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Whos best


Whos better  

  1. 1. Whos better

    • Hurcule-its MR SATAN!!! (Sephiroth)
    • Gohan
    • Chi-Chi
    • Android18

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dark [/i]
[B]Gohan. y do u have MrSatan on the list? [/B][/QUOTE]

it used to just say hercule, but I changed it, thats why it says....

hercule-its MR SATAN!!! (sephiroth)

thats why I put sephiroth there, so people know I changed that little part....
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ahhhh, yes, very good.....i wish i could do that....

i voted cyborg #18 (?) but was meant to say Gohan.
Safer, on the fansubs, when Cell steps on #16's head, does it show you cell's foot squashing it? on the dubs, it just shows #16's head exploding, (grrrr) gohan looks SOOOooo kool in SSJ2!!!!!!! he ROKS.
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But Gohan has hit CHichi before
REmeber in the Garlic Jr. saga
When he opened the mist. Chichi attacked Gohjan and Gohan retalliatamitated(another word in my vocab.)
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