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Art And the powerpuff... umm... Gundam?

DarK DeatH

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HAhahahahahahahahahaha!!!! *keeps laughing while trying to ignore the many people watching her* Umm... well, I really like the pics of those guys! They're soooo funny lookin'!! I really like that wallpaper!! I know!! *saves piccy then steals it and puts it on her own desktop* Yay!!

~Laterzez!! :cross:~
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O well it was quit funny I was very very bored and I was sitting at google.. thinking of what to search for and then for no reason I put in "powerpuff link" and It brought me to this website where it has powerpuff everybody it was really cool here it is for anyone interested


anyways yeah I'd like to see another powerpuff wallpaper from you DD
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