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In a world where the only road to anywhere is called the Milky Way and the cities along it are named after planets, there is one city that is on no map and in the middle of a desert, it is The City Of Thieves. In the heart of the city is a great lighthouse with a great secret, it holds an ancient scroll that tells of a great quest known as the Bandit Game. The quest is steal the very stars from the heavens themselves, the Sky Stones, gems that hold the power of the star that they are modeled after. Many have tried to undertake the quest and many have died, will you?

So thats the intro and this is what I want your character to be like:
( remember you are a thief )

Weapons and Tools:

heres mine:

Name: Ars Suichi
Age: 17
Description: Tall and slightly muscular with long unkempt black hair.
He is always wearing a large brown duster(overcoat)with a white sun insignia on the back. Under the duster he wears black pants with a black tank top. He has black boots with the white sun insignia on the side and with white laces.
Weapons and Tools: Has a retractable blade in each sleeve and in each boot, has numerous blades of varying styles within the numerous pockets lining his coat. Also in there, there is an essential lock pick kit, grappling hook, and the pockets full of manga with names and contents not suitable for children.:naughty:
Bio: Born in the largest town on the Milky Way, Ars was the same as any other child, nothing special except that he was just a little shorter that any other child his age. As he grew he became more wild and liked to start fights. He would fight anyone over anything and for this he was often in trouble. On one of those days Ars was walking past the town saloon on his way to anger management classes when a some idiot stranger stepped on his foot, so Ars being the fighter he is, turned around and clocked the guy in the mouth, thus succesfully breaking the mans jaw ( Ars being about 7 at this time). But behind the now unconscience man stood about a dozen more, he had just knocked the son of the leader of the Tequila Gang. One of the thieves swiftly knocked Ars out and took him to be a new servant for the boss. Ars tried many times to escape, failing miserably everytime and fighting with one member or another nearly every day that he was conscience. After a while Ars learned to tone down his anger and control it, but sure enough the thieves still wanted to fight, but Ars was now fighting without rage in his mind and started to easily best the thieves. Now the thieves not only fought with Ars, but began to bet to see how long each other would last. Ars soon bested every thief in the gang except two, the boss himself and the first mate ( they fancied themselves pirates). The day came when the other thieves persuaded the first mate to fight with Ars and sure enough after a long grueling fight Ars was again victorious. This fight was personally witnessed by the boss and the boss offered Ars an invitation to the gang. Ars could only accept, because to decline was suicide. He continued to travel with the gang (and fight with them) until they came to The City Of Thieves. Ars thought that this was his kind of town and thus departed from the Tequila Gang( after first drugging all their drinks, they wern't going to let him go) to make his own way in the world, and this is when he hears of the Bandit Game.

I edited my bio, just to let you all know. now it is the kind of bio I want the characters in this rpg to have.
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Name: Zen The VII

Age: 19

Description: tall and lanky with black hair, weres black pants and has a blue shirt with a black trench coat and a black taxi hat

Weapons and Tools: Thief?s tool *a can with a hook on the end*, lock pick kit, grappling hook, small explosives, daggers hidden in his boots, master key *a blank key that when put into a key hole takes the shape of the key needed and then resets its self*, small kodcai, Kunai knives hidden in his coat, hidden camera, mask making materials, voice changer *lots of pockets no?*

Bio: Zen come from a long line of thief?s an is the 7th person in his family to follow in his families trade. His father trained him in the ways of stealth, stealing, and the art of disguise. So when his father got killed in the Bandits Game he got his gear together and went out to prove that his family could do it. He is cocky and sarcastic and often doesn?t look before he leaps but as he says " If you mess up, it makes the heist more fun"

EDIT: There we go all nice an profread, thanks mircosoft word lol
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Name: Rhel "baby boy" Di

Age: 11
Gender: M
Bio: Rhel, or baby boy, as his friends commonly refer to him grew up in middle class at Genimi town. He attended his schooling before tragedy struck. Rhel was sold into the slavery of a man who went by the handle "Father Tiempo". This older fellow took a liking to rhel, he revealed the true identity of his lifestyle as a crook, teaching baby boy the finer points of the trade. Rhel learned how to manipulate a toothpick as potently as any lockpick, he learned the tricks of houdini, misdirection and movement. His memory is shrouded now. He cannot remember what happened from the last time he saw Father Tiempo till today. Amnesic, he wandered with the last relic and words that circulate his mind, "Keep this relic, my boy, it will forever guide your path.

Appearance- Growing up in a very enigmatic, but prestegious stolen lifestlye, Rhel manages to dress fairly well. He wears a blue button up shirt, always unbottoned , a white undershirt covering his torso. He is lithe, very willowy, and quick witted for his age. Wisdom beyond his years are only reflected in his deep brown eyes, enigmatic like his past.

Tool's: Rhel has no need for trinkits. He can easily manipulate situations, gaining entry and sneaking around with objects on the feild. He does carry the only artifact Father Tiempo bestowed upon him, a timepeice, old watch that can be used to set someone's memory back, or cause them to freeze. Rhel can only freeze time for a certain period of time, as this is considered his ultimate ability. Slowly, Rhel hopes the precognition of the watch will somehow guide his future.

Weapon: Rhel carries only one thing that could quantifiably be called a weapon. A bracelet with seemingly alive wings attached to the top of it. The wings spread, adding to the power of whoever is attacking, at Rhel's choosing. As a final meteo attack , he can summon upon a large vortext to consume whatever it may, possibly Rhel, he does not know.
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[color=teal]Name: Kylie "Ky" Lupin ((no relation to Arsene Lupin [b]or[/b] Lupin III, I just like it as a theives name))

Age: 16

Description: Short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, light blue jacket, and khaki pants. Wears a light blue and white beaded bracelet on her left wrist ((it's counterpart is a dark blue and white beaded bracelet that belongs to her brother)). Khaki backpack where she keeps her tools.

Weapons and Tools: Glaive, lock pick kit, mini mic and camera combo, grapling hook, some smoke bombs, her so-called "make-your-own-bomb kit".

Bio: Born and raised in Mercury City, Kylie is new at theivery, but has wished to become one all her life. A strange dream for a child, but it was hers. Her inspiration was the stories of a child theif who traveled with the Tequila Gang named Ars Suichi that she heard from a local boy. But that's not the only reason why she wanted to become a theif. Kylie has a twin brother, Miles Lupin, who was kidnapped by a group of theives from Saturn City. She's hoping to track down these theives and find her brother with the help of her skills. Kylie traveled to The City of Theives in search of Ars Suichi, looking for apprenticeship. She found him and after a while he reluctantly agreed. Now, they've found out about the Bandit Game, they've gone to search for it ((^-^; though Ars would rather leave her behind)).[/color]
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Name:Miles "Mi" (only his siter,Kylie calls him this)Lupin


Description:blonde hair , dark blue eyes, a dark blue t-shirt, a pair of baggy khaki shorts and a white and dark blue bracelet on his right wrist.(it's counterpart is a light blue and white beaded bracelet that belongs to his sister). A deep blue bakpack(you know one of the the ones that only has one strap that goes diagonally across your chest so the actual pack is at your side)

Weapons and tool. When he was kidnapped he was trained not to use any tools, to relay on ones self so the only item besides some food and drink is a sword that can change sizes.

Born and partly raised in Mercury City, Miles is quite a master of theifvery and had no desire to become one. He wanted to be a hero not a theif. But he had lttle choice in the matter for one day when he was 6 he went out o get some water from the well in the backyard but before he could get there he was stolen away by a group of bandits who were looking for an apprentic to teach their ways. they couldn't find one they wanted all over saturn city or any other city for that matter but the second they saw miles they knew he was the one so they took him. For 10 years he was trained to be the best theif ever. They taught him everything he would have learned in 16 years of school, martil arts, and the tricks of a theif. After his training they sen him out to get the Bandit Game. But that's only one thing he's out looking for. The main thing he's looking for is his younger twin sister Kylie or as he called her most of the time:Ky. He will stop at NOTHING to find her and take care of her...
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Name:Kimana "Ki" Toki(No one calls her by full name)


Description:Since she's a good thief she likes to steal from shops etc. to get good clothes.She wears a blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside,navy blue pants and blue and white shoes.She also carries a blue backpack for her tools.

Weapons and Tools:She carries 8 knives/daggers.She has 2 wrist daggers that are held in the sleeves of her jacket in their sheaths by hemp which she can control magically to have the daggers fall into her hands when needed,2 boot knives,2 around her waist and 2 inside the folds of her jacket.She carries a lock pick set,a master key,a few small cameras for investigating.They're hard to see,and a grappling hook.

Bio:Born and raised in Mercury City she has become an exellent thief starting when she was 4 when a Theif Lord took her in.They began with the basics and then moved to the real stuff.When she was younger her best trick for stealing from people was the lost child routine.She would cry and then a person would come and hug her to stop her crying.She would take their wallets and then she'd cry 'mummy' or 'daddy' and rush away.Ki grew and soon she became great.She would pretend to bump into someone and in that quick time she would take their wallet and pocket it.She doesn't hang around with the Thief Lord and the gang much any more.She seems to have gone solo.When she sets her eyes on a prize there's no stopping her!
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It seems that the bio of being kidnapped by agang has become quite popular on this thread, and know that in the future if you are going to is this as a backstory, please put a little more substance into your biography. No more of this, I was kidnapped and taught their ways and now I'm going solo stuff, be more ingenious than that. What about a one like Drix's, something like:

i grew up in smallest of the nine planet towns, pluto. hardly any one ever visits pluto do to its distance from other towns. Do to this fact the people of pluto were very poor. My family was blessed and cursed with too many children, and so my father had to sell me, the youngest daughter, into slavery just to feed the rest of the family. This gave me a very pessimistic view of live at a very young age. The man I was sold to was George Vodka, the traveling people marketer. I traveled with him for a very short time because I had quickly become obsessed with escape, and thus it happened on a fateful night when he passed out drunk. I snuck up to him and stole the keys from his belt. Myself and five other children escaped to the nearby town of Venus. None of us was yet to the age where we could work, but did find jobs working in a sweat shop. We stuck together through the years and were known by the kids as The Refugee Gang. As each of us neared becoming a teenager we began to plan an escape from this second life of slavery. We decided to escape one at a time, me first, as I was still the youngest, but the other children ratted on us and I was the only one who made it out. I heard rumors of their deaths, but believed none of them. I just began to head to the city that we all planned to meet at if we ever got separated, The City of Thieves. There I heard of the Bandit Game and heard that someone had set off on it that had looked like the old leader of our gang, and I decided to find out if it was really him.

This is the kind of backstories that I really want, with real motifs.
Any one can use this for their bio but I want to see a good character to go along with it.
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Name:Arunue Kalamara (yes i am a girl)


Description:short, blonde, slightly unkept (messy)hair with blue tips. All red over coat with at least 19 compartments, over a light plain white tanktop,with red, loose, leather mix pants and heavy brown riding boots.Very self contained, self obsorbed, arogent, stubborn, egotistical,antisocil,and with a really bad attitude...

Weapons and Tools:about 5 swords(reverse blade) two on my belt,3 on straps atatched to the back of my coat.also artchery equipt. and throwing knives. A boomarang, multiple guns, a pair of num-chucks and a 9 inch blade hidden somewhere in those 19 compartments in my coat. Also I have a horse i often use but im not sure she would be counted as a wepon or tool...

Bio:grew up in a small town actualy out side of the milky way and heard about the Bandit Game from a passing travler. My usual curiousity got the best of me and i set of to find a city id never heard of...of course i was determined to find a new chalenge...i was getting board hanngin around home...

My family had died in an explosion and left me alone at the age of 6...i was taken in by a thief and lived with him for 8 years about 3 months after my older brother wass assasinated by his men...living with the young man that had been so many times outcasted from our city...the man witch was convicted of being a milicious thief, sparring none that got in his was and a death count of 46...at the age of 14 i left that man...the man that had raised me to be a thief...cold and haertless...i never left the town though...some thing drew me there... something forced me too stay to the place where my parents had died...i was too weak then...i stayed there two more years and while i waited i went over my parents death in my head. kind of funny...it was the only thing keeping me alive...the thought of my folks die'n like that. it would have accualy made some people go mad... the way i was thinking of them...forcing myself to remember whatching my mother and father walk into our house...it was well away from all the other buildings...icolated almost...i remembered seeing the door close behind them...i was about to follow but i decided not to as soon as i heard it...it was a soft hissing...almost...a menicing hiss...and then it happened...the house exploded into a firey mass and i accually whatched my parents fly out of a downstairs window, landing only about a foot away from the house...my mother was still alive but my father lain still...covered in blood, as his head been split open...i whatched my mother screamming out in pain as she cought on fire...and burned...burned in a fire i would have only gussed but from hell...oh yes, it would have driven most people to the point of insanaty it would have...driven most people to suicide... But im not most people... after two years i had gained enough strength to leave the place that i had made a burrial ground for my parrents but there was one thing keeping me from leaving...a good friend...he was a bar keeper and i was overly attatched...accually the only one i was attatched to. Growing up with that theif for 8 years made sure of that. He was so self centered, and had so big of and ego that it rubbed off on me and made me a thief...i was talking to the only person i accepted as a friend while he waited peopl at the bar, when a drunken-looking man entered. He sat down and began rammbling on about some sort of "Bandit Game" and cought my intrest. He kept talking and as i said the first word i had uttered to him he acted as if i had insulted him and began to go into a rage...he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot my friend in the head and he landed on the ground dead, in a bloody mess...but as quickly as he fired i had drew my gun and fired one right in his head, making him eat lead...afterward i was exciled from the city for killing and had no where else to go besides go find the Bandit Game thing he was talking about...

(i am a gurl, many people get counfused about that)^_^
the only ppl who would really know that here are erin and...im sorry to say...ars...

I dont know why im telling you this but i bassed this on [I]my[I] acctuall life...what really happened was that i had been out with my older brother and when i got back to my house it was on fire and my parents were lying at the base of a window where their was shattered glass...so i gusse they got blown out or jumped out...and i lived with my brother from then on...but ...years later...my brother was assasinaded...and i was alone...
and thats up to where i am here! liveing with these people that think im their kid...they "adopted me" and had me live here...with them...
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[B]Name:[/B] Miles Lupin

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Description:[/B] Blond hair and blue eyes like his sister, dark blue jacket, white shirt, khaki pants, white backpack, sometimes wears the uniform of the gang that kidnapped him. (I'll describe it later.)

[B]Weapons and tools:[/B] Miles' kidnappers don't trust him with their tools and weapons so he has to ask for them before each job. He prefers using explosives whenever he can because his sister was always so interested in them.

[B]Bio:[/B] When Ky thought that Miles was asleep and would read the story of Ars the Child Thief out loud to herself, she had no idea that her twin brother was actually listening with extreme interest like her own. He asked his sister many a time about her book and the equipment that she put together herself, but she would always avoid his questions. Miles was a little discouraged but he still didn't give up. Each night, when his sister was sleeping, he copied every word and diagram from the books she owned and studied them in secret. When he found a job with Eric the Keysmith, he made a copy of each key that was made in the shop in case he ever needed them. However, keeping all of those keys tended to be too hard and a bit noisy, so he taught himself how to pick locks. Miles lied to his sister about his work hours so he could take the time to practice all of the techniques from his copied books. Ky soon became suspicious about this because her brother wasn't bringing in the wages he deserved for all of his work. She tried to talk to him about this, but he said that Eric's method of paying his workers was different than everyone's elses. His answer didn't seem to satisfy her, but she stopped asking questions. Seeing that he was running the risk of getting discovered, Miles rushed through the rest of the chapters so he could steal something rare or valuable to impress Ky .Then he heard about the "Shoelace Gang" of Saturn Town who had earned their name by stealing shoelaces in their early days. Deciding they would be a pushover because of their funny name, he tried to steal the shoelaces off of the gang's leader while he was sleeping. But just as he was untying the last knot, a small explosive fell out of his pack and exploded. Angry but a little amused at someone so bold, the gang took him as their prisoner and promised that if he didn't try anything funny and earned their respect, then they would make him an honorary member. Wishing that he hadn't skimmed those last chapters, and seeing that he didn't have much choice in the matter, he agreed. Miles wishes he could see his sister again, but he doesn't want to break his word to the Shoelace Gang after he already lied to her about his job.
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Guest The Half Rogue
Name: Blade of the Half Rogues


Description: Black eyes, Scar on his right cheek, Rough leopard skin bandana crooked on forehead, the weirdest spiked hair this side of the Milky Way, wears black shoes, pants, and shirt with black glove also.

Weapons and Tools: Main weapon is a silver .35 caliber magnum nicknamed "Billy" and a cutlass made from a legendary astroid said to come from the the sun nicknamed "Sol Lion" tools include a rope with a hook at the end, a lock pick,bow with only 5 arrows, and a pack to hold it all

Bio: appeared out of nowhere when a child, raised by the leader of the Half Rogues, joined them and was appointed head of the Rogues if he could complete the quest of legends, which is this quest.
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Name: Tojiro

Age: 22

Description: Gray eyes, dark brown hair. Wears a green vest with bandages covering his arms and wrists. Has brown leather gloves and a short ripped red cape on his back. Wears a belt with many small compartments in it to hold ammunition and other necessary items. Green baggy pants and large black boots are also worn.

Weapons: On his gloves are twin chains with pointy nails on them, used as whips. There are also twin .40 calibur magnums on his sides. Has a small gun which fires out a grappling hook, good for escapes. Has a lock pick and a rope as tools.

Bio: Coming from a rich background, Tojiro has always enjoyed picking locks for no true reason. As an adult he has used his inheritance to feed his hobby. 5 years ago he met with Blade of the Half Rouges during an operation.
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[size=1][color=ff66c][B]Name:[/B] Alexandra/Alejandra aka Angel Donacelli (All call her by Angel, certain connections call her by her full name)

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Reputation:[/B] Lady Kaitou- for the ones who trully know her and respect her.

[U][B]Explosives:[/B][/U] From C-4s, to M-8s, she's got the whole thing down.

[B][U][URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000katana.jpg]Twin Samurai 3000 Katanas:[/URL][/B][/U] Sheathed in an X on her back.

[U][B]Melee:[/B][/U] She also fights with her hands. It's the best way to go at times.

[B]Tools:[/B] everything.

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment-

[B]Bio:[/B] Alex is korean/italian. Her mother was an ex-con who married a descendant of Al Capone. Her father wanted a son, but got a girl. He had hopes for someone to follow in his footsteps after he died.

Alex was taught everything about the italian business. Her father taught her the main things, her uncles taught her the conning, hacking, lying, fast talking, and such.

After she was about 5, her mother died of cancer and she was left with her father. Her father couldn't take care of her, for the reasons that people were trying to kill him. Her father sent her to her godfather and godmother's. There, she further learned about the way of a thief.

When she turned 8, she started learning the ways of a ninja thief. Within two years, she learned everything there was to know to become a ninja thief.

Alex rides a jet black with silver lining Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. She also knows how to make a guy spill the whole dirty secret about a certian treasure or certain secret hiding place. She knows how to seduce a man. She'll sleep with you...but you need to give her a little bling bling and a little FYI. If she's satisfied, then she'll do it.

[B]Quote:[/B] "I'm a thief, not a girl.", "3 things about me. 1) I trust everyone, I just don't trust the devil inside of them. 2) Don't piss me off. It's not good. 3) Remember my name, remember my face. You'll be seein' it again.", and "Nothing's too dangerous for me. I live for the danger and I risk most of [i]everything[/i]."

[B][U]Jet:[/B][/U] It's named the Ombra Jet 001. It is one of the fastest, strongest, most balanced, lethal, and most everything in the world. It can outfly the fastest jet ever and it comes in many different colors and weapons.

[B][U]Bikes:[/B][/U] Her favorite bike is the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. But she uses many others as well.

[B][U]Cars:[/B][/U] She uses many cars in many sizes and shapes. She's a car girl, who do you expect?[/size][/color]
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