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Okay, I don't want this to get spammy but What is your top 5 favourite songs? Also, tell me why. Include your Fav band aswell if you like.

1. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne - I don't really know why except the singing is great. The guitar at the beggining is very unique.

2. Where is the Love? - Black Eyed Peas - I like the music in the background of this song. And the chorus is brilliant, it sends across a good message.

3. Pedal to the Metal - Kazzer - I don't know why. I guess it's the fast singing.

4. Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park - I love all Linkin Park songs! ^^

5. Easier to run - Linkin Park

As you can probably tell my favourite band is Linkin Park because I love the way they mix Mike's rapping with Chester's ... yelling. Lol[/b]

Your Friend,
-=§=- :wave:[/size][/color]
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[color=blood red][size=1][i]Mine are
Numb-Limkin Park- It explains a lot, and it reminds me of some things that have happened to me.
Figure.09-Linkin Park- It explains something that has happened to me, and the way i kinda feel about someone.
In the End-Linkin Park-I love the piano, and the rapping is great.
Somewhere I belong-Linkin Park- I like the singing, and it just sounds really cool.
Faint-Linkin Park- This song is just one of the best songs I have ever heard.[/color][/size][/i]
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In no particular order:

[b]Stiff Little Fingers - Kicking up a Racket[/b] Just a fun, fun song... ?_?
[b]Fountains of Wayne - Sink to the Bottom[/b] Boils down everything I miss about mid-90s alternative rock into one song. I love it!
[b]Seatbelts - Tank![/b] Bloody fantastic. The Seatbelts have one of the best horn sections I've ever heard!
[b]Five Iron Frenzy - Every New Day[/b] One of my favorite new-ska bands. Good message in this song...
[b]Hum - The Pod[/b] Another one of my favorite 90s bands. One of the best songs to snowboard to, ever!
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I guess Fountains of Wayne is the new big thing thanks to MTV's heavy rotation of their new video (not that I'm saying that's how everyone knows them... but I've sure heard an awful lot about them lately). Sure took everyone long enough heh. Can't say I'm upset about it though.

Now everyone needs to get into Interpol and Junior Senior... then we'll be set.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B](not that I'm saying that's how everyone knows them... but I've sure heard an awful lot about them lately).[/B][/QUOTE]

I had edited that into my posts well over an hour and half ago. I think it covers that lol.

Honestly, I don't remember anyone ever talking about them. Now suddenly everyone and their brother likes them and I'm reading about them on all sorts of message boards.

Like I said, I'm not complaining... but I figure that's the most likely explanation... wouldn't you? lol
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[color=blue][font=arial]My god, all the LP fans!! We finally come out into the light!!

Breaking The Habit- Linkin Park
And One- Linkin Park (it's a B-Side ya'll)
Papercut- Linkin Park
Price To Play- Staind
Mudshovel- Staind

Yeah, so I'm a bit biased...whats it to ya?[/color][/font]
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I didnt just want to put just one band so I picked my top five favorite bands and my favorite song with each band.

1)I Am Hated-[B]Slipknot[/B]- A song with screaming lyrics and heavy gituar and drum riffs, plus I can relate to this song.

2)Nothing To Gein-[B]Mudvayne[/B]- A song about Ed Gein. Great singing, lyrics, guitars and drums.

3)The Fight Song-[B]Marilyn Manson[/B]- Good music, singing, its great!

4)Alone I Break-[B]Korn[/B]- A slow song with haunting yet good singing, another song I can relate to.

5)Believe-[B]Disturbed[/B]- Great lyrics and singing with great music.
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[b]Driver's High[/b] by L'Arc~en~Ciel - this song introduced me to a style of music I had never heard before, and does it better than anything else I've ever heard.

[b]As if in a dream[/b] by L'Arc~en~Ciel - So beautiful... I have never heard a song with so much emotion.

[b]flower[/b] by L'Arc~en~Ciel - another beautiful song attached to many memories.

[b]Every Breath You Take[/b] by The Police - I think The Police were the reason I'm so into music now. They were "my first band".

[b]Canon in D[/b] - It's a classical piece, but the melody is unforgettable.

Boy that was hard to narrow it down to five songs.
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[b]New Born (Muse Mix)[/b] by Paul Oakenfold - I have this tingley feeling inside when I listen to this.

[b]Somnambulist[/b] by BT - This song makes you ''think'' and is trippy.

[b]Super Sprode[/b] by Freezepop - No particular reason why I like this.Might be the catchy tunes.

[b]Zoo York[/b] by Paul Oakenfold - The little orchestra thing is great in this trance beat.
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Meteora, unless you are talking about some unreleased track I know not of, I think the song you are refering to is "Faint" not "Faith". There are a lot of LP fans here, surprising. Anyway, mine are:

"Faint"-Linkin Park
"A Certain Shade of Green"-Incubus
"Trip Like I Do"-The Crystal Method and Filter
"So What" Ministry
"A Clockwork Orange" DJ Tiesto
"Plasicity"-Frontline Assembly
"Sleeping Awake"-P.O.D.

There are more, too tired to think hehe...
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You're supposed to hold yourself back at 5 :p. It's hard though, that's why I've not bothered to post in here about it yet.

I don't get why you guys are so surprised over people liking Linkin Park. There's only millions upon millions of you... as well as countless very successful threads at OB alone. It's not as if they're remotely underground.


1.) David Bowie - Life on Mars?

David Bowie is basically my god, and defintely the god of rock in my opinon. I love this guy.

My favorite thing about him is that all his songs tell such good stories. Life on Mars? in particular. It's just a beautiful song.

2.) David Bowie - Space Oddity

Another freaking amazing song. The same deal as with Life on Mars?, great story.

In case you don't know it... you might have seen Mr. Deeds. It's the song they all sing in the airplane. Great scene heh.

The rest are near impossible. I can barely deside...

3.) Queen - Killer Queen

Their best song in my opinion. Too bad no one seems to know it. I can recite the entire thing from memory, which trust me, is no easy task. Lots of odd words in it. Freddy Mercury is awesome.

4.) Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals

I would vote for this entire CD if I could. It's amazing, and one of the top few LPs ever recorded in my opinion. Not overly fond of some of the played-out singles, but there is just some great work on it from the entire band.

That song is just one of many that really stands out. The whole disc has a Bowie slant to it.

5.) Who freaking knows. I like too many. The first 4 were near impossible.
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1. Linkin Park- Breaking the Habit-great vocals

2. Korn- Freak on a Leash- great song

3.Disturbed- Serenity(sp)- A great tribute, and haunting melody

4.Chopin- "raindrop"- i heard it along time ago on a cd(LOVED IT!), and now i recognize it everywhere. Like 1 day I as watching Big O, and it came on. I was like "whoa! that's raindrop, i love it" It's haunting, slow and creeply beautiful!

5.Nirvana- Heart shaped box- great, powerful, song, and awesome video!

I would then have to say every single song Nirvana ever did, cause they are so awesome, and the lyrics/words, meanings were so powerful and deep. I love 'em, RIP Kurt.
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[color=purple] The songs I like....
(in no praticular order)
Tank!- This song kicks!!!! I just love it, i cant exactly say why though...
Nerve Rack- I love this song great guitar! (this is from trigun)
Somebody Hates Me (reel big fish)- The lyrics in this song just make you think. The beat is cool too
Meditation by thias- I first heard this song during ballet, then i heard it at several different violin concerts. I soooo want to play it
Siroi Yami no Naka (Shakka Zombie)- i love the beat of this song, i dont exactly know what theyre sayng tho :blush: [/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]You're supposed to hold yourself back at 5 :p. It's hard though, that's why I've not bothered to post in here about it yet.

I don't get why you guys are so surprised over people liking Linkin Park. There's only millions upon millions of you... as well as countless very successful threads at OB alone. It's not as if they're remotely underground.


I have too many hehe.

And yes, even though Linkin Park is very popular, the last two boards I frequented, [b] noone[/b] liked Linkin Park. And if you did, you didn't mention it. The sad this is, one of the boards was Pojo XD. I'm just not used to the openess of the fans here.
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[color=blue][size=1]Faint- Linkin Park- This song's very good. I like the loudness and the video, too.

In The End- Linkin Park- I like this song because it's lyrics are kinda true. Sometimes the means don't justify the end, or vice versa.

Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park- I think the video's cool. Again, it's just like the others. Loud... :D

Swing, Swing- The All-American Rejects- I like the video to this song, too. I memorized the words after hearing it 2 times, which means it's catchy. Basically, it's my fav pop/rock song. Actually... I dunno what type it is... o.o

Slim Shady- Eminem- Actually, I'm not so sure if that's the title. Anywayz, I like this one cuz it's funny, catchy, and... well, it's one of the few rap songs that I actually like to listen to more than 5 times without it getting annoying.

That's it, but I like SOOO much more. (Lot's more Linkin Park XD) Laterzez!!

~Meow... o_O;~[/color][/size]
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Put Your Lights On [b]Santana [i]featuring[/i] Everlast[/b] -The electric guitar. The best.
You Were The Last High [b]The Dandy Warhols[/b] -Love the flow to it.
Outlaw Torn [b]Metallica[/b] -Kinda fits my life... sound-wise. Same as Fade To Black by [b]Metallica[/b], except the lyrics also fit, spot-on, in that song.
It's Been A While [b]Staind[/b] -[i]Does[/i] fit my life.
What It's Like [b]Everlast[/b] -[i]Does[/i] fit my life, exactly.

(no particular order) (Headstrong by [b]Trapt[/b] comes in close there too...)
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Guest Fiasco
Well, here's my all-time favorite songs.

[b]skycamefalling[/b] - An Ocean Apart - This song is just insane. With guitar parts, the intense screaming, it does it all.

[b]Dillinger Escape Plan[/b] - Sugar Coated Sour - Another heavy scream and more-so on the guitars with technical riffs in it. Then with intense and chaotic lyrics it just sets it all in.

[b]Into The Moat[/b] - Battle-Spawned Lullabies - This song is just insane. Period. It starts off insane, and ends insane. Everything about it is crazy. And I love it.

Here's my favorite songs of the moment.

[b]7 angels 7 plagues[/b] - Somebody - This song is awesome, I can relate to parts of the song and it was interesting to see the lyrics.

[b]Avenged Sevenfold[/b] - Eternal Rest - This song has one of the best intro guitar riffs I've ever heard in my life. Like I've never heard before, it's awesome.

[b]The Suicide File -[/b] Lie It In Here - This song is just pissed off, and mainly, pissed off at you and everyone else. And I love it for that. :)

My favorite band of all time is skycamefalling. Even though the band doesn't exist anymore. :( It broke up. My favorite band of the moment is The Suicide File. Their type of music is awesome, I like to call them "pissed off at you" hardcore. But their music is awesome.

Not like any of the bands that I like none of you of heard of. Except you might of heard of Avenged Sevenfold. So there. And none of you will know of Into The Moat unless your a local kid here, this band is so awesome, I don't see why they don't tour more then what they already do. :(
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Guest dayday
I haven't seen one of my songs yet. Well, that's probab;y because no one ever heard of them.

[B] If I Didn't Know Better [/B]- Luther Vandross

[B] Dance with my Father Again [/B]- Luther Vandross

[B] Never Taught Never Told [/B]- Fundisha

[B] What Would I Be Without You [/B]- Ja Rule

[B] She Wants You [/B]- I forgot
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Well, my favorite songs change depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Also, I have a broad taste in music so I'll try to keep it down to one style. In no order whatsoever, here are some of my favorite songs.

[B]America[/B] - Simon & Garfunkel
A song about a trip across America with a girlfriend. I'm a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel and I had trouble choosing this song. Paul Simon is a good songwriter. His lyrics are so descriptive, and his harmony with Art Garfunkel is great. (I can't help thinking of those two artists as one person.)

[B]Knockin' On Heaven's Door[/B] - Bob Dylan
I almost chose Mr. Tambourine Man instead of this one. (I hate the Byrds version of that song, Bob Dylan actually puts a bit of emphasis on the lyrics.) Although I usually try to avoid picking the most well known songs of an artist, after listening to it again I had to put it up here. I've never heard any other versions of this song, but Bob Dylan does an excellent job on it. (I'm also a big Bob Dylan fan, if you couldn't tell.)

[B]Another Brick[/B] - Pink Floyd
I don't know exactly what makes me like this song. I can't decide if it's because of the main singer, the eeriness of the children singing near the end of the song, or the irony of the improper english throughout the lyrics.

[B]Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)[/B] - Grandaddy
The best song, (I think,) on their Sophtware Slump album, and the second song about Jed the Humanoid. I love the strange distortion at the beginning and it has that great, dream-like sound that most of their other songs have. I can't wait to see them in concert.

[B]We Use the Pain[/B] - Guano Apes
This strange song is not the heaviest one in the album, but it's not the softest either. (They have quite a few soft songs.) Sandra, (the singer,) is very talented. She'll be singing softly one minute in "Rain", and yelling in "Wash it Down" the next. Also, she can sing in English without an accent. (She's German. When my cousin first showed me the song, "Lords of the Boards", I thought she was an American guy.)

*Looks through list.* Uhh...forget what I said about sticking to one style, 'kay?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by wrist cutter [/i]

[b]Every Breath You Take[/b] by The Police - I think The Police were the reason I'm so into music now. They were "my first band".


[size=1] You get some brownie points from me there..all the rest you posted I have not heard of, though. Perhaps I'll check the rest out if I ever get the chance heh.

This is [i]really[/i] hard...I cannot even begin to try and do this. But I'll try, I guess.

[i]Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven[/i]

I don't exactly like this song over a lot of their other songs sometimes...but it's one of their most-known songs, and it's certainly the song that they'll be remembered long for. Personally, I like and love the live version from [i]How the West Was Won[/i] a lot better than the album version one.

[i]Radiohead-Karma Police[/i]

This song gets old after a while, I guess. I was going to go with "A Wolf at the Door," which is from their newest album, [i]Hail to the Thief[/i], but I feel that they certainly have better than that. But "A Wolf at the Door" is certainly a song worth checking out...it's probably the best song on [i]Hail to the Thief[/i].

Why did I choose this song? I'm not exactly sure. It's not my favorite song of theirs sometimes...I guess it really just varies on my mood. But it's so numbing and catching...it's a like a loud sigh. Just the way Thom Yorke sings is amazing to me...the way he can just sort of mumble off into something beyond words.

[i]Alice In Chains-Frogs[/i]

Also depends on my mood for this song as well..but I like it when I'm in the mood. It's like riding a roller coaster listening to this song. It starts off sort of seething and quiet...then explodes with the catchy line of:

Why's it have to be this way
Be this way
Be this way
Be this way
Be this way
Be this way

They just go through this song really well...and it has this sort of capturing and just over your head feel. I like that.

I can't choose anymore...this is way too hard. What I have now is enough.[/size]
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Guest Skyechild91
Evanessence- Save Me (i think thats what its called)
Strange Fire- Indigo Girls( way cool harmony and gatuar)
Cinderella- Play (nice music)
He luvs u not- Dream(like it just cuase)
Ladies- Sarai (way cool)

Not necesarilly in that order.
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