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  1. Zidane

    Gaming Favorite Boss Theme Song?

    Yeh i like the music from the blitzball FMV too. It also plays when you are fighting sin at the end, I reckon Square should put more rock music into thier games...;)
  2. Zidane

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Enemy

    I would have to say Sin from final fantasy 10. I thought the way they made like jecht as u made your way through spira looking at his spheres and showing you he was a good guy afterall was a great twist, Made me actually care about him when i was killing him and plus the cut scene at the end rapped it all up nicely i thought.
  3. Zidane

    Gaming Favorite Video Games

    Well i would have to say The final fantasy series, Especially 7. The emotions this game makes u have while playing are intense to say the least. Each Fantasy game has an ingaging storyline and indepth characters that make u actually feel as if your in the game. In my oppinion Final fantasy will be the best games ever made.
  4. Zidane

    Rate the Latest Movie You've Seen

    I watched Welcome to the jungle and since i live in australia i saw it at the movies. I thought this was a great movie, Sean william scott and the rock are both great actors in it. U can definitley see the rock becoming a hit in the movie industry and plus it was hell funny. especially the monkey scene lol......ahh
  5. Zidane

    Art Vampire D banner

    heres my attempt at a banner
  6. Zidane

    Favorite War/Action Movie?

    I totally agree with Double B, i dont like wire work in action movies. I like to see pure martial arts.. Bruce lee is good but im a fan of the old van damme movies like wrong bet the quest and bloodsport. Thier awesome, They fully get me pumped up before i go to karate training. Tis cool. oh and mortal kombat movies have a few good scenes too.
  7. Zidane

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    ok heres thiers weapons and who owns them Squall Lion heart Rinoa shooting star quistis save the queen zell ehrgeiz selphie strange vision irvine exeter
  8. Zidane

    Art Random Banners

    Dude thier just other people pictures put into squares. and u'v done the same ting with all of them. Try and make different ones without using the square affect. Zidane
  9. Zidane

    Gaming Final Fantasy X

    Im trying to find the lady on the calm plains with the chocobos but she keeps moving i know of 2 places she hangs thats near the egde of the calm plains to the shouth and near the place where u jump with your chocobo to get to the remien temple. if u know of any other places she hangs out please tell me [size=1][color=CC0000]I merged your thread with the exisitng FFX Help Thread. In future, any new thread that you wanna post should be posted in a topic relevant to the thread that already exists. Thank you. -[b]Break[/b][/size][/color]
  10. Zidane

    Art And now for my newest effect:.....

    Thats cool i love yugioh so yeh 10/10
  11. Zidane

    The Transporter

    I watched this movie today and thought it was pretty sick. Its quite refreshing to see some new fight scenes, e.g the oil slick scene. That was pretty good.
  12. Zidane

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    Well what i can see from under his helmet its blonde. Q. What is Zidanes strongest weapon inside of Ispens castle?
  13. Zidane

    Art My new banner

    I just made this banner about me, I find my self a bit of a joke lol hope u like and please rate.
  14. Zidane

    Gaming It has life

    They also use names from the past, one of hitlers tank generals wife was names hilde garde.....sort of makes u think huh?
  15. Zidane

    Art My new banner... ratings?

    Dude u have serious talent. one thing? remove the outside border and it would look mad 10/10
  16. Zidane

    Gaming Final Fantasy Quiz

    In FF7 the sages chocobo is green Q: In ff9 what do u need to give to the man in the lookout tower near dali in order to get the minature ship? [size=1][color=crimson]Question already answered. Ignore this guy's post. -[b]Break[/b][/size][/color]
  17. Zidane

    Art Imagination Art Contest

    just whipped this up in photoshop, please judge harshly!
  18. Zidane

    Gaming FF7 A game to be played by all

    I play this game because its all i have in my life right about 4 years ago. Before final fantasy games i was totally bored and wondering what to do with my life. Now iv played everysingle final fantasy game (except 11, 12)And now i am studying computer graphics at UNI in hopes to work at Sqaure. *fingers crossed.
  19. Zidane

    Gaming Final Fantasy XI

    I think i will get this game cos i just live for RPGs, except i dont know where ill get the time to play it but ill geuss ill just give up sleep. Sleep remaining each day :5 hours
  20. Zidane

    Gaming Another oppinion thread

    I geuss im most like Zidane. I never play by the rules and i never do what im told. Plus i really like girls :D
  21. Zidane

    Gaming MS E3 Conference Stuff

    Iv read some things about that BC game and heard nothin by good things from it, I cant wait to get it thiers something about chasing your lunch down thats very appealing to me
  22. Zidane

    Gaming Dark Cloud 2

    I saw this game on my monthly game buying binge but didnt buy it, Can anyone tell me about the story cos im really interested in it.
  23. Zidane

    Gaming First Game.....

    The game that got me hooked? hmm it would have to be FF7, It was the first RPG i ever played and i dont know what i would do withouts RPG,s and FF Games in my life *thanks god and sqaure for FF
  24. Zidane

    Gaming Charlie's Angels Hit the GC

    I would definatley not get this game. I didnt like the movie that much or the show, I geuss the characters dont appeal to me, dont get me wrong the girls in the movie are hot!
  25. Zidane

    Jackie Chan or Jet Li?

    I like jet the most hes a really good actor. Because in lethal weapon 4 he didnt know english and now he does and i reckon hes got quite alot of emotion in his films look at the one, he shows pleanty thier and even in the black mask whicg i personaly think was one of his worst movies. and i would kill to see a movie with jet and jackie, how mad would that be.