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Sign Up Black Haven [Need Citizens]

Dragon Warrior

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[center][b][SIZE=4]Black Haven[/SIZE][/b]


In a rough world, there isn't anything laid out for you. Evil always lerks in the shadows, death casting it's wicked blanket upon the unexpecting, a storm whisking away a loved one at sea. The only way people manage to get on with their happy lives in this world is they don't know what's going to come next. They don't have to worry about it therefore they don't waste every second waiting for what could be.

This world is full of the unexpected. Thieves, monsters, bounty hunters, brutes. Any kind of scum was born, raised, and led here. Darkness creeps over this world's landscape and tends to stick. One particular town known as [b]Black Haven[/b] keeps it's order and prosperity under the grand leadership of the man who founded it. Black Haven is a place not for those who wish to do wrong. The name may imply evil, it may toss a shiver down your spine. But it's name only reckons what it dislikes... the scum of this world.

And the people who live here in Black haven are ready for the unexpected, though, they do not sit and wait for it. Black Haven happened to be built in an open area in the middle of nowhere with a forest not too far off. Most come there on journeys to rest at the local inn or have a drink at the pub. But the citizens whom are carrying on normal lives, they will find that living in such a town as Black Haven, one could embark on something grand and terrifying all at once.

Now, if you still don't understand the concept of this RPG, it's simple. You sign up as a resident of Black Haven. What you do is up to you. You must fill out the basic profile I have here and build your home and occupation. Choose your occupation wisely for that's what you're going to be doing everyday.

The RPG won't run by real time. A day in this could go from 2 days in our time to God knows how long. All that matters is I end a day and begin one. I will be the leader of the town, I suppose a Mayor, you could put it. This RPG is medieval-like, so that'll give ya a basic idea of it's setting. I will also make up wild events that affect the whole town, but feel free to do little things that happen to your character and their life. I mean, if you own the town pub, make up customers and stuff from rude fat men with a bad irish accent to hot women from a town called Malachester. It's your own domain.

Also, if someone has a certain job like innkeeper, then no one else can have it, but if it's something like town guard, there can be plenty more. I must approve of the job, of course. Village idiot is out of the question, sorry XD

Here's the profile you must sign up in:



Race: (see race list)



House Type: (see house list)


Small Bio:
[b]Race List[/b]


[b]House List[/b]

-Wooden House
-Brick House
-Stone House

NOTE: All houses are the same, just different textures. When roleplaying, try buying stuff for your house or something like...

Robert purchased a new armchair.

Something to that effect. It'd be interesting. Whatever works.
[b]My profile[/b]

Name: Sariyah Daskar

Age: 20

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Occupation: Founder and Leader of Black Haven

House Type: Brick Mansion (Well, not as big as a mansion)

Looks: Long black hair that goes down into a ponytail, dark green cloaks, sword at his side. His cloak includes a piece to cover over his mouth to hide half his face. 6'2'', blue eyes, normal colored skin. POINTY EARS XD

Small Bio: He founded Black Haven to have a place where evil cannot reign. That is all that needs to be said.

Some things to say before you sign up... Black Haven is surrounded by stone walls to keep out enemies. Inside, it's just a plain town. Someone can be the gate keeper whom watches people approaching town if they want, but I just wanted to say that Black Haven has walls like that.

Also, everyone is able to fight if they want. No one is invincable, but Black Haven is known to be equiped with great warriors. That's why it's a good place to stay away from evil.

If you have any questions, PM me, IM me, or post here or whatever. Thank you!

EDITTING NOTE: I wrote it in one of the posts, but I write it here too. You can started married or get married in this if you want to other players. What's a town without families?

EDITTING NOTE 2: My character's only 20. If I'm 20 (this involves math so bare with me), then I must've founded this town not too long ago. In fact, I did it when I was 18. So this takes place two years after the founding of Black Haven.
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[b]Name:[/b] Claudio Balazar

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Occupation:[/b] Tavern Owner/Bartender

[b]House Type:[/b] The tavern is made of wood. He sleeps in an adjoining room.

[b]Looks:[/b] Claudio is a rather tall (6'8"), thin (178lbs) man. He has a mass of greasy black hair that hangs down to his shoulders. He wears white, cotton, button-up shirts and black denim pants. His eyes are the color of soot. His facial hair is kept down to a dirty stubble.

[b]Small Bio:[/b] Claudio has never wanted anything more in life than to just work. He never wanted to fight. He never wanted to travel. He wanted to set up an establishment and work.
And he did. Claudio opened up the Sevenstar Torch seven years ago at the age of twenty. He began small, but quickly gained enough wealth to expand hisspawning tavern. He moved to Black Haven a little over a year ago, renaming his tavern The Black Haven Torch And there he works, selling people imported and domestic alcoholic drinks. Some he purchases from travelers. Some he makes himself. He is content.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Name: Kell Hanani

Pronounced: Kh-eh-Lal Han[d]-nay-nee

Age: 19

Race: Human/elf; mostly human.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Inkeeper/Waitress

House Type: see attatchment. Okay, so it's not on a hill, but you get the idea. The Inn is the thingy downhill a ways, sorta next to it at Black Haven....and THAT is made out of stone.

Looks: Tall, pale, willowy, definetly the type suitable for one night stands. Slender, but powerful, probably from lifting heavy kegs of beer and wine by herself. Hair is dark brown streaked with silver [from the elvish side], eyes are honey with red flecks, nails are painted silver. Wears a light tank top and matching short skirt and apron. Sometimes she just wears the apron and nothing else.

Small Bio: The dual owner of the best Tavner/Inn in town and in need of some serious hired help. Mostly she runs the Inn, but that doesn't take too long. It usually gets buisness at night, so during the day she runs the Happy Hour and waits on tables.

She'll give you the drink to drown your sorrows and the ride of your life if you're her type. She's a compassionate soul underneath the devil may care exterior, and adopts animals. Mostly venemous reptiles and big dogs. She has a pet cat, who can be found either on her shoulders as she works, or scratching the eyes out of a pervert patron. Why? We don't know.

The animals are a shadow of what she really does, which is keep the places clean. She can fight like a devil, which saves ALOT of time. Anyone getting fresh with her will get thrown into the nearest unyielding wall. But most of the time she's a darling.

If you need a job at either establishment, come to her. She's the official employer.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Sounds like a good RPG, D Warrior! I'll sign up!!

Name: Kitty Harituko (her REAL last name is Nogard, but she'll learn that in the RPG I guess...)

Age: 19

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Occupation: Works at the inn. Thanx to Raiha for the hours. I get a GOOD salary!! XD(10:00-12:00am 1:00-8:00pm)

House: Brick House. Not as big as a mansion, but not an apartment. How 'bout a 2-story version of a hotel with less rooms. That's big enough.

Looks: Long dark blue hair in a ponytail with light blue streaks, green eyes, long ears (XD), and slightly tanned skin. She's 5'11, so she's taller then a lot of guys she works with at the inn. She wears a light blue t-shirt with a pic of a cat on it, long jeans with holes in the knees, and black boots. She wears a black cloak sometimes, and has her katana in it's sheeth at her side. In her cloak are many throwing knives.

Bio: Her family was a group of traders who traveled all over the world. They stopped at a lot of towns, but stayed for a while in a town a little ways off from where Black Haven now is(:p) for 2 and a half years. Ever since she was 3, her parents left her alone in that town, so she was taken to be a foster child with an elderly couple (how original XD) so she never really trusts people easily.
She does, however, trust her three cats. One is Skipper(boy), one is Lily(girl), and one is Draca(girl). She usually brings them everywhere, except when she fights. She doesn't have many friends, and a lot of townsfolk think that she's a demon because of her ears, but then her foster parents remind them that the founder is an elf, too. She's quiet (obvious XD), rude and vicious towards her enemies/rivals, but is kind and sweet towards friends (especially her sweetheart, but I don't know who he is yet).

Sorry, that wasn't really short, was it? Oh well.. I wanted to be a demon, though... I a cat girl!! Me-ow!!! Hehehe... oh well. Am I in? Just so you know, the elderly couple is STILL alive, but she moved into a different house after she turned 16. So, the foster parents live in Black Haven. Okay, I think that's cleared up.

~Meow... o_O;~[/color][/size]
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Haha. Okay, I should probably pojnt this out since it's the second time it's happened. My character's only 20. If I'm 20 (this involves math so bare with me), then I must've founded this town not too long ago. In fact, I did it when I was 18. So this takes place two years after the founding of Black Haven. I'm sorry. I should've said that. So, dbzanimegrl17, your profile is good. You're just gonna have to edit the part about being 3 in Black haven XD
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Eh. I'm bored.

Name: Kattarin Quisanth

Age: 217

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Occupation: Apothecary

House Type: Wooden House-ish...thing...

Looks: Check ye olde attachment.

Small Bio: Oh, she'll sell you basically anything, for any purpose, no questions asked of taken. She was already in the area of Black Haven when it was founded. She lives in..well....a tree. It's a very nice tree actually. It grows over a small, water formed cave, the roots cascading over the opening like a biotic water fall. So under a tree really, but it's the same thing. Why she's there is no real mystery...She's there because nobody likes people who gather strange herbs at midnight for bizarre rituals. Mainly distrusted by the townsfolk, but she doesn't care. They still pay her, for all sorts of things.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Name: Harad Brelain

Age: 27

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Weapons Dealer/Blacksmith

House Type: Two storey building made of stone with Shop on the bottem and living area on the top and the forge is at the end of the Garden round back.

Looks: Harad has a genrally welcoming look on his face because he always seems to smiling, be it selling weapons, making weapons or going down to the Inn for a drink. His hair is[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR=sandybrown][SIZE=1][B]Sandy-brown[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]in colour and his eyes are hazel. He is of an avarage build because of his work and is about 5' 8" tall. He always has stuble on his chin and the same kind look in his eyes. His clothes are normal tough black boots along with brown, and very worn, trousers. He's always wearing a black apron with various stains on it.

Small Bio: While Harad was young he and his farther lived in the main city of the land. His farther owned the local Blacksmith and there was always a demand for weapons because of the state of the land. It was only he and his farther because his mother had died giving birth to him and he had no sisters or brothers. Most of his childhood he spent with friends or watching his farther in the forge working on all manner of equipment for the local milita and others. When he turned 16 his farther told him he was ready to begin working for him, and he spent 8 years working for his farther and learning the trade until he left the city and moved to Black Haven because of their need for a blacksmith.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Haron Duskabar

Age: 52

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Occupation: Armor Marchant

House Type: Stone House

Looks: Haron is very small looking person(duh). He had reddish hair color and green fiercy eyes. He live in a little stone house. He has a long scar on the roght cheek, a souvenir from the last war he had been in. His real profession is blacksmith. //See attachemnt//(I know the image is ugly but didn't found anything else)

Small bio: Since he came from the last war he had been in, he decided to stay in the Black Heaven and decided to make armors and sell them. He's is getting older so he tries always to find a wife so he could have a good life but until now, nadda, niet.

EDIT: Good to see you here terra.
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Name: Lissa Oraisia

Age: 25

Race: human

Gender: F

Occupation: seamstress / general clothing supplier

House Type: stone store, with an adjoining room for living in

Looks: Lissa is of average height, and quite slim. She has rather long curly brown hair and dark eyes, and has a variety of dresses to wear because, after all, that's how she makes a living. She's a very girly girl -- she never wears pants, and always tries to dress nicely to be a subtle advertisement for her store.

Small Bio:
Lissa was born into an extremely rich gang of gypsies, who had a comfortable life from terrorizing the people in the area. As she got older, she disapproved of their lifestyle more and more, and finally ran away when she was 23. She traveled for about a half-year, relying on her street-smarts and sometimes good looks to er ... talk her way out of some things, including the men her father sent after her. After some time she reached Black Haven and began her business, since she'd always been an extremely skilled seamstress. You wouldn't really guess at her personality or her history from talking to her though ... She acts peculiarly naive.
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[color=royalblue]Just to clarify, we're not MARRIED yet. We're just living together. *gasp* Scandalous!

And a few other things: So we can't have lived here for more than two years, is that what you're saying? I got a tad confused there. Oh wait. You founded the town and we moved in right afterwards. Got it.

I can't be a mix, or did you change your mind? Dad threatened to pull the plug before I could confirm..... This isn't just for me btw, it's for everyone else that wants to have half this and half that characters. ...Or you could be nice and make an exception.

Do we have trading caravans that come in every so often to keep us stocked? Or is there a lovely farm nearby that provides us with produce and livestock?[/color]
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Well, first off, yes, you did move in right after it was founded I suppose. Or sometime within the year it was founded and the present (2 years length).

Next, I guess you can be a mix. Doesn't bother me :P

Lastly, I was thinking traders could come in as well as some of our citizens travelling to other towns and such to purchase stock. And farmers and livestock wouldn't be a bad idea (HINT HINT).

[b]People so far:[/b]
[i]Dragon Warrior:[/i] Sariyah Daskar- Keeper of Black Haven
[i]KOTR:[/i] Claudio Balazar- Inn/Tavern Owner/Barkeep
[i]Raiha:[/i] Kell Hanani- Inn/Tavern Owner/Innkeeper
[i]dbzanimegrl17:[/i] Kitty Harituko- Innkeeper
[i]The Harlequin:[/i] Kattarin Quisanth- Apothecary
[i]Taki Ebina:[/i] Harad Brelain- Weaponsmith
[i]Tix:[/i] Haron Duskabar- Armory
[i]Terra:[/i] Lissa Oraisia- Seamstress
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Name: Anahita

Age: 21

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Occupation: Fortune Teller

House Type: Wooden House

Looks: She has dark green eyes with brown subtle specks in them, long black lashes. Her hair is weist length, deep dark brown and very straight. Her skin tone is a dark tanned olive color and she is about 5'8 and slender, perfect posture. She tends to wear dresses and has a very endearing smile.

Small Bio: She was born to a privelaged family, but set out to find her own calling when she was 17. She has traveled far, and just recently (about 4 months ago) settled into Black Haven. She is very amiable and in her short time here has developed quite a few suitors. She is an optimist and can see some sort of good in almost any being, but in her travels has also learned to be a bit cunning and suspicious as to keep herself safe.
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Name: Rendea (Renie) Eristo
Age: 17
Race: elf/human
Gender: female
Occupation: well, since DW DOES have a point about the food thing... ^_^ farmer/market-girl person... O_o;
House Type: Wood house
Looks: Renie has long dirty-blonde hair in two long pigtails that frame her oval face. She has one green and one blue eye from her elven father and human mother, respectively. She wears a yellow sundress for most of the year and brown sandals. She's around 5'5".
Small Bio: Renie came to Black Haven two years ago with Sariyah's party. She used to admire him, but now he just gets on her nerves. They fight often. (This okay DW? ^_~) Renie's parents allowed her to go off on her own because she wanted life experiance. She runs a small farm that feeds all of Black Haven (somehow... O_o) and she sells her produce in the market. Renie does not want to be married or attached to any male just yet because of bad experiences in the past.

Hope this all checks out DM. ^_~ See ya around.
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^_^ I'll be a mercenry for some reason o_O;;;; Seems we don't have alot of them.....:P

Name:Tain Forgihen



Occupation:Mercrenry/butcher(so that's what's it's called @.@)

House Type:Wood,the living room is oriental with dark red walls,his room is more of a living room(fireplace,chairs,etc.)with tan walls,and the guestroom is the same as his,but with cream walls.

Description:Heavly built,he has black silky hair that he wears messed up,and is about 6 feet tall.He wears a small amount of armor which is black meltalic on his chest,elbows,and knees.He also somtimes carries his great sword,which has a gold handle,and black meltalic blade.Under his armor he wears dark red silk cloths,and wears black leather boots.

Small Bio:He is well,crazy about all woman.He is cocky and hot headed,and somtimes rushes into battle without thinking.He is smart though,but doesn't show it much,only mainly in a hard fight.He is very skilled at his art,and has been through it all....You name it,dragons to cave trolls.Luckly he is still alive.

Tain found Black Havan when on a party about a half a year ago.He did not have any living quarters,so when he stoped with his party to get something to eat,he fell in love with it.After he had finshed the his mission,he came back,and strated selling meat,mainly because he had a dragons hide with him.
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Name: Stephen Reidman
Age: 22
Race: Human
Occupation: Master chef (meh, best I could think of)
House: Wooden, complete with Japanese sliding doors, bits and pieces of furniture made of wicker, as well as many small bookshelves. Also has a very large collection of bonsai, and a kitchen complete with every tool and ingerdient you can think of.
Description: 5'11", light build, light brown hair, slight tan, usually wears a dark green or black T shirt and khakis, wears apron and hat when he works, sneakers.
Bio: Stephen, or Steve, used to do a lot of travelling, and would love to search the world to find new recipies and invent his own. He was the envy of cooks everywhere, but his excessive travelling, his unsteady job, and limited budget landed him flat broke in a foreign country with little luggage and no method of getting home. This was when he was 16, so now he forgets what his home looks like!
He found Black Haven when he was out looking for somewhere where he could cook again. He noticed that the town was almost entirely self reliant, despite being cut off from the rest of the country. He decided to open up shop there, and soon dazzled folk around town with his great food. He isn't a sucess quite yet, but no one's complaining.
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Name: Suuchin
Age: 22
Race: halfling
Gender: Female
Occupation: Silks Trader (people need to wear fine clothing, no?)/Interior Decorator/Waitress
House Type: Brick House
Looks: see attachment
Small Bio: Suuchin has travelled the world in search of the finest silks and once she finally had them, she couldn't find anyone willing to buy them. She tried everything from lowering prices to giving away gifts. On the verge of giving up, she learned of a newly formed town called Black Haven. She hurried there immeadiately and set up shop, only to find she got little to no business. She tried other endeavours to the same result. She now works part-time in Kell's tavern to support her business.
Suuchin is cocky, over-confindent, and easily distracted, but a hard worker who almost never gives up.
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yay! I'm gonna join!!

Name: Aurora

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Occupation: wall guarder-mage, part time waitress at the Inn

House Type: a good size brick house

Looks: eh, I'll just look like Ayeka in this pic.

Small Bio: has a part time job at the Inn, mostly during the day, mage and guarder of the wall at night. was trained by another powerful mage, therefore, very powerfull herself. usually kind-hearted, but when you get her mad you better watch out. usually carries her magic-embeded sword. ended up in Black Haven from job losses of other mages in other areas. doesn't like to beataround the bush-strait to the point. when she has something to say-she'll say it outright. eh, that's all I have for now.
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[b]Name:[/b] Luminous Crystaline

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Race:[/b] Elf

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Occupation:[/b] Town Animal Doctor (Vet)

[b]House:[/b] Brick House. Not as big as a mansion, but not an apartment. How 'bout a 2-story version of a hotel with less rooms. That's big enough.

[b]Looks:[/b] Bright Blonde hair, blue eyes, long ears (XD), and slightly tanned skin. He's 5'12... He has a bright orange T-shirt with 2 black stripes on the sleeves. He wears a green cloak sometimes, and has his [url=http://www.awardprosthetics.com/angel/buster.jpg]Buster Sword[/url] on his back. He has many different types of [url=http://www.gungfu.com/pics_general/pics_weapons/stars_classic_set_pouch.jpg]Death Stars[/url] in his cloak.

[b]Bio:[/b] He had a normal family untill some Barbarious Dwarves killed them. He will forever hate dwarves untill he moved to a Town called [b]Black Haven[/b]. There, he met a beautifull, 19 year old Girl, who he has loved ever since. He doesn't give any mercy to anyone. As the only Vet in the town he gets alot of customers and makes alot of money. Which all goes toward a better house.

-=§=- :wave:[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Thank gods, someone to doctor my pets. My snakes, lizards, spiders, wolves, and my darling kitty, Bombolurina. I was hoping you'd come around. Enclosed, btw, is a shot of how my character generally looks.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Does she ALWAYS wear that? If she does, how does your roommate react to that? lol. So §corpio's my sweetheart, right? Okay, a couple more questions:

1. Do we get to converse with non-player characters, too? (This might have been answered, but I'm just dense)

These are for Raiha:

2. How much do we get payed? (tee hee XD)

3. And are my hours correct for my work day? (10:00-4:00)

Okay... that's it. Tell me soon. Laterzez!!

~Meow... o_O;~[/color][/size]
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