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  1. What's in your console right now? Your handheld? ---- [B]XBox 360[/B]- "Mass Effect"- (Beta- Currently Testing Battle System) [B]Nintendo DS[/B]- "Pokemon Pearl"- Mt. Coronet, Final Battle
  2. I dedicate this thread to the final fantasy fan in all of us..we have been torn apart by square enix's crazy anticipation agenda. they also did this the time when FFIX was released, they claimed it was going to be the last of the series. Then they bombarded us with FFX with its new style and look to make fans beg for mercy. (including the new summon command which really caught fans attention) They are bound to do it again with FFXII. If you want a taste of FFXII, FF Advent Children, and the like head over to: [URL=http://www.ffshrine.org][COLOR=Navy]www.ffshrine.org[/COLOR][/URL]
  3. Been playing Bungie's newest creation since it came out and to be honest I love the game as do most of my friends. So far I haven't seen anything really wrong with the game and the stuff I feel like needs to be changed Bungie has already announced that they will. I told one of my friends about it and he blew up on me saying it was the worst game ever invented and this and that. As the debate went on between us he even deleted me off of his friends list. (Thus in turn made me laugh so hard I cried) I have also had a few other people tell me the game is going to fail and it's a piece of ****
  4. Ever since Clannad and Clannad After Story anime came out I've always had some form of interest in visual novels. See, anime like Air and Clannad were originally visual novels meaning a story expressed visually with voice acting and music. They are a lot of fun. Another type of game I like to play occasionally if the plot is intriguing enough are otome or dating simulator games. Anyone else out there that enjoy these games as much as I? I nearly finished Clannad until my laptop died. Besides that I did finish Go Go Nippon. Now I am working on Eden* which is about the end of the world.
  5. All right, guys and gals. Time for a thread about the WiiU's true killer app: Super Mario Maker. Sure, there have been romhack homebrew programs for this kind of thing for a while now, but this has that Nintendo Polish. If you haven't "played" this game yet, you need to rectify that immediately, because it is wonderful. It almost seamlessly blends together "new" and "old" Mario styles, characters, enemies, items, etc, and bundles it all up in a superb little package with tremendous production values, a sublime presentation (and one of the best justifications for the Gamepad+Stylus), and th
  6. CaNz

    Gaming Splatoon

      I Just got done preordering the best buy bundle for this game and a Wii U. (I usually play on my friends, but I need one of my own now to play this game with him)      So basicly the general concept of this game is its a 3rd person shooter where you can mark the map with your ammo, then quickly hide yourself in it and move faster/verticly and through some objects (fences, bars, vents)     The game types are usually a take on territories, but not all of them are released yet, and most have to do more with how much of the map you can coat in your ammo color
  7. So my friend is playing GTA online, and he is exploiting a glitch where he duplicates really ugly cars and sells them fully upgraded to make money. He does this by parking by a dumpster, stealing another car, going to his garage with his cell phone up, and then shooting that car till it blows up, and teleporting to the car he parked.   That may seem like a lot of work, but it saves him about a week of normal play time by doing this. Glitches like this are in tons of games. Loot caves in destiny, MissingnoM in Pokemon R+B, ect. Doing these allows you to get big rewards without the in bet
  8. I'm curious if anyone got their hands on the newer consoles, and what do you think about them? With the Xbox 1 having a version without the Kinect I'm thinking about getting one simply due to Halo: Master Chief Collection (Too bad Reach is not getting any love) and it's cheaper than a PS4 (which I still plan to get). Is there anything you do/don't like about the consoles? I'm very curious because I haven't heard any news on any of the consoles since E3 and now that games are finally starting to come out have opinions changed?
  9. So far I am 700 eggs in with another 300 to go before the odds say I should get my shiny pokemon. I have a 33% chance a crutial stat will get hit, rendering it unusable for battles, and I have to walk three miles to get the 4xO-Power bonus to speed up hatching. All this for an animation and a color swap.   Games make us want to do stupid things sometimes. The things you have to do aren't even fun or chalenging, but you do it anyways even though you know its pretty meaningless.   I payed for skins on LoL, got every heart piece in every zelda game (on basicly ev
  10. Boo

    Gaming Terraria

        I like Terraria. Just found out I can apparently finally host servers on this new router I have so I wanted to suggest keeping one up a lot of the time if I can find enough people who play the game. Derp. Does anybody play? Has anyone played? What do you think of Terraria, etc. Discuss. Whatevz.    Oh yeah, I'm on Steam a lot anyway, with a bunch of games I play online, like CS:GO, Metal Slug 3 or whatever. Hit me up: neon_boo. 
  11. Too many times I will have an amazing idea for a video game and just no chance of ever being able to play it because I don't have magic powers and no one is going to make the game for me.    Right now I'm dreaming about a Madoka Magica RPG. I know there are a couple Japanese games but I have no way to play or enjoy them. This Madoka game would probably be a lot like Final Fantasy as far as the battle system goes, since the skills and powers of the magical girls have such aesthetic potential. The anime also offers a pretty good gameplay idea in that you go around killing witches. Th
  12. My roommate is playing Xenonauts so I decided to give XCOM another spin (so we can both b**** about highly trained soldiers missing point blank shots.)   I have a very particular style when it comes to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I think assault is just the best class by far, so my team is a 5 assault 1 medpac support deal. Half of them use shotguns, half use rifles, And I use mostly scopes to ensure point blank double shots. I also really like the stealth armor, so I can ambush people by placing the whole team right next to unsuspecting enemies.   What kind of teams do you like? W
  13. So DnDNext came out a while ago, and I have still yet to play it. I probably play dnd once a month, but I do have a lot of fun when I do. Its probably unlikely, but has anyone here tried it?
  14. Would you like to play online against your favorite Otakuboards members? Here's your chance! Use this thread to exchange online information for all platforms. Once you post your information in this thread, the Hardwired Moderator will update the first post to reflect any changes necessary. Also, use this thread to organize online gaming events with other members or to post useful information such as new downloads on Xbox Live. [center][img]http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/1294/xbox360logova219914sqp1.jpg[/img][/center] Xbox Live Gamertag Exchange 1.) [b]Gamercards
  15. Hey guys, I've found website introducing Japanese gaming app. The best part of the website is introducing in English.   Japanese gaming app lab http://doripote.blog.fc2.com   Website seems to be made thesedays, so has just a little content.   I am interested in "Monster Strike" introduced in the website.   Does anyone play it?
  16. Does anyone know if there's a gunslinger girl video game? Or any older snes games that were awesome? or GBA SP?
  17. Heyyy my name is kyle, and ive had a channel for about 4 months, and it hasnt really gone anywhere so i thought " dude, im just not reaching out to the right people " so hear i am, and feel free to add me on PSN or xbox or whatever haha new friends are always a good thing. my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXW05zQz-UKiZJK065thYQ and message me on facebook if you want https://www.facebook.com/kyle.riddering
  18.    Hey guys, I'm the Unusual Otaku. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum, the videos are something I "Create" after all...       Anyway, The channel is a gaming channel I've been working on for the past couple of months. I went from 5 to 19 subscribers over the past week and have been looking for places to help spread the word of my channel. However, I don't like Facebook or twitter and Tumblr confuses me so I was at a lose until I stumbled across this site. Fellow Otakus are my kind of people so I feel more comfortable posting on here asking for help. He
  19. Hey guys, I'm just curious: is anyone here playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? I have just started playing it and I am really, really enjoying it.   Part of my motivation to play is the fact that I just got a shiny new PS4, and also, I still feel very uncomfortable with the controls in Guild Wars 2; so much so that I really can't enjoy playing it, sadly.   FFXIV really scratches the itch though. It's so elegantly designed, and I love the way Square Enix have integrated the PS4 controller; very clever stuff.   But since I'm new to it (and I don't really kn
  20. www.coupescorner.com   My gaming website are looking for writers to review video games old and new!   If interested, email me at lozzykinz1@gmail.com
  21. Hey allllll. Haven't been on here in ages. Been getting into streaming on Twitch.tv. I stream mostly Dota 2. But I've been starting to stream other games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, minecraft, and any other game I feel like playing. I provide insightful commentary, humor, rage, and good and bad plays! Sometimes I use my face cam, sometimes I don't. The max number of viewers I've gotten is probably 2.2k LOL. But it was thanks to Axel and a nice glitch on the website.   If you have nothing to do, check out my stream! I'm slowly making my way to my first goal o
  22. Does anyone here play dc universe online for the ps3. I just got the game and was wondering if anyo e else played or knew some helpful advice
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfclgYT7h-A   So they just announced Generation 6!!!   And you'll be glad to know that the reign of Fire/Fighting may have finally been brought to an end. The new Fire starter seems to be Fire/Psychic.   I've also heard rumors that the game's going to get a worldwide release in October, but I still need to find a source for that.
  24. So I have just finished Katawa shoujo VN, and this one was very enjoyable managed to complete all 5 routes and the hidden route with only a single fault at hanako   Now I have finished it I´d like to start a new VN but I cannot decide between little busters or fs night Anyone who had played either of those two could give me a feedback on how it is and or tell what they liked about it and what not   å®?ã?くã??ã?é¡?ã?ã?まã?ã??みã??ã?ã?ã??
  25. I'm working on a Linux operating system that will basically be directed at anime fans and Otakus. I would say its about 80% done right now. Would anyone here be willing to test it out and see how they like it? You wouldn't have to change anything about your current operating system. You wouldn't even have to install it!. Just run it from a live cd or usb.
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