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Two boys are walking throu a deserted town full of rubble.
"Eh.... bro! What has happened here?" "i dont know. Lets check out our house!" As they walk a long the road, Visor, the youngest, stopped. "Did you here that?" "Yeah. But we have more worries on our heads at the moment. Like our house." They continue walking and stop in front of a demolished house. "NO! MOTHER! This can't be!" "Whats wrong Tyron? Where is she?!" But Visor doesnt needs to ask anymore. He sees it with his own eyes. "Mo..Mo..Mo..Mother!" "Who could have done this?! If I find him, Ill cut him into pieces and burn the them!" Some rubble rolles in front of Tyron's feets. As he looks up, he sees a shade that turns arround. The shade is laughing. "You! Ill rip youre heart out!" "Tyron! If he can do this to a whole town, it wont be hard for him to kill you!" "Darn! he got away!" "Let us now bury our mother! Not under the rubble, but under ground." "Youre right. But i will Avenge." After they burried their mother, they are searching for survivors. On the moment they gave up hope for finding some1 they here rubble moving. "There is still some1 allive! Lets help him." They roll away some rubble. "Thats Valen!"
"Wha....What happend? Wait a minute..... Visor! What happend here?" "First rest then well explain." Tyron and Visor lift Valen up and bring them outside of town. After they told the story to Valen. "What?! That guy is going to pay!" 'But we dont know where he is." "Argh youre right!" "Well just track him down." "But Tyron! How?" "Well just follow the demolished towns."
With that he stands up and walks back to the town. 'Hey! Tyron! What are you going to do in town?!" "Get some stuff."
Tyron comes back with Tyron's and Visor's weapons.
"With this we'll make him pay!" They walk in the same direction the shade flied. "He's dead!"

A lot more towns were demolished. People from the bad side and good side came from under the rubble. But they wont quit their journey before they have stopped the murderer.

We need this info about you;

alliance: (good or evil)
Weapons: (no guns and 3 MAX)
magic ellemental: (take 1)
magic: (Not to strong. And you can choose 3 MAX)

I'm Tyron and ill post my sign up later.
Shinobi is Visor and Valen is Valen.
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i'm looking to get in a good story, so i'm in.

name:wolf maximas
weapons:two falkatas(the blade is curved like this ),the part going in is the blade)
magic ellemental:holy
bio:wolf's origens are unknown,he travils the land tring to help anyone who needs it.he's on a quest to find something, but dosen't yet know what that something is.
appearence:large silver fured werewolf.about 9 ft tall with a red scarf that hangs down to his feet.he has a scare on his left eye that makes his left eye red(his right ones blue).a gold earring hangs from his left ear.he wears black fingerless gloves,dark blue pants that are riped at the knee,with a red sash around his waist.his feet are rapped with white cloth.
personality:quiet, and keeps to him self.will help someone if he can.
magic:moon cannon,moon blast, and holy flame(strongest attack but hardest to do)

if anything needs to be changed let me know.i'm ready for adventure:demon:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Wolf Maximas13 [/i]
holy flame(strongest attack but hardest to do)

ehhh........ That holy flame. Do you meen THE strongest attack or your strongest attack?

[QUOTE][I]Originally posted by Dark_apocalyps[/I]
Magic: (Not to strong)[/QUOTE]

If it is THE strongest attack you should change it to MY strongest attack. Or else it could be confusing.
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Name: Visor
Age: 20
Weapons: Samaria Sword, Nunchucks And Fists, Feet And Head
Magical Element: Fire, Ice, Wind
Bio: As A Young Boy He Was Trained By His Fatehr In The WAy Of The Martial Arts, And Grew Up And Has Faught Against The Evil That Has Came Near His Friends or Family.
Appearances: Look At Attachment
Personality: Has A Good SEnce Of Humor, Sticks Up For What He Belives In. Has Never Learned How To Give Up!
Magic: Frozen Flaming Tornado
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name: Valen

age: 19

alliance: Good

Weapons: Isis Katana (Isis Dagger combined with a Katana at the base.)

magic elemental: Wind

Bio: A warrior whose origins are also unknown. He is alive for only one purpose-- to kill the person/creature that destroyed the city he called his home.

Appearences: A guy about 24 years of age standing a good 5'8", Icy blue hair, about neck length, a long midnight black cloak covering his entire body. He holds his Katana in his right hand.

personality: An easy-going guy for the most part. But in the heat of battle, Valen is as serious as you can get and doesn't take any crap from his opponents.

magic: Crimson (you'll see what I mean later)

See attatchment for how Valen looks... sort of...
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name: Tyron

age: 23

alliance: good

Weapons: Phantom Blade, Iron knuckles and Demolision balde.

magic ellemental: Lightning

Bio: He is 5 years older than Visor. Thats why Visor not even was born when Tyron gained the power of magic. When he lost his dad he ran away from home. When he came back, he still didn't talk much. He got over it in about 2 years. Now he can't stand his mother died to, so he is sure he'll punish the murderer.

Appearences: 1.96 mtr tall, long black hair, black cape, scar throu
Right Eye (he gained it when he was fighting a ninja in the forest when he ran off) and black armor.

personality: He allways stays calm.... Untill you touch his friends and family...:devil:

magic: Thunder charge, thunder att. (sword magic) and Death Blade (kills himself, but the attack never misses and he allways kills someone at once. Can't miss. Can't survive ((both)))
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name: Tristan Scott
age: 20
alliance: Evil
Weapons: Vorpal Blade, Dimensional Shield
magic ellemental: Summoning
Bio: His past is shrouded in mystery, known only to himself and a few others.
Appearences: Think of keannau reeves from matrix and give him horns and wings.
personality: Basically a smart@ss cynical bastard.
magic: Diablo, Ifrit, Shadow.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]name: Lacroix
age: 24
alliance: Evil
Weapons: Twin scimitars, twin viper
magic ellemental: Soul
Bio: Lacroix has no memory of his past, he is only aware that he knows how to fight, and has some very nasty scars.
Appearences: See attachment.
personality: Dark and introverted. Dislikes company. Pessimistic, despressed, cynical, with an ironic sense of humour.
magic: Life tap, Convert Soul, Soul Charge (I'll explain what these do during the story)[/font][/color]
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Name: Indrid
Age: 26
Alliance: Evil
Weapons: War Staff, bladed at each end.
magik ellemental: Lightning
Bio: Lacriox's brother. He knows how Lacriox got those scars, he gave them to him. They had a rough childhood, and during a fight between the two, Indrid struck a blow at Lacriox face, with a strand of barbed wire.
Personality: Outgoing, charming, likes company. Twisted, in everything he does.
Appearances: Looks like Lacriox, but with long blonde hair.
Magic: Static charge; charges weapon with electricity, ect.
Lightning strike, self explanitory.
Lightning speed, once again, self explanitory.
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can i still sign up? if so heres my character:

name: Karina
weapons: katana, poisonous darts, throwing stars
magic elemental: Ice
bio: she was forced away from her city and her home because it was destroyed and she had nowhere else to go so she started chasing after the vile murderer wherever it went shes been following it for almost 2 years now. She still is chasing it hopeing that someday she would be able to stop the destrction.
appearance: she has long light bown hair, but she keeps it tied up all the time, she has hazel eyes. She wears a long navy blue cloak and likes keeping the hood up.
personallity:She likes keeping to herself. she used to be very outgoing, and informative and hated fighting but after what she had seen shes just not the same anymore now shes quiet and fights all the time.

-frozen touch (self explanitory)
- healing snow (se) (doesnt use it that often)
- hail storm
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