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Anime Cowboy Bebop: "The Real Fan Club"

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Name: Moyaku Keramushe, aka Maverick Wolf, or Mav
Fave chara: Spike
Fave Ep: Jupiter Jazz Parts I and II
Fave Song: Real Folk Blues
AIM s/n: Mav Wolf 2000, Moyaku Keramushe, LonewolfMavRck00

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[b]Fave Chara:[/b] Faye.
[b]Fave Ep:[/b] My Funny Valentine.
[b]Fave Song:[/b] Real Folk Blues.

I don't have AIM, but I have MSN, if you want to contact me through that, its [email]shut_up_when_im_talkin_2_you@hotmail.com[/email] [/color][/size]

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Guest Sp1kE SpiEgAl
[COLOR=blue]1.Sp1ke Spiegal[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]2.Spike (Of course)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=crimson]3.The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)[/COLOR]

I just got done the series like 2 months ago. I just started watching it becuase I use to make fun of this show all the time, but I really didn't know how friggen awesome it was. Thanks to my friend ken who showed me to the BEBOP way, hehe. But, it hit me at the end that spike was reallydead, and it was REALLY emotional for me. I cried like a little baby ;) hehe. Well..this may be a fun oppertunity to join, so..later on

[QUOTE]You shall shed red tears -Vicious[/QUOTE]

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[quote]And you shall shed tears of scarlet.[/quote]-Vicious

Yes, I know more than one person that likes to make fun of it. Of course, they're judging it on it's name, and that it's an anime, so they really have no right to. This of one of those people who thinks all anime are like Dragonball Z and Pokemon. Rediculous.

Otherwise, I can't believe how popular this thread has gotten. But then, I would still like to see more people join; there are very few people joining every week, and I will not rest until everyone on the boards has joined! Or...not...

So, if anyone knows anyone that likes Cowboy Bebop and hasn't signed up, tell them about the club! :)

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I just noticed it again. Jets voice doing the narrations to "dangerous missions" on the history channel.

I brought the point up before, but to no real end.

I managed to find out the names of the two voice actors and it turned out that they had different first names, but the same last name.

Now that could mean three things.
1. they are brothers
2. its the same guy using two different first names. (such as his first or his middle, I have a couple of friends that use their middle names and not their first.)
3. One really, really odd coincidence.

I wanna mention the voice for the two are very, very similar and only an anime fan could really understand the way I recognize the similarities.

Its sorta like how you recognize the actors who do more than one voice for funimation.

I think its because of how you dont get to see the person, so the voice becomes a bit more important to your memory of the charactor/voice actor.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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