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If you could live anywhere...


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I'd live right here, in Melbourne, Australia.

Beautiful scenery...beautiful, clean buildings...fresh, clean water...friendly people...lots of clubs and places to go...it just doesn't get anymore perfect :)

Other than here, I'd live in Tokyo, Kyoto or Yokohama (IF I could speak Japanese, that is :))
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Guest Imsirion
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Terriermon [/i]
[B]I wanna live in Japan, it would be sooo cool!! [/B][/QUOTE]

Me too! Whenever I see a contest for a trip to Japan( i've entered 2 so far) I jut cant stand it , i gotta go!:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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[b]No joke, but I'd move over, across our road to my friends' road..it takes like uh,...15 seconds to walk it there,..when there's no killers around anyway :D
My friends' road is real cool,..friendly ppl, etc...
but my road is full o ...hmm, how shall I put it...
Now do you understand...?
Thought not..it full o weirdos that go around bricking cars![/b]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkred]You people all want to go to Japan. My bet is that 1/20 of you will actually make it. Who here has been to Japan, besides...Uh...I know Transtic has. And I know I have. Who else?

Anyways, Sicily, Malta, or Osaka would be nice, but I like living in Canada just fine.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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