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RPG They had it coming.[WARNING: May contain violence, adult language, and adult content]


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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b][i] WARNING: This story may contain violence, adult language, and sexual content.

I will urge anyone who is easily offended by bloody violence, language, and sexual conduct to stay away. I do not wish to offend anyone. If someone has a problem or complaint, please do not hesitate to send me a messege.


~A student's standpoint~

Okay, we are all or were students once. We know school sucks, the food stinks, and "fitting in" is torture. But we all know that the one, and absolute, one thing that made school hell was the teachers. Yes, that's right, I said teachers.

Think about it, did it ever piss you off how some, not all, teachers will antagonize a certain student in class, just because they knew that student was better than the rest. Even better than themselves. The will stereotype a kid just because of the way they dress, the music they listen to, their religious beliefs, their family, shall I go on?

It enrages me, because I am one of those stereotypes. I, Tanya Remmings, struggle with the insanity teachers impose on us. My school is a normal, middle class high school. The kids are all the same, cruel, immature, and ignorant. Except for the exceptional few, my friends. We are all called the "rebels, satanists, anarchists, sons and daughters of the devil" the list goes on. The thing is, we are all geniuses compared to the idiots of fellow students and teachers.

They year was going like any other year, boring, painful, and ever so full of drama. The jocks and preps ranted and raved over prom and such. The nerds were..well, nerds, they were the coolest and weirdest people you could meet. The thugs all fought over who was the rapper of the year and such.

Then there was us, the stereotypes. What we had to worry about was something that no one would have ever conceived. We had to worry for our lives, not from students, but from teachers. Parents thought we were making up all those stories on how teachers are out to get us....*Chuckles*Well, think again. They were out to get us.

One by one, my friends ended up in the hospital because a teacher tried to kill them. We forgot our homework, we would be greeted after school by the teacher and got jumped to the point were we could barely breath. We speak our opinion in class(which we are obligated to do so), the teacher would keep us after class and pull a knife. If we were late for class, not one, but several teachers would drag us into the stalls and whip out the bat. Sometimes, they would catch us walking down the street and kick our *** there or try to run us over.

Eventually, all of my friends and myself, wound up in the hospital. Our parents thought we were crazy, the police could not do anything for we had no solid evidence. I knew then, it was up to us to take matters into our own hands. Weeks of planning with my friends went by and we were released. And all we have to say is..they had it coming....

"Good morning students. Today as we all know is the pep alley for our outstanding football team. We will assemble for today's festivities on the football field during 8th period...." the principal's monotone voice rang over the PA system.

Tanya sat at her desk and doodled in her notebook. Preppy girls were gossiping about how much of a slut this girl was, the guys were ranting and raving over the game, the day started out normal. Paper balls flew and pegged people in the heads, the class was unruly, and Tanya raised her eyebrow in an annoyance.

"Alright class, ALRIGHT! Settle down! I know it's exciting to skip your last period of the day, but we have only just begun the day. So sit your hind ends in your seats and shut up,"Mr. Kentu entered the room with a storm, as usual.

"Mr. Why you gotta be all over us? It's 7:50 in tha morning. We ain't even awake yet," a thug next to Tanya complained.

"If you're not even awake, then you should be quiet and not loud,"Mr. Kentu sat his briefcase on his desk,"Now, take out your essays on Shakespeare's [u]Macbeth[/u]. I hope for your sakes you did the assignment."

Tanya took her essay out of her back-pack and placed it on Mr. Kentu's desk. She returned to her seat with snickers from the group of girls.

"I heard...she and Mr. Kentu...it's been going on for a couple of months...."they all whispered and looked gleefully at Tanya who was glaring at them.

"Tanya, please stay after class,"Mr. Kentu's voice was stern. This only added fuel to the fire as the girls gossiped more.

Damnit, I hate this school..Tanya continued to draw, only a little more aggressive. [/color][/b][/font][/i]
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Mr. Lunais strolled into his class, hands in his pockets, headphones on, chewing gum as usual. Leo Lunais didn't like to be like the other Teachers, with thier slacks and nice shirts. He usually wore a sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up halfway up his forearm. He walked to his desk and sat down in his chair, it squeeked as he leaned backwards. Mr. Lunais propped his feet up on his desk and folded his arms behind his head.

"Alright class...Lets get out the homework I assigned yesterday. You did do it didn't you guys?" Mr. Lunais said with his usual laid back tone.

The students started fishing around in thier bookbags, and looking around in thier binders. A student walked up to Mr. Lunais's desk and leaned next to him.

"Mr. Lunais, I was out of town and wasn't able to do it...I left around 3:00 and didn't get home 'til 9:00" The students said in a low-tone

Mr. Lunais set up straight in his chair and proped his elbows up on his desk.
"Now you could've taken it with you, couldn't you have?"

The student looked around nervous, he looked to the rest of the clas who were talking to eachother in lone tones, throwing the occasial paper-airplane.

"Well? You could have, but you didn't...Its a 0" Mr. Lunais said "Go back to your desk."

The student walked back to his desk, his head hanged low.
Mr. Lunais shook his head, then stood up. He walked over to the chalkboard and started writing on the board.
"All right students, listen up. Take these notes!"
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"Um........... is this Mr. Kentu's class?"
A strange and extremly pale and handsome boy walks into the classroom. A girl is what catches his eye. She seems familiar to him.
The teacher turns around. "Yes. How may I help you, son?"
"Um.... I'm new here, and they said this would be my first class."
"Ah, yes. our new student."
The teacher stands, and he smiles. "Class, this is Ashley Tazuna. A transfer student from.....?"
"Izaka High"
"Well now, we have a genious with us. You may take a seat next to Tanya. Tanya, raise your hand."
Tanya raises her hand, the girl whom caught his eye. Ashley sits next to her, and he sees she's drawing something. "Class, we have things to do. Get to work."
Ashley can see a bruise on the girl. He can already tell that there are bad teachers here. He glances at his bag, and the gun in it.
A note flips onto his desk. "Hm?"
The note is from tanya. [i] hey, you're the newbie here. Leaqver before you get yurself killed.[/i]
Ashley smiles, and writes, [i] You wish. No offense, but I know about what goes on here. That's why I'm here.[/i]
He flips it back. It is flipped back. [i] what the hell do you mean?"
I mean that I am here because the things that go on here are not a secret. I'll meet you after school if you want to know more[/i]
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[color=green] Sorry about not having a description, this should help.

Mr. kyoske walked into class. He wore an extra large Japanese school uniform. He had messed up hair and red eyes. As he walked in everyone shut up. He was known for that, he could keep a class quite easilly. He began writing on the chalkboard. "You will do these problems, I dont give a crap if you use a pencil or pen just do it." He began checking attendance. He heard the sond of crumpling paper and looked up at the class. Everyone looked strait. One kid giggled. He glared over to the kid. He walked over to the kid. "Do you have something to share?" "No" "excuse me?" "no mister Kyoske" "then dont speek up unless you want to loose your mouth." He looked over at the class. He walked over to his desk. Everyone began to work. Kyo was first to finish. (I hope you dont mind) He handed the paper to the teacher. "Kyo, I advise you not to crumple papers anymore unless you want to get 'hurt'" Kyo walked back to his desk.[/color]
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"Class, take out your textbooks, and flip to page 526, now." Mr. Marksman barked, and recieved perfect obedience.

"I hate this class, that guy is so mean." One girl whispered to another next to her.

"Jenna! Get up here!" Mr. Marksman bellowed.

The girl looked frightened.

"Do you know what you've done?" He whispered in a deadly tone.

"I-I only whispered!" She squeaked.

That did it.

Mr. Marksman wacked the girl ver the head with the textbook on his desk.

She fell unconcious.

"You. You did it." Mr. Marksman said.

He was pointing to a boy in the front of the class.

"B-But-" He studdered.

Mr. Marksman took out his gun, and pointed it at the boy.

"Take her to the nurse, and tell her what you've done, you naughty boy. You assaulted her in the hall. Now go." He said quietly.

The boy got up, picked up the girl, and ran.

Mar. Marksman put the gun in it's holster, which was carefully hidden under his jacket.

"Read pages 526 through 564. Go, now." He said calmly.

All students responded immediately and perfectly.

Mr. Marksman picked up the phone and dialed the nurses office to see if the boy had arrived yet.

"What boy?" The nurse asked.

"He's not there...?" Mr. Marksman's eyes darted around the room.

"Couldn't he still be walking here?" The nurse asked.

"It's been five minutes... And my classroom is close to your office..." He mumbled into the phone, and stood up.

He left the class without explanation.

He walked briskly down the hall, and toward the nurses office. Sure enough, the girl was lying outside the door. Mr. Marksman picked her up, and brought her to the nurse.

"The boy I was speaking of assaulted this girl." He said, then walked out of the room.

The nurse looked stunned.

Mr. Marksman ran out the doors of the school, and into the parking lot. He spotted a figure running down the street. He jumped into a bush closeby, and pulled out the handgun.

"Driveby shooting. Unfortunate." He mumbled under his breath.

He aimed at the boy.

"There is no evidence." he whispered, and pulled the trigger.

ten minutes later, he walked into the classroom, to find everyone reading.

He sat down, and sipped his coffee.
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[color=deeppink][font=times new roman][b][i]OOC: Figured I'd make the writing the same color as her shirt...Nice guys, very nice..

The bell rang and all of the student piled out of the room. Tanya remained in her seat. Ashley looked curiously at Tanya. She gave him a glance as if she were trying to say "Just go, don't even bother to ask,".

After all of the students cleared out, Mr. Kentu casually walked up to Tanya's side and placed a hand on her shoulder. She jerked away and he slapped her. She looked up at him with rage.

"What the crap is wrong with you?! You're never like this!"Tanya stood up.

She was right, Mr. Kentu was usually nice and somewhat layed back. But for the past week or two he had been acting strange.

"Don't question me! You know us teachers will not stand for this action!" Mr. Kentu grabbed Tanya's shoulders and shoved her against the wall. He began to run his hand up her neck and began to squeeze.

"Wha-what did I do wrong? I handed in my essay, what's wrong with it?"Tanya clasped her hand around his wrist.

"You, do something wrong? Ha, you didn't do anything wrong and that's the problem. You think you are better than everyone else?"His voice growled.

"N-no, I don't think I am better than everyone else. Please, let go,"Tanya squirmed as he traced her lips with his index finger of his free hand.
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Ashley was outside of the classroom, and he heard her cry out. He pulled his gun out of his bag and he walked in slowly. They were done squabling, and Ashley was quiet. his bag hid his gun from sight, and he walked up to the teacher. "Um, Mr. Kentu, There's a woman who says she needs Tanya."
"? Fine. Tanya, you're excused. You may go."
Thje two kids leave the building quickly, and Ashley stuffs his gun back into his bag. Ashley takes Tanya to a nearby coffee shop. "You alright?"
"Peachy. You have a gun. I've never seen one like it before. Just who are you?"
"I? I'm just a kid in this big city."
Tanya studies his face. "You're telling me a fat lie."
"And you are really weird. What's with those earrings?"
"They're my parents."
He touches one, and then the other. "This is my mother, and this is my father. They're dead."
"So......... you have earrings that you call your parents?"
"No, I have earrings made from their blood."
"As you want. What do you want here? Order anything you want."
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[color=green]Kyoske stood in the doorway as the kids slowly walked out of his classroom. Kyo was last. He was walking out when kyo put a dagger to his chest. "a a a, I dont think so". Kyo glared at him then hoped back. He took position. Kyoske glared at him, hands in his pockets. He began walking toward him. "hahahahaha you reallly think your all that huh punk?" He took out a few shuicken and lunged them. Ko dodged andflung a konai. Kyoske caught it between his fingers. "a a a, your going to the office" he glared his red eyes shining "unless you want to undergo an unfotunate accident. kyo put his hands in his pockets and walked out"yes mister Kyoske" "hehehehahaha"[/color]
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Mr. Lunais slumped back in his chair as he looked out over the room.
"Hey guys! Dont forget, Do Sections 1 & 2 on pages 54 and 55!...Oh! and Stanly, stay after class. I need to have a word with you."

The bell to go sounded, and everyone stood up. They began talking and carrying on as they left the room.

Mr. Lunais walked over to Stanly, the student who came up with a horrible excuse for not turning in his work. Mr. Lunais fumbled around his back and pulled out his Billy club. He slammed it on Stanly's desk.

"Wha-What did I do?!" Stanly said, clearly freightend

Mr. Lunais shook he head and sat on the desk next to Stanly
"Its what you didn't do..." Mr. Lunais slapped the Billy-club in the palm of his open hand. "You see...I would have let you slide by not doing your work, but your excuse was terrible.."

"Mr. Lunais! It was one assignment! Sorry! Geez..." Stanly seemed irritated more then afraid. "Leave me alone..."
Stanly stood up and began to walk past Mr. Lunais, but was stopped short as he fell to the ground his nose beginning to bleed.
"Augh! Mr. Lunais! HELP! Someone!"

Mr. Lunais put his foot on Stanly's back and pushed down, forcing Stanly to the ground, he hit Stanly on back of the head with the Billy Club. He quickly tucked it behind his belt as a student ran into the classroom. Mr. Lunais quickly pulled Stanly to his feet and held him up.

"Oh geez! Stanly! This ink on the ground is a hazard, its a wonder you arent totally messed up after that spill!" Mr. Lunais said, pushing Stanly foward.
Stanly exited the room in a flash.

"Mr. Lunais? Is Stanly alright?" The student who entered said "He looked pretty messed up!"

"No no..He's fine, just slipped thats all" Mr. Lunais said, walkign back to his desk. The student shrugged and left, as his second period students started walking in.
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[font=arial]Mr. Marksman walked into the teacher's lounge, and poured more coffee into his mug.

Mr. Lunais was spawled out on a couch.

"These kids never know when to quit, do they?" Mr. Lunais said.

"No, no they don't." Mr. Marksman said, and took a sip of the coffee.

"We best be off to class then." Mr. Lunais said, and stood up.

"Yes." Mr. Marksman said.

He strolled into the hall.

When he reached the classroom, everyone was waiting perfectly.

Too perfect, Mr. Marksman thought. Even when they are obedient, they aren't perfect.

"What's wrong. I can smell your fear, you know." He said.

"Did he grin? No, his mouth just twitched." someone whispered.

Mr. Maksman put down his coffee cup, and picked up a pen.

"I expect your obediance!" He bellowed, and threw the pen at the direction of the noise, hitting the person in their forehead, which began to bleed.

The guy reached up to his forehead, and touched the cut. He winced.

"Something wrong?" Mr. Marksman said sarcastically.

"N-No, sir." He said.

"Good. Mr. Marksman muttered and turned around. Read pages 526 thr-"

He was hit in the back of the neck with a spitball. It had been Danny.

Mr. Marksman began to twitch.

"Who did that?!" He roared, throwing a binder at the clock mounted on the wall, destroying it.

"Tell me... Who it was." He whispered, and silence filled the room.[/font]
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[color=deeppink][font=times new roman][b][i] OOC: Very nice everyone...Inuyasha, have you read my char's profile? She's not a girly girl, you know this irritates me;)

"So, Ash..Is that okay?*he nodded* Well, Ash what happened to your parents? And why did you come to this school?" Tanya took a sip of her coffee.

"I don't really want to talk about my parents right now. As for transferring here, revenge. A friend of mine attended school here and was beaten to death by one of the teachers. I came to avenge my friend's death," Ashley took a drink of his coffee.

Tanya nods and sighed,"I am heading back. You should to if you don't want to be killed." She stood up and threw her backpack over her shoulder.

"Who do you have now?" he followed.

"Me, I have Mr. Lunias now,"Tanya hurried down the street.

"Slow down, we have five more minutes.."Ashley struggled to keep in pace.

"I am sorry. I have developed an instinct to be fast. You have to be if you've attended school here for the past few years. You have to,"Tanya burst through the school doors and down the hall.

"Who do you have?" she asked.

"Ummm..Mr. Marksman..."he fumbled to look at his schedule.

"Damn, sucks to be you. That man's beyond psycho, good luck. Up the stairs fifth door on your left!" Tanya took off down the hall weaving her way through the kids.

She leaped into the door just before the bell rang. She walked into the back of the room and took her seat. All of the girls sneered and whispered.

"Ms. Remmings, nice for you to get here just two seconds before the bell,"Mr. Lunias smiled,"Do you have your report on the American Revolution?"

"Yes Mr. Lunias, I do,"Tanya pulled out her report.

Mr. Lunias waltzed over to her and snatched the paper from her hand. He looked over it and looked at Tanya. He noticed her neck was bruised.

"Is there something wrong?"Tanya noticed him staring at her and she began to flush. She pulled her hair back from her face.[/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Mr. Lunais took Tanyas paper towards the front
"Nice work, Tanya...Kelly, good work. Zach, good job."

Mr. Lunais set the stack of papers on his desk and walked around to his seat, he plumpled down in his chair with a huff.
"Alright students, Howa bout you read pages 52-60..Thats not too much to ask, is it?"

"Yes..." Some kid towards the back said sarcastically, he began to laugh and gave a high-five to his friend next to him

Mr. Lunais stood up and looked around, alright then the whole class can read 52-246...Hows that? and I want a two-page eassy over what you read. Thank Jamil back there for this new assignment!" Mr. Lunais said, putting his headhones on "Oh, and I want it read and reported by tomarrow!"

A wave of groans and cussing towards Jamil rang out, as Mr. Lunais pressed a button on his discman, the muffled sound of hard-rock blared out from the headphones. A student raised his hand.

"Yeah?" Mr. Lunais said in his laid back tone "What is it?"

The student looked around, un sure if he should ask his question "What are we doing today in class?"

Mr. Lunais stood up and casually put his hands in his pockets, he let out a heavy sigh. "You guys wanna learn? Alright, lets learn. Open up your textbooks to page....Oh, I dont know..Just open it up."

A student leaned in to talk to one of his friends.
"Man, Mr. Lunais is being a di-"

"Mr. Lunais is a what?" Mr. Lunais said bobbing his head to music playing in his ear. "C'mon now, tell the class what I am...Stand up now!"

The student stood up, and brushed the dust from his baggy clothing, a red do-rag hanging from his back pocket.
"Mr. Lunais, you're being a di*k! What? Sending me to the office, or somethin'?"

Mr. Lunais took his headphones off and walked over to the student, he shook his head and leaned close, talking low.
"Now, why did you have to go and call me a di*k? Now you're just going to feel embarrased.."

The student cocked a brow.

Mr. Lunais struck the student across the cheeck with his Billy-club, the student reeled back and fell down.

"Agh! What the hell!?" the student yelled

Mr. Lunais looked around and pointed to Tanya
"Go ahead and take him down to the nurses office, he slipped on some ink...You got that?"

Mr. Lunais walked back to his chair and slumped down, he put his headphone back on, and watched as Tanya grumbled about being his worker girl, he shrugged and spoke up
"C'mon now, get them books open and start learning!"
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Ashley never showed up for class. He was too busy going to kill someone. He felt bad about lying to Tanya, but he could not jepordize his mission. He heard a girl crying. "No..... Please..." A teacher was standing over her, and was about to rape her. He sees Ashley, and descides he wants him instead. Five minutes later, the teacher is grasping Ashley's *** and telling dirty things to him. The teacher licks Ashley's neck. Ashley's expressionless face seems to maker the teacher all the more horny. Ashley's gun is soon in hand, The teacher it too busy feeling Ashley up to notice.
KA-POW! Ashley presses a button on the gun.
[i]PLUT![/i] The back of the teacher's head explodes.
The man falls dead, and Ashley leaves the corpse. Again, he feels nothing for what he did. He heads to class, and he shows up, and he apologizes.
""Um... I'm new, and I am sorry I am late." He bows, and he watches Mr. Marksman. The students are tense, like they are waiting for something.
"I see. You are excused. Take a seat." The students all let out a collective sigh.
Ashley sits in the back, and he doesn't think twice about the teacher. There is the sound of an ambulence. The teacher stands, and goes to the window. "What is going on?"
Askley knows what is going on. The body had been discovered. Ashley has no blood on him, so he wouldn't be blamed. Ashley's expression gives no hints as to his deeds.
( no one can point out my char did it. I think it would be a good thing if the teachers get a little nervous........)
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Mr. Marksman was shacking with rage when heard the sires.

"Go back to your reading. Not a sound." He said.

He walked out the door.

"Hey, he never told us what pages to read!" A student whispered.

Mr. Marksman was hurrying towards the main doors, and he saw that Mr. Lunais was also checking out the scene. He walked up to Mr. Lunais.

"What is going on?" He asked.

"I have no idea. Maybe they found something..." He muttered.

They spotted a body bag. Mr. Marksman's eyes widened.

"Don't worry. It won't stand up in court. It never does." He said, and walked back to his classroom.

Mr. Lunais also walked back to his classroom.

Mr. Marksman walked through the door.

Who's done with the reading.

"You didn't tell up what pa..." The kid stopped talking when he saw Mr. Marksman's evil glare.

"Then start from page 1, and read the entire thing." He muttered, and walked up to the chalkboard.

He wrote down the word 'secrecy.'

"Who knows what this means?" Mr. Marksman said.

A kid raised his hand.

"Yes?" Mr. Marksman said, in an almost normal teacher tone.

"It means that you don't tell someone something." The kid said.

"A horrible definition, but that is the basic idea." He said.

He walked to his desk, and sipped his coffee.

"You will not tell anyone of the happenings in this school. If you do..." He said.

Mr. Marksman took out his gun and showed it to the class.

"You can figure out the rest, right?" Mr. Marksman said.

The class nodded.

"Good. Tommorrow we will be experimenting with microorganisms, such as paramecium. You are excused." He said, exactly when the bell rang.

The class exited the classroom hurridly.

Mr. Marksman sipped his coffee, then picked up the phone, and called the vice pricipal.

"I was just wondering why an ambulance is in our parking lot. It interrupted my class." he said.

"Oh, a few people were assaulted by classmates, and some of them were just clumsy. A few stitches for one kid, and another girl had a concusion. Kids really are violent today, aren't they." The principal said.

"Yes." Mar. Marksman said, and hung up the phone.[/font]
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Mr. Lunais walked our of the class with all of his students, speaking over them
"Remember your assignments!"

Mr. Lunais walked down the hall and entered Mr. Marksmans room he gave a little nod as he pulled up a stool next to Mr. Markmans desk.
"Hate to sound a little worried, but it seems like the kiddies might be scheming..Just maybe.."

Mr. Markman looked up at Mr. Lunais and gave a small smirk
"They'll never do anything, we got them where we want them."

Mr. Lunais let out a small, laugh
"Yeah...We do...Alright, well..I'm heading out. Gotta get back to my class to catch the next period. Talk to you later"

Mr. Marksman gave a little wave as Mr. Lunais left

Mr. Lunais entered to an un-ruly class, the jocks were tossing a footwall around. The preps were talking about boys and the mall, the small group of skaters were talking about the new "CKY" video that came out. A few black teens were spilling off some lyrics. The usual crap that would be pulled in any other class; Not Leo Lunais's

Mr. Lunais slammed the door, and entered the now silent class
"What the hell kind of crap are you trying to pull?! Huh?!"
Mr. Lunais pulled his Billy club out and slammed it against his open palm.

A tall black student stood up and cleared his thrat
"Man, Mr. Lunais! You need to calm the heck down! For I have to make you calm down!"

Mr. Lunais shook his head as the class let out a long "Ooooh!"

Another black student stood up
"Yeah..C'mon Bueller! You can knock this cracka teacher out!"

Mr. Lunais started pushing desks out of the way
"Alright Bueller, you want to fight me. Lets throw down."

Bueller started crossing the room with his hands raised to his face, guarding it. Mr. Lunais put his billy club back behind his belt and advanced on Bueller. Bueller swung his right fist, but missed as Mr. Lunais dodged it. Mr. Lunais grabbed Buellers arm and brought it down on his knee, a loud snap was heard as Bueller collapsed to the ground in pain; his arm shattered.

Mr. Lunais stood up, and brushed the fake dust off of his sweater
"Get him out of my sight; he fell, and put these desks back how they were! Anyone else want to fight in THIS class room? No? I didn't think so...Move!"

The students began moving quickly, putting the desks back and getting Bueller out of the room and down to the nurses office. Mr. Lunais walked to his chiar and sat down, he put his headphones on and cranked up his music.
"Get your damn books open and start reading, I dont care what page. Just read!"
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O.o.C: No, the teacher was just being dirty.The teacher was going to molest him, and My character didn't let that happen. My character is a boy, there is no doubt. The only thing feminine about him is his earrings, and If you've ever seen the movie 'KITE' than you know what they look like.
Ashley looked around the classroom. It woulld be tomorrow before he got his books, and he had heard the conversation between the teacher and someone else, probably the princilpal.
A voice rings out over the P.A. system.
[i] Attention. We have some bad news to report to the students and staff. We have just suffered a terrible loss, and it is to my sad displeasure to say that our best teacher, Uzu Maki has just been murdered. That is all.[/i]
Ashley looks at the others, looking like they just got some rather unexpected news and did not know how to handle it. Everyone is stunned, and Ashley is the perfect actor.
Mr. Marksman's expresion turns to one of sadness. "Yes.... he was one of the best........"
Ashley watches the man, and the bell rings. "You are dismissed. Go home, or whatever rat's nest you crawl out of."
Ashley is the last student to arrive at the door. "Mr. Marksman. May I ask you something?"
"Was he.........did he like boys?"
"What are you getting at?"
"Nothing. I'm saying that perhaps it was his tastes in sexual partners that did him in."
"You....... You know something.........."
"No. But, I am from Izaka High."
"I see. Who are your parents?"
"They're dead. But, my legal guardian sends his regards."
"And who is that?"
"Detective Dan Ross."
Mr. Marksman seems to find something funny. "I see. "You may leave now."
An hour later, Ashley is in the main office, and he is to go out on a job. He is to kill a child molester/ rap star that seems like he can't get caught by the law. "Well then. I better get ready then."
Ashley puts a uniform, a black and white with red trim in his bag. A disguise. "Good-bye. I'll retern."
"Be careful, Ashley. It's going to be tough."
"I'm have my parents watching over me. There is no need to worry."
"It's that kind of attitude that gets people killed."
"I'll do the job after school."
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Fish sat in Mr.Lunais' class reading out of the text book.She could care less about what just happened to Bueller.Just as long if it wasn't her she was fine.

"It doesn't matter if people know what happened in the past,they're still doomed to repeat it anyway." she thought to herself.Mr.Lunais shot a look at her,as if he could read her mind.

A cold chill went through Fish's body.
"Someone's dancing on my grave."she mummbled to her self.

"What was that Miss.Burton?I don't think I heard you." Mr.Lunais said already at he end of his rope.

"I said; Someone's dancing on my grave."

Mr.Lunais stood up and began tp make his way toward Fish.
"And what does this have to with reading?" he asked with a hint of hostility to his voice.

"Nothing sir."

"That's what I thought."Mr.Lunais was now right above Fish."Get reading and be quiet."Mr.Lunias walked back to his desk and put his headphones back on.

Fish let out a small sigh of releef.
"I was lucky this time." She thought. Fish turned her attention back to the text book and began to read.
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Mr. Lunais bobbed his head to his music, the deep bass and heavy electric guitar flooded his ears, he looked around the room, then smiled. He pulled a small boombox out from under his desk and smiled. He stood and pulled off his headphone.
"What are we listening to class?"

The students looked at eachother but didn't respond.

Mr. Lunais, flipped the switch on the boombox and hard rock flooded the airwaves.

The majority of the class groaned "Nooo!" and some shouted "YES!"

Mr. Lunais let out a small laugh, and turned the dial of the boombox until Country music was heard

Again the majority of the class groaned "Nooo!"

Mr Lunais turned the dial again and reached an Oldies station
The majority of the class groaned "Nooo!" again.
Mr. Lunais turned the dial and reached a rap station, the majority of the classed roared with approval

"All right, Rap it is! Mr. Lunais said without disapproval, he sat down in his chair and put his headphones on, drowning out the rap. "Get to reading!"
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[font=arial]"Eh?" Mr. Marksman muttered.

He could feel the bass vibrating through the floor. He sighed, and went back to staring at the class, thoroughly enjoying making them feel insecure.

Some of the kids heads started to bob a little with the beat, and Mr. Marksman slammed his textbook closed as hard as he could, suprising some kids to the point where they fell of their chairs.

"I am not playing the music, therefor, it does not exist. Do I make myself clear?" He said, in his usual evil tone.

The class went back to examining paramecium, and taking notes.

Mr. Marksman began to tap to the beat.

"Hypocryte." someone muttered.

Mr. Marksman stood up.

"I will be right back." He said, and walked out.

In the teacher's lounge, he poured a seperate mug of steaming coffee. He walked back to the classroom, and stood behind the kid who had been whispering. He turned the mug over, pouring the boiling coffee on the kid.

"AH! IT BURNS!" He yelled, and flung himself to the floor, rolling around over and over again.

"Yes, it does burn, doesn't it?" Mr. Marksman said, and sat down at his desk, sipping his own coffee, which was not nearly as hot.

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Ashley silently watched,this female teacher, She was being........ nice.......
"Um..... ma'am?"
"I don't have a book... and i won't untill tomorrow. May I borrow one?"
"Yes you may."
The woman hands him a book, and notices his earrings. "Wow..... Those are really beautiful!"
"Thank you. My mom and dad gave them to me.Before they died."
"You must be very grateful."
"Yes...... I love them."
"Aren't you the new student?"
"Then stand and introduce yourself."
"Alright." Asley stands, and then he speacks. "I'm Ashley Tazuna, and I'm from Izaka High. I'm an orphen, and I live with a police officer."
The woman is mildly taken aback. "You live with an officer?"
"Um yes... is there a problem?'
"N-no....... you may sit down now."
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[color=deeppink][font=times new roman][b]Tanya left the busted up kid in the nurses office. She said something about his cheekbone being shattered. Tanya chuckled and continued down the hall. The bell rang for the next class and Tanya remembered her things were still in Mr. Lunias's classroom.

She ran down the hall and pushed in the door to a staircase that was rarely used. She darted up the steps, skipping a couple. Suddenly a jock in his letter jacket clothes hanged her and she fell backwards.

"Heh, what's the matter slut? Trying to hurry back to your sex ed teacher?" his voice slithered.

He leaned down over Tanya who was coming to. He threw off his jacket and jumped on top of her. A couple of his friends were laughing and shouting. Tanya struggled to get herself free, but the football jock's hold was relentless. He took out a switch blade and cut her jeans off.

"Get off of me you sick f~~k!!"Tanya screamed as the jock was struggling to keep hold of her.

"It will only hurt more if you fight it!"one of the other guys teased.

The jock ontop of her was roughly kissing on her neck. Tanya wiggled a hand free and brought her palm into the jocks nose. He fell over and down the stairs. He lay dead at the bottom.

"Who's next?"Tanya stood up. She quickly reached into her pants that were laying on the ground and pulled out the twin butterfly knives. She spun them flawlessly in her hands and took a stance.

"What the hell?! Is he dead?! You b~~ch!"

"Yes he's dead. My blow to his nose broke the bone and shot it up into the front of his brain. Too bad,"Tanya chuckled as the jocks ran off.

She took her pants and safety pinned them as best as she could and ran to Mr. Lunias's classroom. She heard rap music blaring many doors down. Her face twisted with confusion and disgust. Tanya burst throught the door and Mr. Lunias glanced at her then glanced again.

"What happened to your pants? And did the nurse question?" he slid the headphones off of his ears.

"I told her what you told me to say and left. I was att-Nevermind,"Tanya thought it would be best if she didn't tell him.

He watched her grab her bag and bolt out the door. A girl thuggy walked throught the door at the same time and brushed up against Tanya.

"Excuse you, b~~ch. You gots to watch were you're goin,"the girl waved her hand in Tanya's irritated face.

"Why don't you watch yourself? You never know what I may do," Tanya whispered cooly.

The girl rolled her eyes and shoved Tanya against the door. Tanya glared and threw her bag down and punched the girl. She fell back and Tanya was about to attack but was pulled back by Mr. Lunias.[/color][/font][/b]
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[font=arial]The vials in the Biology lab clinked on the table.

Mr. Lunais should have more control over students. Mr. Marksman thought, and went back to his staring game.

One of his students broke a vile full of the microorganisms.

Mr. Marksman glared.

He hurled a text book at the kid who spilled it, hitting him in his shoulder.

"Gyah!" The kid yelled.

His shoulder was in a rather odd position.

"Shut up, you money wasting pile of garbage!" Mr. Marksman yelled, "Tell the nurse you fell and dislocated it!"

He glared at the kid the entire time he walked out of the classroom.

"You." he pointed at a short kid with messy hair. "Clean this up."

The kid got a paper towel and wiped the floor clean.

"I will not tolerate such disgusting behavior. I'm giving you all a zero for class participation this semester." He said evily, took out a book, and began to read.[/font]
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O.o.C: I think a little teacher impersonation is in order........
There is a knock on the class door, and the teacher leaves. So does Ashley.
"Are you crazy? Sit down! they'll kill you!"
"I have something to do. I can handle my self."
Ashley heads to a restroom, and oulls on his uniform, a pair of glasses, and a brown wig. He takes off his earrings, and he outs them in his bag. He looks completely different.
He leaves the bathroom, and he has an I.D. on his shirt that Identifies him a substute teacher.
He heads around the school, and sees that there are no security cameras. He heads to Mr. Lunas' room, and he sees tanya being slapped around.
"I'll take her."
"Why? I'm doing a good enough job."
"Yes, but I want to have some fun with her."
Ashley projects a meaning that he wants to sexually assult her. Mr'lunas smiles, and hands her over. "Let's go."
They leave, and Ashley can feel that Tanya is quite ready to run.
"Don't worry Tanya. It's Ash."
"I'm getting you out of here. You are going hiome for the day."
"Who says? You're not my boss."
"True. But are you bble to pull this off?"
Tanya does not like that.they get her stuff and they start walking again.
"I'm taking you home. There is only one period left anyway. It's not like they will miss me."
"You aren't a normal kid, are you? And I mean something besides blood earrings."
"You're right."
"And you aren't here for revenge."
"Right again."
"You killed that teacher."
"True again. And let me say, his personal hygeine left something to be desired. He stunk."
"You......... you're some kind of wacko......."
"One account you're wrong on."
"I'm a killer, yes, but I'm as sane as you are."
The two leave, and Ashley puts her in a black Mercedes, a car for the job he was going to do.
"I'll take you home. Where do you live?"
The two take off, and Ashley likes the fact he isn't alone. "I'm going on a job. I'm going to kill Paul Isht. Wanna join me?"
"You act like it is nothing."
"It isn't."
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OOC: Uhh...Just to let you know, Inuyasha. My character doesn't want to sexually assualt anyone, he wants to kick the crap out of them if they become un-ruly. True he is only 22, but you gotta ask beofre putting stuff like that down. You're also running things a little too fast. Slow down, we arent in Warp-Drive here

Mr. Lunais shurgged as Tanya walked off with that 'person'.
He turned back to the black girl who had shoved Tanya, he pushed her into the classroom and walked past her.
"Get out of my way..."
Mr. Lunais watched as the girl walked to her desk, casually, making a crude remark about Tanya. Mr. Lunais snatched up the small boom box and lobbed it at her head, it crashed into her skull and she fel helplessly to the floor.

Mr. Lunais glared
"Do I look like some kind of guy who will tolerate this crap you guys show towards other students? Yeah..Look at me, I'm young. I was in the same position some of you all are in! The jocks hate the punks, the rappers versus the rockers. rich versus poor. Do I honestly look like I care if you are rich, poor, black, white, purple or orange, jock, punk?! No! You'll behave in my class or you'll end up like Miss. Shaneitra down there, bleeding from her head; because mean old Mister Lunais decided he'd had enough of her crap!....Now get to work!"

Mr. Lunais walked over to Shaneitra and grabbed her by the back of her shirt, he lifted her to her feet and pulled her arm over his shoulder, he half-dragged her down the rows of desks and too the door.
"I'm taking her to the nurses office, clean up that borken boom box, and dont think Mr. Marksman below us wouldn't mind coming up here and cracking some skulls if you start jerking around!"

Mr. Lunais exited the room, half-dragging Shaneitra.
"And wipe up the blood!" Mr. Lunais called down the hallway
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[color=deeppink][font=times new roman][b]

"Listen Ash, I don't know who you are or what you are doing, but I cannot miss my next class,"the wind whipped Tanya's dark cherry hair around her face.

"What? You want to go back to that school?! Now I am starting to think you're the wacko,"Ash looked shocked.

"I have Mr. Marksman next, and I will absolutely not miss that class. Not after the last time I missed his class,"Tanya's voice was forelorned.

"What happened?"Ash turned the car around and headed back to the school.

"Well, I was sick one day and decided to stay home. Mr. Marksman grew furious and came to my house. *wavering sigh*He beat me near death. He was the teacher who put me into the hospital. He almost killed me Ash, I am not going to go through that pain again,"Tanya spat and grabbed her bag.

Ash pulled into the school parking lot and Tanya slammed the car door. She threw her bag over her shoulders and began to quicken her pace.

"Hey!! So are you interested?!" Ashley shouted out his window.

Tanya looked back and shook her head.

"No, I have my own mission to accomplish,"Tanya winked and ran inside the building.

She ran up the stairs and down the halls to Mr. Marksman's room. She stopped and straightened her back. Kids were shoving and pulling each other out of the way. She looked into the classroom to see the new class to be throwing paperwads at eachother. Mr. Marksman was not in the room.

She looked up to see the sinister teacher shoving random teens into the lockers. He spots her and narrows his eyes. Tanya pointed inside the classroom and he looked inside. His face purpled with rage and he storms into the class room. He takes a glass beaker and chunks it at a jock who was standing on a desk. The thick glass breaks against his head and the stench of the liquid flooded the room.

Kids started to gag and cough. Tanya slowly entered the room and glanced at all of the twisted faces. Mr. Marksman walked over to the jock and grabbed him by the hair.

"Get out of my class! IMMEDIATELY!!!" he threw the kid out the door.

Tanya stepped to the side and stuck out her foot, tripping the poor kid. He fell flat on the floor and stumbled to get up. Tanya giggled and took her seat in the back of the room. Mr. Marksman glared, Tanya glared back at him, the room in utter silence.[/color][/font][/b]
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