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[I]As Ryu turned on the tv, as slight coldness could be felt in the air...[/I]

Ryu: Man...It's gotten cold all of a sudden!

[I]He lived in an apartment in Tokyo, in an old flat with no air conditioning, and at most times, it was really hot[/I]

Ryu: Oh well...Lets see whats on the news...

Reporter: Earlier today, a young man was found shouting madly in the street, screaming out how mankind would come to an end, and how everyone would die. He was taken into the police station for questioning about why he thought all this would happen, but then the next thing the police knew, he couldn't remeber a thing. Next up we have...

[I]Ryu turned off the tv[/I]

Ryu: Crazy...Absolutly crazy...

[I]He got off his chair, then felt that same coldness again[/I]

Ryu: **** window

[I]He walked over to it, an shut it, but the coldness still loomed about in the air[/I]

Ryu: Man, it's still cold! I wonder-AAARGH!!!

[I]He suddenly fell to his knees, clutching his head in pain. He felt as it someone was jabbing half a million needles into his head, and he heard someone speaking...He didn't know what they were saying, but that didnt matter, because next thing he knew, he was unconcious...But unknown to him, he wasnt. He wasnt at all...[/I]


First thing's first: THIS IS NOT A DBZ TYPE RPG!!!

In this RPG you can be anything you want, but NO magic!!! Guns, sure, swords, whatever, big sticks, fine! But NOOO magic!

Acually, you can't be ANYTHING you want, but you can be one of these two things:

Policeman (Or Woman)

or a:



Just make your character, and wait for me to start the proper posting part of the RPG

(I have attached a file of what Ryu looks like)
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[SIZE=1]You know? Ryu has a striking resemblance to Trunks! :D

But anywho, if this thing gets going I'll join..

Name: Pyro (was there any doubt? lol)
Type: Citizen
Height: 5'11"
Age: 18
Item(s): We'll just say he's a gun speicalist :D
Bio: Just your not so normal guy who knows varios fire arms like the back of his hand! He's also good with coomputers and anything that he has is most likely not his own (nudge nudge, hint hint, wink wink, lol)[/SIZE]
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*sigh* I love RPGS. Guess who'll end up the only girl..again!

Name: Sayuri

Age: 15

Type: Plainclothes cop

Weapons: 9mm, 2. Daggar

Specialties: Akido, target shooting, running

Bio: A specialist in hand to hand combat and a dead shot, Sayuri usually infilterates drug dealers with her beauty and bad *** aditude, then busts them.
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But seriously here, folks...

Name: Flash

Age: 15

Type: Ex-Gang member. He's young, but he's cold, and emotionless...

Weapons: Buster sword (What can I say? I like big Swords!), Chrome .85 Magnum, and Custom ZMG 9mm Uzis..

Specialties: He knows the streets, and he's also a Master in Martial arts, with a mix of Street fighting...

Bio: His Mother died at Birth. She was a 14 year old teenage whore, so he never knew his Father. He was born into a gang, his Mothers Boyfriend, named Xylius, took a liking to Flash, and raised him as his own son... He taught Flash everything he knew,
From Martial Arts, to Street Fighting. At the age of 11, he armed Flash with a Magnum, and officially let him into the gang... Flash was good, even better than most of the other members... Flash became very good at modifing weapons, and soon became an expert Gunsmith for the gang... (He's also got a knack for hacking Computers...) ...At the age of 14, there was a massive Gang war. 5 seperate gangs got involved, and at 10:37pm, on the 6th of May, the fight began... 5 gangs blastin' away at anything and everything. Flash was takin' out a lot of opposing gang members, while staying out of harm... The police arrived, but when the hostility was turned on them, they retreated promptly... The gang war lasted until 3:14am, 3 days later... Flash was busy sniping a few last gang members, when he heard one shot, followed by a slow moaning sound... Xylius, only 29 at the time, had been shot in the chest... Flash ran to his Foster-Fathers side, but it was too late... Xylius died, leaving Flash with only one thing... His own personal, custom ZMG 9mm Uzis... (There was one Bullet left in Xylius' clip. Flash now wears it as a pendant.) ...Flash was so enraged by Xylius' death, that he went on a rampage, unafraid of death, shooting everyone in the area... He killed all of the opposing gang members, but got shot twice.. Once in the left leg, once in the right shoulder... At 6:04am, when the sun was just rising, Flash limped back to his Gang base, triumphant.. It was then that he realised the Grim truth... He was the only survivor...
His whole life mangled with emotions of Hatred, and despair, Flash recluded, living underground, in his old Gang bunker...
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B]Yah know...this guy sounds like Flash from HV. But he might be nicer...when he meets Sayuri. [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah, he does sound a bit like the Flash from HV.... 'cept for the Age, and the Wings, and the Evilness, and the Magical powers, and the Looks, and the Guns, etc etc. :rolleyes:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]

I think we gotta wait for DBZman to start it. Starting someone elses RPG ain't fair. [/B][/QUOTE]LOL, but then things go faster.[URL=http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Island/3352/pg14.html]Sayuri looks something like this, just picture her in modern clothes. And her hair is brown/blonde, not red.[/URL]
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type:modern pirate

weapons:longsword,2 sai and 5 throwing stars

specialties: street fighting weapons master (hand her a weapon and she'll figure out how to work it in under a min.)

bio:know nothing of her past lives only in the here and now.
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