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[i][color=teal]Nobody will let it rest, Hakaru?s crash over the Nokiri Bridge seemed to be the only thing worth dwelling on. In this city, you can?t blame them.[/color][/i]

Seichiro truged down the street as the rain continued to pour. The river that flew through the town was well on it?s way to overflowing, and most shops were closed down. Seichiro stood in front of a shop with a big torn sign on it, reading ?DeadEye Shooting Gallery? He sighed and opened the door. There was a large room inside, lined on one side by corridors leading to targets. On the far wall there was an employees only door, which Seichiro walked to.

[i][color=teal] My real dad used to own this shop, but now I do. I use it more as a house than a buisness, the only customers are the teen couples who do god knows what in their lane, and the giddy screaming girls who just wanted to feel adventurous. [/color][/i]

The ship hangars were all but busy, as they closed down maintenance due to rain. A ship in the middle seamed to welcome the rain like a much needed shower. The White letters on the side that read ?Galelayo? drizzled blissfully.

[i][color=teal] It?s hard to imagine that The Galelayo was reduced to scrap metal just recently by the impact of the crash, and now already looks completed. Mr. Madagaskuro, my step father, is in charge of technical maintenence on all the ships, and he says the programs are shocked to hell. I guess that's fine with Hakaru, he seems to enjoy shifting through the mindless masses of people looking for his mercinary crew. [/color][/i]

Seichiro walked up a flight of stairs to get to his house, and noticed a sign on the door:
"Ro! Working overtime again. Sorry.
Seichiro growled and headed back downstairs. He flipped a sign on the glass door that now read Open. He sat on the floor and punched an old boombox which started playing Greenbird (available on midi Here: [url]http://theotaku.com/cowboybebop/music.shtml[/url] )

[color=teal][i] Maybe if he was in Kananori, or a big wild city like it, it wouldn't sound too stupid. But here, now, he must be a moron...[/color][/i]
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Amongst the masses of people, Hakaru walked slowly past them, letting the rain pour on him. He stopped and let out a big sigh.

Hak: [i]I must be a moron to think that I could find anybody here. I should've tried a place like Kananori. Doesn't matter now. I'm stuck here 'til the ship repairs are done. Can't complain though, the maintenence here is good and fast, but with the rain I'll be stuck here longer then expected, but it's not like The Galelayo could use a quick wash after what happened. Still, with the rain alot of places are closed.[/i]

Hakaru resumed walking, watching as people quickly made their way back home or to find shelter from the rain. He stopped as he saw a building with a big torn sign with ?DeadEye Shooting Gallery? marked on it. He searched through his trench coat and pulled out one of his revolvers.

Hak: [i]Ah, what the heck. Been awhile since I had target practice. Nothing else to do anyway. [/i]
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Garai was sitting in a bar and haveing a drink. "Another job well done. Those guys I faught didn't even stand a chance against me" garai thought as he took another sip of his drink. As he drank two guys came in. "Where did that guy go. He faught the others and they seemed like nothing to him" one of them said as they took a seat. "I guess I missed a few" garai thought. "I know. It's probaply because he was one of those special zantars. I have some people out looking for him" the other one said. "It would probaply best for me to go" garai said to him self as he stood up. He payed for his drink and left.
As he walked out side he saw guys with guns come after him. He started running down the street. He looked back and saw the guys from the bar were after him. He jumped and landed on the side of a building and started shooting at them. They scatered. "That's what I hate about you zantars" one of them said as they opened fire. "What. That I can hang onto the side of buildings. I see it as a good thing to have in fights" garai said as he fired a energy blast at them. They scatered as explosion happened. Garai started running up the building and landed on the roof. He started running to another roof and opened a door. He droped in and found him self in a shooting gallery. "Probaply not the best place for me to be hidding in but it'll have to do untill those guys give up" garai said as he leaned against a wall.
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]Anya readied her crossbow and aimed at the target that was yards away. She is a regular at the "Deadeye Shooting Gallery", the only female that actually goes there for target practice. Seichiro walked by and waved.

"How's lady luck today?"he asked as he checked her target, every arrow tore through eachother in the heart.

"Pretty good, except for that couple in the next allyway. They're really distracting and I have been tempted to shoot them instead of this immobile target. I feel the need for a moving target,"Anya's grey ears percked and she smiled deviously.

"Haha, I will make sure they don't bother you. I can't afford another fine from the hospital after the last time you said that."

"The man deserved it! That's what you get when you mess with a short wolf demon. He pulled my ears, I pulled my sword,"Anya giggled at the thought.

[i]"Hey foxy lady, how's about you come over here and give me a little kiss,"a disgusting, burly bum of a man smacked her rear.

"I'll warn you now and only now, keep away from me,"Anya's ears twitched.

"What's this? Ears?! What are you, some kind of dog?!"the man pulled on an ear.

Anya growled, her tail whipped and she unsheathed her ninjistu. A spark of light and a blood curtling scream rang through the gallery. The man was on the ground, missing his..well, appendage if you will..[/i]
~Back to reality~

Seichiro turned and walked over to the ally the two distracting humans were. Anya was half human herself, but she despised their stupidity and thanked the gods that she was more wolf demon then anything. And that her noble, ancient ancestors gave her strength to control...well, sometimes..her inhabitions to killing or harming innocent people. In the case of that man, all cautions and concious were thrown in the trash.

Seichiro walked past and winked at her. She smiled and said thanks and went back to target practicing. Her attention was turned to the door, a luming figure walked through. Drenched in rain he leisurely walked up to the desk. Anya stayed attentive, her senses were telliing her to keep an eye on this man.[/color][/font][/b]
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Seichiro looked at the man, and recognized it as Hakaru. "This place open?"
"Yeah." Seichiro responded, turning his back to look for something in the front desk. Hakaru waited. Seichiro looked back at him. "What are you waiting for?"
"How much is it?"
"10 yen."
"Really? That's a little too cheap. What's the catch?"
"There isn't any. Just shoot and shut up."
"...okay" He made his way to a lane and aimed his gun. "Yow! Hey!" A figure leaning on the wall of the collumn waved his hands back and fourth. "Don't shoot just yet!" He walked out of the column and spotted Seichiro who was giving him a funny look. "How did you get here?!"
"Er... door."
"On the...roof."
"Oh. You're not allowed to use that door." He sighed and went back to rummeging. The quiet sound of Anya's arrow soaring through the air was iterrupted by a loud bang. "What the heck was that?" Seichiro asked startled. "Just a gunshot." Hakaru said, holding up his smoking revolver. "What are you doing with a relic like that?"
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Hak turned around to see everyone staring at him after he fired his revolver.

Seichiro: What are you doing with a relic like that?

Hak: What? I'm not allowed to use this? If it wasn't for this baby I wouldn't be alive right now. Besides, I'm a fan of these antique weapons. I got another one of this and another kind of those antique weapons.

He reached out behind his back and pulled out his shotgun. Everyone had a surprised look on their faces. Hak loaded his weapon, cocked it, turned around, and then fired at the target a few yards in front of him.

An even louder bang echoed through the gallery. He flashed a big grin as he saw that the target was pretty much torn in half. He turned to see everyone in the gallery staring at him, a baffled look on their faces. Hak pointed at the now torn up target.

Hak: Can you set up another target for me, kid?
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna looked around some, walking down the street pulling down her mini skirt, hating how short it was but its the only thing that she had clean to wear today, knowing she should have done her laundry the other day, but forgot about it and went out with some friends of hers. She continued to walk seeing the shooting range called "DeadEye Shooting Gallery", she got an idea and walks inside of the place, never being there before, or even seeing it there before. She looked around some and seen someone that she thought worked there, going up to Anya, tapping her on the shoulder, seeming a bit afraid.

"Do you work here ma'am?" Zsuzsanna asked softly waiting for an answer knowing that she looks like a very smal child to her.

"No, you want to talk to Seichiro. He works here." Anya answered Zsuzsanna's question quickly, going back to her shooting.

"Ok...thank you..." Zsuzsanna nodded and walked over to Seichiro and tapped him on the shoulder some, asking the same question to him.

"Do you work here?" she waited for an answer wondering of she is right this time, not wanting to be embarresed.[/color][/i]
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"I'll set one up, but be careful! These things are expensive!" Seichiro said to Hakaru as Zsuzsanna tapped him on the shoulder. "Do you work here?" He turned to her. "Yeah, I do." It suprised him to see so much buisness in one day, but he guessed they were there to impress Hakaru.
Sorry it's short, I just couldn't think of anything to write.
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]"Later Seichiro,"Anya slung her crossbow around her chest and walked towards the door.

Her thick, light grey hair swished side to side. She waved and winked at Seichiro. He waved and went back to setting up Hakaru's target. Hakaru watched Anya walk past and out the door.

"That woman, who is she?"he asked Seichiro, not of perversion but of caution.

"Oh her? That's Anya Himura, she's a regular. Pretty cool girl, but I'll tell you something now. She's a pistol,"Seichiro finished what he was doing and walked back to the front.

Anya walked down the streets, bustling with scum and putrid filth. The rain fell softly, tickling her thick ears. People stared, but she was used to it. She looked up to see a bar.

"I could use a drink,"she walks into the bar and sits on a stool.

"What would you like?" a skinny, balding bartender walked up to her.

"Um..how about a glass of Amaretto and tea,"Anya leaned over onto the counter.

The bartender set her glass down and Anya sipped her drink. The liquor heated her throat, the sweet tea soothed the burn.

"Can I get you a smoke?"a sleek man asked. His black hair slicked to the side, his suit crisp.

"I don't smoke,"Anya gently sipped her drink.

The man persisted by rubbing his hand on her thigh. Anya's ears flicked and she threw the liquor in his eyes.

"Ahhh! You b~tch!!"the man screamed.

Anya took her tanto and smacked him in his forehead, he fell off of his stool and onto the floor. His nose bled, his face swelled.

"Leave,"Anya's voice was calm.

The man stumbled out of the bar, crying and swearing.

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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna stood there idly for a moment, thinking to her self then sees that Seichiro has disappeared and sighs a bit, needing to speak with him. She turned around and walked back up to the front, hoping that's where he went, and a man bumps into her crying and swearing about a lady, slowly figuring that Anya was behind the man crying, making her smirk a bit, finding it very ironic. She looked around the front and went over to the bar sitting down on a stool on the end sitting alone, ordering a glass of Vodka, waiting for it to come, looking around the bar area, sighing deeply wondering what she was going to do.[/color][/i]
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Seichiro looked around dumbfounded. "Now where did she go?" There was a loud bang and a crack that almost split Seichiro's ears. "Eh...you wouldn't mind setting up another one, would you?"
"ALREADY?!! I said be easy with these things not go overkill!!" He growled and stomped back to fix one up. He set it a bit farther back just out of curiosity. "There, now be careful!"
"Why'd you push it back?"
"...I don't know, just to see if you can hit it, I guess."
"Can you hit it?"
"No. I don't shoot."
"Okay, watch closely." He took aim.
[color=teal][i] As he fired, he looked almost like he was guiding the bullet with his eyes, like somehow the bullet responded to his will. When it hit, he turned and grinned. [/i][/color]

"Set up another one?"
"...you're hopeless."
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Demetria walked away from the spaceport, counting her money. "Let's see, I got a bunch from that job over in Cruzay, but a lot of it had to go to my ship. This one made me a ton though. I need to send most of it home, but..." She looked around. It was the first time in a while that she'd had some time to herself planetside. "Since I'm here, let's call this my night out. I sure as heck deserve one," she said to herself contently. She spotted a bar on the next corner. It was a fairly dingy joint, but then, she wasn't looking for anything upscale. "That should be a good place to start," she said, walking over to the bar. As she reached the door, a man ran into her, bleeding and obviously drunk. He hurried away from the bar, whimpering. "Seems like I got more than I bargained for here. Perfect, I could use some excitement." She went over to the bar, sitting next to a woman with wolflike ears, and ordered a glass of Chardonnay. She turned to the woman and asked, "So, what's there to do around here?"
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*Dragus sits in a bar watching the area.*
*Dragus starts to sniff around and amongst all the beer and other alchoholic drinks Dragus smells a thick juicy mouthwatering steak cooked well done.
Dragus:"Mmmmmmmmmmm.... Gimme the thick steak cooked well done... Now!!!"
*Dragus hits the bar as hard as he could.*
Dragus:"Man thats smells to good to pass up..."
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]"So what's there to do around here?" a young woman asked.

Anya looks up from her drink to see a smiling face. She studied her for a while then smiled. Anya was satisfied that the woman was kind.

"Oh, not much. There's the usual theaters, bars, clubs, a shooting gallery just down the way, race tracks.."Anya was cut off.

"Race track? What kind?"the woman's eyes lightened with joy.

"Any kind of racing. Horse, motorcycles, space pods, cars..."Anya took a swig from her glass.

"Do you race? Oh, my name is Demetria,"she stuck out her hand.

Anya grasped her hand and smiled,"I race cars. And I am Anya Himura."

"Himura?"Demetria looked with interest.

"Yeah, you know the name?"Anya took her hand back. [i]Why is she looking at me like that?[/i][/color][/font][/b]
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna looked dwn the bar some seeing two girls talking, seeming to think that they are really good friends, sighing to herself some shaking her head, knowing that she doesn't have any friends at all, wishing at times that she really did have some kind of friend. She picked up her vodka and drank it all down in one swing, slamming the glass on the bar accidently breaking the glass in her hand, cutting up her palm.

"...Sh~t look what I did now....I'm just a screw up and....everyone knows it so well..." She sighs deeply, trying to ignore the pain in her bleeding palm, a tear running down her cheek, looking at her hand, seeing a blood stream down the side and onto her lap.[/color][/i]
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Hak let out a sigh has he fired another bullet. Right through the target. Seichiro was about to set up another one until he stopped him.

[B]Hak[/B]: You don't need to set up another one. I'm done for the night. Besides, I'm running out of bullets.

[B]Seichiro[/B]: But what about all the targets you wreaked up? Those are expensive!

Hak pulled some money out of his trench coat and handed it to Seichiro. He reluctantly took it.

[B]Hak[/B]: This should cover it. And I got a question for ya. Is there any good places for a drink?

[B]Seichiro[/B]: Well, there's a bar a few streets down. That place is alright.

[B]Hak[/B]: Thanks kid. I might drop by tomorrow. See ya.

As he walked out he let out another big sigh as the rain started falling on him again.

[B]Hak[/B]: [i]So far the only good person I could think of so far that could've joined me was that wolf girl. Isn't she a Makayana? oh well, I missed my chance. I'm such a moron.[/i]

He stopped as he saw a bar.

[B]Hak[/B]: [i]This must be the place the kid mentioned. He's alright, just a little young. He doesn't even fire a weapon and he owns a shooting range. That's a little weird.[/i]
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"I might as well be going to. Hope fully those guys gaive up on looking for me" garai said as he jumped onto the ceiling. He left through the way he got in and started jumpung from the roof tops. "I wonder if I should join up with that hakaru guy. I herd he neads some merks and I should probaply leave in case those guys are still looking for me" garai said as he jumped. He landed on the street next to hakaru. "I hear your looking for some merks" garai said. "Yes i'm looking for some to go on a trip" hakaru said. "I'd like to lend my serveices. I've finished my other job so how about I start working for you now" garai asked.
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[B]Hak[/B]: Alright. But first, Tell me a little about yourself.

[B]Garai[/B]: My name is Garai Hikairo. I am a Zantar. My weapons are an astral blaster, a sapphire blade, and a caster gun. I am an experienced merc.

[B]Hak[/B]: Impressive. Welcome aboard. So far you are the first to join. As you may already know, my name is Hakaru Tskokanaru, but you can call me Hak, and you already saw my weapons, asides from my caster gun and katana. We're still going to need a few more mercs and we're gonna be stuck here for a day or two. I was just about to get a drink. Care to join? My treat.

[B]Garai[/B]: Sure. Why not?

As they were about to enter the bar they heard someone yell at them. They turned to see two thugs with their weapons pointed at Hak and Garai.

[B]Thug 1[/B]: We finally found you, Zantar!

[B]Thug 2[/B]: We're not gonna let you escape this time!

They opened fire as Hak and Garai ran into the bar for cover. Hak pulled out his revolvers as people started screaming and running out of the bar.

[B]Hak[/B]: These guys friends of yours?

[B]Garai[/B]:you could say that.
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna just sighed and stood up, walking up behind one of the tugs that was threatening Hak and Garai, she took out her caster and popped the guy in the back side of the neck, making him pass out. Then leans down and trips the other man while he was running, then plops down on the mans back sitting there for a moment.

"What do ya think you're doing?! Don't you know any f~cking better? Jeez. I swear men today..." She mutters some asking the man questions getting some answers out of him and doesn't like the sound of it.

[b]Guy:[/b] I wasn't doing anything. Can't I make it up to you by buying you a drink?

Zsuzsanna growled and punched the man in the jaw, feeling it shift a bit, and the man laying down on the ground not responding but still breathing.

"Stupid men...Nothing against you both...." She looks up at Kac and Garai, sitting on the man still making sure he wont move.[/color][/i]
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[color=indigo][font=times new roman][b]Anya still sat at the bar, her eyes closed in rage. The flying bullets shattered her drink. She slid off of her stool and unsheathed her ninjistu and quickly strode over to the man that was standing in the doorway, watching Zsuzsanna punching his friend. The thug in the doorway went to slap Anya but she stepped to the side and caught his arm by the wrist.

He growled and jerked his arm free, raising his gun at Anya. She smiled and swung her blade. The clank of metal on metal rang, the man's gun fell into pieces. The thug turned to run out of the door, but Anya took a Chinese star and threw it into the man's leg. He fell into a puddle of water, Anya turned around and walked back towards the bar.

"Bartender,"Anya sheathed her blade and sat down.

"May I ask your name?"Hak sat next to her and placed his hand infront of her.

" Anya Himura,"she looked up and saw who this man was.

She recognized him from the gallery.

"Himura? You can't mean Himura of the Makayana's?"

"Yes, that is I. And you are Hakaru Tskokanaru,"Anya looked to him and smiled.

"Yes, I know you. I know of your family and that is exactly why I want you to join with me. Please," Hak extended his hand.

"Join you for what?"Anya was skeptical.[/color][/font][/b]
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna goes back over to the bar and looks at her palm seeing it bleeding more, she sighs deeply and loks up at the bartender asking for a first aid kit nicely. Recieving it from the bartender cleaning her wounds with a napkin and a glass of water, wincing everybit hitting a sensitive spot wondering if someone would help her a bit, but remembers that she doesn't have friends, she grumbles a bit about men and continued to clean the blood from around the wounds. She wraps her palm in gauze and taped it down, making sure that it would stay and not scar to much. She looked around the bar some, handing the first aid kit back to the bartender.

"I am....forever...alone..." She whispers softly sitting back down at the bar.[/color][/i]
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Garai grabed the guy by the color and lefted him up. "Tell any one else your working with not to come after me and if they do there will be alot more dead bodys around" garai said said holding his saphire blade to his neck. The man noded as garai let go of him. The man picked up his knocked out friend and ran off. Garai stood up and walked into the bar as he put away his saphire blade. He walked in and sat next to a woman whose arm was bandaged up. "I might be able to help if you'll let me look at thw wound" garai said. The woman seemed a bit surprised that he was talking to her and he wasn't tring any thing. She unwraped her hand and showed it to garai. "It doesn't seem to bad. I have some thing that'll help" garai said as he reached into a pouch and pulled out a vial with a powder in it. He put some of it on the wound and the wound sealed up. "Thanks for the help. I'm zsuzsanna" she said checking her hand over. "I'm garai. Your hand should completly heal before tommarow" garai said as he put the vail back and ordered a drink.
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Hak: I have heard many rumors during my travels of a fabled treasure and great riches at "the end of the universe."

Anya: And why would you want me?

Hak: Becuase I've heard of you, a powerful warrior of the ancient arts of ninja, the holder of the powerful deck of stars. You would be a great asset for this journey. So, do you accept? If you don't accept I understand, but do you know anyone else who will be willing to join? Take your time to decide.

He got out of his chair and walked up to Garai, who was tending to a girl's wound.

Hak: Hey, you alright?

Garai: I'm fine.

Hak: So who's this?

I know this is short but I couldn't think of anything else.
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[i][color=lightpink]Zsuzsanna raised her head up smiling softly to Garai, just interestd what he just did, with the powder on her hand, not understanding it all to well, but she still had to thank him for helping her and not going to try anything with her either. She looked up at Hak blushing a bit, hearing what he asked.

"So who is this...?"

"I'm Zsuzsanna...just a lonely person walking around alone...no one in life either...So what brings you here Hakaru?" she smiled softly to him, knowing his name from hearing it from one of the families she lived with a while back, seeming as if she knows him.[/color][/i]
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Demi looked around, completely lost, yet excited. In the past ten minutes, she had seen one of the most intense bar brawls ever. Multiplied by ten. "Wow, I really oughta come planetside more often." she muttered to herself. "I had no idea what I what I was missing!" She walked over the Anya, to make sure she was okay. She was talking to a man she had seen on the news at the spaceport. Something about a ship crash, or something. Dami listened a bit, and heard the guy say something about treasure at the end of the universe. "Treasure?" she blurted out before she could restrain herself. She clapped her hands over her mouth, but it was too late, and the guy, was looking at her oddly. "Yeah, treasure. What's it to you?" he asked curiously. Demi straightened herself up and brushed a stray piece of hair out of her face. "My name is Demetria Genesee, or Demi. I'm a pilot mostly, but I have extensive training in magic, and I'm a fair shot. I'll do just about anything for the right price, and treasure sounds absolutely perfect. So, what do you think?"
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