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  1. I had no idea they were making another Scary Movie, you've got me exited now, I loved the previous two. I hope they do a good job with this, like they did with Scary Movie 2 (which was better then the first in my opinion), do you know when a possible release date will be?
  2. I have a labret piercing, and thats it at the moment. I'm thinking about getting the right side of my bottom lip pierced aswell (can't remember the name for it) but I'm still undesided. I doubt I would ever get a tatoo though, because they're too perminant for my liking, though I am a fan of them on other people.
  3. They're bearable I suppose, their newest album is nothing to their first, but as Semjaza said it's not hard to of heard of them, considering there singles are played repeatedly on every freaking music channel and the radio.
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Emme888 [/i] [B]I'm the all round okay chick! 1st of all for those who don't know this I'm Asain, and there's only like 9 other Asain in the whole school and 3 of them of graduating this spring. I'm one out of 2 Asains in my class of 565 kids! So that already made me kinda of an outsider, but I'm smart, I'm going to be a sophomore, but most of my classes are junior classes. I'm in the top 7% of my class... I'm a starter on our volleyball team, and I have one of the best serves on the team also. I'm in Drama, too. I did acting competations, and the Spring play, the only reason why I didn't do the Fall play was cause of Volleyball. But I'm into anime, and that kinda makes me a little different...my volleyball friends don't get why I'm into it, and only some drama kids do... And I'm not completely ugly, I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16, so when alot senoirs asked me out, I had to shut them down. So I have no appeal to guys in my grade but to upperclassmen. I not popular, but I'm not unpopular, I'm semi-popular...I don't know if I'm even that. For you see, I hang out with alot of upperclassmen, rarely anyone in my grade, except for my b-fs Samantha and Jake. Most of my friends are going to be juniors, seniors, and freshmen in college. One day I said that I was stupid, and my other b-f(Emily), said that she doesn't even know of a stupid asain. And that asains cannot be stupid... So guess I'm an anime lovin geek, volleyball jock who cause of that is semi-popular, who does drama, and hangs out with alot of upperclassmen. [/B][/QUOTE] "One day I said that I was stupid, and my other b-f(Emily), said that she doesn't even know of a stupid asain. And that asains cannot be stupid..." What is an Asain, is that anything like being Asian?
  5. Im not at all suprised by this, I mean how can I be in the world we live in today. I can only be thankful the gun didn't go off midflight and puncture a hole in a window and crash the plane. Maybe the woman was planing to be on the same flight, and gave the gun/bear to the kid in hopes of getting it on board, then retrieve it from the kid in flight and highjack the plane. >__
  6. I dont think this kind of topic is allowed, but to answer your question, the only place I can think of is Kazaa or some other P2P programme. Edonkey or Emule is probably the best P2P programme for roms, movies ect.
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by juna [/i] [B]Call me vain but I say both... I though, have a differant view on what's "attractive" then the main stream view of the tanned, A&F sporstie muscle model man, I like bookish smart skater looking guys...shrug. I guess it's all perspective... [/B][/QUOTE] Thats not vain, there needs to be both in my opinion. For example, if you met someone that was stuningly beautiful, but had a personality that anoyed you to the point of wanting to rip you hair out, a relationship just isn't going to work, and its the same the other way too, there needs to be some kind of pysical attraction for a relationship to work, other wise you'll just end up being friends. The thing that gets my attention first is if a girl has piercings, for some reason, Im strongly attracted to girls with lip piercings, but they have to have a personality i can get along with well.
  8. They wouldn't make it strictly card battles, because they'd lose their whole fan base.
  9. Hybrid

    Pete & Pete

    I've never heard of it, is it an American only show? or was it showed in the UK?
  10. I don't have a problem with Homosexuality, two of my friends that I grew up with admited that they were gay a year or so ago, I don't think of them as being any different to the two guys I used to play football ect. I treat them the same has I've always have, I don't give them any special treatment, and they don't expect any. As for religion shunning homosexuality, well I couldn't give a ***** about religion says about it, I hate religion and all those that follow it so blindly, people need to believe in whats in their hearts not in what some book tells them is right or wrong.
  11. I downloaded "One More Minute" from there site after my last post because I thought I'd give them a chance. I still didn't like them, though they're not the worst band ever, I can think of bands a hell of alot worse, like Good Charlotte for instance, or Avril Lavigne.
  12. Hybrid

    "Emo" Music?

    I hate most "Emo" music, they all seem to copy each other, theres nothing really unique about each band. I prefer bands like Fear Factory, Otep, Ill Nino ect.
  13. Hybrid

    Name That Song!

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by dayday [/i] [B]Funeral for a Friend-4 Ways to Scream. If that's right then... [/B][/QUOTE] That was wrong, but its too late now.
  14. Hybrid

    Name That Song!

    Flying Without Wings - Westlife Assumimg I'm right, I'll post some lyrics: Swept to hands that tied me It's a pointless game What better, let's play Suicide To kiss your kids goodnight What you take from them What they've taken from you
  15. Hybrid

    Music mood!

    For me the right kind of music helps me play games better, for example, if I'm playing a fast paced game such as Devil May Cry ect, I'll play better if I'm listening to something like Ill Nino or Mudvayne. If I'm playing an RPG and I'm not listening to the In-game music, I'll be listening to something more mellow, like Trapt or Trust Company.
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