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The Beginning of the World...

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=skyblue]You might have seen a thread that was called Ice Age this is the same but as some people pointed out many of you might think that it was the movie Ice Age. I couldn't change the name so I started the same thread again and erased the other one. I ask that the ones that signed up before to sign up again so me and other people know your information....

[i]Welcome to the beginning of the world where fire is the most important element. The human race is threatened daily by powerful glacier winds coming from the North. Glaciers have started to form and have covered many miles already.

Humans struggle to survive in the harsh environment but hunting is now scarce and wood for fires are now hard to find. A few stand out and try to herd all the humans away from the harsh winds so that they can survive. Many grow weak and fall victim to the cold.

There are few tribes left on the world. The Losadunai, the Hadumai, the Sharamudoi, the Mamutoi, and the Zelandonii are the only ones left. They all believe that the Mother of all, Mut to the Mamutoi and Donii to the Zelandonii, will save them from the ice. A few know that the Mother is not coming to save them.[/i]

Okay for this RPG you have to remember that it is set at the beginning of the world so for a weapon you can have a sword...or anything made out of metal. I will allow bow and arrows. Spears and slings are common weapons, if you can think of something else let me know in a PM.

Here's what information you need.
Tribe: (only the tribes listed above)
Weapon: (no metal weapons)
Occupation: (eg. Healer, flint napper, carver, hunter[most hunt though], headman/woman)

I'll post my information later. I hope this works^^;;[/color]
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Weapon: A staff with a long blade extending from it made from a rare material found in ancient minerals. It is extremely sharp and never dulls.


Appearance:Wears Similar clothes to everyone else. Common clothes consist of Animal Hides, Fur, Beads, and Boots made of Hide and Fur.

Description:Longs for fire. Gets very weak when strong blizzards occur. Morale increases when the sun is at its fullest. Great to get along with, but is sometimes angered easily.
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Weapon:A wooden staff with a light sapphire orb on top with a pair of small birds wings ontop
Appearance:Chocolate brown hair with emerald eyes and normal clothes.
Description:She loves to help people.She uses her magic/potions/herbs to help people.She's friends with everyone and everyone knows her.
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[color=skyblue]Hmmmm...I don't know if this is going to be really successful but anyways I'll put up my information....

Name: Shayleigh

Age: 17

Tribe: Mamutoi

Weapon: Sling

Occupation: Mamut (Healer)

Apperance: She has light blond hair that almost touches her feet though she usually ties it in a bun with some sinew. She has grey-blue eyes and stands about 5 foot 7. She usually wears a tunic and leggings made out of Mammoth hide which are most prized among the Mamutoi.

Description: She is very adapt at healing with herbs and plants. She is also a skilled Seacher of animals to hunt and can Call them to her for the hunters to kill. She perferrs to use the sling though on occasion she can use a spear.

Oh Sakuramon just to let you know since we're both healers of the Mamutoi there are different camps so we could be healers of different camps^^ I really hope other people sign up....[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Ciiahn Telecantar
Age: 27
Tribe: Losadunai
Weapon: A club studded with teeth from various beasts.
Occupation: Alpha hunter
Appearance: Six foot three, though slender. Ragged blond hair, with heavy facial hair. Think Norse Viking.
Description: Basically, he's a brute. He brings in a lot of meat, but only because he really likes hitting things. Typical primitive.[/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=darkgreen]Name: Sakandre Alanost
Age: 19
Tribe: Sharamudoi
Weapon: spear, obsidian primitave dagger
Occupation: carver
Appearance: average height, long brown hair, brown eyes, thin
Description: recluse, quiet, shy, prefers the company of trees, wears heavy furs and tries to cover as much skin as possible, often the only thing visible is her eyes. [/font][/color]
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Why not.

Name: Kopla
Age: 21
Tribe: Zelandonii
Weapon: Bone Club
Occupation: Priest Of Donii
Appearance: About six foot. Very skinny with a full head of brown hair. Wears skins dyed with blood. Eyes are the color of the sky. His face is long and chisled.
Description: Kopla is a priest of Donii. He keeps the worship of the divinity going and punishes those that fail to believe. He is a storng man despite his build and often acts before he thinks.
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[color=skyblue]Oh wow other people signed up!^^ And yes it is based on the Clan of the Cave Bear...with all the other books. Now that I have more people that have signed up I will start it...so if you want to join Draagul then post your information. I'll start this RPG soon...[/color]
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[color=royalblue][size=1][b]Name[/b]: Fundin Ulfsark

[b]Age[/b]: 28

[b]Tribe[/b]: The Hadumai

[b]Weapon[/b]: Flint Axe

[b]Occupation[/b]: Tribe Cheif/Hunter

[b]Appearance[/b]: 6'4 and quite muscular. He has browen and grey hair to the shoulder, beard of the same color. Dark blue eyes, Norse look to him. He dresses in wolf fur and hide, with a wolf's head over his own, and carries his Axe by his side.

[b]Description[/b]: He is fierce and brave, he protects his clan from extinction through the Ice Age. He is Chief and Prime Hunter and it is his job to take down the strongest animals to prove he is fit to lead the tribe.[/color][/size]
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Name: Ket
Tribe: Zeladonii
Weapon: Bow and flint arrows and a strong quartz dagger which she keeps mostly as an heirloom.
Occupation: Scout/hunter
Appearance: Lithe, tall. She has jet black hair in an intricate braid. She wears very little animal skin clothing to keep her quick and ready. She usually wears feathers in her hair and a sabrecat claw on her neck.
Descripton: She was born into a great legacy of hunters and warriors, but wasn't allowed to excersize her rights because she is female. Although, she is allowed to hunt game and act as a scout for prey. She resents this treatment, but deals with it anyway. She carries many animal parts(claws,teeth) to keep some of their best qualities with her.
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