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  1. My all time fave is Black Lagoon. But a close second is Witchblade.
  2. [SIZE="2"]Do I really dare...? [IMG]http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a111/Deadly_Kunoichi/l_7611800b43ba4465853bad1c350164-2.jpg[/IMG] Notice the gigantic, gelatinous, blue, MONSTROSITY back there, yea, that's my [b]butt[/b]... :animesigh [IMG]http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a111/Deadly_Kunoichi/CIMG0215resized_t550-1.jpg[/IMG] Ah, my Death Glare... I look so menacing sometimes...:smirk: And to think guys STILL ask me WHY I'm a lesbian... :rolleyes: Easy... GIRLS ARE SEXY! Especially the boi dykes... GOD, i love them sk8er dykes... :animenose[/SIZE]
  3. [b]Song:[/b] Xi Shua Shua [b]Artist:[/b] The Flowers God, I CAN NOT get this song out of my head! It's just as catchy as Caramell Dancing... @_@
  4. Currently, I'm playing [b]Left 4 Dead[/b]. Best zombie gamer EVER... Feels just like Dawn of the Dead. :D And I got all three cards in one fell swoop on [b]Fable 2[/b]. :3 Running through [b]Mass Effect[/b] again to play the new mission I DLed from XBL.
  5. Just finished the Japanese DUB as well as the Second Barrage a few days ago. Awesome series till the very last second. Revy is by far the best gun slingin' bad girl next to Jo of Burst Angel in my opinion. Personally, I love Jo's Twin Desert Eagels. But Revy's twins are quite nice too. The entire series is fun to watch, Revy's profanity is sweet and the action is non-stop... Great series.
  6. [IMG]http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs8/300W/i/2006/164/7/5/Yoruichi_by_vashperado.jpg[/IMG] I'm told I look more like Yoruichi when I go to cons. Even when I don't dress up, the way my hair sorta flares up on the ends along with the rich color, leads Bleach fans to believe I'm Yoruichi. XD
  7. I was playing [b]Crackdown[/b] with my brother earlier. Then, my neph, bro and I engaged in a serious bout on [b]Gears[/b], then on [b]Vegas[/b] and THEN lastly, we finished off a few n00bs on [b]ShadowRun[/b] After all that, I played the [b]Stranglehold[/b] demo... I LOVE TEQUILA TIME!!!:animeblus
  8. Right now, I'm watching the rest of the series [b]Black Lagoon[/b] dubbed. It's so frikkin sweeeeet... Revy can't get any hotter... Or vulgar-er... XD I'm reading some [b]Tenjho Tenge[/b] manga as well as some [b]Maria-sama ga Miteru[/b] books. Love yuri and shoujo-ai... :animestun
  9. I just got finished listening to [b]Hey There Delilah[/b] by the Plain White T's. It reminded me of my girlfriend and I... So I guess I got a bit teary thinking about it. Especially the two years left of school thing. Then I started writing a chapter to my fanfic and my fave jams were [b]What I've Done[/b] by Linkin Park, [b]Vitamin R[/b] by Chevelle, [b]Silhouette Serenade[/b] by Vendetta Red and [b]Don't You Know Who I Think I Am[/b] by FallOut Boy. I love to jam to my iTunes when I write a chapter, it helps be get moving.
  10. My favorite villain was [b]Jo, The Killer Cop[/b] from Dead Rising... I guess because just her being a Fat Cop and she was like... harassing that poor girl all... seductive like. She's not only fat but she's... pretty randy for a big gal... :animeswea Easy to take down, but it was amusing being beat down by a lard cop. Seeing her reminded me of that crazy fat chick from Dawn of the Dead that [spoiler]sprang back to life from the wheel barrel of doom[/spoiler]... :animedepr ...Creepy... [color=darkred][size=1]Sounds like a spoiler, so meh. -- Bombu[/size][/color]
  11. [url=http://www.xboxlc.com/profile/L337_Ninja_Girl] [img]http://www.xboxlc.com/cards/halo2/L337%20Ninja%20Girl.jpg[/img] [/url] There's my GamerTag. [b]Online Games[/b]: Halo 2, Gears of War, ShadowRun, Dead or Alive 4, Tenchu Z, Rainbow Six Vegas, and G.R.A.W.'s 1 & 2 I'm normally online after 4 pm Eastern Time during the week and weekends. Mainly cause of college, work and stuff. But yea, send me an invite if you wanna game sometime. I usually watch my anime on XBox, so I get my messages quite frequently.
  12. What's in your console right now? Your handheld? ---- [B]XBox 360[/B]- "Mass Effect"- (Beta- Currently Testing Battle System) [B]Nintendo DS[/B]- "Pokemon Pearl"- Mt. Coronet, Final Battle
  13. What music is blaring your ear drums? Music that you're jamming to, thinking about a lover to, crying to, moshing to, getting crunk to, anything! Music sets the mood, what song are you currently feeling? ----- "Plot for a Little" - [B]Camu Tao[/B] (As heard in the Blood+ commercial on AdultSwim) [I]I'm not sayin' my body is shameless and I'm not sayin' I'm layin' with Satan...[/I]
  14. Well, my mom is half japanese, so she was the one who originally introduced me to anime/manga cause she had a few that aren't sold anymore and let me read them. I've ran into parents who bashed em, but just like that loser who bashes video games, she just bashes anime cause she doesn't watch it...:animeswea I know people who dislike anime but they love the movies like Spirited Away and Howling Moon. It's not the content, normally its the visual concept that attract. That woman musta saw something she felt was nasty an now disses it all. Shame. I'd have to smack her in her grill if she ever came roun me, talkin' stuff bout my anime... :animesmil
  15. I've never experienced any harassment from liking anime. If anything, I got more spectators who were curious at the time of what it WAS more than anything. That and I drew it freehand, so when people noticed these strange characters, pretty boys and long legged, big breasted girls, they wanted to know from where came such gorgeous creatures! XD From what I remember, only kids that got made fun of were the kids that were a wee bit too involved with it. Like coming to school dressed like say Ichigo or one of the girls from Azumanga. That or the kids who like what was known as 'lanime' or 'lame anime', such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or Digimon or any other anime slanted towards kids. Now I played Duel Masters with a group back in high school but even still, people were more so interested in the gameplay. Although, being a high school Senior, I was always supporting the underdogs and the freshman who were little otakus and that sorta kept those bullys away. I'm such a loser sometimes... That's what I get for bein' an otaku... X3
  16. [quote name='Twitch'][SIZE=1] and did I mention that I'm waiting for [B][U] Biohazard 5[/B][/U]? and [B][U] Devil May Cry 4[/B][/U]? I'm so glad that they made the mutiplatform release move, cos I'm too poor to afford a Playstation 3 at the moment. [/SIZE][/QUOTE] Oh! Totally forgot of Devil May Cry 4. Can't wait for that one either. Nero is hella cool. Dante is still there too though, so that's cool.
  17. I got an electric blue 2nd Generation iPod Nano... Currently I have 538 songs and 610 pictures. It's got nicks and scratches but hey, it still plays... XD
  18. What your most anticipated game? Of 2007, 2008 or ever further away than THAT! [u]XBox 360[/u] - Mass Effect - BioShock - Fable 2 - Halo 3 - Gears of War 2 - Assassin's Creed - Prototype - Grand Theft Auto IV - Two Human - Two Worlds - Naruto - Star Wars And that's only a fraction of the ones I want. When you work in the biz, there are a whole lot more games that don't even make the mags! But those right there are MY pick! What's your picks and on what platform?
  19. I started watching anime when I was 4 or 5 and it was between Astro Boy, Gigantor and Voltron... Good stuff, nowadays, I like the shiny anime... X3
  20. Well, I'm an out lesbian and I haven't come across any negativity in my years. My parents understood, peers, classmates, even co-workers all understood. They don't have to like it, because that's their OWN prerogative, but they have to treat and respect me just as I do them. People have their beliefs whether or not their in favor of homosexuality. People don't talk about it because they feel all gays should be burned at the stake or something or their afraid that if they stand up and support us, then their own friends/families etc. will shun THEM. People do things for different reasons. And it's never bothered me unless it harms me physically, otherwise, I really could care less what people think of me. Which is why a lot of people enjoy my company. Mainly because I don't care. I actually enjoy the attention when people look at me. So I'm lesbian, big deal. The media spreads like wildfire if a celeb hits the night out with the same sex. Some people think it's 'cool' or 'hip' to be gay or at least hang out with someone who is. Call me old skool even though I'm only 20, but I find it amusing when teen girls walk by me and are like OMG, she's soooo cool! Look at how she carries herself! She has a tattoo! I WANT A TATTOO!! :animeswea The only thing that grinds my gears is when people ask me how it is to be lesbian. I mean, come on, common sense is free but I don't ask anyone how it is to be straight, so don't ask... It's no different from loving a man if you're a woman or vice versa, it's just my preferences are a little crooked but I'm still human. Now as far as religion, I'm none to caring about how that plays into my sexuality as a whole. I'm not religious but I respect other peoples beliefs and what not. And yet, I've never comes across anyone who's told me god will strike his fury on me for laying with another woman or anything like that. Oh, and that common homophobic misconception of OMFG, if they touch me, talk to me, look at me, I'll become one of them! Gimme a break... Most of my friends are straight girls and they all don't at all feel thwarted by the fact that I'm gay. Sure, I dress like a little skater/emo/punk boy but that doesn't mean I'm going to flirt with EVERY SINGLE GIRL I set my eyes on... Good lord...:animeangr I get the stares, the steak eyes, the whispers and the comments. But I don't care if I'm walking down the street holding my girlfriends hand. Because I'm [b]happy[/b]. Because I [b]love[/b] her. And because I'm nonchalant about society and what they view as immoral, wrong, blasphemous or outrageous... Love knows no bounds, sees no color, race or gender... If you're in love, you're in love. Be it you're a guy who likes guys or a girl who likes girls. You're in [b]love[/b] and [b]nothing[/b] and [b]no one[/b] can EVER take that privilege away from you... If you don't like me cause I'm gay, that's your business. I'm just like you but I like things a little differently. Call me immoral, call me a freak, tell me I'm going to hell! I'm still [b]human[/b]. A child of god some may say. Homosexuality is not a disease, talking to me won't convert you, I'm not going to flirt with all the girls and I'm actually happy being with a girl. :animesigh All I can say is that if you dislike me because I'm gay, you're missing out on one of the coolest, most out, most awesome chicks to hang out with! ^_~
  21. My very first manga was a series called Maico 2010... Strange, funny, boobies and action! Haha, easily my favorite first series.
  22. It's all about action for me. Girls with guns or girls that kick animated booty! Burst Angel, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenjho Tenge, Elfen Lied, Kiddy Grade and last but not least, my current fave: Black Lagoon! ... Revy rules...
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