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The Yu-Gi-Oh CARD Advice Thread

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[QUOTE][b]I have a Blue Eyes, White dragon; but my friend wants me to trade it to him for his spellbinding circle? Is this a good trade?[/b][/QUOTE]

[size=1]People come to this forum to ask for advice about the card game, and that is what this thread is created for. If you need help with a trade or purchase, or are unsure about anything with the cards, please post here rather than creating a new topic.

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This will probably sounds VERY dumb.

I've never played he cards, but there is still somehin I wonder:

For what I've read on the Internet, you draw only one card each turn (draw phase) until a card's effect change that. Does that means each time you happen to pay more than one card, you still only draw one, each time thinning your hand's possibilities?(then fusing 2 monster dirctly from the end would mean you just thinned your hand from 5 to 3 semi-permanently :eek: )
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Weater decks are [b][i]very[/i][/b] hard to make.
Just wait until Lost City of Atlantis for a water deck.

Get rid of those crappy 1-tribute monsters.
All of them should have 2100+ attack for 1-tribute monsters.
Just try to get duplicates of good cards, and for an aqua deck that would basically be,
Umiriku (sp)
Aqua Madoor
Seven Colored Fish
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Well he is best used with City of Atlantis.

He can't die with the Umi card on the field.

COA (City of Atlantis) counts as an Umi card.
Legendary Fisherman (LF) is a Tribute monster.

So basicaaly if you pull that off you get A 2050 (I think thats his attack w/ bonus) ATK monster thats invincible for no tributes.

LF is a pretty good card.
And you can always power him up.

For an aqua deck, its either him or Fisherbeast (Stronger; but no efefcts). But, yeah, he'd be a good water deck card.
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Um, bad idea with Aqua Madoor as an aqua blocker. It's a good Water-based defender, but once Umiiruka is out, his stats go to 1700/1600....not too impressive.

Generally, I use blockers with a different elemental type than my main attack force for that reason.

Kunai with Chain and Magic Metal Force are both equip traps. I would say 1 Legendary Fisherman, and two fisherbeasts. (Aren't those 2400 Attack? Vicous!) Plus, isn't the Legendary fisherman impossible to attack with Umi out? If he's your only monster, you're opponent CAN'T ATTACK AT ALL.
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LEgendary FIsherman+Kunai with chain+Umi combo overall:

SUPER SUPER CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let see....activate Kunai with CHain before activating Umi.Then.....2200 attack force......Plus with dark hole or Ragiki you could attack it directly.And not only that it will piss of your opponent and would possibly de-spell Umi so LF would be vulnerable and would be destroyed.

Is Magic Metal Force,Metal Conversion?
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I was sent here, so her'es my question: what's a good US Buster Blader deck? Altron Gundam posted a Japanese one on the Otaku site, but most of the cards on it aren't availible in the US. I'm working on it, but Im' interested if anyone else has tried it or has any ideas.
Heh, most of my friends use dragons...>:D
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by G/S/B Master [/i]
[B]Circeus I thought that Kunai with chain can only be activated when a warrior is attacked.And your opponent would NEVER attack LF with Umi.Unless there absoulute idiots.So it doesn't work that well. [/B][/QUOTE]

The Life Points part was a totally unrelated reply to GoldScorpion's question.

As for Kunai With Chain, the sources I've found say you can activate it at "any moment during your turn or when attacked".
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I need advice. I have a Sword Hunter (Earth/Warrior/Effect, 2450/1700, any monster it destroys becomes and equip card, raising its ATK by 200), which fits perfectly into my Warrior/Fiend/Spellcaster deck, but my friend really wants it. He's offered me some good cards, but he can't trade more than 1 card for 1 card. I really don't want to get rid of Sword Hunter, and I don't think I'll be able to find another one, but he has some cards that I want.

Here are some of the cards that I want (if it has a * next to it, he has offered it to me): Blue-Eyes White Dragon (I sure he's not going to trade me that), Skull Knight*, Shadow Ghoul, Malevolent Nuzzler*, Sword of the Deep Seated*, Crab Turtle (x2)*, and Seiaryu (x3)*.

Should I trade him? If so, which card should I trade for?
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Okay i know this sounds idiotic but once i tell what has happened to me then you'll understand.

Okay when you first play a monster can you attack with that monster on the same turn that you play it? Or do you have to wait a turn?? I've had to play both ways. I'm majorly confused, any assistance would be apprciated.
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