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Do u agree

Guest Tec-9

Do you suport the thought of war?  

  1. 1. Do you suport the thought of war?

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Macaiodh [/i]
[B]i voted no, but sometimes it's necessary to stop evil people.

it's sunday morning, i just woke up & turned on the news & found out we're now at war. they're fighting as we speak... [/B][/QUOTE][color=royalblue]I agree with you..Yeah I think they attacked last night or something like that...[/color]
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When innocent people are in danger of losing their lives, you wonder who is the better person..in this whole situation

War is ugly no one ever said it was pretty, but in war there are unfortunate casualties...I truly feel for the Afghan people...they of all people don't need this...but we all knew it had to be done...this operation is called Enduring Freedom..I think...but to me it is World War III, no matter how you look at it....

I do agree with the military action...and I hope it does the job it was intended for.....
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