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  1. *headdesk* in a writing mood, with nothing to write. Story of my day.

  2. Finally managed to get my password right and get back on.

  3. So I hit a deer going home to see my mom, and totaled the car. Go me! >.<;;

    1. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      oh my.... you're okay, I hope?

    2. K.G


      No one was hurt but the deer and the car.

  4. *sighs*

    1. Deadpool


      Play destiny and that wouldn't happen

    2. Inuyasha Fandom

      Inuyasha Fandom

      Or plot too take over the world. Like me XD

  5. It's spring, and I have a cold...how is this fair?

  6. More winter storms...someone needs to fix this..>.

    1. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      I'll get right on that >.>

  7. ....wishing I could be reborn into a person who apparently didn't have 'sucker' written across their face...

    1. Boo


      Wait, is that like a birthmark or a tatt? There's a thread here to post selfies to show these kinds of things off!

  8. Getting cold again. >.

  9. Why must pet deposits be so effin much? 650+utilities+250 pet deposit? Ugh...house hunting is hard. >.

  10. In needs of a 'Body' repair ship. T.T

    1. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      Hope your headache eases up :[

  11. Wanna hide away in a blanket fort like I used to when I was a kid.

  12. Needs moar coffee... X.x

  13. Everything today went good...thankfully. Now I have to get through tomorrow.

  14. Hate when I have so much on my mind...things seem to get criss crossed. >.

  15. Finally feeling a little bit like a living person again. ugh

    1. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      That was too short lived :( NyQuil tonight, you.

  16. One of those days where my mind won't settle long enough for me to just relax...

  17. Blech

    1. Deadpool


      ummm excuse you. how rude

  18. And the boards have come to a stand still yet again. -,-

  19. Came to the conclusion...I need to Cosplay as Lucy from Fairy Tale. lol

  20. Hooooot~ *melts*

  21. Again, we're almost through March and we have 6in of snow, and it's still coming down. O.o

    1. Magus


      Wow, we just have cold temps.

  22. It's March, and we're STILL getting snow... O.o

    1. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      Uhm, we've gotten snow in May before...>.>

    2. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      Forgive my lack of being surprised <.<

    3. K.G


      You've lived here longer! >.<

  23. Anyone else feels like this new setup might be a tad confusing at first...? >.>; lol

    1. Kayin Cloud
    2. Shwa


      I know there's going to be confusion in the Theater, but it'll pass I'm sure.

    3. K.G


      Let's hope, cause as soon as I first looked my reaction was O.O;;

  24. I refuse to change for someone who can't accept me for I am...

    1. Darth Vectis

      Darth Vectis

      Use the laser gun, no one can change what doesn't exist anymore. Muhahahahahah

    2. K.G
    3. Allamorph


      This sounds a little reactionary.

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