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You are in high school. You can only be a teenager in high school. No spiecal things, just normal kids. You can play yourself, some one else, or just a made up character.

Welcome to Bellium high! From this day on, you will take on the high school. You can make clubs, be bullies, get bullied, have no friends, or even...be a teacher!!! You can be in any year, and you can be any ones friend!!! After 14 years, Bellium high is starting it's 15th year! You are now a member of our school. All 11th grade(or year) students are asked to come half an hour early for the 'Last year mass'. New year students should follow the 11th years and will soon be directed to the hall.

All students must follow these rules:

1. NO chewing or eating in class
2. No going to the toilet in class
3. Homework must be rbought in on time our you will recive a punishment.
4. Full school uniform
5. Food must not be taken out side or in class.
6. Try to be on time every lesson
7. Respect others.
8. All black trainers or black shoes
9. No rings, necklesses, ear rings .Ex
10.You must have the things needed for each lesson.

There will be more information when you arrive! Thankyou for coming! [/SIZE]

Fill this in:





Year(or grade):



You may be any one. No powers, just normal every day kids. Here's mine:


Name: Danny

Age: 15

Description: [url]http://www.layer-infinity.net/iplay/serge.gif[/url]

Year: 11

Bio: He has been in the school since the begining, and he has a high reputation, and has a club called:

Big Bad Kidz.

He is very tough, and bullies people sometimes. Don't mess with him, or I think you'd better call the doc!
he's got a record of BAD behvour and his gang of friends follow him around. His nickname's Dan, but most people call him 'Lil' Dandan'. He isn't bothered about this.

IN his final year, he wants to be remebered by all. So, this is a year to remeber, watch out![/SIZE][/I]

Ok, remeber, normal kids! Thanks!
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Name: Nyx Nidorai
Age: 16
Description: Long, messy brown hair to her elbows, which she usually wears in a ponytail, brown eyes. Jeans, sneakers, various t-shirts and sweaters. Nothing fancy. She enjoys dressing in fun clothes, but only outside of school.
Year: 11 (only two to go!)
Bio: Lives with her mother and dog in a small apartment. Usually very nervous, and shy. Also mysterious, she puts forth very little info about herself and keeps many secrets. Doesn't like being noticed by people she doesn't trust. Very outgoing among her few friends though. Loves the arts, especially writing, theater, and dance. Hopes to be some kind of artist one day. She's a very quiet, reserved person. But if you make her mad, watch out!
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Guest Skyechild91
Name- Selenay Diran
Age- 15
Year- 11
Feat.- Ear lobe length black hair, dark blue chest length bangs th/ frame her tan face, blue eyes, black tank, black leather jacket, black leather pants, black leather thick heeled boots, gloves w/ fingers cut off
Bio- Entered this school 2 yrs. ago. Strives to be noticed.(Particularly by Dango). Can stand her ground. Helps outcrowders stand up for themselves. Cool, sarcastic, sweet as poison honey. Rides a motorcycle, black and blue. Is a really good racer.
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Name: Jessica

Age: 14

Description:brown/bronze hair with red/gold look in the light with silver at the tips w/bangs as long as the rest (just above shoulder length), part down the middle, eyes are vivid icy/blue with silver shimmer (when angered, look like molten mercury), white tank top with black jacket, dark blue jeans, white Air Nike with blue, 5'5

Year(or grade): 9

Bio: She is usually a quiet kid with nothing much to say. If you make her mad, learn how to run faster than sound because you won't survive if you're still near her. Very athletic and has a firm but soft looking body. Will bully someone if she has a grudge against them or if they do something to harm a friend of hers. Other than that she is cool and calm.
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[SIZE=1][I] Sorry, but it has a bit of a storyline. It just normal high school kids. Would it be ok if I made the high school introduction a bit longer? I'm sorry, I'll try to put a bit more of a storyline too it.[/SIZE][/I]
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Desription:See pic [url]http://www.lunaregina.com/furuba/anime14.jpg[/url]
Bio: If Danny is the most coolest guy in school then Seth is the 2nd. He's not much a people person but he can open up to you once you get to know him. The people who know him the best, aka his friends, are Selenay and Danny himself(is that okay? PM if it is). This year he started to play match maker with the two of them yet he has no love life of his own. He wishes he had someone to love but sadly, he dosen't.(If you want to fix him up with your charcachter tho no promblem! just post it!) So to fill this void in his life he plans his friends. He is actually pretty funny once you get to know him but has a relly short fuse.(just think Kyo from Fruits Basket) He loves to do anything involving martial arts and is very skilled. In his free time he likes to sit on the roof of his house and stare at the sky.
Okay is that good? I hope so...wait a sec why am I a boy? Weird..oh bout he pic. It's screwy. Don't upset it. Or it won't show up. It's Kyo from Fruits Basket so If you watch that you know what he looks like
[IMG]http://www.lunaregina.com/furuba/anime14.jpg[/IMG] oh here is another image if you really want o see him. clearly he is the orange hair boy(duh)[IMG]http://www11.brinkster.com/chibikawaiineko/kyou_5.jpg[/IMG]
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DONT BLAME ME FOR THIS!!!! This was Seth's idea....

Name: Sakura

Age: 15

Description: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=2[/url]

Year: 11

Bio: She just moved into this school and doesnt have many friends. She doesnt talk much but is an overall good kid. She wants to a teacher someday and hopes to make friends. She quickly made friends with Selenay and the others but is still pretty shy. She is never late for class and is always staying organized.
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name: Senai Aki (Aki is his first name)
Age: 16
Description: His long platinum hair is ankle length. his eyes are a strange gold, something people are not used to. He also wears a dog colar and headband.
Year: 11
BIO: He takes no crap from anyone, and it often gets him into trouble. He stands up to everyone, regardless of their backround.
He is always calm, and makes freinds with almost anyone easily. He's often depressed and despondant, while he deals with his life the best way he can. He's often off by himself, because others are scared of him. He wants to just fade away, to where the pain of living stops hurting. He's not suicidal, but he isn't exactly not suicidal either.
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Guest OyeahVersion2.0
Hope it's not too late...

Name: Chad

Age: 16

Description: Tanned skin, ice-blue eyes, black hair. Wears dirty denim jeans and Broncos (NFL) Jersey

Year(or grade): 11

Bio: Outgoing and outspoken. Chad loves all sports and is often chosen for school teams. He is also very defensive and loves to party
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Age: 15

Description:Wears a blood red shirt w/ black leather pants has black hair w/ two red strips in the front,black combat boots.

Year(or grade): 10

Bio: Dosent talk much but is a big trouble maker gets into more fights than she can count.People call her Shon(pronounoced Shawn).Hates all.Is very tough and much like a tomboy.
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Name:Bernadette (aka Bee)


Description:Short (like, boy short), reddish-blonde hair, Grey eyes with flecks of blue, light skin, a few flecks of freckles, short for her age (like, 5'1"), normal weight for her height (bout 110 lbs)

Year(or grade):9th

Bio: Bee just moved about 2,000 miles away from her old home, but no one seems to care. Currently, she's got no friends. Bee is very independent, so she doesn't really mind being alone, just remember that alone and ignored are two very different things. all her life, Bee has been involved with marshall arts, so despite her size, she'll talk back to any bully, even if it leads to a fight.
Now, just to let ya know, unless you want to be just a friend, BACK OFF BOYS!
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Name: Veil Banesylvia

Age: just turned 16 (like me!:D)

Description: Dark, straight hair that is chin-length, and light gray eyes. She's 5'3", and her features are slender and shadowy.

Year(or grade): 11th

Bio: Veil lives with her mom, who is out most of the time working at ungodly hours. Her father is...non-existent in their home, and he's never spoken of. She moved here at the beginning of 10th grade, but was like an outcast. Not a people person, she didn't know how to act socially or fit in with others. Instead, she concentrated fully on her studies, acting patronizing and distant towards others. However, this year she started to warm up, and is finding her own place with a group of friends. She's trying to make more friends, and find a close one.
As for guys... Well, she's very uncomfortable around them if they show feelings towards her. She doesn't want to get involved with anyone because she doesn't want her feelings to be flying out of control, but in truth, she's afraid of taking a risk and getting hurt. In secret, she dreams of a perfect match for herself, but so far just keeps guys as friends, since sometimes they're easier to talk to.
She plays the cello in orchestra, and also participates in paint ball. She joined the Paint-ball Club, and is now its Vice Pres. She's also in many other academic activities, and plays soccer on the varsity team.
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[color=#707875]Guys, please note the dates on here. The third last post was on the third of November, 2003. That makes this thread three months old. I assume that this RPG is therefore inactive at the moment.

If vicky would like to re-open sign-ups or something, please let me know.[/color]
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