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Sign Up Return to Atlantis (no connection to the Disney movie) [SIGN UP]


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Return to Atlantis (no connection to the Disney movie!)

The Atlantis program was once a thriving civilization, rumored to have advanced technology. The Atlanteans had advanced healing and psychic abilities. They used huge crystals to generate electricity, power, heat, and light. The gigantic stones served as information storage units, much like our computers, and could magnify a person's psychic and telekinesis powers. Crystals grew on Atlantis like flowers grow today. Atlanteans carried mini versions of the central crystals to be used as a portable battery. Rings with geometric patterns were often worn. The mathematical shapes were capable of producing electromagnetic waves. Wearing the rings gives the bearer enhanced psychic abilities, healing powers, and good luck. Atlantis flourished for thousands of years.

Then, in one cataclysmic day and night, for reasons unknown, the mighty empire of Atlantis sank beneath the waves of the unforgiving sea. Some say the gods were jealous of the Atlantean's power, and doomed them to the bottom of the ocean. Some say the people of Atlantis abused their technology, causing their own demise.

With the passage of time, the history of Atlantis began to fade away like a sand castle built near the water's edge. Trace bits of evidence from this great continent have survived to this day. Scholars call it a hoax, or coincidence. The mysterious land is mostly ignored and brushed aside in their research. There are however, some things that can't be ignored?

Like 7 Atlantean rings that have been found/obtained by seven young people. You are one of those children. You, along with your friends, must use the power of the rings to go back in time to discover the true story of Atlantis, and if possible, save Atlantis from destruction.


How you got your ring:
Psychic Ability: (everyone has telepathy to talk to each other from far distances)
Weapon: (present day items, or Atlantean items, no guns)

Here?s Mine?

Name: Ari Calibreas

Age: 15

Gender: M

Description: Ari is of average height, but somewhat shorter than everyone else in the group. He has messy blonde hair and a short ponytail. He wears a forest green long-sleeved t-shirt, with a navy blue t-shirt over top. Ari also has baggy stonewashed jeans and tennis shoes. He?s usually cautious, and everyone trusts him. However, if his friends are in trouble, he?ll jump in to help. He has somewhat of a temper, but he doesn?t know how to express it well and it bottles up inside. If he builds up his anger enough, he can be very dangerous. For this reason he goes on daily runs to relieve stress. Ari is obsessed with developing his psychic abilities, and can often be found practicing or meditating.

How you got your ring: Ari?s father is an anthropologist and works as a professor at the local university that funds his expeditions. Ari?s dad brought home some items from a recent dig, and left them in his study. While he was away, Ari got curious and went to investigate the artifacts. There he found his ring, as well as an Atlantean shaman?s staff. The heavy silver ring was to big for his fingers, so he wears it on his right thumb.

Psychic Ability: Ari?s favorite psychic ability is morphing. He uses this power from the ring often to avoid trouble. Ari and his friend?s often use their powers like a game, they are unaware of the true power of the rings, and where they came from.

Weapon: Atlantean shaman?s staff as noted above. A plain wooden staff with designs etched into it to give it power. He uses it in a martial arts fashion, spinning and flipping it with expert force.
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Name: Tristan Scott
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Tall and muscular, football material though he doesn't play sports. He is normally seen wearing a pair of black jeans with a tshirt that has some sort of funny quote on it. Tristan has short spikey brown hair and brown eyes to compliment his slightly tanned skin.
How you got your ring: His ring was given to him by his girlfriend(who may be played by another sign up if they want :wink: ) .
Psychic Ability: Gravijokenises, He has the ability to manipulate the atomical forces of gravity known only as gravitons dispersing or condensing them to lighten or increase the gravity of an area. In lame man's terms gravity manipulation.
Weapon: Boot Knife.
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hmm... sorta confusing... but... ok..

Name: kaikei (kei) Asamiya



Description: 5'3, normally wears blue jeans or a short skirt and a simple tank. Kei has medium-long dark brown hair with streaks of ice- blue on the bottom. she is asian but mainly speaks english, for she came here when she was 3. she has eyes that change colors from dark brown to ice- blue.she doesn't look like much, but she's a master in the martial arts.

How she got her ring: Found it in a cereal box. (no just kidding) er.. found it on the shore of a beach during her trip to athens. well, and it looks like I found another one while I was swimming and found this shiny thing underwater and gave it to arikel's char....

Psychic ability: can forsee things no one else can see.( learns how to levitate later on.)

Weapon: two pairs of golden sai/ and a simple hand gun.
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Let me simplify the story...
Atlantis was a great civilization with advanced technolodgy. The people of Atlantis had rings that gave them psychic abilities. Then Atlantis was destroyed somehow and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Now fast-forward to the present. Scientists are starting to dig up artifacts from Atlantis, and somehow seven rings find their way to seven kids. The kids get psychic powers from the rings. Then once all the rings are together, they transport the kids back in time to Atlantis. Now the children have to find out what really happened, and maybe even save Atlantis from destruction.
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[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Danny Hikari[/COLOR]
[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR=purple]15[/COLOR]
[B]Gender:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Male[/COLOR]
[B]Description:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Danny is about 6 foot and 130 pounds, he commonly wears a visor with his brown hair and blond highlights sticking out over top of it. He was naturally tan from his native Indian origin. He mostly wears khaki pants with many pockets, a long sleeve cream shirt with basic colour T-shirts over top of it. His eyes are hazel but he wears green and blue contacts interchangeably. For shoes he normally wears basic tennis... but he some times wears moccasins as sandals. Danny is known to keep to himself a lot and not talk much. He has 1 best friend and 1 lover. Other then that no one knows much about him.[/COLOR]
[B]How you got your ring:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Danny's ring was passed on to him by his father who got it from his father, the ring is passed down generation to generation from the tribe leader to his son. From what he knows the ring was acquired by his tribe from another that was defeated in war...[/COLOR]
[B]Psychic Ability:[/B] [COLOR=purple]Various Psychokinesis, Most specifically his favorite is Levitating.[/COLOR]
[B]Weapon:[/B] [COLOR=purple]A tribal bow that was collected the same time as the ring. It was marked with Atlantean writings and has mystical powers.[/COLOR]
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Name: Tyron
Age: 23
Gender: M
Description: 1.96 mtrs tall, long black hair, scar throu left eye.
How you got your ring: Ones he was diving to find pearls. He saw something shining. It was the ring.
Psychic Ability: Talk with and change into half human/half animal.
Weapon: Lance of Water diamond
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*sigh* Might as well.

Name: Ryowa

Age: 17

Gender: M

Description: Blonde hair, Hazel eyes. Wears a Red T-shirt. Black baggy shorts.

How you got your ring: Found it inside a fish once he cut it open.

Psychic Ability: Ryowa is able to freeze time and move objects and himself during it. Also he has some psychokenesis.

Weapon: A 6 foot double bladed spear with strange markings on t. If somebody other than Ryowa touches it it will immediately burn them. Ryowa can make the spear as big and as small as he wants to.
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Name: Citi Omagi

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: He is about 5'10, average weight, He is wearing long, baggy khakis with a plain green shirt...he has Hazel hair that is messy and hazel eyes...he likes to explore and is usually very brave, he also likes to fight, but often he will jump into situations, he has a long temper span but when he gos off he isreally dangerous...he is trustworthy but if u break the trust between u and him it will take alot to gain it back, he also is always honing his skills ...

How you got your ring: He was exploring an ancient unmarked tomb...he got lost but he later found a secret passage...upon inspection he discovered the ring and alot of other artifacts...he donated most of it to musems but he keep the ring and sold other items for money...

Psychic Ability: Able to create a sword from energy using his psychic abilities...

Weapon: A White Katanna...The blade is about 4 feet long and the handle is about 3/4 of a foot( He nicknamed it White Lightning...because he swings it so fast and hard...)
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