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  1. I've never really given this much thought...its not really a cheery thing to think or talk about thats why. I think one of my greatest fear is being alone. No friends no realatives, no one to make you happy. That or knowing that your going to die soon and theres nothing you can do to prevent it....that would make me pretty nervous
  2. I'd have to agree with a few people when I say[spoiler] Aeris' and Tidus's death was very sad for me....Except not the way you'd expect....I did feel sad for tidus when he couldn't hold yuna but when I saw Aeris get stabbed by Sephiroth. My first reaction was "Crap....she was my strongest character.......*sob* *sob* why me WHY...oh ****" THAN I felt bad for her death[/spoiler]
  3. Well....as you've probably noticed most of it are threats to other girls on the walls. it's a type of bullying. Many teenage girls choose verbel abuse than physical abuse, and girls use the bathrooms more than the guys (We use it to talk to are other girlfriends, put on make-up yadda yadda yadda) So when girls write that crap on the walls, the victim will no doubt read whats on the walls and feel low self confidence in herself.
  4. [quote name='Pawn114']Yeah... also, the little messages on their shirts... we have to look at them to read them, we arent superman(men)! Then they get insulted/angry or whatever at you looking... whats the point of them!?......... Also, as someone previously mentioned, the way they carry themselves does alot, too. It can show inner fortitude, confidence and the like.[/quote] yeah I soppose It's alittle hypacritical of us to get pissed off at people reading our shirts when there right over our chests. Some people wear them cus some of the sayings relflect in a way of who they are......but some of the sayings I've read are a little snobby so I don't think it says much about them........Also I'm not quite getting the meaning of "carry themselves" does it mean confidence or something...I've never heard that saying before Fact: Has anyone notice that Mcdonalds adds are nothing more than womans chests with writing on them. I only remember one guy in all the adds that they've done showing off women's breasts. I'm mean sheesh, sure its a clever way for marketing (all the horny guys[or gurls] well just start flocking to mcdonalds) but it's not very original...what ever happened to the saying "smiles are free"or something at mcdonalds
  5. So (I'm just trying to sum up what your trying to say WC) If you fluant your individuality to such an extent you only have yourself to blame when you get bullied??
  6. so far what i read upto is pretty good. Alot of swearing though but its apart of the story so I wouldn't tell you to tone it down. As for the begining...flawless...nicely written. It flowed. THe only thing that bothers me is the names. You should create your own names. other than that...keep up the good job!
  7. Quewn stafani from no doubt is a pretty good singer. I've liked a couple of her songs. Than theres the well known band Evanecense (I can never speel that word right) thats a pretty good band too. She's has a great singing voice. I liked broken with seether alot!!
  8. wow this is one of the most serious threads I have ever read but than agian this is a serious topic. Anyways [QUOTE=wrist cutter]I never said they were most able and they certainly aren't. But like I said - if you come to school with a binder full of anime crap and spend your classtime drawing anime, you're going to be picked on. Face it. If you make the mistake of doing this, you have two options. a) Go home and cry about it. b) Realize that no one cares about what anime you like and stop flaunting it. Why is the second one so much better? Because not only are bullies not going to be able to pick on you anymore, you're going to be a much cooler person by being not so engrossed in anime anymore.[/QUOTE] See what I'm getting from this quote is that you think that everyone should fit in the in crowd and forget individuality. Yes the bully would stop bullying you cus he considers you normal for his/her standards but than you lose your individuality. Like that example you did with the binder full of anime drawings and you start to draw in class and some one bullies you about it. You than say to hide your hobbies and interests that define you who you are as an individual?? I say "screw the bullies" If I like something I'm not going to hide it and if the bullies have a problem with that they can "suck my ***" as a friend of mine would say.
  9. Don't forget that riku has this special attack in the end where he starts diving through this force field barrior type thing back in forth with his keyblade out in front of him...when this happens you should wait until he does his first dive than jump in the air as high as you can and start gliding. Glide for as long as you can and riku should stop soon. also it isn't the fairy godmother you have to give the book to, that would be merlin and you give earthshine to the fairygodmother so she can turn it into the summon Simba
  10. I hate to sound like im just repeating what everyone is saying but I like venom. He's costume is awsome and Dr. Octopus....he has 4 extra arms...how cool is that!!!!
  11. [QUOTE=Charles] This is a boy who doesn't have many friends, meets someone, and develops a crush on them. I don't follow you--how is that creepy? You were never direct with him to begin with. Saying "no," in your language doesn't mean he's going to understand. Especially when "no" in your language is "Maybe next time" or blatantly lying. If you had been honest with him from the start, this problem wouldn't have manifested itself such as it has. In fact, being up-front at the dance would have been more courteous than allowing him to follow you around, watching you dance with other guys. He was latching on to you, most likely, because he's infatuated that a female has actually taken an interest in him and he can't see a truth that would be so apparent to anyone under normal circumstances. I suggest you break it to him easily. Be clear and firm, but don't be rude. After all, you created this by acting strangely yourself. Ah well, that's my take on it anyway.[/QUOTE] wow i never thought of it that way.....i sappose i was alittle harsh on my first post but it all depends on the type of person he is......but im sure most women would find it creepy even though they no i doesn't intend it to be creepy
  12. first i loved the begining very nice i was immediatly captured in the story. Though i thought that you should have mad e more of an emphasis on how it was strange that the black suited guy was there and not the principal. If it were me i would've thought nothing of it and just waited there. I'd say make the black suit dude ask more personal questions or something like that....make it seem i little odd that hes there.......other than that great story!!!
  13. I like the pic of the child in the last post. I thought it was very life like. scetched very well...9/10
  14. Its not only curiousity and love and all the other reasons preiveously mentioned though they do contribute to the reason to have sex. Many teenagers nowadays aren't really educated in sex ed. I remember my teacher telling me that the government made a survey to see how much adolecences knew about sex and 2 out of every 5 ((or something like that ) teenagers thought aids could be cured!!!! scary thought huh.
  15. Well i think a funny word is bulbous bouffant (can you believe thats a hair style?!?!?) thats a pretty wiered word. Theres this one song that my sister made me listen to called Bulbous bouffant by the vestibules (hope thats spelled right) its the most oddist song i have ever heard.....download it and see what you think of it....another one would be squirrals but the same people and I kinda like this one.
  16. [quote name='Z fighter']OK, why are you telling each other bra stories? :therock:[/quote] This is what girls talk about. Hence the name "Strictly girl talk"
  17. The way I see it is that your giving him subtle messages that your not intersted and its obviously not working because he is so thick. You have to tell him right to his face that your not interested and if you still want to be friends with this creep. Sounds harsh I know but your the one that has to end this......think of it this way...he'll only listen to you cus he's falling for you.....so he has to listen when you tell him your not interested.
  18. I agree with eli asking her opinion about it would be better than suprise asking her to take it to the next level.....You also have to remember that if it does work out and you do start datin g, remember that you guys at some point we'll break up (that sounds harsh but i doubt your gonna stay with her forever) and it might not end the way you expect...something could go wrong and then your friendship could get ruined.....so you have to ask yourself "are you prepared to take that chance?" also alittle note: most girls can tell if a guy likes her so she might already know. ;)
  19. Rachael


    My favorite genre is punk, metal, black metal mostly anything with a bass and an electric guitar. I don't like rap at all....i think sometimes they have a good beat to listin too but i don't like the message they send most of the time. anouther band i don't like is the beatles.....i have nothing against them i just don't like to listen to them...there voice pitch is too high for them and it sounds like there pluging there nose while singing (this is just my opinon)
  20. LOL i think i should explain the whole teacher thing.....i had an old piano teacher but she stopped teaching to focus on her studies ( she was teaching on the side) and the equestrian teacher....no everyone there......were so uptight about everything.....im more of a laidback kinda person. All I wanted to do was just ride a horse and learn how to take care of it and its equipment but damn there were so many small petty rules to follow i couldn't take it. that and i guess im not good with taking orders :rolleyes:
  21. The number one show i watched as a kid was sailor moon with my sister. It was the first anime show that i watched so i guessed thats what got me hooked. We'd have the alarm set for 5 o clock and run downstairs to watch it. ahh the memories
  22. I'm looking forward to psp than nintendo ds....i've played on playstation more than nintendo and so far im content with it..
  23. Well i live in Nova Scotia Canada (dartmouth to be exact) I've just finished jounier high and now starting high school....its alittle nerveracking but im dealing with it. I don't really have any hobbies except videogames.....i did however take up piano for several years but i wasn't happy with my teacher so i stoped...i teach myself now just the music i want to play such as Final Fantasy music....and i did equestrian as well but again i found the teacher to be so stricked and bitchy. I couldn't stand it. The only hobbie i have now is video games and my father considers them a waste of time for me. lol
  24. I love this story you shouldn't put yourself down for this work its amazing really dark and deep...keep up the good work
  25. I've read some of your work before and I love it all. I think its great that you can write a peom like that in 5 to 10 minutes it take me forever to write one...Anyways I think its amazing keep up the good work!!
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