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Losing Faith

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Excuse me, if you will. This is my first attempt at an RPG on the Otaku. So..don't be too hard on me.

Time is one of those things that you never really think about, until, you're running out of it. You ever notice that? Unless you think about it, it's just like air...you never really pay too much attention to it. I know I didn't. I never did...

Agh! I forget. My name is Oroyme. I've been seen all through history and religion, as have my brothers and sisters, so, you should know my name. Shouldn't you? Damnit. I get off subject too easily. (Father used to say that I am the reason ADD came to be). Anyway....enough with the rambling and introductions. I am Oroyme...and you will hear why I am the Last of the Angels.

Many millenia ago, one of my closest brothers grew, slowly, to despise our Creator. Personally, I grow rather upset with *him* as well, as time stretches on, but none felt as strongly as Pyrir. Though Father isn't all powerful, he is much more powerful than all of my kind combined. But, in Pyrir's foolish pride, he rose up against our Maker and was cast down as he screeched curses and roared vengeance.

The Maker wept for an age, but, all was well. We continued with our creations and our magical existence. But, as was stated, time never matters until you have too little of it...

Our brother, Pyrir, had also been at work. And, though Father has eyes that can pierce all that he sees, he sees not all things. And, in this sudden instant, we realized our folly. Pyrir and his massive armies stormed our gates; many of my brothers and sisters showed the blackness that was in their souls, without warning, by turning on us and smiting even our most powerful.

The Maker turned his eyes from us as he wept and war was our birth into the evil that he had placed in his own personal children; men. We struck out as we fell, blinded by our hate for the betrayal. Pyrir stood in the heavens, laughing, as all turned black. The last thing I saw, so long ago, was his jagged fingers mocking the Creator's sobbing form. As we struck the many worlds we and the Maker had given breath, we began to understand our error.

I, Oroyme, knew the Maker as he shaped Man. He told me his plans for the innocent race. Told me what they were for. His evil was growing daily...his desire to do the things he had burnt into us to never even consider. And, as it went, he needed a way to 'vent his waste'. Man was his way. His own bipedal junkyard, was he making. I was almost shocked, until I saw the beauty of his labors. The vicious beasts he called men appealed greatly to me. Soon, I found myself trying to find that perfect balance between good and evil; order and chaos; etc, etc. But...I never could.

And, as I've fallen, I understand why. My kind were his error. The 'rough draft' of man. Not quite good enough to be his equal, not quite bad enough to be his junkyard. He has turned his back on us...and we die. We fall to our traitorous brother, Pyrir, and to the primal animals referred to as men. And, not only this, our very own creations attack us! Or worship us. Either way, we fall. We lose.

...I am the Last of the Angels. And, as it goes, I must find my way back to heaven.

*Character Sheet*
Species: (I honestly don't care what you want)
Weaponry, if any:

((Any humans must be in certain classes. PM me if you wish to be human.))
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Name: Shrai'i Kell Megelani

Age: 500

Species: Dark fae

Origin: The Forest of the Night.

Goal: To find the Last Angel, discover his purpose, and drag him into darkness.

Bio: Um....she's from a dark place in which little light comes, and evil people are plentiful. She destroys without reason and is also excellent at subterfuge. Hence: her master [ooo, creepy music plays...] sends her on missions he would trust no one else with.

Family is bad. From it comes connections that haunt you until death. She killed her father, her mother is no threat, sister and brother are demoralized beyond all reason. The death threats and such probably helped a great deal. On the flipside, she has adopted several animals as her own, mostly large and deadly creatures. Including spiders, venemous reptiles, wolves, and more recently a huge gyrfalcon. He obeys her every wish, and is an expert hunter and tracker. Although she is not so bad herself. Most of her strengths ave already been mentioned. Hypnotism is one of those rare gifts she picks up on only so often....but it's there.

Relations/Allies: One could say she's an evil bîtch with a huge chip on her shoulder...that hangs around bad company... Skien and Ochkik Haddah.

Weaponry, if any: Cold magic of the dark throne.[/COLOR]
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Hm... More angel threads... *raises an eyebrow at Rai* Sometimes, you are [I]too[/I] weird

Name: Razmael Alhandral

Age: Undetirmined

Species: Vampyre

Origin: Kain (O.o)

Goal: To assess the situation of the angels, evil and good, as to eradicate them and lead the Vampyre race to the Maker and destroy him.

Bio: Razmael is a spy and assassin that has triumphed in many of her endevors. She was created many years ago, and lusts for the power promised her once Kain has control of the race of men. However in all but the evilest of souls there is a grain of good

Relations/Allies: Razmael's transformation into a Vampyre opened up many realms to her dark eyes. Razmael would as soon spit on them as collect the information that they have.

Weaponry: Sai

Apperance: [url]http://www.anime-genesis.com/pics/html/angel/angel04.shtml#[/url]
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[B][color=ff66cc][u][size=1]*Character Sheet*[/size][/color][/B][/U]
[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Name:[/B] Hikage Taiiyou[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Age:[/B] 15[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Species:[/B] Elemental Sorceress[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Origin:[/B] unknown[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Goal:[/B] unknown...possibly helps The Last Angel[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Bio:[/B] Hikage is a 15 year old sorceress. She is the first and only of her kind. The Maker created her to help with the elements. She has powers created from darkness and light. She helps those who are in danger and tries to make peace with those who look like allies. but get in her way and she will destroy you.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Relations/Allies:[/B] Powers: elemental sorcery, shapeshifting, psychic, spellcaster, and everything that you could think of as sorcery.[/size][/color]

[size=1][color=ff66cc][B]Weaponry, if any:[/B] snake head staff...comes alive when commanded by Hikage as well as a katana hidden in the staff.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=blue]Name: Kitty

Age: 18

Species: Demon

Origin: Nogard Valley

Goal: Finding her father. But in regard to the Last Angel, unknown. (It'll become clearer in the RPG :p)

Bio: She is a cat demon who's parents are both demons as well. Her mother was killed by demon hunters, and her father has dissappeared ever since. This all happened when she was 6. At the age of 5, she had become a master swordswoman (hehehe). She now acts as an assasin for hire. She will always kill her target unless she has good reason not to. To humans, she is known as a vicious and cruel murderer. To other demons, she is very menacing.

Relations/Allies: Very few. She prefers to work alone, but when she needs help, she calls on the best of the best.

Weaponry, if any: Katana, throwing knives, her claws, her tail.

Appearance: Think Rei from Evangelion, then add cat ears on the top of her head, a tail, claws, green cat eyes, and longer and darker blue hair.

I'll fix it if need be. Laterzez!!

~Meow... o_O;~[/color][/size]
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Name: Kattarin Quisanth
Age: About 3000
Species: Bone Pheonix
Origin:The ancient, now rather esoteric, courts of Kylath-Anawyr
Goal: Oblivion.
Bio: Quite a few years ago, obviously, the empire of the day was in the hands of one Kylath Arichen, a rather vain and insecure man. The empire at the time was undergoing religious reformation, and Kylath, terrified by the thought of death and judgement, acquired for himself a cadre of necromancers, in order to extend his life past the gods' wrath. Kylath's court, including the young Kattarin, who at the time served as a minor functionary for the High Priest, who damned the emperor under his breath as the ceremony commences. Whether the necromancers were truly beings of power, or whether the High Priest's curse had some ill effect, was unknown, but as the dark energies raced through the room, and wound around the king and his court, it twisted beyond even what could be expect of such morbid aetherity. The necromancers cried out to their veil-removed benefactors, and disappeared. The court watched in horror as their king's skin faded to a translucent white, then peeled away, leaving behind only a fully formed skeleton. It looked up, the sceptre of command still in its hand, and spoke words of death and horror.

The High Priest ran forward, screaming curses and banishments. The king threw him aside, and his skeletal sockets fixed upon Kattarin. He proclaimed her the Harbringer of his new reign. She shuddered under his cold but palpable gaze, and managed to straighten, telling the thing through clenched teeth that she would not serve such a revenant. In a rage, the king turned to the other members of the court, who all shied away from him. The eternal life he had gained meant nothing, despised as he was. The High Priest, who had lain dazed against the wall, drew himself slowly up, his words coming out flecked with blood.

Ancient rituals he chanted, arcanus vitrus incarnate, the life force of the gods themselves flooded into the dead king. As his very being unravelled, he cast around, and caught onto Kattarin's raiment with a bony finger. That foothold gained, the terrible thing embraced the frightened young girl, and, even as he was confronted by true obliteration, called upon those agents of death that had turned him, to bring down their wrath on those who damned him.

The skeletal figure of the king emanated a strange, violent to black light, that intricately traced his bones, and followed out the finger he pointed at the high priest. As the bane spell fired, it unwound the force used to animate the cold would-be tyrant. Kattarin, caught as she was, absorbed the majority of the backlash. The High Priest, and all the court, crumpled, under the force of unleashed unlife. Kattarin remained spared, as she absorbed the negative energy let out by the King's demise.

The empire crumbled. Countless others rose to take its place, and failed in turn. Kattarin survived onwards, a wraith like being that though destroyed, would unfailingly rise again. Thus, the bone pheonix.
Relations/Allies: They're all long, long since gone.
Weaponry, if any: The sword pictured, and an uncanny grasp of necromancy.[/font][/color]
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A small thing, just for you all to know. Most of the Angels still live. They are scattered across many worlds and such. They are hunted and destroyed by Pyrir and his servants; or they fall prey to whatever else may take their lives. On the planet we'll be RPing on, there are three angels akin to Oroyme. They do not know of each other. They are easily corrupted/confused.
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Well, it's time to revive the great 'Fire of God' from the depths of the RP graveyard.

Name: Uriel - Fire of God

Age: Looks about 30 other than that only God knows

Species: Angel of course

Origin: Court of the Father - Heaven

Goal: To help and guide Oroyme

Bio: Uriel, know as the fire of god, is one of the seven archangels under the service of the lord. Archangel of prophecy, salvation and inspiration he is the patron of thunder and one of the generals of the holy army. He was one of the originals

Relations/Allies: The only surviving angels

Weaponry, if any: Sword of Thunderous Fire (katana)

OOC: if there's a problem with this character just tell me okay ^_^
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If signups are still open, could I join?
*Character Sheet*
Name: Benten
Age: looks to be around 8, but is millienia old.
Species: half-demon
Origin: She's unable to remember.
Goal: To aid any who accept her help, regardless of species or anything else.
Bio: Benten is an excellent strategist and fighter who has offered her services to countless feuding kingdoms and empires. Many scoffed at her, believing she was simply a child playing at a joke. The few who did accept often won their battles and wars. She knows of the last of the Angels and will aid any who wish from her assistance.
Relations/Allies: any who accepts her help
Weaponry, if any: short sword, two daggers
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Name: Alexandra
Age: 22
Species: Human/????
Origin: Earth and someplace else foriegn to her
Goal: To find out who and what she truly is and help those who need it.
Bio: Born to a single mom in North Carolina, Alex, knew nothing about her family. Her mom was the only one alive in her family and her dad, was from what she knew..Long Gone. Although like many other children raised by single moms Alex always tried he rbest to be incorporates with other groups. To feel as if she belonged.

Man groups excepted her willingly and she became freidnly with all people that came into her life. She never had a care in the world and never had an enemy, but her innocent childhood would soon change rapidly.

At the age of 13 her mother became gravely ill and hospitalized. Thought now in forset care she bacame even closer to her mom and also more curious of her father and her past.

"Alex, your father was, you may not believe it, but he wasn't human."

"Well than what was he."

Alex never really recieved more than that, but soon the events of the world changed along with her situation and along with the agony of losing a mother weird abilities and powers awakened within Alex.

Time from time she could sense peoples thoughts, and even see things before they happened. At first she kicked them off as being illusions but the occurences became more frequent and enlighted with adolescence. Soon not only was she hearng the thought of others but also voices from a place where she could not see. But she felt it.

For many years she hid her abilities and knew that when able that she would find out who she truly is.

At the age of 18 she started out to accomplish just that and cut all ties with those she had come to love in order to do so. She now quest ans serches for any who have claimed to be like her, but before he gets too far in her journey she meets a strange man, Oroyme.

Relations/Allies: No relations with anyone for now. Very suspicious of the people she meets. Finds it hard to trust them and keeps her distance.

Weaponry: Carries a gun and daggers for protection.
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Species: A forbiden Angel
Goal: To help Oroyme get to heaven, to find her brother and have people see her for what she really is.
Bio:a cold person on the outside but is very protective of her friends. She has long silver white hair and light blue eyes. Oroyme is one of the only people she trust. She trust Oroyme because he was the one who found her when she was sick and injured. He nursed her back to health and she followed him ever since. But she always has an ear out for info on were her brother is.
Relations/Allies: Leon her brother and Oroyme.
Weaponry, if any: a sword
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