Lacriox: Excuse me.

Raistlin: Seriously though, I wouldn't complain if offered a fine peice of Elsyan for the night... Would you?

Lacriox: Enough, ok?

Raistlin: We could always make a bet?

Lacriox: I sincerely doubt that.

Raistlin: Fine, be like that.

(The travellers, descending into silence, keep on their way)
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