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[Color=teal][I][u]Setting 300 years after the end of Dragonball GT[/u][/I]

[I][b]They say absolute power corrupts absolutely and now especially this is very true.[/b] Son Goku the strongest warrior the universe has ever known, disappeared some three hundred years ago after merging with the Dragonballs, following the defeat of the 7 evil Shenrons and the restoration of peace. One hundred years later like the Eternal Dragon foretold the Dragonballs reappeared to grant wishes. These wishes however were closely monitored by the Kami of Earth Dende, who after the Dragonballs were collected wished for his lifespan to be quadrupled so he could train the best Kami to replace him. However even the best Kami's make mistakes though this one could be the end of the world as we know it........

Two months ago a group of warriors from and unknown origin arrived on Earth, but these warriors race thrive on carnage and destruction. The legend of their race is that they destroy other worlds and take them for themselves. The group over powered Dende and stole the Dragonballs, their wish was simple: revive the great warrior Son Goku only that he be pure evil in nature submitting to the control of these warriors. Because the Eternal Dragon had been powered up well beyond his previous powers he could revive any warrior no matter how long ago they died. Son Goku was reborn as a monster to do the sole bidding of these beings. The Earth strongest warrior Son Gohan junior stepped up to face his ancestor, though he put up a valiant fight he was no match for Son Goku and was killed after a short number of minutes. The whole world looked on in horror at the fate that had befallen them.

The Kaois not ones to look on as a world was destroyed by a mindless ruthless cult and also that they too could be wiped out the insane warriors, gave the Earth a simple request: [b]Gather your strongest warriors and we shall grant them power and train them so that they may defeat this new enemy that the universe faces[/b]. The Earth sent it's bravest and most noble to the planet of the Kaios so that they may be trained. We can only hope that they will be successful in their training[/I]
OK post in a bio like this to join the RPG but first just a few things to say

[1] Even with training Son Goku is the mightiest warrior in the universe so fighting him alone would almost certainly result in death
[2] There will be a special guest appearing later in the RPG but I won't give away who that is yet
[3] No achieving Super Saiya-jin really early it makes the RPG really cheesy and crappy, a Kaio-Ken like move can be used but please no more that 4x
[4] Son Goku isn't the only bad guy in this RPG, the warriors that brought him back also used the Dragonballs to wish for supreme strength. This is just about equal that of the Kaio's training so one on one fight will be common, but please don't kill a guy the second you fight him try and draw out the fight and even end it in a draw or have them fleeing the fight

OK now the Bio




[b]Weapons[/b]: Optional




[b]Stats[/b] 35,000,000

Strength: (How strong your physical attacks are)
Defense: (How much damage you can take from physical attacks)
Agility: (How easily you can dodge attacks)
Speed: (How fast you can move)
Ki: (How strong your Ki attacks are)
Ki Defense: (How much damage you can take from Ki attacks)
Intelligence: (How well you may anticipate you enemies attacks)[/color]
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[color=indigo]I do find this interesting.. but I have a few questions before I might join. If I do decide to I will merely edit this post. But here are my questions:[list]
[*]This seems to take place long after the end of GT. How long are we talking exactly? Of course there is the hundred years before the DragonBalls could even be used again. Then you have to take in the time for all these other things to happen. So this takes place 100 years plus what? I'm just curious..
[*]In the Stats, do we split that 35,000,000 up between the things?
[/list]That's all for now :whoops:[/color]
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Hey this seems like a really good RP. And what's slightly wierd is that me and my mates created a series called DB Xtreme as well.
I'll post what I can on my char and then add mod's later.

Name: Telique (pronouced Tel-eek)
Age: 17
Race: Part sayain, part human and part manga sayain (read bio for info)
Wepons: Kendo stick
Bio: Telique is a stange warrior, she has no real idea who her parents were, the only real thing she knows about them is that one of them was Part Sayain part human and the other one was part Manga Sayain part human. Of what little info she has found on the Manga's they were a race of sayain that disappeared many years ago. they focused heavily on fire style attacks and were known to be very aggressive in battle. unlike their cousins they learnt to transform into different beasts at will, which made their sences slightly more alert to what was going on around them.
Appearance: she is tall and of a medium build. she wears a dark purple battle robe and a denium(sp?) jacket. she has long pinky-white hair which is tied back into a pony-tail
Personality: Usually very serious and calm, has a slight temper when facing someone and can be quite stubbon but on occasions she can be quite funny and she does make an excellent friend.

I'll leave the rest until later cause I need to get an idea of how things go, K?
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[B]Name:[/B] [I]Andrew[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]24[/I]

[B]Race:[/B] [I]Saiyan[/I]

[B]Weapons:[/B] [I]His very own, home-made light saber, just like a Jedi's. A grey hilt with a blue blade.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]Abandoned at the age of three, with no memory of his life before Andrew was found on in a small town by a great martial arts teacher. At first all Andrew wanted to do was relax and enjoy his life until he was introduced to the huge power within him. when he was only sox years old he got lost in the wood, discovering his amazing talents using them to get back to his town. When he got back all he wanted to do was learn to fight. He exceeded most of the pupils who had been training for more than twenty years in the space of a month. His master, who was also his adopted father, was amazed by his progress and came up with only one possible reason for this. He had heard that many years before there had exsisted a race of super warriors called Saiyans. He concluded that the only way that Andrew could attain such powers was if he was a Saiyan. Andrew's 'master' also taught him how to use his sacred weapon, the light saber. After years of practice Andrew finally mastered the art and constructed his own blade. After many years training with his 'father' Andrew became far better than his 'master'. His master died soon after his sixtenth birthday. This enraged Andrew, throwing him into a well of power which he never knew he had. His power almost doubled. But little did Andrew know that this was only a fraction of a Saiyans true power. Andrew continues to train everyday to his limits. He has also discovered a few things about the Saiyans, for one, that he is a full blooded Saiyan.[/I]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]Andrew has short spikey black hair, the traditional colour of a full blooded Saiyan. His eyes share that same dark blackness. He isn't the tallest of people standing at around 5'11 with a very muscular built. He wears the material of all Saiyan warriors in the form of a blue vest and trousers. Along with those he has white boots with yellow toes and white fingerless gloves. When not in a confrontation Andrew's body is covered by a dark, dusty, black cloak tied at the neck. He also has the trademark of a Saiyan, a long black tail.[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] [I]Andrew is a very confident warrior. He is always arrogant and cocky during battles and always insults and intimadades his opponent. When he is out matched in power deep down he is furious but outside he keeps cool and doesn't show his emotion, he feels showing any emotion during battle is a weakness. Andrew is constantly building his power level and making himself stronger with much training.[/I]

[B]Stats[/B] 35,000,000

[B]Strength:[/B] 5,000,000
[B]Defense:[/B] 4,000,000
[B]Agility:[/B] 6,000,000
[B]Speed:[/B] 7,000,000
[B]Ki:[/B] 3,000,000
[B]Ki Defense:[/B] 4,000,000
[B]Intelligence:[/B] 6,000,000
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Name: Trellis

Age: 23

Race: Saiyan

Weapons: None

Bio: Trellis' past is not known. He woke up one day, lying in a canyon on Earth. He does not remember a thing about his past.

Appearance: Black hair, muscular build

Personality: Jumpy and exciteable.

Stats: 35,000,000

Strength: 6,000,000
Defense: 4,000,000
Agility: 4,000,000
Speed: 5,000,000
Ki: 7,000,000
Ki Defense: 5,000,000
Intelligence: 4,000,000
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Guest pyro_kai

Age: 19

Race: saiyan

Weapons: gloves of kai (mythril adds damage to punches)

Bio:kisekin was the son of the late broli being kept in secret he came out of hiding knowing he would be able to avenge his fathers death at the hands of goku he will stop at nothing to kill goku even if it means sacrificing himself in the process

Appearance:see attachment

Personality: imagine brolly but meaner and more arrogant

Stats 35,000,000

Strength: 8,000,000
Defense: 6,000,000
Speed: 8,000,000
Ki: 4,000,000
Ki Defense:4,000,000
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Name: Joosh
Age: 17
rACE: Saiyan
Weapons: Unknown Sword
Bio: Joosh not knowing about any of his family was xcaptured by this unkown group but he had escaped before they could revive Goku. So he is out to ghet revenge cause the only thing he knows about the group is that...they killed his family. Joosh is on his own training everyday and everynight to get ready for them but ever since they revived goku he has been training 10x harder.
Appearance: Taller than Average, Average weight wears a nice black and red jacket and black singlet with a pear of blue trousers and green shoes.
Personality: Very strong and pretty calm but when he gets angry watch out!

Stats: My stats are unknown
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[B]Name:[/B] Jinn

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Race:[/B] Namek

[B]Weapons:[/B] A black ash staff, rumoured unbreakable.

[B]Bio:[/B] The spawn of Piccolo, Jinn has trained under his father since he was just a child. He showed amazing power, his father noticing that he was able to keep upwith the saiyans progress without much of a struggle. He believes this is because he is the child of a super namek, and so possibly has the natural power of one (just like Goten and Trunks have the super saiyan ability naturally.) He has grown now to be equal size of his father, about 6'8", although his father is much stronger. One major set back though, is he has been in the other world all his life, on King Kaio's planet. (bring as Picollo died at the end of GT.) Kaio is now communicating with Dende, asking him to use the dragonballs to bring back Jinn, who can certainly help the saiyans in their battle.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Looks like Picollo, but has a black suit instead of purple. He also wears a cape like Picollo, but not the hat. (I am not a fan of the hat.)

[B]Personality:[/B] Intelligent, gets angry quite easily, and is a very smart fighter... basically just like Picollo.


Strength: 4,000
Defense: 5,000
Agility: 7,000
Speed: 8,000
Ki: 5,000
Ki Defense: 4,000
Intelligence: 2,000
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[color=teal]First things first thanks to everyone who took the time to join the RPG, I put a lot of time into it and I'm really appreciative. I'm also happy to see Craig and Andrew are back.

I'm editing the first post slightly to be a bit more informative so Pyro just check and you questions will be answered. One more thing Please re-read the main story post and edit accordingly I'm mentioning this to one member in particular

And now without further stalling here's my Bio

[b]Name[/b]: Fox

[b]Age[/b]: 29

[B]Race[/b]: Saiya-jin/Human

[b]Weapons[/b]: Silver Katana with golden handle known for its durability and amazing sharpness

[b]Bio[/b]: Fox is a descendant of Vegeta, he has the natural saiya-jin ability to turn Super Saiya-jin at a young age and has a great love from battle. Many people say that Fox is the closest member of his family in resemblance to Vegeta, a thing he takes with pride. He is one of the warriors being sent to the Kaios so he can defeat Evil Son Goku and bring peace back into existence

[b]Appearance[/b]: Looks very similar to Vegeta, but wears a black Gi with white shirt, belt and boots

[b]Personality[/b]: Quick to anger and not one to give up a fight, just like Vegeta

[b]Stats[/b] 35,000,000

Strength: 5,500,000
Defense: 5,000,000
Agility: 5,250,000
Speed: 4,750,000
Ki: 6,000,000
Ki Defense: 4,000,000
Intelligence: 4,500,000[/color]
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Guest QuickSilver
Name: Kazuya

Age: 25

Race: Namek

Weapons: Stick like Goku's from Dragonball

Bio: He is a distant decendant of Lord Slug. He is also a Super Namek, yet he doesnt know it yet. he was sent to Earth to help out Dende.

Appearance: looks like Lord Slug, but a little musclar, wears a red version of Piccolo's suit.

Personality: a mean S.O.B.

Strength: 5,000,000
Defense: 5,000,000
Agility: 4,000,000
Speed: 5,000,000
Ki: 5,000,000
Ki Defense: 5,000,000
Intelligence: 6,000,000
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Name: Galen

Age: 28

Race: Human

Weapon: Crescent Short Sword

Bio: Galen started off as a humble young lad. He was very carefree and happy. He trained under numerous people, learning many different styles of fighting. He enjoyed fighting almost as he enjoyed living. Since the recent turn of events, he has been training especially hard. He is trying to get his name in the history books and to become a legendary fighter.

Apperance: Galen has a medium ammount of hair. His hair and eyes are blue. He stands at about 6'3 and weighs 210 lbs. He wears a white Tee Shirt and Black pants. He carries his sword in a sheath attached to a belt loop. And he has whiskers on his face like he hasnt shaved in a few days.

Personality: Galen may come off as a very impersonal person, but once you get to know him he is a very kind guy. He cares alot about many things and can carry on a good conversation. Also he is a good problem solver, although he might lack the ability to just come out and say it.

Strength: 5,000,000
Defense: 6,000,000
Agility: 5,000,000
Speed: 5,000,000
Ki: 4,000,000
Ki Defense: 4,000,000
Intelligence: 6,000,000
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Name: Kali

Age: 26

Race: Saiyan/Human

Weapons: Sais

Bio: Kali is a strong warrior that was raised to be evil by her father of saiyan desent. Her father was always a good man who faught for justice until his wife was killed. Kali has just turned 26 and has just learned the truth about her mother being killed from a stranger. She then goes to her father for strait answers and gets them he tells her all about how her mother was the most loving woman alive and how she would never think to do anything that was wrong he tries to make it up to Kali but he doesn't get the chance. She leaves her father upset about how she has been living a lie for 25 years, she cools down go to her father and sees him dead at the hands of the stranger. He tells her about how he was the one that killed her mother, in an angry fit Kali draws her sais and throws them both into the killers chest. Now after a lifetime of being evil Kali decides to become good in memory of her mother but she has no idea where to start.

Appearence: Kali is a beautiful girl with dark brown hair that stops at the top of her sholderblades. She is 5'8 and weighs 130. She wears a red-brownish skirt with small shorts underneath and a top of the same color with 3 straps on each sholder.

Personality: Kali is very stubborn and independent. Everytime someone does something for her (mainly men) she thinks that they are trying to say she is weak causing her to be very comepetative. Kali means well but she can be quite wild sometimes.


Ki Defense:4,500,000
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Name: Ragonarok

Age: 24

Race: 20% Saiya-Jin/80% Human

Weapons:Masamune Blade

Bio:Ragonarok isn't his real name but he likes it.He was an orphan when he was a child.Related to Son Goku.He is tough and strong.

Appearance:Tall (Almost as tall as Shaquile O' neil lol),Has the same clothes as Goku exept the colors are reversed so the orange GI is Blue and the orange is inside.Wears a saiya-Jin Armor.Black spikey hair and Dark brown eyes

Personality:Aggresive and sometimes EmotionLess/coldhearted.

Stats 35,000,000

Attack: 5,000,000
Ki Defense:6,000,000
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Age: 27

Race: 5% Saiya-jin. 95% human.

Weapons: My body is my weapon.

Bio: Gallion is from Radditz's line. Radditz had a daugther that only a few had known about. She was found by Zarbon. He was too kill her, but she escaped. She had too get away quick. So she she didn't know where she was going. And then had crashed on Earth.

Appearance: He has a rugged appearance. But he isn't bulky. Nobody knows the real Gallion. He's thought of as being a bully. but he is actually sensitive too too. But he is an awesome fighter.

Personality: Highly optimistic, and also kind.

Stats 35,000,000

Strength: 8,000,000
Defense: 6,000,000
Agility: 2,000,000
Speed: 4,000,000
Ki: 6,000,000
Ki Defense:6,000,000
Intelligence: 3,000,000
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[color=indigo]Even though I said I'd just edit my post.. it's been a pretty long while since then, so I'll just put this so it's nice and fresh.

[b]Name:[/b] Piro

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Race:[/b] Saiya-jin/Oozaru Hybrid ( see [i]Bio[/i] )

[b]Weapons:[/b] None

[b]Bio:[/b] Piro is a result of an underground scientific experiement that began some 200 years before present day. The world, over the span of Kakarot's life on Earth, has known of his existence. His first world-wide appearance came when he was merely a child fighting in the Tenkaichi Boudoukai tournaments. After he finished fighting in those, the world never heard from him until another tournament (the one that took place during the Great Saiya-man mini-saga). Some people unforutnately were able to see him up close when a battle was fought in a city. The people knew of his great power, and outrageous abilities. After he passed along with Shenron, the Eternal Dragon of Earth, he was forgotten by the common people.

Meanwhile, in an underground network, a group of scientist who had been following Kakarot's life since about his fight with Bebi. Amazed by the fighters ability, they were determined to duplicate it in some way. Through an anonymous source, the scientists got ahold of Saiya-jin blood. They studied its DNA behavior and structure. Obviously, it was like nothing they had ever seen. With this new and foreign blood, they had trouble working with it, and creating a new being seemed almost untouchable. The scientists hired many different genetic and cloning scientists to work with the data. This went on for many many years. The original group of scientists died. Their work was passed on to the next group of scientists that they selectively chose. In the next decade, major advancements were seen in the likes of their experiement. They were able to create a single living cell full of all the genetic code of the DNA in the blood given from the anonymous donor. This cell was the first building block and major step forward of their experiment. Through the next several years, progress picked up rapidly. They were able to only contsruct small samples of tissue, and some of the smaller organs, but ebven that, within the time they did it in, was impressive. Another twenty some years passed, only a few of the head scientists remained. Under there persistent and relentless eye, a full sample of skin was created. It was quite a disgusting sight seeing merely the skin of a being, but it was what they wanted. They knew now it would not be long before they were successful in creating a full being. Unfortunately for them, they passed a few years after, before any such thing happened. The next line of scientists stepped up to head command. During their reign would the first prototype be successfully created. As a first line of business, they hired more scientists to increase productivity. In the few years after, a sanction of scientists figured out the brain pattern of the Saiya-jin. It was this that they needed. Every other part of the body had been figured out up until now. They only needed the brain to make everything work. Over the next 5 years a working brain was created and preserved, as now the scientists now scrambled to bring everything together. The year after, it was done. They created a working Saiya-jin being. Though, there was one thing they did not anticipate. To begin with, they had made the being look older, probably in his later teens, but they forgot that they just can't plug information right into the brain. This "teenage" powerhouse had the mental capacity of a newborn. Luckily, it fled outside the laboratory, only destorying a few desks and other less expensive appliances. Another less fortunate coincidence, it was night time, and the night included a full moon. Upon sight, the artificial Saiya-jin transformed into his Oozaru form. The scientist fired many tranquilizers into the beast. Many scientists were killed. Finally, after countless doses of tranquilizers were shot into the beast, he became sedated and feel unconcsious to the ground. The head scientists, who were kept inside the entire time came to look at the beast. Awestruck by it's size and obvious greater power, they drew a blood sample.. then order it to be killed and burned.

Over the next century, more scientists passed and were replaced. More prototypes were created and destroyed for a various number of reason whether it be deformation, retardation, or just a failure to bring it to life. The last few tries at creating a Saiya-jin being were run differently. Ever since the first prototype transformed into its Oozaru form, a secret group of scientists worked on merging that DNA with the DNA of a normal Saiya-jin. it took a long time to do it, but it was done. The first few results ended up deformed. The final result was a partial success, only they were unsuccessful in giving it life. It was only two years later that their great and final success was given life. They remembered not to make the being phsyically older than he was, so the creation was merely a newborn in both mind and body. As a successful hybrid between the Saiya-jin and Oozaru, then infant was predominantly strong in phsyical power, durability, and (as it owuld get older) ki. As an infant, it looked just like any other baby. The only difference was that it had a tail. Wanting their creation to be able to mingle with the common folk, they cut off the tail and sewed the opening shut. They then turned it into an adoption agency. They were a little reluctant to takwe the child at first, being that it was excessively violent for such a young baby, but the scientists bribed the agency, and the people there worked with the baby every second to make it more civil. With its young, and impressionable mind it worked. At the age of 3, the baby was adopted. It was adopted by a younger couple at the ages of about 24 and 25. The couple were independent martial artists. As they left the agency, the infant knocked over a candle that no one noticed. Half the adoption center ended up burning down, no fatalities, but many injuries. Upon learning this the next day, the couple that adopted the infant named him [i]Piro[/i]. At the age of 7 they began teaching the child to fight, as well as enrolling him in school. As a Saiya-jin, he picked up quickly in both areas, but he was a bit slow and they couldn't seem to shake that. When he hit the puberty ages, body hair seemed to grow quick and unusually. By 16, his entire torso was covered with thick black hair except for his chest and upper abs. The couple found this most unusual, but the doctors said there was nothing wrong. At age 18 he graduated from high school nicely and over the years he became an excellent martial artist finally developing a decent quickness to his attacks and defenses. He moved out of the house and never went to college, but worked as a local martial arts instructor, which made his adopted parents especially proud. While some of his students could very suprisingly match him in speed, none could even come close to his super-superior strength. He made a decent this job, and small, local tournaments. He was often looked oddly upon for his appearance, which gave him some mental issues as to who he really was. Those long nights at home could only help but amplify those issues. A few months after this, he got an anonymous calling for a special training. Thrilled, he accepted, and made his preparations to be trained.

[b]Appearance:[/b] About 1.92 meters (6.3 feet). Built strong, but not big. His hair is black similar to that of Vegeta's, only a bit shorter, and less of a receding hairline. He has brown-ish red eyes. He never wears a shirt since his seemingly abnormal body hair (like that of a Super 4) covers most of it, and he wears dark, dim, red, baggy, weighted pants, which are tucked into pitch black boots. [size=1]Note: He only [b][i]appears[/i][/b] to look like a Super 4 Saiya-jin, but he obviously does not have the power. The look merely comes from being a hybrid between the two forms.[/size]

[b]Personality:[/b] A pretty normal person, with a lust for fighting. He'll fight anyone, anywhere as long as he thinks he can win. Longs to know where he came from and why he is so... different from everybody else he has known. Although, he can't help but wonder does he [i]want[/i] to know? What might come over him if he finds out..?


[b]Strength:[/b] 6,000,000
[b]Defense:[/b] 6,000,000
[b]Agility:[/b] 4,000,000
[b]Speed:[/b] 4,000,000
[b]Ki:[/b] 5,000,000
[b]Ki Defense:[/b] 6,000,000
[b]Intelligence:[/b] 4,000,000

Just a note.. I'm noticing that some people's stats add up to more than 35,000,000..[/color]
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[color=red][b]Holy Bio Piro. :p If it's not too late, i would like to sign up. :)

Name: Matt

Age: 20

Race: Saiya-jin/Human

Weapons: None

Bio: Matt found out he had specail powers at a young age. When he was seven, he tripped and fell off a cliff. His fear made his body respond and use it's ki to propel himself back up onto the ledge. After that experience, he went far away into the mountians to train with martail arts experts. He learned from them that he was half saiya-jin and is an ancestor of the great Saiya-Jin, Vegeta. He mastared more than 20 different forms of matrial arts by the time he as 16, constintly improving his speed, power, strength, and ki. At the age of 17, he went to a monistary tp study with the monks and because inteligent and use his mind more than his fists. Seeing all the carnage on the news and the defeat of all the great fighters of earth, made Matt want to fly off and kill Goku. But the monks stopped him. On his 20th birthday, he left the monistary after a kioa came to him and invited him to train with them to defeat Goku. He accepted in a second. Unbenonced to him, Fox is a relative of his.

Appearance: 6' 2" tall, muscular with no visible fat. Blue eyes and jet black hair that goes down to just above his shoulders. Matt wears back baggy flexable pants and a orange flexable top.

Personality: He is usually kind, generous, and absolutly loyal to his friends. But when provoked, he is relentless in his assault.


Strength: 6,500,000
Defense: 5,500,000
Agility: 5,000,000
Speed: 4,000,000
Ki: 6,000,000
Ki Defense: 4,000,000
Intelligence: 4,000,000[/b][/color]
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[color=teal]OK I'll start this RPG when I get home because I'm in a cyer cafe and it's really expensive I've just one thing to say to these damn newbies

This rpg is set 300 years after Dragonbalkl GTs last episode, so I don't know how there are so many part saiya-jins, alot of you are saying your descended from Saiya-jin and are half/quarter saiya-jin, I'd love to know how this is possible since not counting movies there are only 4 saiya-jin left, Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and they are the only survivors of Freiza's attack please edit your bios accordingly. Remember it's been 300 years you would be only about 1/64 saiya-jin ok....jesus[/color]
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[color=red][b]There. I changed mine to jsut read "Saiya-jin/Human". Better? I hope this starts soon. I haven't been in a good dbz rpg for a while. I think the last dbz-type rpg i was in was back during v2 when everyone was fighting anyone they could find.[/b][/color]
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