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  1. A golfer and a nun were on a golf course. The golfer swings at the ball and misses and says "****! I missed!" So the nun says "Say that one more time and the good lord will punish you!" The golfer swings again, misses, and says "****! I missed!" The nun says "Say that [I]one[/I] more time and the good lord will punish you!" The golfer swings again, misses, and says "****! I missed!" Then a lighting bolt comes down and hits the nun and God says "****! I missed!"
  2. Circeus: Aztec Statue, Air Guard Gear Golem, and he uses Exodia's head to defend his life points. Q: In the 2nd episode, what mistake is made when Yugi is dueling Pegasus?
  3. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Austin Powers: Goldmember. [B]Goldmember:[/B] Dr. Evil. Can I paint this yahoo gold? [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] *rides up to Goldmember in his motorized chair* How 'bout no ya freaky Dutch *******?! [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] Our early attempts at a working tractor beam went throught several preparations. Preparations A through G were a complete failure. But now, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a working tractor beam, which we shall call...Preparation H! *Scotty starts laughing* What is it? [B]Scotty:[/B] Why don't you just call it opperation *** cream ya ***? [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] I'm sorry. Did ya want some icecream? [B]Scotty:[/B] Yes. I would love some chocolate *** cream. [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] Perhaps later. [B]No. 2:[/B] Dr. Evil, I love your plan. [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] Yeah? [B]Frow:[/B] Yes el doctair. It's a really good plan. [B]Dr. Evil:[/B] Yes, Frow. On the whole I think Preparation H feels good. *Scotty starts laughing* What is it now? [B]Scotty:[/B] Nothing. Ya know what? I totally agree. Preparation H [I]does[/I] feel good...on the hole.
  4. [spoiler]Zelda escapes from Ganondorf with the help of Impa before Link becomes an adult. Impa hides her from Ganondorf while Link's sealed away for 7 years. Zelda disguises herself as Sheik to hide from Ganondorf and help Link. She doesn't get captured until she reveals herself to Link. Then she was taken to Ganon's castle.[/spoiler] Does that clear things up?
  5. It says when it is "sent" to the graveyard. I have another question about Ground Collapse. If you take up 4 of your opponent's spaces and your opponent has one monster on the field and you play Change of Heart to take control of that monster and then take their last space with another Ground Collapse on the same turn, what happens to that monster at the end of your turn? It can't go back to your opponent because they have no spaces left. Also, if you take control of one of your opponent's monsters and you play Monster Recovery, can you put your opponent's monster in your deck? (It says one monster on your side of the field. It doesn't say it has to be yours.) If so, and you use Change of Heart to take control of your opponent's monster then play Monster Recovery to shuffle it into your deck, is it under your control when you bring it to the field?
  6. Put [ spoiler ]the answer[ /spoiler ] without the spaces. A boy walks up to his mother and asks "Is God straight or not?" His mother responds "Both." He then asks "Is God black or white?" and she says "Both." Then he asks "Is God a boy or a girl?" and she says "Both." Finally, the boy asks "Does that mean Michael Jackson is God?"
  7. I know one: A blonde, brunette, and red-head were put in front of a firing squad. They went up to the brunette and asked if she had any last words. She said "Yeah. TORNADO!" They turned around and she ran away. So they went up to the red-head and asked if she had any last words. She said "Yeah. TIDAL WAVE!" They turned around and she ran away. Then they went up to the blonde and asked if she had any last words. She said "Yeah. FIRE!" and they shot her.
  8. Promotion Continuous Magic Choose either you or your opponent. Any monster that player summons that is level 3 or lower becomes a level 4 monster immediately after being summoned. Demotion Continuous Magic Choose either you or your opponent. Any monster that player summons that is level 4 or higher becomes a level 3 monster immediately after being summoned. These would be good cards to play with Gravity Bind. If you use both of them then you can make it so your monsters can attack while your opponent's can't.
  9. Jeebs

    Anime Exodia

    I have 1 piece (the left arm). My friend has a complete set. I don't really want Exodia. I think the automatic win thing takes the fun out of the game.
  10. A: Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, and Strange Potion Q (FFIX): What is Garnet's mother's name? [B]----------------------------EDIT-------------------------------[/B] You get unusual potion from Cinna, beautiful potion from the potion lady, and strange potion from the artist. Sorry. I was in a hurry earlier and didn't see the other part of the question.
  11. Balance of Power Light Spellcaster/Effect Level: 4 ATK: 2200 DEF: 2200 Effect: This monster can only be summoned if yours and your opponent's life points are within 500 life points of each other. If your life points are equal, it is considered special summoned. If both players have the same number of monsters on the field (including this one) when this monster is summoned, it gains 800 ATK and DEF. If both players have the same number of magic/trap cards on the field when this monster is summoned, it gains 500 ATK and DEF.
  12. Jeebs


    In elementary school there was this rumor that I was going out with my friend. Even my family made fun of me. I haven't heard any rumors about me lately. People probably think I'm a Satan-worshipper (though I don't believe in Satan) or a suicidal maniac because I'm quiet. They say things like "Don't mess with quiet kids. They'll kill you." It's annoying, to say the least.
  13. Scyther+Metal Coat=Scizor Onix+Metal Coat=Steelix Kadabra=Alakazam Haunter=Gengar Machoke=Machamp Porygon+the box thing you get at Slyph Co.=Porygon2 Those are all I can think of right now.
  14. I'm not taking most of my cards to school anymore. I'm really mad because last Friday morning I decided that that would be the last day I took my books of cards to school. Later that day my Thousand-Eyes Restrict was stolen out of one of those books.
  15. The other day my opponent went first. He had one monster on the field. I played Tribute to the Doomed and discarded my Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the graveyard to destroy his monster. Then I summoned my own monster and played Monster Reborn to bring Blue-Eyes back to the field and attacked directly for over 4000 damage.
  16. The answer to Ginny's question: She would be given to Ganondorf. Do I ask a question now? (
  17. I have a friend who acts like Pegasus (and he sounds just like him). I haven't seen him duel much, but he does do some impersonations when dueling. It's kind of wierd. Lately he's been acting like a Rare Hunter. I have to admit, though, I have wanted to act like Yami Bakura in at least one duel, but I'm not to good at impersonating his British accent. I've also wanted to act like Yami Yugi.
  18. Magic Cylinders is already out in Japan. I forget what the set was called, but it also has DMG, DM, Mystic Box, Curtain of Black Magic, and Thousand Knives.
  19. If your opponent has no monsters on the field, can you play 3 Ground Collapses? It says it takes up 2 monster spaces on your opponent's side of the field, but after using 2 Ground Collapses, they only have 1 space left, so I was wondering if you could play a third.
  20. Roulette Spider. Q: What monster did Jinzo target from Roulette Spider's effect?
  21. I just went to a card shop site and found out that it is from the same set as Dragon Head Y, but I don't think that that's it. It's set number is 302-009. ---------------------- EDIT: I just went to a site and found out what it is. Name: Knight Dragon Type: Effect Monster - Union Dark/Dragon/5/2000/1500 Effect: Once per turn during your Main Phase, you may change this card to an Equipment card, and Equip it on 1 of your [Dark World Warrior Dark Sword], or remove it from being an Equipment card, and place it in face-up attack mode. While this card is an Equipment card, increase the Equipped Monster's attack and defense strengths by 900. You may sacrifice this card while it is an Equipment card to allow the Equipped Monster to attack your opponent directly for this turn. (A Monster can only have one Union Equipment card Equipped on it. If the Equipped Monster would be destroyed by Battle, destroy this card instead.)
  22. Yugi: 350, Akaina: 0 Q: What ritual monster was in Akaina's first hand?
  23. I bought this thing that had two packs of Pharoh's Servent and two individual cards. One of the individual cards is in Japanese. (but it's set up like an English card) Can someone tell me what it is. (name, sub-type, effect). All I can tell is that it's level 5, dark, it has an effect, and it has 2000 ATK and 1500 DEF.
  24. I took out Castle of Dark Illusions, Shadow Ghoul, and one of my De-Spells for Giant Trunade, another Hayabusa Knight, and The Wicked Worm Beast. I don't have Jinzo #7, Heavy Storm, or Mystical Space Typhoon, but I'm entering a tournament today, so I might be able to trade for them.
  25. Here's a deck I just built last night. [U][B]Gravity Bind/Weenie Rush Deck[/B][/U] [U]Tributes[/U] -Summoned Skull -Labyrinth Wall -Shadow Ghoul [U]Non-Tributes[/U] -Giant Soldier of Stone -Giant Soldier of Stone -Giant Soldier of Stone -Princess of Tsurugi -Princess of Tsurugi -Trap Master -Trap Master -Mystic Lamp -Cyber Jar -Wall of Illusion -Wall of Illusion -Morphing Jar #2 -Hane-Hane -Sangan -Man-Eater Bug -Man-Eater Bug -Hayabusa Knight -Castle of Dark Illusions -Red-Moon Baby -Mask of Darkness -Kiseitai [U]Magic[/U] -Fissure -Horn of the Unicorn -Horn of the Unicorn -De-Spell -De-Spell -De-Spell -Tribute to the Doomed -Gravekeeper's Servent -Megamorph -Malevolent Nuzzler -Malevolent Nuzzler -Malevolent Nuzzler -Nobleman of Extermination -Monster Reborn -Change of Heart [U]Traps[/U] -Gravity Bind -Gravity Bind -Gravity Bind -Shift -Enchanted Javelin -Magic Drain -Solemn Wishes -Call of the Haunted -Trap Hole -Michizure -Waboku Monsters: 24 M/T: 26 Total: 50 The Summoned Skull and Shadow Ghoul are back-ups in case my Gravity Binds are destroyed. Advice would be appreciated.
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