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  1. well, i don't want to be offensive, i'm just pointing out what i think about it, so please don't belate me if my words are a bit harsh...^.^;;;;; anyway, i think you've got a pretty good start so far, except for the fact you can't remember your own characters names...that's a bit strange...and then i thought it sounded a bit like sailor moon:five girls, five different powers, teenagers, etc. you get my point? well, i like how you've mixed all the ethnics so that it is'nt all the same thing, and that's good. i also noticed you didn't really explain the whole point of your manga...it is a story rite? because if you're just creating characters, people would want to know more about them. however, i think you've got this stuff sorted out and i'm sure your manga will turn out fine. good luck! :D
  2. DevilishAngel

    Anime Music: Does it really "Make or Break" a show?

    i think the music is a very miportant part to the anime. it livens things up and makes you feel more connected with what is really going on. for instance, in x/1999, the fight scenes without the music would still be pretty cool, but add the music and it is even better. it adds a whole new dimension. almost sort of transporting and turning it into something that's alive. the music also sets things on edge. creepy music could make your skin crawl and you would wait in anticipation for what is happing to the main character, etc. without music, it feels like something very big is missing.
  3. DevilishAngel

    Anime Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

    this is a bit hard to choose from, because the thread spans whole volumes of anime...but i'll give it a go. im terribly obsessed with megaman(lame) but he's not the cutest guy on the block. i'd have to say that sesshoumaru is also pretty cool, with the one arm thing. but kenshin would probably be one of the top contenders, cause of all the hardships he's had to go through, not to mention the good looks too. (yummy! ^.^)
  4. DevilishAngel

    Anime Why do you like anime?

    [QUOTE]from Terrax the reason i like anime is the fact that it gives you a chance to escape reality, and to watch a story that would not be possible to tell in any other media.[/QUOTE] its absolutely true with me. especially in the science fiction/action animes. they usually aren't real. but here are some other reasons why: 1.the story plot doesn't repeat itself(ok, so mabe the idea is repeated and twisted a little, but its not the same!) 2.sometimes the characters are SO cool^^ (bishonen) 3.you can relate to the story sometimes...(for me i related to one of the mangas a i just finished reading) see wut i mean? :D
  5. DevilishAngel

    Anime Anim

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ash from Pokemon doesn't look at all like his mom...but i think he looks like his dad(at least i think he does...i've only seen him once or twice) len(sp?) from Megaman doesn't look like his mom but a lot like his dad. its like a miniature yea, trunks doesn't look at bit like bauma or vegeta...except for the hair and face...[/COLOR]
  6. DevilishAngel

    Anime Divorce Court: Worst Anime Couples!

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kikyo and Inu: 1)she's dead...well, technically she is, but she was brought back by a psycho... 2)inu's in love with kagome (i think that's a good couple) 3)she's not really trying to kill him...but she did say in the manga that his life was hers or something like that...which i take as her wanting to kill him...^^ Relena and Heero: 1)she is SO annoying!!! 2)her speeches are SO anoying...(haha, heard that before) 3)she keeps trying for him even though he doesn't really have any feelings for her...ok, so maybe he does...but i just don't like the couple Sailor Moon and Tuzedo Mask: 1)she's a crybaby and he's so MATURE there's not really anything else i can think of...[/COLOR]
  7. DevilishAngel

    Manga manga suggestions

    u could try trigun...but that's not realli romance...but it has lots of action(a bit violent) it depend on whether u like reading them a together or some combined, excluding another...u know, romance/ action, action/comedy, comedy/romance...i think u get it^^ good luck searching!
  8. he isn't a woman...definitely wrong... (im not too sure if this was in the ova or the rk series) but the voise actor was a woman in one of them...ur friend might have meant that. and everything else WW2 cleared up^^
  9. DevilishAngel

    Anime Best and worst anime(s) and why

    [QUOTE]Yu Yu Hakusho- This anime is really original. How many animes do you know that start out with the main character dying? The characters are so different. The fights are great, you really don't get bored watching them. You never thought the grim reaper would be a blue-haired bubbly girl on an oar, now did you? The humor is great also.[/QUOTE] i agree...definetely a great anime. of course there are too many to list, even i can't think of one. but i think i'll take yu yu hakusho cause it was one of the first anime's i really got addicted to. ^^ weird way to put it, but the plots are just amazing and about everything else xmystic_silverx said...=)
  10. DevilishAngel

    Anime Inu Yasha

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue]i think inuyasha is a pretty good show, and he's cute too w/ those doggy ears ^^ the story has stories within itself, sorta sub-plots. inuyasha's love triangle with kikyo and kagome, and miroku's relationship with sango. i think there are others, but its a pretty good show. (repeating myself -.-''')[/COLOR]
  11. DevilishAngel

    Anime At what age did you start watching anime?

    gee, i dunno when i started watching anime. when i was younger i watched totoro and stuff...but i didnt know that was anime, till now...so if u consider when i watched totoro, that would be around five yrs old...then when i finally understood what anime was...i'd be about 10... :p
  12. DevilishAngel

    Anime Dating Anime Characters: Would You?

    [COLOR=deeppink]Let's see, Wufei (GW). definately not....for the fact that he thinks "women suck", and probably for the reason he's wierd. (Although almost all the people in GW are wierd) Tea(Yu gi oh)- Man, that would just freak me out....if I had to listen to her say all that friendship stuff....bore me to death.... Naraku(Inuyasha)- yeah, i wouldnt want my parents to meet this guy...not to mention what he wears....... :eek: Miroku(Inu)-he'll probably hit on other girls while dating me.........[/COLOR]
  13. DevilishAngel

    Anime Anime character's Answering machine greetings

    [COLOR=deeppink]cute....but i dont think there is a lot of meaning to Inuyasha's....i don't mean to be offensive, but maybe his could be a bit more interesting? anyhow....Usagi's is funny....[/COLOR]
  14. DevilishAngel

    Anime Whats with Anime hair?

    i think your mean bangs....if not.they're really messy. or they don't comb their hair.
  15. DevilishAngel

    Anime Whats with Anime hair?

    you know....i read somewhere that anime has really wavy hair or spiky hair or just whatever type of hair cause they wanted to make it as real as possible....talk about cool.... i have nothing against it...just wish i could draw as well as them... :( :D