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One of my newer pics. Shown by request. Behold, "Goofy Girl"

Desert Shadow

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*in a cheesy english accent* Well, I do say. That goofy girl is quite goofy. Good job young chap! *takes a sip of tea* It is quite goofy! Almost as goofy as me, and your silly bucket picture, that is quite goofy! Goofy, I say! GOOFY!!!!! MWAH HAAH HAAH HAA HA!! *continues her insane laughter, while everyone looks at her like she's gone... GOOFY!!!* :D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by mc12 [/i]
[B]that pic is purdy good. no offense but my friend can draw better than that. its still good though.;) [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]That's awesome, i'd love to see yer friends drawings.

Yeh, i didn't try very hard. I jes' did it fer fun. Heck, i really didn't try. It prolly only took 15-30 mins...[/b] :D
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