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  1. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]I'm listening to Dream Theater right now. They are a pretty good band who has been around since the 70s and are one of the best selling progressive rock bands ever. I like their newer albums more, but all of their stuff is pretty good. I still want to find a way to buy their 6th album but it's very expensive everywhere I find it.[/COLOR]
  2. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]I thought .hack//Legend of the Twilight was kind of stupid. At first it was pretty fun and hilarious, but then things just kept getting worse. I remember laughing really hard at the part where Shugo and Rena were yelling each-other's names over and over again. the worst part is that there was no ending. I prefer the manga version, though that one had it's flaws as well. [/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR="Olive"]I'm a big fan of zombies and I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft as an undead, or 'Forsaken' as they are called in the game. I like the name 'undead' for zombies best, but I wanted to incorporate WoW in it, so I combined the two words. My custom title, 'Gutterspeaker,' is a reference to the language used by the forsaken. [/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]I'm watching the second season of Genshiken and it is amazing! The yaoi episode was one of the funniest episodes of anime I've ever seen and the ending was pushing so far it was incredible! I'm glad to see a lot of relationships being developed further this season, especially OhnoxTanaka. I haven't gotten to where the new member joins yet, so I hope she's cool![/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Hello, my name is ForsakenUndead. I actually signed up a few months ago but I forgot about this site, and then I remembered today and decided to check it out. I am a new member too, which is why I'm posting here (this thread must be new, because I don't remember it last time I was here) i am a big time zombie fan. Even so, I haven't seen nearly as many zobie movies as you might think, because i am squirmish. I am also a big time fan of the anime Genshiken. I have heard that there is a second season coming out, too, so I am excited. [/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]All of the psycopaths in Dead Rising were cool. none of them last all that long - usually you just have a cutscene, then a fight then a death cutscene, but they were by far the best part of the game. All of them have awesomely brutal deaths, but the best had to be the crazy cult leader guy. [spoiler]After you beat him he runs into the stage where the girl with te sword going trough her is and the thing falls down, and te sword imapales him through the head.[/spoiler] I just thought that was a great moment. Some of the psychos managed to be extremly frightning, like the Vietnam war vet. All the battle were really fun.[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]I guess it's a little annoying when things aren't organzed and you have a hard time finding what you're looking for. This used to be a case with some of the Suncoast anime sections and the GameStops I've seen, but I haven't seen a really bad one in a couple years. Guess they just got better at organising. It probably has something to do with the boom in those two industries.[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g314/Nosebleeder/?action=view¤t=genshikenvol509.jpg He's the dude with the bowl cut in the center.[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Well, I like watching anime and playing video games which is kind of why I'm here in the first place. I like making videos and podcsst episodes using my mac as well, because everyone knows mac>pc. I also like posting on message bpards, which is also part of the reason I'm here in the first place.[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Top five, eh? Well, my top 3 are lready in my signature but top five, hmm, that'll be hard to do... 1. Genshiken I love this show because of the way it porttrays otaku culture. It's very relatable since the characters are realistic (except maybe Ohno) and they act like otaku do in real life. My favorite parts of this show are the ones that show the purist nature of the characters. Like when they discuss strategies for buying doujin and stuff, it sounds really rediculous, but that's what otaku really do. Also, Madarame is king of the cosmos! 2. Death Note Okay, I actually like the manga a lot more than the anime, but the anime is still cool. I like the manga more because i read really fast and the anime talks really slow. Even though all the flashy effects and stuff are nice, the manga leaves it up to your imagination to make things cool. There are scenes in the anime that have more feelng than the manga, such as the gemocide sweep in episode one, but other scenes like when Light's dad crshes the bus into sakura TV seemed cooler in the manga. 3. FLCL This show is just awesome and completely insane! I love how it can be so crazy and yet still tell the story of Noata growing up and stuff. I've read a lot of thesis abot this show and deeper meanings in it and stuff that's all really cool, and I think the creator was a genius (or a madman!) 4. .hack//SIGN Even though there was a lot of talking in this show and not very much action, I thought it had a really cool story. The way it takes place in an MMO is really cool and I love the characters. Sora is my favorite, though, cuz he's crazy and really smart for a 4th grader! I didn't like any of the other series as much. Legend of the Twilight was good in the manga version, but I hated the anime. It changed the story entrely! 5. Trigun Trign was just really cool in every way. Vash and Wolfwood are some of the coolest heroes ever, and the show was epecially awesome because of the bad guys. There were a whole ton of villains and tehy were all really col. Great plot.[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]I've never had a bad breakup, or even a regular break up. In fact, i've never been in a meaningful relationship at all. I will say this though, it doesn't eem right to assume that guys don't need closure. I can't speak from personal experience, but I think I'd be pretty sad if i was really in love with a girl and it suddenly ended. It would bother the hell out of me. Guys have feelings too! And besides, if you're a girl, how can you really say how a guy feels?[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]I'm kind of new here, but I was wondering if anyone would make me a banner and avatar for the show Genshiken. I want it to have Madarame on it smiling evilly and to have my name, ForsakenUndead, on it. As for colors, I guess black and dark green would be good so it matches my text.[/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Alligator meat? I haven't eaten any, but I really would like to try it! All of the different kinds of burgers listed in this thread sound erally good. I'm a pretty big fan of burgers myself, but i've always thought they could be better. The best I've tried is a Five Guys burger, but if different meat goes for better results, then by all means, I'll dig in. Americans are really strange in how picky we are about our food. We have an increadibly selective diet and everything tastes the same. We get grossed out by anythig different, too. I don't know if it's like that in any other countries but it's really annoying regardless.[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]L!!!! My turn! [url=http://www.miieditor.com/?mii=09c0006f002e006f0000000000000000000000000000404400000001c200000120004be001400ad24c6d06601158290f006e0e8a2504004d0069006900200045006400690074006f0072]link[/url] 1. Loves to eat yellowtail 2. Needs a red bok to survive 3. Interested in making friends[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]OMG! As you can see by my name, i am a big fan of zombies, but I haven't seen the first movie :animecry: Will I be able to follow the sequel without seeing the first one? Should I go hurry and pick up the DVD so I'll still have time to see this in theaters?![/COLOR]
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